STORY TIME • Why I wasn't into him... 

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Blame it on the alcohol... and my refined taste in men. Thanks for watching babes. See you again so soon.
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Feb 22, 2021




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Liza Koshy Too
Liza Koshy Too 21 hour ago
To those who are keeping up with the Koshy, thank you. You’ve been watching me creep back into a US-first groove for the past few months (AKA I upload monthly on each of my channels now: LizaKoshy and LizaKoshyToo). And a thicc thanks goes to my creative family at @westbrook who’s helping me whip up this wizardry more consistently! Much more is in store, and girl, I know it’s different than it was before... but I’m truly just proud to share more of my creations, experiences and stories with you. I'll see you very soon.
Stiky3000 Anderson
Stiky3000 Anderson 4 hours ago
You should design men's athletic wear.
Martunskins entertainment
If that man said that she was drinking: "you", does that mean he was drinking water because humans are mostly made of water and water is liquid? How 100tifika I am omg
Sxmplii Cløudii
Sxmplii Cløudii 7 hours ago
You're welcome and just remember its more than okay and normal to not upload regularly because of anything including health and/or mental health everybody needs a day or 2 off sometimes and we are here for you.
Kylah Geisler
Kylah Geisler 9 hours ago
@LizaKoshyToo I LOVE YOU! I'm your biggest fan ever!
Reëm 9 hours ago
We 🤍 you
Ajay hirve
Ajay hirve 8 minutes ago
;Life is a short thing" "Girlfriend is nothing" "Pubg is not everything" "Support is everything" I need support " 👍🙏🙏🙏🙏😻.,
Ajay hirve
Ajay hirve 8 minutes ago
;Life is a short thing" "Girlfriend is nothing" "Pubg is not everything" "Support is everything" I need support " 👍🙏🙏🙏🙏😻
Ryan Dashi
Ryan Dashi 12 minutes ago
All I see when I look at you is racism towards Asians just like David
dina bina
dina bina 27 minutes ago
yall just coming back to her to support her after she just ditched all of her youtuber subscribers without an explanation?
Isaiah Papenbrock
Isaiah Papenbrock 39 minutes ago
Your so funny. One of my favorites.
No stylistじょ
No stylistじょ 45 minutes ago
Lmao Luv the vibes
Angela León
Angela León 56 minutes ago
AngieG Vlogs
AngieG Vlogs Hour ago
OMG you are funny
wowaweewa Hour ago
You are hilarious OMG
ZuRiMe 2 hours ago
please Subscribe to our channels
Erin GH
Erin GH 2 hours ago
The editing is very much genz. My eyes can not keep up with it.
Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie
SearchHomepage 2 hours ago
You are ridiculous like I haven’t watched one of your videos in years and I’m laughing like a hyena
Lindsey Nicole
Lindsey Nicole 2 hours ago
Liza I love you. Please don't stop being you! You make my day whenever I watch your videos! ❤❤❤
not here or there
not here or there 2 hours ago
I needed this laugh she is so funny
Quentin Silver
Quentin Silver 2 hours ago
from now on people should stand in SOLIDarity with liza
Laura Jungling
Laura Jungling 2 hours ago
Her glow up is goals
Maine Everyday
Maine Everyday 3 hours ago
Nobody cares..
AliBruhBruh 3 hours ago
You’re so funny I’m gonna kill myself for the vine
Phoebe 3 hours ago
2:12 its meee
mel 4 hours ago
liza i have missed you so much i’m so happy to see you again and doing so well
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson 4 hours ago
Jesus is our savior
Nijah Sadè
Nijah Sadè 4 hours ago
She kinda acts like graveyard girl
Maiya Scovell
Maiya Scovell 4 hours ago
I will always love her I stg she’s such a beautiful soul
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 4 hours ago
What happened to her lips?
Simply Ananya
Simply Ananya 4 hours ago
Omg I love soo much!!
