Stephen Curry Shocking 62 Points Takeover Destroys Blazers! Warriors vs Trail Blazers 

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Stephen Curry Shocking 62 Points Takeover Destroys Blazers! Warriors vs Trail Blazers December 3, 2021 NBA Season
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Jan 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
KingKobe81 12 days ago
1:34 steph switched his pivot and got away with it lol
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry 13 days ago
They put the rim magnets On Positive
Mamadski B
Mamadski B 14 days ago
Curry is always on 🔥 the only question is if he could stay injury free this season to make it to the playoffs
Haitian Zoe
Haitian Zoe 15 days ago
Where's Klay Thompson why he's not playing
Mike 15 days ago
Yeah but he score 13 vs the clippers lol
S & Q's playground
S & Q's playground 16 days ago
😂 😂 his voice he can t miss
Sports and Jokes
Sports and Jokes 17 days ago
Woww 😂😂😂😂
zyl zyl
zyl zyl 17 days ago
this shows the puppets in the nba media and fans who "doubt" Curry and talked "shit" about him and started saying Lillard passed him already .... .l.
Siyuan Shi
Siyuan Shi 17 days ago
Look at Curry man, so inspirational!
ustuplay 17 days ago
Clive forgot to talk about LeBron. What's up?
Ethan Latson
Ethan Latson 17 days ago
Vatebulu OK
Vatebulu OK 17 days ago
U know gsw is in trouble when curry needed to score 62 to win a game
Mark Joseph Sarmiento
us-first.info413MOoyZNnU watch this clip.. Then watch the video again...
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 18 days ago
One hell of a baller one hell of a ball. And one hell of a ugly sob. Looks like yellow throw up.
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 18 days ago
Here at 69k views. Nice 😏
Yakko Warner
Yakko Warner 18 days ago
The legend never dies
Dream The Team
Dream The Team 18 days ago
This is what like to on takeover irl
MIXED TV 18 days ago
Men your voice sounds like Gianis.
Young Prince
Young Prince 18 days ago
One phrase: Blazing the blazers 🔥
Victor Benitez
Victor Benitez 18 days ago
Love the content man
Richard Vallejo Garcia
Game knows game
Champion 18 days ago
durant should not have left golden state lol
Ybc Breeze
Ybc Breeze 18 days ago
Eric plays better off the bench I feel
Jesus Reza
Jesus Reza 18 days ago
Still not top 15 all time grate player still i loved watching this game
ustuplay 17 days ago
The man changed the game
Zachary Lamb
Zachary Lamb 18 days ago
What was his field goal percentage?
Axel Hernand
Axel Hernand 18 days ago
1:34 hard travel.
Drvpz 24
Drvpz 24 17 days ago
Well it was true
IshN Gaming!
IshN Gaming! 18 days ago
Look at curry man
3rdEye 18 days ago
Ain’t a dam person who is shocked by this.
Banana Head
Banana Head 18 days ago
Steph needs a haircut
Edward Zuniga
Edward Zuniga 18 days ago
Make more 2k videos !!!!!!
yeezypz 18 days ago
Sky fucker
Kyle Despain
Kyle Despain 18 days ago
Curry's gotta do this every game if they wanna chance.
Saleem Batemon
Saleem Batemon 18 days ago
The warriors are dead 😂😂 they ain’t making the playoffs
Caden Tetting
Caden Tetting 18 days ago
You recordin your videos in a library or something? 😂
Don’t forget that Draymond Green scored a point as well.
roxanne charles
roxanne charles 18 days ago
Curry is the best Point Guard in the league!!! Damain Lillard is good, but he never be on Curry level. CP3 is better than Dame Time.
Dank Hill
Dank Hill 18 days ago
Blazing the Blazers
Caleb Paez
Caleb Paez 18 days ago
32 for dame :) it's still easy for curry 🍛 hehe the good part is the respect from Damian
Action Taker
Action Taker 18 days ago
Look at Curry man so inspirational
FireBen31 18 days ago
Flight moaning rn
Zenitsu Agatzuma
Zenitsu Agatzuma 18 days ago
Rockets and Blazers Cryptonite Warriors😆
Fakename70 18 days ago
Gonna have to light it up like that every night for GSW to be relevant this season
Fakename70 17 days ago
@ustuplay He will. But, they won’t win that way. As much as he’ll have the ball this season, if his scoring is under 30, but, his assists are over 12, they might have a better shot spreading it around. Green has to step it up with boards and stout defense as well.
ustuplay 17 days ago
He'll average over 30 this season for sure
Juliet Emovon
Juliet Emovon 18 days ago
lillard had 32 and steph curry passed michael jordan yay
B Lee
B Lee 18 days ago
Curry and Green combined to score 63!!!!
