Stephen Curry Wanna Cry After Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Destroy Warriors! Warriors vs Nets 

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Stephen Curry Wanna Cry After Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Destroy Entire Nets! Warriors vs Nets December 22, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Diether Quilaton
Diether Quilaton 12 days ago
Hahaha hahaha hahaha_😋😋😋
Massive VFX
Massive VFX 17 days ago
"Curry can't do it all" 62 lmao
Masato Asmr
Masato Asmr 19 days ago
Kyrie: Man I can,t do this *Crying* Steph: 😭😭
Murcielago SV
Murcielago SV 21 day ago
Curry like "Damn, LeBron did this for an entire season and a finals run? These ninjas gettin' heavy."
habiyakarelj 24 days ago
The clubs are closed, but Kyrie keep dancing on them!!!😂
Matija Martinic
Matija Martinic 25 days ago
Very good
spacestar28 25 days ago
james smith
james smith 25 days ago
What’s wrong with your voice?
Ghosterr YT
Ghosterr YT 25 days ago
I see that look of Curry, he's finna leave soon.
California State
California State 25 days ago
Warriors definitely ain't the same he's definitely out thier by himself. Those other guys I don't even know them lol
daxvy 25 days ago
Curry can't do it by himself 😂
Arkcidious 25 days ago
I call them 711 hey back up cuh I been saying that since he got picked up
G Sancho
G Sancho 25 days ago
Steph curry to the clippers
Derek Carter
Derek Carter 26 days ago
Wat a hater... You guys kill me...
Rkane Gaming
Rkane Gaming 26 days ago
I wonder what the Hype sheeps of the Warriors from old are doing this days? Anti vax protest maybe?
Eco Kanjukuoh
Eco Kanjukuoh 26 days ago
Look at curry man so Abortional. 😂
chubamwenda87 26 days ago
It's the accent for me.
KeTTy KASH 26 days ago
Every Champion ship takes hard work so stop saying see curry can't do it alone bron didn't ppl said k love better than draymond and klay they made themselves became better just role players that turned to stars lebron been a starter day one they all have their own paths and plus no more comparisons curry 6"3 bron 6"9 they diff don't wanna here shit
drunken 27 days ago
"he tryna stop the bleeding." LMAO!
Tango TypicalVids
Tango TypicalVids 27 days ago
Steph be like “ so this is how Westbrook felt”
king pablo
king pablo 27 days ago
any team that has a healthy KD does well.
J-Seven 27 days ago
When they play the lakers, AD is going to guard KD and LJ on Kyrie
THE BENGALI BaBu 27 days ago
Kd and kyrie are perfect teammates for 1 another. They’re both often hated by the media and many. So they have much in common which helps them to be close. They can feed off that bad energy synergistically and exponentially together for motivation.
Alex Evstafev
Alex Evstafev 27 days ago
Damn, Brooklyn is a problem!
oj oj
oj oj 27 days ago
we dont need you you can leave , well weeelll weelllllllll and buy the way curry fans, Ja is waiting curry without KD ahhahaha
sion 27 days ago
Man KD I sed to be one of my favorite players but when he switched up on steph like that my opinion on him changed a lot
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 27 days ago
Durant is scary good ... Also against Boston
D D 27 days ago
Why is KD so skinny? Wonder if he will last into the playoffs with that physique.
Sathwik Reddy
Sathwik Reddy 27 days ago
Fool why are you making fun of steph you can't even reach him and don't you remember how he played a match against OKC
Khal 27 days ago
Curry crying because he saw KD and kyrie having fun while he be missing his splash bro
Azizbek Kabilov
Azizbek Kabilov 28 days ago
not so domnate without your sugar daddy kd now are u
Bogomil Nikolov
Bogomil Nikolov 28 days ago
The most annoying voice ive ever heard
Hudsanity 27 days ago
It's awful
Aktar Zameel
Aktar Zameel 28 days ago
This shows that kd carried gsw with the help of curry literally lost by 26 like bruh
Adam Foley
Adam Foley 28 days ago
This dudes voice
KING EGGROLLS 28 days ago
Golden state fell off 😔
Cary Simmons
Cary Simmons 28 days ago
Warriors got 3 rings. You have got to get bling when you can. No casual here I've been a warriors fan since 1974! No guarantees in sports.
