Steph Curry is not a Top 20 all-time greatest player - Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED 

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Steph Curry’s historic streak for the Golden State Warriors continued last night, hitting ten 3-pointers and dropping 49 points in a win. Curry’s 72 3-pointers are the most ever in a 10-game stretch and he has six games of 10 or more made 3-pointers his season. No other player has more than 5 of those games in their entire career while Curry has 21 total. Hear whether Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe Steph Curry belongs in the Top 20 all-time greatest players.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Steph Curry is not a Top 20 all-time greatest player - Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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Apr 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Steph Curry a Top 20 all-time greatest player?
Jason Bowens
Jason Bowens 16 days ago
@Qhadir Muhammad lol Shaq, MJ, Bron, Kobe , Wilt, Kareem...can't happen unless he wins 3 more in a row. Uhm make that four more. Because as I see it. KD is an upper bound on steph
Max L
Max L 16 days ago
@Yessir Kilo Imbecile
z z
z z 16 days ago
1. Mj 2. Kareem 3. Bron 4. Kobe 5. Bird 6. Magic 7. Duncan 8. Shaq 9. Wilt 10. Hakeem 11. Mr Russell 12. Oscar 13. Jerry 14. Moses 15. Dr. J 16. Karl 17. Elgin 18. Dirk 19. David r 20. Kg
방구석리 16 days ago
Michael Washington
Michael Washington 16 days ago
Duh 🙄
Nicodemouz 10nedy
Skip got a point, Steph not so clutch when its matter the most. Especially in the Final. Its a Fact.
WTF_AliSafawi Yt
Yk its wrong when bayless says it 😭
Kennedy Luunzwe
Kennedy Luunzwe 2 hours ago
Is there any normal person that actually likes Skip?🤣
Brandon Shen
Brandon Shen 3 hours ago
draymond crying in the parking lot gets brought up every episode
Ezra Smith
Ezra Smith 6 hours ago
Tbf skip has a point, I get people think the greatest shooter of all time has to be in the top 20 but james harden could be considered the greatest scorer if you only paid attention to regular season stats and we all know that's not true
greyson denton
greyson denton 9 hours ago
How is this on television
RODNEY ROSS 12 hours ago
He don’t turn up in the finals
AbyssGnasher 13 hours ago
edit the title. You are getting dislikes from people that didnt even watch the video. Its 2 people debating different points of view. Skips view is that he isnt top 20 and thats wrong he doesnt know wtf he is talking about. Retire old man.
Josh 13 hours ago
Bruh skip your list needs a whole reevaluation
David Chandler
David Chandler 14 hours ago
how can he be he cant defend and hes not the greatest at one on one player, hes system player and picks and screens, he is a great player but prob not even top 100 for ALL AROUND PLAYER
Abdul 17 hours ago
No way did he say James harden over curry
Dathan Witchett
Dathan Witchett 20 hours ago
He is a top ten.
Anthony Garriett
Anthony Garriett 22 hours ago
Lies lies lies lmao these dudes a joke
harvin navarro
Fckin skip brainless starting the hate again. He's too old for this conversation.
Rielly Monaghan
A rare W from Skip
chav 876
chav 876 Day ago
I'll have to unsubscribe for this bull 🚶🏾‍♂️
Brayden Cox
Brayden Cox Day ago
Bill Walton💀
NO, no, NOOOOooooooooo
mary ngota
mary ngota Day ago
This guy Skip really lives up to his name. He skips a regular season and ranks players by play-offs and whether they are MVPs in the finals. SMH.
Alex Frazier
Alex Frazier Day ago
I would take Steph over James.
Lmaher 21
Lmaher 21 Day ago
When he said harden is better than steph he lost all validation in his arguement 😂😂
E Day ago
Top 10 easily
solaydbak Day ago
Steph is the best shooter of all time. No question. He could retire today and be in the HOF.
James Forcum
James Forcum Day ago
Says Steph folds in the playoffs. Yet names James Harden in his top 20. Harden chokes in the post season every year
UtopicZeus Day ago
I think Skip is a hater. Unanimous MVP Curry I believe just burned out with all them 3s.
Lamar Green
Lamar Green Day ago
Skip is just a toll, 5 wrost game in curry career and discredit the man. Like what no one perfect
Ecotopian 2 days ago
Glenn Daniel Moses
I don’t think Skip realises that Toronto had to run a Box-and-1 to stop Curry, and he still averaged 31 a game. Being clutch isn’t hitting game winners. I find way too simple minded and annoying when people bring up game winners to measure how Clutch a player is.