Supercrunch Super
Supercrunch Super 18 days ago
Meanwhile KD at nets.........
Flowers Flores
Flowers Flores 18 days ago
This guy sounds like a straight ninja
Demond Hopkins
Demond Hopkins 18 days ago
When I was watching this game last night I though he was gonna only have 45
Armando 18 days ago
didnt watch the game but from the clip he seems to didnt get much calls on fouls
ustuplay 17 days ago
Shot 18 free throws, his personal best, but you're right
Jonathan Veem
Jonathan Veem 18 days ago
Bro ur voice be wack how the hell u got 2 mil subs
Elon musk
Elon musk 18 days ago
The trail blazers are trash I would've drop 97 on them 😂
Damion Ford
Damion Ford 18 days ago
Rember that one day when u said he hasent even 60 points in his career well clive there u go
Charley H
Charley H 18 days ago
People forgot about curry .
Woo D. Plank
Woo D. Plank 18 days ago
The beast inside him is awake now.
LilJakeTheGoat 18 days ago
1k Productions
1k Productions 18 days ago
U gotta realize the team he playing they weak asf, see how curry do at a actually good team ! Warriors and curry is Trash
AutisticAiden 18 days ago
Curry is a good player he's just on a shit team. If went on the nets with Irving and KD they would be a pretty decent team
Kristoff Malabver
Kristoff Malabver 18 days ago
Yo imagine if Klay was playing
Joshua Zabalate
Joshua Zabalate 18 days ago
Now who’s crying???
Julius Nyarko
Julius Nyarko 18 days ago
CliveNBAParody How about them parodies man
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper 18 days ago
Curry did not come to play with 2021!!!😂😂😂😂
Dhairya Veer
Dhairya Veer 18 days ago
steph be like- " Damian Lillard was a threat, I'm not saying he wasn't a threat, but ME, being compared to HIM? I took offence to that."
ChASsy CLaSsy
ChASsy CLaSsy 18 days ago
Well, we knew how great Curry is and could do something like that it's just those bandwagons turned their back and hating on curry after mediocre games.
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 18 days ago
steph gotta carry and let draymond pass to teammates
Vvnf Nvfjb
Vvnf Nvfjb 18 days ago
look at curry man , so inspirational !
NBA Greatest Games on Classic Court
OMG, what a coincidence. I just uploaded Kobe Bryants 62 points Performance on my channel just a few hours before that.
Justin Rae
Justin Rae 18 days ago
Rev. 6. White Horse. Bow, MASK, Crown, Corona. Conquering and to Conquer. Red Horse. WAR!!!!
Hegan Valdino
Hegan Valdino 18 days ago
He is the highest paid NBA player so I ain't surprised.
Hegan Valdino
Hegan Valdino 18 days ago
@Hemi vs. Ninja Giannis just renewed his contract if someone whose gonna hit above his max it would be Steph in 2023
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 18 days ago
I stand corrected harden is number 5 once Giannis new contract hits then it’ll be him
Hegan Valdino
Hegan Valdino 18 days ago
@Hemi vs. Ninja ops my mistake harden isn't in top 3 maybe top 5
Hegan Valdino
Hegan Valdino 18 days ago
@Hemi vs. Ninja nah look it up highest paid NBA player in 2021 Giannis not even in top 5 harden is only in top 3.
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 18 days ago
Giannis I believe is highest paid and I think harden might be a little higher paid as well than steph
Yana & Ryan
Yana & Ryan 19 days ago
the dynamic duo of steph curry and draymond green have 63 points together. curry: 62points draymond: 1point
Anime Potato
Anime Potato 19 days ago
Legends never die
Backmaple0437 19 days ago
@1:34 steph traveled lol
King Nycer
King Nycer 19 days ago
The MF goat is back💯
Rodolfo Jr. Leaño
Rodolfo Jr. Leaño 19 days ago
I'm KD fan.. But I'm happy if somebody got a high score like Steph.. Amazing.....
