Stephen Curry Can't Believe Kelly Oubre Bad Play & Kyrie Irving Destroys Celtics! 

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Stephen Curry Can't Believe Kelly Oubre Bad Play & Kyrie Irving Destroys Celtics! Warriors vs Bucks December 25, 2020-21 NBA Season
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Dec 25, 2020




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Comments 100   
adrian jacob balucanag
So what now huh draymond?
mvchype zero
mvchype zero 20 days ago
Remember when the warriors gm thought they were the greatest franchise ever lol
Francis Kyle Jalea
i bet curry would leave golden state and go to another team LOL
Will Nye
Will Nye 21 day ago
Stupid ass voice
Staten Island MTB
Staten Island MTB 22 days ago
Warren Toles
Warren Toles 22 days ago
Yannis back on the bucks?
thebigwarthog 22 days ago
Oubre will get better, he’s coming off surgery in his knee and working off the rust.
Jeremiah Alexander
Jeremiah Alexander 23 days ago
Lmaooo the post warrior era has begun now they don't got 5 all stars on the court at once... Poor warrior fans
daxvy 23 days ago
Kerr is like wtf happened to my team
Isaac Clayton
Isaac Clayton 23 days ago
Kyrie had 37 kd had 29 10 seconds later Kd had 37 kyrie had 29
Alex Medina
Alex Medina 23 days ago
Why this guy sound like dis? He think he cute or sum? Or he got downs?
StraightUp 23 days ago
Warriors has 2 options: - Change the offensive system to suit Kelly Oubre and Wiggins - Wait for both to adapt to their playstyle and catch and shoot (but they'll never replace Thompson and Durant from the old system). In addition, they can miss the playoffs and maybe playin
DiscoMutt 23 days ago
dude fix the framerate on this
My reaction when ppl believe the mainstream news: @ 1:00
Tattoo Enthusiast
Tattoo Enthusiast 23 days ago
Oubre is just a dunker
Philip Swidankmemes
"Andrew wiggins cant do anything" Best quote of the year But also, 20-5-2 for his carrer is a bit more than nothing
Slim Hardaway543
Slim Hardaway543 24 days ago
THE WARRIORS NEED DRAYMOND.... He’s the heart of the team. The motivator ! He’ll get on there ass
Maddox Mack
Maddox Mack 24 days ago
Lillard had to deal with this and he wasn’t even in his prime. Lamarcus Aldridge and Wesley Mathews left and all that was remaining were average players, yet he still carried them to the playoffs EVERY YEAR UP TO NOW. Lillard has always been a better leader, say what you want about curry having more “range” and the better “scorer” but curry can’t carry shit
tenshi精神 24 days ago
Oubre still my guy. 🔥
Adonis Keef
Adonis Keef 24 days ago
0:53 me watching lebron lose 6 finals and hearing his fans still call him the goat for his 4 rings
Rico Tabura Vlog
Rico Tabura Vlog 24 days ago
Step gonna be like Lebron when he was in cavs without him in the its chaotic
Gabriel Carvalho De Castro
Trade Kelly for Bruno Caboclo
L PJ 24 days ago
Hahah fuck the warriors know they know what the rest of the lower tier nba teams feel like
Sam Der
Sam Der 24 days ago
Lakers and Nets in the finals would be great for the NBA
Emil Cloyd R. Saguding
lakers vs. nets.. finals.. or nets vs. portland
Jan Balaga
Jan Balaga 24 days ago
warriors vs clippers in finals. that's lit. said no one.
Pedram Aboui
Pedram Aboui 24 days ago
This why I said trade Kelly Oubre and Andrew Wiggins for Giannis Antetokounmpo or James Harden
Christopher Quan
Christopher Quan 25 days ago
Is there any way the Warriors can trade Oubre and Wiggins to the Rockets for Harden as I know he really wants out of Houston??? I’d go for a ball hog over guys who can’t make a shot.