Erling Isaias Sanchez Tejeda
So Iguodala stopped LeBron with 36, 13 and 9, hilarious they should have given that finals MVP to curry
Diego Velazquez
Lebron shot under 40% that series
Return II Love Entertainment Ft. Dj GEE
Skip his representing for all the great white hopes. Listen to his top 10. Steph Curry's top 10 all time I don't care what nobody says. He has revolutionized the game. How in the world do you mention Bill Walton before Steph Curry SMH 🤯
Wesley Charles
Wesley Charles 2 days ago
Łöł what is Skip taking about łöł you can see Shannon stressing for how ridiculous he sounds
Bball_Boyz 2 days ago
Bill Walton don’t even think he better than Steph
Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
the iso steph had against kevin love here are all the players i rather have in that situation larry bird michael jordan kevin durant lebron james magic johnson carmelo anthony kobe bryant dwyane wade isiah thomas john stockton steve nash kryie irving james harden kawhi leonard dr j james worthy dominique wilkins manu ginobili lebron james allen iverson clyde drexler dirk nowitzki and last but not least....guo ailun
Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
the shot that steph missed against the raptors here are all the players i would rather have take that shot: reggie miller ray allen larry bird kevin durant dirk nowitzki isiah thomas kobe bryant lebron james magic johnson hakeem olajuwon michael jordan jerry west dwyane wade manu ginobili tim duncan kawhi leonard steve nash vernon maxwell john stockton mark price jeff malone pete maravich carmelo anthony dame lillard cole anthony kyrie irving and last but not least....derek fisher just that shot not saying they are better shooters than steph overall
Sky Hi Records
Sky Hi Records 2 days ago
Bill walton! 🤦🏾‍♂️
Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
players who i put above curry: jordan kareem magic bird russell duncan kobe lebron dirk olajuwon walton moses malone durant wilt west baylor robertson shaq isiah barkley mchale karl malone dr j giannis
Sky Hi Records
Sky Hi Records 2 days ago
Na fr they stole at least one of those final mvps from Steph
panagiotis fragos
Why is that white guy an analyst
4esthetics 2 days ago
Bill Walton over Steph lol! I’m dead bruh 💀
4esthetics 2 days ago
Shannon is 100% right. It’s about time we finally recognize Steph as a top 10-15 player of all time. Cherry picking and nitpicking his worst moments doesn’t diminish his career accomplishments and skills. Skip is just hella salty lol
4esthetics 2 days ago
What other player other than Steph gets constantly double teamed / triple teamed?
Karlo Garcia
Karlo Garcia 2 days ago
Skip Baydog
kl lk
kl lk 2 days ago
I think Hakeem top 10
Jaime Velez
Jaime Velez 2 days ago
Curry is 6 now alltime nobody has had a undefeated season that was team effort but curry was the main player that makes it all stick like glue .
Cornell Cannon
Cornell Cannon 2 days ago
Skip is right on this topic. Steph is NOT a top-20 player all-time.
Jaiden Dixon
Jaiden Dixon 2 days ago
I went insane when he said bill walton
Lul Gebreab
Lul Gebreab 3 days ago
James Harden is no waaayyy better than Stephen Curry noooo waaayyy
Neyrivan Silva
Neyrivan Silva 3 days ago
Omg harden over curry 😭😂
Earl Ladroma
Earl Ladroma 3 days ago
LOL 🤣 Skip you should join Colin Cowherd for being idiot🤣
tysan26 3 days ago
Skip is so stupid I cant even watch this episode wtf
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz 3 days ago
I hate Skip. Max is so much more tolerable and at least TRIES to bring facts and statistics.
michel moleka
michel moleka 3 days ago
He’s higher than KD though
ioans filippou
ioans filippou 3 days ago
Im not the biggest steph fan. But Skip is just disrespectful^^ He made a living out of being a troll
Sati faj
Sati faj 3 days ago
This Dude should retire, No, He MUST retire... He's a total Idiot.... I can't comprehend the idiocracy behind thid man's word. 😐
Ryan Jay Bunani
Ryan Jay Bunani 3 days ago
skip is so old he needs to retire because he don't know what he is talking about.
cheng ly
cheng ly 3 days ago
Skip Bayless a racist against light skin color. If Steph is a complete dark color or a complete white, Skip would have changed his tone. Trust me!!!
Jerald Capasilan
Jerald Capasilan 3 days ago
I feels sad for curry man,look how he doubted again and again 🥺
VashAnand 3 days ago
What can you expect from a man who made an entire career off of hating on lebron
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 3 days ago
He’s currently the second best point guard of all time imo how tf is he not top 15
poetrhode don
poetrhode don 3 days ago
top 5.
AnswermykoL 3 days ago
He's an exciting player but I have to go with Skip.
truestdude 3 days ago
Skip had 2 catch himself lol "you shoot that shi...lol
Bryan Mejia
Bryan Mejia 3 days ago
I have em at 15-16 but I could see him going as low as 25, there's a few things hurting him that bring him down like early injuries, KD joining the team, and not having a finals MVP.
Makaveli 3 days ago
My assumption of skip using drugs was confirmed when he said “Steph is a hot cold shooter”
Its Aj
Its Aj 3 days ago
Skip sounds like he really hates steph curry to me
Oageng Masote
Oageng Masote 3 days ago
I'm convinced Skip is a natural born hater💔💔
danconklin1 3 days ago
Bill Walton... lol
Ricky 3 days ago
Skip talk about playoffs but put Harden above him.. make it make sense
Cw Johnson
Cw Johnson 3 days ago
Curry changes the way the game is played and is the greatest shooter of the basketball 🏀 2 time League MVP 3 time champion 🏆but he's not in top 20 sorry Skip you lost this one the minute you open your mouth
Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson 3 days ago
WE LOVE the entertainment aspect........ but Skip....... Shut up and let Shannon speak.
