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Happy #FailFriday everyone! Another great week of fails for ya!

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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Camryn Sabin
Camryn Sabin 7 days ago
FailArmy can always make me laugh no matter what mood I'm in lol :D
Jay Murillo
Jay Murillo 23 hours ago
Hah same
Lard Lover
Lard Lover 3 days ago
@ElcrackGG 1 lol probably a patreon donator
Tobias Mills
Tobias Mills 4 days ago
I can't complain about the channel, just the sheer amount of people that shoot in portrait mode. I'm not sure why it triggers me so much, it just does.
ElcrackGG 1
ElcrackGG 1 5 days ago
@MeiCosta89 😂
MeiCosta89 5 days ago
@ElcrackGG 1 Never mind it wasn't a live video lol.
John Trebil
John Trebil 2 hours ago
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NerdyDullahan Art & Gaming
That mom who told her daughter to get out of her house over a broken TV that isn't even broken is kinda fucked
Alexandria Renard
Alexandria Renard 6 hours ago
I do like the last one, wax them armpits with as much pain as possible!! OUCH!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 8 hours ago
6:34 uh sir, you can’t park there
Mikey 8 hours ago
A lot of these fall under the "You get what you deserve" principle.
ExoChen B
ExoChen B 9 hours ago
Why does everyone always look so shocked when they use clippers on their hair? 🤣 They're clippers! What else would happen!? Idiots
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 8 hours ago
How did he survive a car explosion like that?
Schøn Badøn
Schøn Badøn 12 hours ago
4:22 wtf?
Colorado Mountain Man
Could not watch. Focusing on the center of 3 panels and blurring the other two outer ones makes it very distracting to watch. Why do these dumb-asses do this (3 panels) in the first place is beyond me.
billiard ball
billiard ball 13 hours ago
what the fuck blew up in his truck ?
Ken Harrison
Ken Harrison 14 hours ago
So, does that one guy have a face still?
Ironymus 16 hours ago
that poor guy running around for more than two days looking like a smurf
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K V 16 hours ago
Андрей Георгиевич
Всё связанное с волосами было отвратительно. Не надо так
Philipp Götten
Philipp Götten 19 hours ago
3:30 where is the fail!?
Jason Fletcher
Jason Fletcher 22 hours ago
Can i send in a funny video. For yall to upload on channel
Kocak Gaming
Kocak Gaming 22 hours ago
Laa ukalimaa fail army abadan
Shahid Elahi Vlogs
Shahid Elahi Vlogs 23 hours ago
Ron Boston
Ron Boston 23 hours ago
Seriously, your 3 panel format sucks
Anonymus 23 hours ago
„OmG I bRoKe ThE GlAsS“ this british acent is legendary
Shaymus Harvey
Shaymus Harvey 23 hours ago
How did he survive a car explosion like that?
Luis Romero
Luis Romero Day ago
Gracias por seguir subiendo contenido! 😃
Eddison Her
Eddison Her Day ago
Just Taco Bell 4:22
Sweet Little Weasel
Why would you film yourself waxing your armpits in the first place? Wtf?
Sweet Little Weasel
WHO TF WAXES their nose hair ??? The who is dumb enough to put it online???
Aviation Nut
Aviation Nut Day ago
People so stupid, people so dumb. -Tom Macdonald-
k w
k w Day ago
4:22 - The guy blows up his truck, climbs out the window and the first thing he does is check his phone to see if he has any messages!
metero92 Day ago
Bruh 7:14 bush extration
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Day ago
7:40 why she sound like lilu in the 5th element
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Day ago
Artists: never any good at DIY.
Zalorian Styles
Denise Creagh
The Marlynn pic was amazing! Great job.
Pony Rescue
Pony Rescue Day ago
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Daniel Arede
Daniel Arede Day ago
0:38 thicc
the weird guy
4.25 what happen
Steven Re
Steven Re Day ago
4:22 what happened
Hazulkar Day ago
They just want the Coronavirus to get free, uninterupted passage, that's all.
Classiq Beautee
Some ppl are just really hellbent on receiving any type of attention even if it’s from them doing dumb shit to themselves.....this is the generation some have bred.....sad
Zane Mcmaster
How is the exploding guy not exploded?
Ashley LeMaster
3:20 that’s our video!
Nokke Mao
Nokke Mao Day ago
4:22 after you've been with a date all day and holding in your farts.
Justin Lutsch
People are just dumb as shit. This gorilla glue trend is embarrassing
Saking Huking
4:19 a Wild pikachu appeared
The Monster 58
The Monster 58 2 days ago
Boring video
Matt English
Matt English 2 days ago
4:08 Ross creations
Maria H.P.