Ayden Bishop
Ayden Bishop 25 days ago
It was 27 and 38
Harley Filipov
Harley Filipov 25 days ago
Almost at 2 million
Renzo Andre
Renzo Andre 25 days ago
Wtf is draymond gonna do
J D 25 days ago
I seen curry do the same more than once
Core Support
Core Support 25 days ago
If only klay Thompson want injured
Shadow X
Shadow X 25 days ago
You can’t have both Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre on the same team. Both may can slash to the post. However, both players can’t play consistent perimeter offense to keep the Warriors offense respectable. Plus the bench has their kinks to work out on both ends. Curry can’t play the game by himself. It will be a long season for the Warriors if they can’t find better ways to adjust to the situation they find themselves in.
Alfredo B
Alfredo B 25 days ago
I see the new guys trying to bully themselves for only 2 points and the opponents are shooting 3’s like Curry use to. So they’re wiping the warriors. If they keep up, warriors going to continue to lose cause the old dynasty is not there that could play defense and win with their shots of 3’s. Nobody’s going to want to see them play to lose.
Lateef Hudgins
Lateef Hudgins 25 days ago
Can we parodies back?
Yudm Yt
Yudm Yt 25 days ago
Steph pissed in general they went from guaranteed playoff team to the new suns
MIDNIGHT 25 days ago
No matter what u do These players are 10x better than you
yvng. lolo
yvng. lolo 25 days ago
go easy?? NOTlikeMike
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 25 days ago
Steve Kerrs reaction is gonna be a meme
Fernando Amador
Fernando Amador 25 days ago
Just shut up clive
MAsTeR CeZ 25 days ago
Go back to the old days where ypu do 2k voice over
The Chioras
The Chioras 25 days ago
Oubre never passes the ball 🤦🏾‍♂️
style stunner55
style stunner55 25 days ago
Mr P
Mr P 25 days ago
wiggins is crap
Josh Lusanta
Josh Lusanta 25 days ago
My guy thinks he can naruto run 😭💀
Crackpower 25 days ago
Oubre is a JOKE.
Khalil Braswell
Khalil Braswell 26 days ago
Vect Yang
Vect Yang 26 days ago
Pls just get Jeremy Lin pls to help curry with his 3s
Raine Man
Raine Man 26 days ago
They are expecting to much from them warriors won't be good till klay come back
Gerald Campbell
Gerald Campbell 26 days ago
Should everyone be happy that no team is pretending, alternating, positioning, holding back, juxtaposing for certain present, or future covert gain. How easy is it to shift important time on more creative things and endeavors.
felixvikes28 26 days ago
Kelly oubre and Wiggins a starter quit making excuses
Leo Crossfire
Leo Crossfire 26 days ago
the deadliest dou in nba in today's era..
elletangere 26 days ago
Poor Steph LMAO
Rapid 26 days ago
suddenly all those warriors "fans" are gone just like all those patriot "fans"
B O P 26 days ago
Kelly too pretty to ball
B O P 26 days ago
"He thought he could naruto run his way to a w"😂
Daddys milk
Daddys milk 26 days ago
Kelly Oubre thinking like he's doing something bigger than Curry, Lmao Curry's reaction he was holding it bro
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
Wiggins is ass
Twichy 26 days ago
Tbh its time for curry to go somewhere else I would love to see him help the clippers
Seth Ringer
Seth Ringer 26 days ago
In the Regular season Steph and Klay are the Splash brothers. But in Playoffs, they not swimming.
Demon Town
Demon Town 26 days ago
Marquees also broke his leg. 🙏
KTC12490 26 days ago
Draymond gonna come back they still gonna be free
TheeJiME 26 days ago
James wisemen the new rookie has been playing pretty good. He had 18 points and 8 Rebounds, he’s gonna be a great asset to the team
Yoel Taveras
Yoel Taveras 26 days ago
Nah, Warriors get no break! Lets see Curry carry a team, see how good he really is
M.H. L.
