Stephen Curry Shoves Kevon Looney to Play Some Defense! Warriors vs Kings 

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Stephen Curry Shoves Kevon Looney to Play Some Defense! Warriors vs Kings December 15, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 16, 2020




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Comments 100   
Hanzo Main
Hanzo Main 24 days ago
This man really disrespecting Kelly oubre 😭
abdullahi ali
abdullahi ali Month ago
Bro they just suck when they play with
Ryker Haivala
Ryker Haivala Month ago
This is stupid as fuck
Nick Nightrider
Nick Nightrider Month ago
Puwwing up, caash...
Steve Chavez
Steve Chavez Month ago
This niggah sounds like a chines person who can’t speak english
Glenn Ortega
Glenn Ortega Month ago
1:50. Mans got the kicks knocked off him from a distance. Lol.
Jonathan London
Jonathan London Month ago
Not sure who highest IQ in basketball history is, curry, Durant or kyrie....it’s about angles and creativity, everything comes down to math. I’d like to see their actual iq scores on paper, you can tell a bad defensive player than can’t figure out which angle to cut off
wai omar_0
wai omar_0 Month ago
If Westbrook did this y’all would crucify him🤦🏾‍♂️
Zachmeister TV
Zachmeister TV Month ago
Gangstahh defeynse 🤣😂
gOsHtFaCe Ballaz
Curry going ham doe
TdogGBs Month ago
you can’t name Oubre? lmao
Danny Nan
Danny Nan Month ago
Stop hatin on him first of all it was just one time second of all that was a smart play third of all it is just a scrimmage game and fourth of all if one of all he did not in wrong that could have been the coach’s play we don’t know
D Nation
D Nation Month ago
I have done this this with lazy teammates, too 😁😁
Jaguar Tiger
Jaguar Tiger Month ago
what do we expect, they became final champ because he played with sasa pachulia, 🤣
W M Month ago
This nigga got a speech impediment lmao
D. Anthony
D. Anthony Month ago
Looney will be on SpaceJam
Do Dah
Do Dah Month ago
You don’t know who Kelly Oubre is?!!!
Don Dez
Don Dez Month ago
I don’t think they will be the semifinals!
smattachew Month ago
What accent do you have?
Robrtfit For life
Warriors just need one piece omg
Suite Life of Danté
Guys would rather lamelo than curry on their team 🤣🤣😭
Suite Life of Danté
Cornrow Curry 👨‍🍳
Jay Igot
Jay Igot Month ago
Man Steph is so serious so obvious when you look at his face seems like he have no time for relax I can read in his mind that he wants another championship trophy it's like he can't waste every single minute or seconds his mind now is to become a champion again
Jayy_saucyy Month ago
He still can't play defense bro
Philip Heston
Philip Heston Month ago
U gotta know who kelly oubre is mannn 🤦‍♂️
tunde bello
tunde bello Month ago
Thats a NOrows fo me though
Ados Korkados
Ados Korkados Month ago
Curry grew up rich, and he will never ever be Hood. Ever.
LP BEATz Month ago
*If you can't play Defense then I'll make you*
JoFoukzTV Month ago
Caption: "Steph Korean"
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Month ago
Your videos are soooo bad man
Sayed Ali
Sayed Ali Month ago
Curry Gangsta now 😂
Buck N
Buck N Month ago
I feel like clive lw took some inspiration from flight, so inspirational man
Harish Gupta
Harish Gupta Month ago
Bro don't get fooled by that face of Curry. He is very competitive. I mean he had defeated LeBron James in 2015. That ain't no easy shit.
KingJames23 Month ago
Curry almost injured his own teammates. Bruh it’s fucking preseason
Aqua Fish
Aqua Fish Month ago
Kellen Moon
Kellen Moon Month ago
what if this gonna be type of defense this season? 🤣 i mean pushing teammates to shove / injure enemy team 🤣
Jonathan Restrepo
Stop Curry not hood 😂😂
Julio Martinez
Julio Martinez Month ago
This team is completely dismantled 🤣🤣🤣
NBA 2gay
NBA 2gay Month ago
King curry
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez Month ago
Love the sarcasm 👍🏼 Hood! 🤣
Matthew Ryan Pampolina
Bruh that aint curry, that Julian Newman
amilah ali
amilah ali Month ago
Curry playing a Gangsta defense 🤣😂💀
james Chigga
james Chigga Month ago
nigga is trippin
Simp Gaming
Simp Gaming Month ago
Looney: tf happened?
