Stolen Valor PART 2 Phony Navy SEAL Outlaw Biker BUSTED. Clubber Lang Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. 

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PLEASE don’t contact New Orleans Harley Davidson. CLUBBER was fired from there several years ago for this incident.
Make sure you see BOTH Parts. 1 and 2... Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley UNLOADS on a Phony Navy SEAL on Bourbon St in New Orleans. videos.extremesealexperience.com/
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
ANGEL Hour ago
Sir Don is the best 🤣💀... 👌🏽🇺🇸
El_Gran_Pitotote 3 hours ago
Man, this is embarrassing!
Submission Combat
Submission Combat 4 hours ago
Hey Maggot you didn't check out...
Submission Combat
Submission Combat 4 hours ago
Nothing but lies
Soldier Lenn SYLM
Soldier Lenn SYLM 4 hours ago
he's not an outlaw mc either!
Tyler Burgie
Tyler Burgie 4 hours ago
Call out the bullshit. Keeping your mouth shut just says your ok with it.
Damion Taylor
Damion Taylor 5 hours ago
He was a sweety
Ed Forth
Ed Forth 10 hours ago
"RUN YA RUN"... oh my goodness, well I guess Mike hasnt commited an unexcusable crime, but stealing valor is pretty bad
That Ninja
That Ninja 19 hours ago
Some cringy shiet
AaronCo29 20 hours ago
This is hilarious. I was T3'd on a medical at MEPS in 1989 the summer right before desert shield desert storm. I had a DWI fresh on my record and the military wasnt looking for screw ups, I have never claimed to be in any military, what so ever, but I do have 8 to 9 months worth of stories I can tell you, they may be made up, or they may be true, I just leave that up to you to decide, but they would make a great book, I have always had a talent for telling a good story, and have been told a time or two I need to write a book of fiction about the stories. What I have come to find out, you can tell a story, that is totally false, people will believe it could have happened, but you tell them a story that is 100% true, but they can't see you doing something like that and they will not believe you in the slightest and out right call you a liar. That's what all of these stolen valor people do, take a little information and turn it into a story that someone will have the tendency to believe, and why not, everyone loves a hero. Just keep doing what you do exposing these people.
James Metzer
James Metzer 20 hours ago
Dam dude, feel bad for all those men who did earn all thier patches and guys like this claims he's something he's not.
aaron rivera
aaron rivera 20 hours ago
Wish he wasn't"being nice" so I could see those seal's break him thanks for your service real seal's
KINGAFA 21 hour ago
The change up from part 1 is next level 😂
El Monarka
El Monarka 21 hour ago
What does it matter he still served shut up it’s never that serious 😂
Tomkin 21 hour ago
Great job guys, what motorcycle club did he belong to.🤣🤣🤣
Suprreme82 23 hours ago
I think they said he served for 2 years or something but not as a Navy Seal...that's like me being a brown belt in karate and telling everyone I'm a black belt lol...you gotta earn it 💯
Suprreme82 23 hours ago
The camera lady is annoying act like shes a Navy Seal
Bossgame Balmain
Bossgame Balmain 23 hours ago
Salute to the Special Forces but you don't have to be ex-special forces to be dangerous you better be careful out here you might run into the wrong guy that maybe was classified is classified or just Looney Street Warriors believe it or not some of these young gangbangers in Chicago have seen more action and been involved in more gun fights and murders at a young age then 50% of you ex-special forces be careful out there salute
Dkelley Day ago
I remember when Don posted this years ago... youtube did him wrong, he had solid content with a righteous cause.
MysticSosa Day ago
This is childish. U caght the man in the first video and now another video harassing this dude at his work place lol so what he lied? Everyone lies im sure your wife lied to you about not sleeping with Bob from down the street
Thomas Haberstroh
Give him 30 days to cover up that tattoo or give him 3 choice's. 1 fire, 2 sanding, 3 cut it off.
Grimace Day ago
What a total and complete LOSER. I'd be ashamed to call him a brother.
MrJumper Cables
why is he targeting black men?
Joe Merr
Joe Merr Day ago
Waste of everyone’s time
Ray Hakw
Ray Hakw Day ago
Don't pretend dude
zeek Day ago
Honestly if the guy wants to play soldier boy and live in his fantasy whats the problem. you should be out catching pedophiles instead of making fakers uncomfortable. USA is obsessed with anything military plenty of other countries have been at war way more or are still in it and don't go on and on like the americans do... no one outside america gives a shit honestly plus ALL the wars after ww2 were started by america its just incredible.
Curtis Braun
Curtis Braun Day ago
Guys guys guys..........not here......
Pilgrim Outdoors - UK
2 years as a seaman and kicked out! ... Then all of a sudden he's a patched MC, Outlaw biker and a Captain Navy SEAL. What a bell end. Great work fellas!
Eon Moss
Eon Moss Day ago
Delusional AF!!!!! Refused to eat his humble pie.
