Stephen Curry Impersonates Joel Embiid While Celebrating 'Embiid One' Under Armour Signature Shoe! 

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Stephen Curry Impersonates Joel Embiid While Celebrating 'Embiid One' Under Armour Signature Shoe!
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Aug 7, 2020




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Comments 100   
Tuff ._.
Tuff ._. 2 months ago
Doesn't Steph own half the Under Armour company?
Pichi Alvarez
Pichi Alvarez 4 months ago
I love you Stephen Curry
Tai Weaver
Tai Weaver 5 months ago
Who’s here after the warriors landed the #2 pick 👀
olatunji dean
olatunji dean 5 months ago
yo thats my school
Arthur Ostapenko
Arthur Ostapenko 5 months ago
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Anthony Steiner
Anthony Steiner 5 months ago
ofc u gotta act like if u had serious brain dmg to impersonate embiid
Hoop Smoke
Hoop Smoke 5 months ago
If that’s his new shoe at the start of the video I’m coping it
Going All Out
Going All Out 5 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Embid does go to GS or ask for a trade. Embid & Simmons can't seem to stay healthy and when one is out the weight falls on the other player.
Goku’s Nimbus
Goku’s Nimbus 5 months ago
Everyones favorite team will always be who is winning , band wagon non faithful ass MFs ... no you got trust issues
Badrulz OppoF1s
Badrulz OppoF1s 5 months ago
His preparing for final NBA champion.
ItsXeno 5 months ago
Yo Joel Embiid look a lil different
Damon Player
Damon Player 5 months ago
Practice playing defense fuck all that other shit work on your weaknesses
ML ph Tv
ML ph Tv 5 months ago
Hulk Timberlake
Hulk Timberlake 5 months ago
He faked injuries to duck LeBron. Don't worry....That all day iso is coming for him. Shot out to Klay for actually being the best player on the team.
José Armando Hernández Gallegos
Se mamo el churry JAJAJA
Uncle Asian
Uncle Asian 5 months ago
Title should be: Steph curry..A Struggle To Stay Relevant
Nicolás Pasten
Nicolás Pasten 5 months ago
Inspirational man so look at curry
Śemaj 5 months ago
Freedom Strength
Freedom Strength 5 months ago
🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂 Steph is stupid 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Constant NBA
Constant NBA 5 months ago
Hey who else been a fan of Clive for over 2 years
Stefan Kostic
Stefan Kostic 5 months ago
He best impression of Joel he can do is to score 0 on the Raptors
Jay too lit
Jay too lit 5 months ago
Breaking news curry request a trade to the 76ers
Wag kang Bulaklak
Wag kang Bulaklak 5 months ago
0 point Embiid got his signature shoe ?
Kuhlmans Calixte
Kuhlmans Calixte 5 months ago
Soo inspirational
Aditya Shakya
Aditya Shakya 5 months ago
"look at embiid man So inspirational"
Junnior Guardado
Junnior Guardado 5 months ago
Stephen curry is bad compare to Joel 😒
Ronaldo Zakolli
Ronaldo Zakolli 5 months ago
Look at Curry man so inspirational
Adam E
Adam E 5 months ago
Free 🇭🇰
FrEsHboI from BHAM
FrEsHboI from BHAM 5 months ago
Miss seeing him playing, Hurry back Klay and KD/kyrie also.
TheAnax 11
TheAnax 11 5 months ago
How the fuck he do that
Super High
Super High 5 months ago
Rob Parker was right! Steph is a glorified Globetrotter!
TpolTime 5 months ago
Nice impression but spent a little too much time in the paint to be convincing😅
Tim Foronda
Tim Foronda 5 months ago
curry come team up with embiid when ur contract's up
Andy Orellana
Andy Orellana 5 months ago
Look at curry man so inspirational
Lyric X
Lyric X 5 months ago
It's crazy because when they had KD most people rooted against them but now I miss Steph and the warriors. Hope they can add someone next year and return to competition.