Unlit Dragon
Unlit Dragon 3 days ago
Skip acting like "his career-low 40" from 3 is some scrub numbers lmaoo
Adarsh varma
Adarsh varma 3 days ago
I kind believe Skip man.
Mohamed Kaba
Mohamed Kaba 3 days ago
When he said bill walton, I started dying 😂
Darryn thompson
Darryn thompson 2 days ago
Sparky ENT
Sparky ENT 3 days ago
Never won a finals mvp gtfoh
Ryan Mullings
Ryan Mullings 3 days ago
Skip needs to be drug tested 🤣
Tru Steppa KT
Tru Steppa KT 4 days ago
Shay , “BOY STOP” 😂😂😭😭😭😭🤫
BallerMan 4 days ago
Hate to say it. I’m kinda with skip. Regular season, the guy is top 5 all time. I’ve never seen a more dangerous player in the world once he passes the half court line. Playoffs? I can name 3 better players on the Spurs alone!! Pippen, MJ, Olajuwon, Kobe, Shaq, Robinson, Ginobli, Parker Duncan, Lebron, Ray, Wade, to name a few we’re all much better playoff guys. No one wants to say it but Curry choked in the playoffs compared to his usual golden standard. And that’s the issue, he steps down a little not up in playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, Curry to watch shoot is INCREDIBLE. best shooter I’ve ever seen. But it kind of diminishes a little in the playoffs and if it’s all about the chip you gotta stay with it.
The Real One
The Real One 4 days ago
Skip Bayless is looking at the entire picture. Shannon Sharpe solely goes off of statistics.
Biyamin 4 days ago
Curry is more scorer than guard so yes I would take AI over steph or Steve Nash over him
Heartles Forever
Heartles Forever 4 days ago
If he's the greatest shooter of all time he has to be in the top 20
Mike Barner
Mike Barner 4 days ago
Steph definitely Top 10 duh what y’all talking about 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Adis Bosna
Adis Bosna 4 days ago
Steph is choker He ain't Top20 100% agree with Skip
Twizo Buckley
Twizo Buckley 4 days ago
Skip is right about Steph Curry...He has so many bad performances in the Finals...What about the Finals in 2018 where Steph was 0 for 10 from 3??? Steph has bad shooting performances that great shooting performances in the Finals...So I agree with Skip...Steph is not a Top 10 player of all time...Yeah he revolutionary the game with shooting long distant 3's but Steph in the Top 10 of All Time? Not on my list
Adis Bosna
Adis Bosna 4 days ago
OFC he isn't
Coach Adam Taylor
Skip snoring that rich ppl coke cuz he high as sky diver right now
Rishit sethi
Rishit sethi 4 days ago
Shannon is freaking out
Thomas Redden
Thomas Redden 4 days ago
As soon as he mentioned harden he made himself look 10x more foolish than he already did bc he also has none of the accolades he says he’s looking down on Steph for not having, plus he has no rings and has performed leagues worse than Steph in the playoffs.
Tracy Clark Jr.
Tracy Clark Jr. 4 days ago
An Easy and resounding YES
Dwyane Curry
Dwyane Curry 4 days ago
Hey, watch this vid. I need attention cause I can't have it from my family -Skip
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres 4 days ago
Stain GanG
Stain GanG 4 days ago
He’s not !
Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen 4 days ago
He might be top 20 but he isnt close to top 10. Too much of a playoff choker. He peaks in the regular season and has never been the best player on his team in a finals despite playing in 5 of them thats a BAD look. Only ppl born after MJ stopped wearing a Bulls jersey would disagree no order MJ Magic Bird Kobe Hakeem Kareem Wilt Russell Lebron KD Shaq Duncan KG Oscar Jerry Robinson Dirk Wade Dr. J Moses Healthy CP3 was a better overall guard. Prime Barkley was better and far more of a terror and unstoppable in the playoffs.
Heat Breeze
Heat Breeze 4 days ago
wait so he has james harden ahead of steph when steph has beaten him countless times and his playoff performances have been even worse???
Ken Martin
Ken Martin 4 days ago
Skip is a damn fool.
Nathan richer
Nathan richer 4 days ago
BRaggles 4 days ago
Skip loves filibustering...
LazaruslivesX3 4 days ago
These people are stupid....no player since Wilt Chamberlain has changed the game as much as Steph Curry...Steph is so good he has Jedi mind tricked other players into believing they can do what he does....and it has watered down the game. That’s how good Steph is.
Anthony Gledhill
Anthony Gledhill 4 days ago
Skip knows his stuff
Travon Hardy
Travon Hardy 4 days ago
6:59 Skip almost said sh*t😭