M.H. L. 26 days ago
Oubre good for a nice dink every once in a while, but outside that, he garbage...they should have went for Bogdanovic...
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark 26 days ago
Make better videos
Choppa 26 days ago
Never Fail
Never Fail 26 days ago
Not every great player can carry a sorry team to the playoffs like LeBron
Anthony Cunanan
Anthony Cunanan 26 days ago
for a sec i thought luka got traded to the bucks lol
J rsx
J rsx 26 days ago
Too much one on one lol the warriors are not that team no more. The magic got lost
Quad Bros Hobbies
Quad Bros Hobbies 26 days ago
I’m glad I traded Wiggins in my fantasy league
virusyete 26 days ago
0:53 Damn so this is how LeBron felt in the Cavs huh?
The Sus21
The Sus21 26 days ago
0:53 When your mom gets the belt
aaron4094 _
aaron4094 _ 26 days ago
It’s unfortunate that the warriors are shit, because oubre is a really good player
Tanner Martin
Tanner Martin 26 days ago
Steph is carrying them
Arjun Tantry
Arjun Tantry 26 days ago
Dairis Ž
Dairis Ž 26 days ago
Ceutics thewdy sefeen :D:D:D
Arjun Tantry
Arjun Tantry 26 days ago
I dont know why kelly thinks its better for him to take a freaking 10% shot rather than finding curry
ZekyBoy YT
ZekyBoy YT 26 days ago
Kept thinking that the white jerseys are the bucks and the blue ones are the warriors
Headshot Sensei
Headshot Sensei 26 days ago
Lol harden would kill with Curry current team
Tay_Swervo 26 days ago
Warriors dynasty is officially over 🤣
Petrektek 27 days ago
No, not the bucks, Middleton
True Baller
True Baller 27 days ago
Back in like 2015-2017 I used to watch your videos all the time and they were funny asf and I remember when you changed your content style and hearing your voice made me remeber all the fun memories you gave me
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 27 days ago
Hey look the yellow throwup has a new stupid hair due.
Akhyar Imam
Akhyar Imam 27 days ago
Curry was 20% from 3 and 33% from field!!! If anything he needs to improve the most! Cant force 3s and expect them to go in every time. Team needs to focus on getting to the paint
Durant's Burner Account
This dude sounds like he’s narrating in a mask. Tweak that muffled voice in post edit man. Couldn’t even finish the video.
Animazing Tv
Animazing Tv 27 days ago
Lebron got jr Steph got oubre to make that kind of face
Michael Domingo
Michael Domingo 27 days ago
just trade green, oubre, wiggins, paschall, bazemore,wanabaker,mannion
X Wu
X Wu 27 days ago
Wiggins ain't no rookie
Nintendude Gaming
Nintendude Gaming 27 days ago
The Warriors are stuck with Oubre and Wiggins now, too. Nobody will trade for them if they stay playing like this.
Sylvanius Ross
Sylvanius Ross 27 days ago
No excuses for the warriors
West Burns
West Burns 27 days ago
They need to trade for harden
jal dol
jal dol 27 days ago
Wiggins is a coward. Boy has no heart. He even looks and acts soft
Arlando Warren
Arlando Warren 27 days ago
Draymond would of got on Kelly’s ass for that dribbling and terrible ass shot lol
Kedar Leonard
Kedar Leonard 27 days ago
Kedar Leonard
Kedar Leonard 27 days ago
Can you react to the Hawk Game that was a great game
Dennis B
Dennis B 27 days ago
Kelly Oubre can't believe Stephan curry is averaging 19 ppg.
20th Century Fox Closing Logos
Thomas Bryant dunked on the wrong basket 🤣🤣
JobEarth 27 days ago
JP 18
JP 18 27 days ago
Wass good Clive been watching you since you made those 2k vids of reenactment of some players