Jeremiah Jaden
Jeremiah Jaden Month ago
Gangster defense 😂😂💀
J SaG Month ago
Lol he hood cause he got braids... don’t ever stereotype no one man... wtf
The OG S&S Show
The OG S&S Show Month ago
The funniest podcast ever us-first.info/more/Jm9YpGLE03Q1y3jIhOGm_Q
Jeriel Modesto
Jeriel Modesto Month ago
that word "Dismantled" was so reaaaaal
Luc Wijngaard
Luc Wijngaard Month ago
How bout Curry plays some defense himself
Ghost Ariel
Ghost Ariel Month ago
When 2k all star don't know how to play defense
Dominic Fecarotta
Nico Mannion’s gotta be aware and make that close out on that last possession
AdmBmb Month ago
saw Kyle Guy hit that game winner live, didn't notice Lee's shoe came off trying to guard him lol
Create Googgle
Create Googgle Month ago
Curry shows, his energy, if you start loosing end for loosing this is what Curry thinks what's why he need win even this preseason, Not because your team is weak and your opponents are strong, you have no reason to give up
Zinky-_RK Month ago
Kyle guy the only 60 ovr on 2k that shoots greens
Mekhiedmonds 33
Mekhiedmonds 33 Month ago
We’ve seen this before
Kenneth Yu
Kenneth Yu Month ago
Kuz did exactly like that on bron
Mhiko Dela Cruz
Mhiko Dela Cruz Month ago
He ain't my buddy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brandon 98
Brandon 98 Month ago
only if they had klay.. 😢
Bdag TheSauceGod
Curry been watching them lebron James master classes
Miggy Month ago
Dont y'all expect steph like that. He a good person. Y'all dont expect negative things to him
Kyle Siluano Le'i
Looney is becoming the new decade andris biedrins for the dubs... not worth keeping on the roster. I would've kept damion jones over him... looney has no offense presence, let alone his rebounding is terrible... at this point, I wouldve went after a vet, even Joakim Noah 🤷🏾‍♂️
Young King
Young King Month ago
Dis whole video funny bruh 😂
yusuf ahmad
yusuf ahmad Month ago
Another player dunks it i wish i knew his name but i dont , you cant blame me 🤣🤣, 🖤 from 🇮🇩
Clips 36
Clips 36 Month ago
Kevon "The Human Pylon" Looney back at!
Anthony Meze
Anthony Meze Month ago
bro you have to make some more nba 2k parodiys
Pink Alien
Pink Alien Month ago
Why he his name Kevon when it should be Kevin?
Tony Don
Tony Don Month ago
Cornrow Curry with the prison defence...legit!
Chimichanggas Month ago
"I dont know who that player is." That got me man. 🤣🤣🤣
Nephyr Month ago
Steph dont even play defense himself lol
Rl Fabre
Rl Fabre Month ago
Looney is trashed men I would rather sign dewayne dedmon than keeping balooney on the roster
black summer
black summer Month ago
should buy 1 centre with average experience :) 🙏
PiggoPoggo Month ago
Curry out here slowly becoming Cavs Bron
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore Month ago
Gansta defense 😂😂😂😆
Zeiner Perez
Zeiner Perez Month ago
“Warriors better watch out don’t because they don’t want the smoke from Curry” 🤣
ForeverSayian Month ago
Curry pulling a kuzma 😂
Franz P
Franz P Month ago
Lol 🤣✌🏽 that’s our chef curry bruh 💪🏽😎💯
Alex Chattoe
Alex Chattoe Month ago
How he not know oubre
Truly Bless
Truly Bless Month ago
Who is this talking tho? Cornrow Curry not fucking around this year! 😂😂😂😂
A. J
A. J Month ago
This why kevon real love 69-71 ovr
Antonio McGee
Antonio McGee Month ago
Lmfao who is this lol..... curry trash on d one game makes him a savage on d lmfao he push him because he got left lol man stop with the bull
Sxbliminal z
Sxbliminal z Month ago
this man funny asl🤣🤣 curry been gangsta ever since he start torching mfs from the parking lot 💯
MAURICE Month ago
Curry is a light skin bitch, Lol. No "D"
Kyle2324 Month ago
Kuzma type beat
TB Swerve
TB Swerve Month ago
Steph going to get another fake injury watch
Senku Go
Senku Go Month ago
Why watch nba highlight vida when you can get this quality commentary+highlights?
Lil Loading
Lil Loading Month ago
Look at curry against nuggets. Look how he clamped up murray. (Preseason game against nuggets)
gregory johnson
gregory johnson Month ago
Nba better hire you 😭😂😂😂😂
VIGIL Rogue Month ago
Dremond needs to gooooo 😑 all rookies are better than him
Areliz Rodriguez
Solid Brothers
Solid Brothers Month ago
Warriors got some weird as a people. Lol like they pulled these dudes from the street to get a full roster lmfao.
Benn Darayta
Benn Darayta Month ago
This is like Kuzma pushing lebron😂
Rene Macedo
Rene Macedo Month ago
Dude your commentary is legendary
Elijah McElroy
Elijah McElroy Month ago
Awe damn. This video is goated 😂😂 Clive was in mode
R N Month ago
He hood now he playin Gangsta defense😂
Alex Month ago
Curry turning into kyrie
YaBoi Rob
YaBoi Rob Month ago
So we're just gonna ignore the fact that homie on the GSW got pump faked out of his shoes 2:00 💀 (edit) it wasn't even his man either 😂
kta jamess
kta jamess Month ago
school threat defense.
Kevin Huerter
Kevin Huerter Month ago
Curry doesn’t look like curry when he pushes someone 10x bigger than him 😭
Vahid Alavian
Vahid Alavian Month ago
Wish there was a way your videos wouldn’t pop up on my US-first
da be
da be Month ago
so no one's gonna talk about how dlo broke his ankles at the end?
KING JAMES23 Month ago
yo wtf its not dlo men
K O B A Month ago
Looney was hella out of position to help lmfao. That perfectly shows why high IQ is so important. Old and washed Marc Gasol is still great becoz hes smart. Looney is young but dumb 😂😂😂