1DS18CS026 19 days ago
Skip bayless: Portland beat lakers and lost to gsw therefore gsw is better than lakers
Brett Hackett
Brett Hackett 19 days ago
People don't like me saying it but NBA needs more players like Curry. At 6,1 in height he's one of the shortest super-stars among literal giants. The sport has been dominated by height advantage for the longest time, go Steph!
wildprodigy 18 days ago
Steph is reported to be 6'3 but I agree with your sentiments
J C 19 days ago
i'm aLso a fan of dame, seems a good guy, and i beLieve he respects curry, some may just misunderstood his words,.great game by SC30, he certainLy wouLd have made more points than that in the prev. years if he pLayed more minutes and aLso without KD, it sure siLenced the critics and haters 🍻👌
Spoon production
Spoon production 19 days ago
If you look at the dribbling and shooting feel plus he has a great feel around the basket, Steph is probably the most skilled ever. He has a supernatural feel for the ball.
C Jay
C Jay 19 days ago
Ppl don’t give curry the respect the needs
Gerald Fisher
Gerald Fisher 19 days ago
The last wee the whole news was full asking if curry can be a solo star... welp... guess he can be the whole damn team!
carole pasion-capan
Curry and kobe are tied records for points per game
John Nakamura
John Nakamura 19 days ago
I been telling people he a top 3 player in today’s nba but people don’t listen. Don’t even get me started with people thinking dame is a better player. Curry definitely shut a lot of casual fans and haters up tonight with the 62 points he dropped on his head.
John Nakamura
John Nakamura 18 days ago
@Thee Unknown curry brings everything in terms of offense and he is better at picking your pockets. In terms of defense they are pretty even but Curry’s offense is just on another level because he can dominate with and without the ball.
Thee Unknown
Thee Unknown 19 days ago
I feel like Dame and Curry provide almost the same skillsets to their teams, but I do think Curry is the better shooter while Dame is the better passer. Dribbling I'd say Curry is better but Dame is pretty good too. So overall Curry is better at those skillsets than Dame.
DylanGot MoreDrip
DylanGot MoreDrip 19 days ago
It’s because of that leg sleeve 🥶🥶🥶
Chance Olson
Chance Olson 19 days ago
Curry dropped 62 to beat the blazers to win one regular season game. Playoffs come you better show Curry. No hate but I’m counting on you
esco1972 19 days ago
This dude's accent is what sets him apart.
Drip 19 days ago
Curry and Draymond Got 63 points combined
Dominic Bravo
Dominic Bravo 19 days ago
"To all my co bandwagon fans time to do our work, godspeed"
Doffy Donquixote
Doffy Donquixote 18 days ago
of course we still here just like the bronsexuals always stick on brons ass and their praying is heard by a demon cuz bron win a cheap chip AGAIN
Con D. Oriano
Con D. Oriano 19 days ago
Curry is a *Carry*
Posted a twitch reaction to this career high from Steph, think I provide some great commentary, check it out! us-first.info/player/video/rdSibJmac5lprGQ.html
Cee O
Cee O 19 days ago
Curry and Lillard are showing us what the NBA will look like in the future. Everyone will be draining 3s from half court.
D J 19 days ago
That’s crazy Curry and draymond combined for 63
Doffy Donquixote
Doffy Donquixote 18 days ago
nyak nyak nyak ar u mocking one of my man money dray man?? dont do that again evem though its funny
Jayden Williams
Jayden Williams 18 days ago
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 18 days ago
That’s that dynamic duo 😂🤣
TroothLoops 19 days ago
If you don't know now you know .. 🎶They don't want no smoke 🤣and that boy Curry has a high smoke point 💨🥵
nothing but insane
nothing but insane 19 days ago
Curry went insane like all of my videos 😊😊😊😊
tweezerjam34 19 days ago
I was shocked to find out he’d never scored 60 before! 👍🏼
Timothy Suria
Timothy Suria 19 days ago
Someone check up on flight man
Ani Yakkanti
Ani Yakkanti 19 days ago
let’s goo bro my Warriors coming back to life...welll...... steph curry carried them today but still, we destroyed Lillard, McCollum and the blazers
coaster323 19 days ago
Look at curry man ...
FCP Carter
FCP Carter 19 days ago
Let me be dame after this L, I'm pulling a "next chapter" move the very next day.
Rj DaGoAt
Rj DaGoAt 19 days ago
Steph scores 62 on dame 😂😭😭
Nathaniel Leonor
Nathaniel Leonor 19 days ago
Curry overrated? Think again bruh curry can carry warriors without kd and klay
Quezz Leshawn
Quezz Leshawn 19 days ago
Dang Karma I didn’t want that to happen to Curry