TJ G 28 days ago
Steph was 33% from the field so don’t act like he was doing it all. SMH
Olushola Awoyemi
Olushola Awoyemi 28 days ago
How did we get here to be this bad of a team from best team 5years in a row to being the worst🤔🤔🤔? Did GSW change all their management and players only to leave Steph Curry and Steve Kerr remaining on the team. Why punish those two great guys (Curry & Kerr) with these bunch of rookies and G-league fashion boys 🤔🤔🤔. The management & the coaching staff need to get together with the legit Worrior players left (Curry, Klay & Dreymond) to decide on a drastic change to the roster. They should stop making excuses and face the fact even though it is too early to project, I can categorically say that this current roster is not a playoff team. At this point, even I would trade at least five of those young kids for one other veteran player like James Harden, Damian Lillard etc. Even older veterans like CP3, Iguodala, Sean Livingston are better than all those young boys put together 🤔🤔🤔. I have been a fan of GSW since 2014 and I hurt to see what the team has been reduced to. Curry by himself can not be great without his calibre of experienced players. Please make changes to the current G-leqgue golden state, PLEASE 🙏🏽. Merry Christmas to fellow Worriors 💞🥳.
J rsx
J rsx 28 days ago
Where the cocky warrior fans? Your era is done guys lol 😂 talking shit for the pass 7 years.
saf don
saf don 28 days ago
Blame selfish draymond for making kd leave. They had a special team with kd unbeatable. That punk green is the reason warriors will never be the same.
Lucas Freeland
Lucas Freeland 28 days ago
channel sucks
Osvaldo Bort
Osvaldo Bort 28 days ago
I wish the media were more aware of channels like this to provide with opportunities like being a commentator. Keep it up bro!
Cornelius Hjertén Norman
This is the most mundane video ever
Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson 28 days ago
Kyrie and Durant or Lebron and Kyrie same deal.
Dirty Mike And The Boyz
KD got posterized dayummm
Brevon Mckinney
Brevon Mckinney 28 days ago
Ryan Endoh
Ryan Endoh 28 days ago
"Kyrie's dancin' on 'em. The clubs are closed but Kyrie's dancin' on 'em!" 💀
RoseCurry AndDeRozan
Heard it as I read your comment. 🤣
T 28 days ago
curry needs better teammates
Matheus SG
Matheus SG 28 days ago
Poor stephen curry
Aira Limpot
Aira Limpot 29 days ago
Durant feels like not came from injury💪💪💪👏
DazzleGazza 29 days ago
commentator sounds like he wants to cry
ToxxicPr 29 days ago
test tester
test tester 29 days ago
Curry be said goat
Mateo Chaverra
Mateo Chaverra 29 days ago
Warrios i hope Green makes you play the finales...
KoiKoi 29 days ago
I forgot that they also have De Andre at Brooklyn lol
Maricar Buela
Maricar Buela 29 days ago
Kd please back in warriors
Vince Serrano
Vince Serrano 29 days ago
The Nets are a better team but years away from the finals. Let’s not get carried away they are a good team but not a top team.
David Cryder
David Cryder 29 days ago
Stop baking on curry that man lost all his teammates
James Tan
James Tan 29 days ago
😢Curry: so this is what LeBron was feeling in Cleveland
Vggy Cabaltica
Vggy Cabaltica 29 days ago
Clubs are are closed but, kyrie is dancing 🕺 😂
Akerlexic 1226
Akerlexic 1226 29 days ago
The clubs are closed but Kyrie is dancing on him
DankTaco77 29 days ago
Merry Christmas to you and your family if you reading this comment but tbh its a blessing to be able to watch durant irving curry james harden so and so to play the beautiful game NBA
Raven 29 days ago
Wait that’s his new nickname? Slenderman
sPUCKO 29 days ago
Bro, your commentary made it look like the Warriors are straight garbage.