Maria H.P. 2 days ago
What is this??? Are You crazy right now ....or just ...not yet .... hahahaha ???
Paul Murgatroyd
Paul Murgatroyd 2 days ago
Artists: never any good at DIY.
SIR BLA1R Sco 2 days ago
Robert Magbanua
Robert Magbanua 2 days ago
Videos that are 25% of the screen were taken by iPhone 1.
Florian Kreppner
Florian Kreppner 2 days ago
6:43 that parked car has its window open
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 days ago
Omg that broken screen fail is always sooo funny! I did it to my dad's new wide-screen TV once, and he almost fainted!
squills 2 days ago
Inexperienced drivers on a flooded road isn't a fail, it's idiotic
WHY 2 days ago
I love your content! I wish to have an audience on my channel like you! Why don't you drop by my channel and rate any of the movies?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 2 days ago
Spaghetti Man
Spaghetti Man 2 days ago
zaretskey zaretskey
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strousegn frahm
strousegn frahm 2 days ago
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Flix 2 days ago
7:47 kkkkkkk euto morrendo
tyler bonser
tyler bonser 2 days ago
Why did that first person have the towel up to his armpits?
Lewis K
Lewis K 2 days ago
Another shockingly poor video
TDLRFilms 2 days ago
Thesmilingdevil 17
Frettch en
Frettch en 2 days ago
Diese Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum der BRD
Xino game
Xino game 2 days ago
5:04 Avatar
iTza TrAVisT
iTza TrAVisT 2 days ago
Paul 2 days ago
too many moronic vertical videos. shite.
Th3Snipe 2 days ago
0:07 proof dinosaurs are still living on this earth to this day. Wtf even is that thing.
Konstantin 2 days ago
Как же я скучно живу
N Platt
N Platt 2 days ago
Guys it broke the glllaaaaasssss
James O'Brien
James O'Brien 2 days ago
Like, wtf is going on at 4:20?
Nico Anderson
Nico Anderson 2 days ago
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Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking 2 days ago
The only thing she said about the broken tv was just “... damn” Bruh
Luis 2 days ago
People who record video vertically should be forced to watch tv shows and movies vertically so they can realize how stupid it looks...
Car Sale
Car Sale 2 days ago
c monjes
c monjes 2 days ago
You know you guys poated a failed assassination that took place in real life
Dennis Parker
Dennis Parker 3 days ago
At 4:21 is a true holy shit moment. Damn,
sunny extreme
sunny extreme 3 days ago
0:25 K.O
rennie rad
rennie rad 3 days ago
4:26 That guy better go to the hospital.
rakib ahmed
rakib ahmed 3 days ago
can i make a reaction on it? without copyrights
Leonzocker TV 2.0
3:22 Lol
Revxss 3 days ago
The first one, isn't that the same dude that gorrila-glued his hair for his 15 minutes of fame? Not to mention money?
Артём Раскопов
Русских сразу видно.... "за родину", "бля"
Chron1c1es 3 days ago
3:14 literally made me die inside
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 days ago
0:42 Headshot..
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 days ago
Что за х
Hoki Den
Hoki Den 3 days ago
Damn girl, what hairy hands you have...
Marcin Chmielnicki
Fuck... My time!!!
Dolphinside One
Dolphinside One 3 days ago
At 4:23 what happened? How th hell he survive?? 😶
Diego Almaraz Grosso
This suck
Massid 3 days ago
Half of these aren’t fails the other half are clips we have seen a million times
The Villain
The Villain 3 days ago
I remember when fail army was actually entertaining
Sepa9 3 days ago
This wanker with a ferrari tho... 🤦
sinephase 3 days ago
4:22 - OK but wtf happened?
fightlikesani mk
fightlikesani mk 3 days ago
0:21 is hitting harder than thunder
Сергей Зар
Я один ждал когда на 3.50 произойдёт гидроудар, повезло пацанам.
Jay Remi
Jay Remi 3 days ago
Alright. Whats the story on 4:21 ??? The guy straight up walked it off.
noped em
noped em 3 days ago
when i ripped...... my pants... i thought that i had everybody by my side.... but i eent and blew it.... all sky high. 2:57
TowndefenderYT 3 days ago
Why do people stick stuff up their nose trying to be funny its dumb
Yarden AF
Yarden AF 3 days ago
lets be honest. Fail Army is no where near as good as it used to be
Tommy Mack
Tommy Mack 3 days ago
6:59 Rip spine and neck...
James Remington
James Remington 3 days ago
Her fingernails give me nightmares
ERROR 404 3 days ago
Что за х