Neelie 4 hours ago
:l cat
:l cat 4 hours ago
she's the female version of jim carey like literally 😂😂
Noor Al-Jelihawi
Noor Al-Jelihawi 5 hours ago
you better be on vogue
Sonia x
Sonia x 5 hours ago
Soooo... this is an adv again.. Ok nvm why do youtubers think we have money during covid? For God Sake.
Sarah Liljestrand
Sarah Liljestrand 5 hours ago
There's no way anyone under the age of 20 watches her videos
NeededEscape 5 hours ago
Can I get a #ad ? Because that's what this is. Truly.
Adrianna Lopez
Adrianna Lopez 5 hours ago
how many subscribers can i get from this reply Current: 16 :( no vids 💖
Bre Neal
Bre Neal 5 hours ago
liza can i have $40 thanks
Amaya Martel Moura
Amaya Martel Moura 5 hours ago
ok but I need to know if Liza got Phoebe a colla for a dolla
Nataliya 5 hours ago
We're all fools for falling for this clickbait
Bob Davis
Bob Davis 5 hours ago
No need to use a phantom account for replying. 😂
ITS SHORTYYY 5 hours ago
Ral The dork
Ral The dork 5 hours ago
Keep•it•Nikki 6 hours ago
The fact that by the end of this video I was crying laughing and slapping my leg lmfao 😂you’ve always been funny ,loved watching you since Vine was still relevant (RIP Vine btw💀😭)
A M 6 hours ago
I would like to see how you are behind the show behind this act all the time. No hate but it gets old. Way too intense.
Totally Dude
Totally Dude 6 hours ago
هستيريا - hysteria
Razmataz_1980 6 hours ago
STORY TIME - Why is this being recommended to me?
Daisy Swan
Daisy Swan 6 hours ago
Alessandra Velasco
Alessandra Velasco 7 hours ago
2:44 - BRO IF THIS ISN'T ME WHEN A GUY SAYS SOMETHING SO FORWARD LIKE THAT...🤣🤣 I literally just start panicking SO HARD and my mind goes blank on what to say or how to react 👀
Nari bisualkei
Nari bisualkei 7 hours ago
Really ? U serious gurl? The title !!
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Duncan 7 hours ago
This video was 6 minutes of chaos and I was crying laughing the ENTIRE time
Ancsa 7 hours ago
I loveee herr
Emily Reeve
Emily Reeve 7 hours ago
Anastasia 1023
Anastasia 1023 7 hours ago
5:09 😂😂 nice math girl
Sophia Kate
Sophia Kate 8 hours ago
Tell that story!!
Alpri Teze
Alpri Teze 8 hours ago
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Mike g
Mike g 8 hours ago
Jssa 8 hours ago
You frog
Fiona Cabral
Fiona Cabral 8 hours ago
''am i business savvy or am i evil?'' 5:23
SirPenguin 98
SirPenguin 98 8 hours ago
Ur not funny dude
Your Mother
Your Mother 9 hours ago
Kinda cringe
AaronMichael 9 hours ago
What happened to Liza 🙁😢
The Messenger
The Messenger 9 hours ago
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Hazel Doepke
Hazel Doepke 9 hours ago
my stomache flipped
Phoebe Branch
Phoebe Branch 9 hours ago
Been missing your videos, they always make me laugh.