ThatNerdChris 29 days ago
You can't stop the slenderman himself!
Gilbert Castro
Gilbert Castro 29 days ago
1:37 Traveling
Noel Caprazi
Noel Caprazi 29 days ago
I fee bad for curry yo people out here saying he cant do it without teammates...nobody can u think that when he had teammates he was doing it all by himself?
Noel Caprazi
Noel Caprazi 29 days ago
Warriors era is over 💔
brain food tv
brain food tv 29 days ago
Things change... new champions rein... old champions concede.
PR /Puerto Rico\ Movie wax
Hahahaha FK.... the W....
Outdoor Jeff
Outdoor Jeff 29 days ago
He ain’t lebron, no one can be Lebron that carries the team.
eli wynter
eli wynter 29 days ago
🤣🤣😩🤣🤣 the clubs are closed but he dancing on them! 🙌🏾🙌🏾👀👀
gigz1803 aquino
gigz1803 aquino 29 days ago
They need Thompson dude
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 29 days ago
Karma for joking on Lebron carrying the whole Cavs hahaha
SirCurious 29 days ago
Steph should leave he deserves a better team
K. LOUK 29 days ago
Kd makes above average NBA players look like bums lol
Mehsen Yah
Mehsen Yah 29 days ago
ask to be traded Curry Golden State is old news
dad 29 days ago
To be fair i wanted to cry too and im a hornets fan. Stephs teammates are a sad sight lol wiggins is trash and the rest are just role players. Oubre looked solid but he definitely isnt gonna help them elevate to a different level
kykingz78 29 days ago
This f’n clickbait bitch got me again
Aubriche cacdac
Aubriche cacdac 29 days ago
Damn you guys talking like westbrook never existed
amron from sf
amron from sf 29 days ago
It's okay to lose, you just need enough wins to get into the playoffs....and if draymon and klay are there.... it's lights out.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 29 days ago
go cry curry
ad rian
ad rian 29 days ago
i hate eric paschall in the warriors
shaunloopwins 29 days ago
Stephen Curry gave Kevin Durant respect! What if he goes into God Mode? Curry dropping 30?
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 29 days ago
Have you ever seen anything as ugly as steph curry.
IronPlastic Machine
Who's draymond green? Is that a living thing? Lol
ben green
ben green 29 days ago
Bro give this man a job at ESPN
ISO Rickz
ISO Rickz 29 days ago
Bro y’all making jokes bout curry but he has to carry the team on his back and don’t say compare to Lebron cause curry hasn’t left the warriors even all they put him through
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - 29 days ago
He was crying though
kurt Gaming
kurt Gaming 29 days ago
Bruh your voice is kinda annoying
EsK Month ago
nets were playing on rookie
Justus SoulBowe
Justus SoulBowe Month ago
Cyruss Encila
Cyruss Encila Month ago
i like to finish this vid, but that voice? nahhh i'm out
St3vi3G 1985
St3vi3G 1985 Month ago
Kyrie and KD didn't go crazy they didn't even break 30 points or 50 between the both.
xFlow777 Month ago
kyrie should totally embrace the Kyrie "the sage" Irving :D I like it
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez Month ago
Curry bout to fake another hand injury😂😂😂
xFlow777 Month ago
although warriors werent complete, I'm 99% sure the outcome would have been the same with klay and draymond on the floor. Remember the entire 3 and 4th quarters were garbage time, kyrie and kd played like 24 minutes. It wouldn't have been a blow out, but warriors would have lost anyways.
Kiyante Law russell
Shut up if we had klay whole different story
S H Month ago
Steph Curry gonna have to pull a Harden and carry a team all 72 games. Ofc he'll get praise while Harden never has
Never Sin
Never Sin Month ago
Now he knows how lebron felt in the cavs lol but difference is he cannot carry a team himself.
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