GI Zoe Sports Radio
GI Zoe Sports Radio 5 months ago
LBZ 5 months ago
Who else remembers when Clive PARODY actually did PARODIES
Jazz Cabbage17
Jazz Cabbage17 5 months ago
Lol that's a pretty good impression actually
spidermanfanboy1 5 months ago
Look at curry the goat making moves
Alt Delete
Alt Delete 5 months ago
Struggling to see y this account is popular
Fly Boy
Fly Boy 5 months ago
Korni tlaga ng potang inang to 🤣
J G 5 months ago
Why didn’t he impersonate jojo’s dunks? Oh wait...
LIL DJ 5 months ago
He can dunk tho he just chooses not to oh wait
Hunned Proof Productions
With all due respect, watching 7’ guys play ball isn’t impressive at all. They all move like goofy guys who can barley control their bodies. They’re like 350lbs, so bullying your way to the basket isn’t very pretty to look at. They’re an arms length away from the basket. They don’t even have to jump. The majority of them can’t shoot a free throw to save their life. And no ball handling skills. But hey, they make millions so I’m just hating.
Kevin Kurt Kalayaan
Kevin Kurt Kalayaan 5 months ago
curry is child like 😂 he pretend to be somebody famous but he not 😂
MrProfecy Gamer
MrProfecy Gamer 5 months ago
Embiid to Golden State confirmed?
roxanne charles
roxanne charles 5 months ago
And Klay Thompson too.
roxanne charles
roxanne charles 5 months ago
I miss Curry so much, waiting for next year.
techfornoobs 5 months ago
0:26 i wasn't sure if that was a video game clip - I'm still not sure..
techfornoobs 5 months ago
@Jerico Cortes no, r u?
Jerico Cortes
Jerico Cortes 5 months ago
U high?
Christian Bagon
Christian Bagon 5 months ago
Subscribe me then I will do the same
w o
w o 5 months ago
KD leaves and he does even make playoffs bruh
Dara Oluwafemi
Dara Oluwafemi 5 months ago
R u stupid? There players were injured your to high bruh
wastedWIFI 5 months ago
Jay Mamba Jr
Jay Mamba Jr 5 months ago
Look At Chef Curry Man So Inspirational !!!!!!!!!
Sam 13
Sam 13 5 months ago
Embiid to Warriors confirmed.
Jansen Cummins
Jansen Cummins 5 months ago
At the end of the vid why was he wearing a sweatshirt in the middle of august
Jansen Cummins
Jansen Cummins 5 months ago
Jeffrey Liu stfu
Jeffrey Liu
Jeffrey Liu 5 months ago
Perks of not living by the coast
Kingdom of Israel
Kingdom of Israel 5 months ago
I was wondering the same thing
Trenbolone acetate
Trenbolone acetate 5 months ago
Embiid needs to lay off the cheeseburgers. When he was in kansas I remember him being super athletic catching lobs and stuff now hes slow
Christopher Talavera
Did you not see the first step at 0:27? Lmaoo, slow huh.
gd131 5 months ago
This just in. Embiid reportedly going to the warriors next season.
MTHEGAMER 5 months ago
Enough with the look curry memes they need to leave yeah honey bye 👋
RSContent 5 months ago
Flight hates curry now be wise he likes Joel embiid
Israel 5 months ago
Jajajajaja its the best!
Mcgriffin67 5 months ago
Ha! What a world we live in, Embid is in the playoffs and Steph is at home making videos!
Mcgriffin67 5 months ago
@Dominique Brown not a scrub but woefully inconsistent, what I mean though is Embid is the goofy social media guy and Steph is a 2x league MVP 3x NBA Champ and yet Steph is the one at home being goofy and Embid is in the playoffs. It's just weird that the Warriors aren't in the playoffs.
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown 5 months ago
?? Embiid was in the playoffs last year. You think embiid is some scrub?