American Superhero
He's probably a real seal.
obvi•US 2 days ago
I coulda toldja he wasn't a SEAL; he's George Clinton, leader of the P-Funk!
O_Positive 2 days ago
That guy rants and runs his mouth non-stop and then says, "if you're not gonna listen to me, I'm not gonna listen to you"...
Steven Morris
Steven Morris 2 days ago
LMAO. Man he worse than Bill Clinton, lie till the end.
Russian Special Foursces Pipe Layer
Since Mike is a Navy Seal, maybe he could be dropped in the BLACK sea and do some recon on the russian Crimean peninsula??
Eyepod Oblivion
Eyepod Oblivion 2 days ago
QUESTION: Any story about the pepper sprayed Lt., why does he have facial hair that’s not allowed? Is he legit? Or is that another ploy for their r@ce war they are setting up?
Black Man
Black Man 2 days ago
capo leader
capo leader 3 days ago
While I agree the guy stole valor and is a phony I don't think it was nesassary to show up at his job! The point was sufficiently made in the part one!
Zeplee 3 days ago
Keep checkin, you're close.
Racist Bastard
Racist Bastard 3 days ago
That’s so embarrassing 😂 I hope this teaches his ass, but you know it won’t. He’s gonna keep claiming he’s some big shot .
Iwas Batman
Iwas Batman 3 days ago
😂🤣 You can visibly see he is at a roadblock with words...."Keep checkin" that's all you hear like a parrot lol. I bet there are hundreds of stolen valor people. I mean I admire, am very fond of and even at one time in my youth (for years) trained myself because I wanted to apply to the Teams....but I never did. Not a Seal, still very fond of Navy Seals and what they stand for. I think it's the "tough guy" mentality in all of these fake dudes. Made me laugh my ass off lol. Look at how he looks he is embarrassed as shit lol.
Tha HypeIzReel
Tha HypeIzReel 3 days ago
So what?!
D A 3 days ago
Check it out! While he's choking inside
farmrrick 4 days ago
Check it out ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph asfv
Joseph asfv 4 days ago
Didn’t think he would “check it” 😂
C S 4 days ago
Isnt that illegal? Dudes actor everybody wants be somebody but doesn’t want put time in
Shawn Sutter
Shawn Sutter 4 days ago
This man got caught steal valor. He should be embarrassed.
Big Score
Big Score 4 days ago
Man that guy is annoying. Harley should fire his ass. I wouldn’t want him working on my American bike
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 5 days ago
the only seal he got was he sealed his own fate with his lies....fake fake fake
Thatgray67 Fastback
He went from "master technician" to great mechanic. 😂
wolfofrhodeisland X
This guy tries way to hard.find another topic.your gonna harass the wrong dude thats not gonna care if your an elderly sea lol
John Brewer
John Brewer 5 days ago
Keep checking, keep checking, shut the foock up
BenThereDoneThat 5 days ago
He’s a total POS. He never says much, just repeats the same thing over and over. Come to New Orleans HD x 100, then at NOHD: not here, not here. THEN WHERE, HUH MIKE??? Thanks for staying with the story and proving what you knew to be true. I never “served my country”, but I can certainly see why this is important to you. You all earned it and he’s taking credit for something he didn’t. Not cool. Thank you for your service!
Daniel Drake
Daniel Drake 5 days ago
Not nearly as tough in the shop, he was acting kinda sheepish. It's amazing how little shame some people have.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 5 days ago
@3:30 he says: Keep doing your "Church" -that's short for Check/Search , Keep Checking.
Chris Jasper
Chris Jasper 6 days ago
He needs to remove that tattoo and if he’s not willing to do that you should cut it from his arm
Damien Rubio
Damien Rubio 6 days ago
This is the USA Goddamn it, he can identify as whatever he wants lol
Arkeen D
Arkeen D 6 days ago
ProfPolish 6 days ago
Why do people lie even when they’re caught? That shit eating grin pisses me off. There are war fighters that gave all for this country and he’s shitting on their graves. Stolen valor is despicable.
McKinsey McQueen
McKinsey McQueen 6 days ago
Damn he embarrassed himself.. haha
Fuk urmom
Fuk urmom 6 days ago
Stolen Valor is a shit thing to do, but going out of your way to embarrass these guys seems extra.. obviously these folks faking it suffer from inadequacies.. and thats sad
Rooster 6 days ago
😂 leave that man alone
SonofDaVinci4 6 days ago
"Clubber" ...bwaaa haaa haaal
T S 6 days ago
if that bruce jenner huy can identify as a woman then im sure this dude can be a navy seal 🤣
T-Bird fix it all
He couldn't even swim across a steam
T-Bird fix it all
What a absolute phony..double secret ranger seal that checks it out all the time.
larry marshall
larry marshall 7 days ago
does he ever find any real SEALS?
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews 7 days ago
These clowns are shameless.