MO DEL 10 hours ago
Nice scam
Paulinha Boss
Paulinha Boss 10 hours ago
I lov work it
Loser Patatoe
Loser Patatoe 10 hours ago
Angelés Consuelos
Angelés Consuelos 10 hours ago
Shoulda put some foundation on that disgusting pepperoni on your chin 🍕
Pacer 10 hours ago
This vid started disgusting
Rehema Crid
Rehema Crid 10 hours ago
The fact that that opera singing is being done at 1am
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 10 hours ago
2:41 it simply ✨pass away ✨
hhh hhh
hhh hhh 10 hours ago
Used to watch her . Now it's just cringy
dishycolleensite 11 hours ago
Please get back with David and stop feeding us all this nonsense. Pleasee😩💗
joel vin
joel vin 11 hours ago
Jesus I think I love her
Candy Star
Candy Star 12 hours ago
"DO I LOOK LIKE A LIQUID SIR?!?!" Liza got me cracking up while I'm at the DMV 😂😂😂😂😂
Thembizzle 12 hours ago
Why do y’all not realise that Liza has moved on from making those skits and old fun type of videos...:if you’re mad you can literally just not watch her anymore instead of coming to her page to hate
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197
Lisa has DSL
MB - 882
MB - 882 12 hours ago
She got them DSL's
нозанин тиллоева
😂😂 love ya
GlorytoGod 12 hours ago
Jesus Christ is coming soon brothers and sisters repent and accept him as your Lord and Savior great tribulation is coming upon the world dont love the world or the things in it for it will perish away but look unto God for eternal salvation of your soul through Jesus Christ I plead with you with love for time is shorter than you think!! Get right today Only through Jesus Christ can you save your soul.
Your Uncle
Your Uncle 13 hours ago
Screw her shes isn’t funny and never was.
•ĦȺɌꝀMƗ• 13 hours ago
Me Watching this in the moring and not understanding Anything anymore: Hm?
Mike Schmitt
Mike Schmitt 13 hours ago
Your funny . ... I really needed something to get me to smile today...✌️😁 Thx
Doll Xo
Doll Xo 13 hours ago
She only comes back when she needs to fucking promote something lame as hell
Thembizzle 12 hours ago
Ok?? She stopped US-first ages ago and nobody is forcing you to watch her videos...she’s moved on from US-first. She’s grown up more and doesn’t want to do the old type of vids she uses to do and that’s very understandable
jamaika 13 hours ago
Liza we absolutely love u😝😌✨
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson 13 hours ago
I missed watching you liza, I just saw you on recommend. I'm glad I did
CS-P MK 14 hours ago
"DO I LOOK. LIKE. A LIQUID ?" Thanks for this Tiktok audio material
Chelsea nicole
Chelsea nicole 14 hours ago
Im so over her only coming back to promote her shit..
ᕼᗴY IT’ᔕ ᗩᗪᗪIᔕOᑎ
People are saying she is using us for ads.... *But this video isn’t even monetized*
thomas Kouyagas
thomas Kouyagas 14 hours ago
What are you drinking ... YOU😂😂😂😂
Mz Supaflyeboss
Mz Supaflyeboss 15 hours ago
SIR SIR I AM A Solid !!! SO HOW ARE U DRINKING ME !?! I legit cannot stop laughing
Beyza Bulut
Beyza Bulut 15 hours ago
You have to understand that Liza doesn't want to do funny, creative, "sketch" videos like in the past. She focuses on her actress carreer and more (like this fabletics collection), and you gotta understand that's normal that she is doing her promotion on US-first. And clickbaits are statistically what brings views. Begin to normalize clickbaits on youtube. That's how things are done.
Thaddeus ValiantLilBodhi
kiera gordon
kiera gordon 15 hours ago
Kawtar Haden
Kawtar Haden 16 hours ago
I feel like liza is the only person if she shows up in our ads we're gonna watch it till the end
Simmi Alok
Simmi Alok 16 hours ago
I thought this was about David
Jazzyboo 14 hours ago
Me too 😁😁
yxng.D9 16 hours ago
Literally 99% percent of you wont see this but say safe during these times I’m really struggling to hit 1000 subs pls help me guys 👍🙏🙏
HavelTheRat 16 hours ago
Yeah no she is just here for the ads
Janinho897 16 hours ago
"I know it's clickbait, but it's Liza." Frankly, that's the kind of morality that Jake Paulers have and I ain't with it.
Queen Zey
Queen Zey 17 hours ago
he meant that you're a tall drink of water 😂
Moy Caca
Moy Caca 17 hours ago
So cringe
Why I took a break