Keeta Amor
Keeta Amor 5 months ago
I like the shoe. Even though they remind me of the Kyries...I like them!!!
Chisom Uwalaka
Chisom Uwalaka 5 months ago
That drill at the end is really really hard😣
Zo Jirushi
Zo Jirushi 5 months ago
What’s the instrumental beat in the background?
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod 5 months ago
Since syephs friends with embid and gianiss would it be be crazy for the league if gianiss and embid joined curry and klay that starting 5 Curry Thompson Draymond 🔁Gianiss eother position is fine Embid
Tanglao Aviel Luke
Tanglao Aviel Luke 5 months ago
Look at curry man so inspirational💖🏀☝️.
Trick_poke 5 months ago
Those kinda look fire
Black Rock Lee
Black Rock Lee 5 months ago
Its the little nuances for me like the lil baby steps he took and his posture when calling for the ball thats all embiid lmaooo
miguel 5 months ago
“Right now flight nutting while watching this video”
Skillzx5 5 months ago
Look at curry man, such an inspiration
ItzMinor 5 months ago
To the person that’s reading this: You’re a very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during the quarantine. My dream is to reach 1k, so if you would subscribe it would make my day.
Kevin 30
Kevin 30 5 months ago
imagine the warriors get giannis then somehow shock the world by getting embiid too
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown 5 months ago
That's stupid and that wouldn't really be fair.
Jaywitdatray 5 months ago
It accurate tho
Barton Percival
Barton Percival 5 months ago
Steph..............Still the badest man on the court!!!!!!!!! 🏀😉👍
the garbage man
the garbage man 5 months ago
What's the song playing during embiid highlights?
HYDRO Fann 5 months ago
More of the parodies
Carlo Bautista
Carlo Bautista 5 months ago
Jay Dee2x_
Jay Dee2x_ 5 months ago
Look at me man 😁
Nathan Rodgers
Nathan Rodgers 5 months ago
So inspirational
Drip Kage
Drip Kage 5 months ago
Flight is def gonna say some sus shit
Jasper x Plays
Jasper x Plays 5 months ago
Wait... i see this first. On tiktok wow
BR33CH HD 5 months ago
Those are kinda fire
SNAKE EYES 5 months ago
Bruh I want that beat what is it
Epsilos 5 months ago
hes at the Woodside Priory?
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar 5 months ago
Imagine this man retiring before he breaks the 3p record to play golf and be the worst troll of all time 🤬🤬🤬
The Prediction MASTER
I bet he can't impersonate that dunk tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
LIL DJ 5 months ago
I bet y'all can't impersonate that dunk either tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
gautam gautamsuresh
gautam gautamsuresh 5 months ago
He bout to slip and fall
WannabePrødigy 5 months ago
Axl Ar Rasyid
Axl Ar Rasyid 5 months ago
Are these is a hint?
Xavier Mayfield
Xavier Mayfield 5 months ago
On point
style stunner55
style stunner55 5 months ago
Joel embiid and curry should team up next season
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 5 months ago
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Frame Counting
Frame Counting 5 months ago
Not sure what's more impressive. The impersonation or his dribbling.
style stunner55
style stunner55 5 months ago
His dribbling
I'll Shiv you.
I'll Shiv you. 5 months ago
Look at curry so inspirational.
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 5 months ago
Curry the type of guy who practices celebrating
Moi Ortega
Moi Ortega 5 months ago
Embiid to warriors, next season
Randy Dungca
Randy Dungca 5 months ago
embiid should join the warriors
Tye Tastic
Tye Tastic 5 months ago
Embid does move like his waist doesn't turn. All extra stiff.
lester llorca
lester llorca 5 months ago
Preach Mann
Preach Mann 5 months ago
Itchy 5 months ago
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba 5 months ago
that shits old nigga
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 5 months ago
Curry to Philly
Nickkyy 5 months ago
light boy
light boy 5 months ago
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D&D Story: Ep 18- Xanu