LeglessLex 7 days ago
Fake people are the worst in the world. Pretending. Faking. Lying. Repulsive
Jacobo witness
Jacobo witness 7 days ago
Shit 2 years in the navy is better then not getting in at all
derek jester
derek jester 7 days ago
I've never seen a seal nor any other real military man stand on the street and bost about himself anyhow. 1st clue!!! lol
derek jester
derek jester 7 days ago
Appreciate you Don. Stolen valor is disgusting and it happens way too often. This guy was really putting it out there too, even got it tattooed on his arm!!! Crazy!!!
Rainman Last
Rainman Last 7 days ago
What Haley shop is that?
Rainman Last
Rainman Last 7 days ago
Guys a liar. Fake.
Rich Eubanks
Rich Eubanks 7 days ago
What a shame...why doesn't he just tell the truth...he should just say i love the NAVY so much i fantasize and wish i would've been one
juan martinez
juan martinez 7 days ago
Rumor has it he’s still checking
XwolfX Savage
XwolfX Savage 7 days ago
Bro it’s bad but you shouldn’t of gone to his work
Gabriel Fox
Gabriel Fox 7 days ago
If you look it up, he was kicked out for Sexual misconduct
Lex Michaels
Lex Michaels 7 days ago
Sometimes people call your bluff. Mike learned that the hard way. Hey Don check me out. US Navy Seal class 144 2005😂
One time for The one time
Yall better stop before yall have the BLM on yall talking shit about how yall just targeting him and shit Its a fucking joke he's a joke this dude needs to be taking out and slapped around
Sekoyya 7 days ago
😍 Love this content
Araya Buchichi
Araya Buchichi 7 days ago
Clubber is a Navy Seal Captain alright,in his own delusional mind
Garrett Germany
Garrett Germany 7 days ago
4:57 all due respect.. I would’ve told that woman to shut up !! She doesn’t need to speak in these types of Situations!!! And second of all I wouldn’t bring her ...
Bobby Andras
Bobby Andras 7 days ago
He's a peice of shit .Telling them men guys like them run .And he's the only one that dont run .
Todd Schultz
Todd Schultz 8 days ago
well I am a fat seal that is doing special ops on couch
Robert111 8 days ago
I wonder how much longer this guy is going to be able to hold on to that job...
Philip Callicoat
Philip Callicoat 8 days ago
I served proudly as a certified drifty shitbird... An excellent paintchipper and swab mechanic.. Then, they released me back into the world... I miss being a drifty shitbird.😭
PublicWifi 8 days ago
So he invited Don just to tell him "Not here." Cute.
ScarfaceM14 8 days ago
He’s starting to believe his own lie. Kind of sad but it does happen
Charles Perfect
Charles Perfect 8 days ago
Check it out
Joshua Burch
Joshua Burch 8 days ago
Thank you for doing these videos!
Diego Mazuilla
Diego Mazuilla 8 days ago
Part 2. The checkening
Rey Marez
Rey Marez 8 days ago
Check it out
Outdoorsfun 8 days ago
so much restraint to stay calm when he is in real seals' faces yelling "you guys run away" when we don't.
Joshua L
Joshua L 8 days ago
He shouldn't have lied, for shure. Also, he shouldn't have invited them to his workplace. However, they shouldn't have showed up there. Just because someone tells wild stories, that's no reason to try and mess with their livelihood. Sure, its lame but, let him live with that knowledge. I don't see the reason to go out of your way to humiliate someone like this. I was in the Navy but if someone was going around saying that they were and I found out they were not. I'd just pity them and think they were really sad.
Joshua L
Joshua L 8 days ago
shure...what am I talking about microphones..?
Ranger Jones
Ranger Jones 8 days ago
Today he tells crowds that he was the third man to walk on the moon. NASA keeps it whitewashed, and he still keeps saying 'check me out'!
Seti Rizok
Seti Rizok 8 days ago
Dam he got fired? At least there's a homeless shelter on the corner , he should check em out!
jafinch78 8 days ago
I guess there is something up with some either pre-existing mental health, critical window/period of development, narcotics/sexual deviant irreversible brain damage and/or being totally not Christian or whatever Pro-Life and Pro-Truth Spirit to advocate blatant lies, alibies and false pretense claims. Sad actually, how that mentality is and has been eroding the Spirit, Intent and Letter of the Law application... now further propagandized by Bolshevik or whatever Marxist/Fundamentalist-UnAmerican insurgents infiltrating main stream media and other organization of U.S. Jurisdiction Government, Corporations and Churches. Definitely a lot of imminent threats that need to be focused on and to me the Special Warfare teams trained in authorized used of deadly force need to start focusing on those unlawful combatants that are now armed with Concealed Wireless Assault Weapons that are using Sound, Body and Mind Control Assaults and Battery to compound the narcotics issues that cause serious bodily harm of the mental faculties.
Jorge Ledesma
Jorge Ledesma 8 days ago
I've served with him in the KGB, with the space rangers and power rangers that guy is legit.
Koenig Dcoy
Koenig Dcoy 8 days ago
At least he was actually in the service, unlike the folks that claim military and haven't even stepped foot TOWARDS military or even the thought.
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