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The true final frontier is time. The new season of "Star Trek: Picard" is coming 2022, exclusively on Paramount+.
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Apr 5, 2021




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Erhardt Harris
An(unedited) Parkway Journey (3) "The True Final Frontier." "Is: Time." - AND Survival. and OPEN HONEST REASONING (logos!) within those two. I would think this is obvious. :) Ok, proceed. Go on. I'm listening. I just have to interject with, you know, the other stuff. Ah, got to love the early 1970's before anyone could talk back to the monologue media and monologue staged university hype. (No doubt they would like to censor many things, increasingly, without end, while getting paid to do so and instructing us to be ashamed for disagreeing with their faux-highnesses. BUT it is TIme, Survival, and Open Honest Reasoning that will win the day in the end. Or what was the Reformation, the Bible in common hands, being openly discussed by man's survival-prone reasoning, really all about? (I have 0 faith in Q's enlightenment, if you cannot tell by now. Darwinian Marxism and all its Epicurean - and Genesis 3 Satanic - branches? Old Egyptian style quest for immortality and dominance? Eh, it SEEMS we have tried that before. Socialism never works. No offense intended. I hope you won't take any offense. But open to your own most honest truths and that 'what if' you happen to be wrong and need to embrace humility in the face of a REAL almighty God? What if. As long as we are exploring and in imaginative story mode - I do this type of inner testing and hypotheticals with myself all the time. It can be painful, distracting, fun, and very deepening, fruitful, strategic, wise. I see things now that I yearned for but could not have grasped when I was younger. Because I am open to a perfectly absolute God - and the deep future - and the limitations and inherent survival biases of creatures. My line is NOT an easy line to walk in our present culture. My line has NEVER had a large group representing its values in all of history. Yet I remain close to the Bible and its severely small minority - that none are perfect except God. Now, THAT is a minority! "Let God be true and e'ery man a liar!" Only means I stand on the rock of deeply honest truth higher than myself and my present experiences. Reality is bigger than me, and I change frequently.) "Come Let Us Reason Together." Just don't be caught under a tree that is falling. IJS. That can be painful. See? The time it takes for a tree to fall - is also the time it takes for survival and reason to kick in! Or not. The Enterprise D is an oval, a two-point center. Why? Because, in essence, the two ends of a story between two persons: beginning with the teller, ending with the perfectly comprehending listener. The forward direction of the church and the forward direction of the neighborhood had a time of diverging stresses. This slowed progress in either direction - and ultimately things MUST proceed homeword, it is the only logical human, political (decentralizing) free, family oriented, biblical, and even soon MARKETABLE thing to do. The atheist Sagans in my neighborhood across from Parkway (who filed a lawsuit against the noise of their rowdy Pentecostals across the street - windows open and all cuz there was no air conditioner!) and the Harrises - who MOVED TO Nicholson Road precisely to attend that congregation in 1981! What a history it has been (that only few remember). What a story. Oneness In Jesus is my quest and my answer and my destiny - I hope. Count me among "the least of these".
Erhardt Harris
Erhardt Harris 2 hours ago
An(unedited) Parkway Journey (2) In 2019, I made my last post in a dummy facebook account (that had no reach, it was just an artistic preoccupation of mine) that I linked to from the movie Passengers’ Hulu comment section in January 2017. (I had a thing going back and forth, thematically, with Jennifer Lawrence - stretching through the movie Joy - there were some moments in that movie and many others where I’m like, yeah, that was me or that’s what they’re trying to do in response to me!) There were star trek references in my facebook dummy account (Star Trek was my early template for ‘the future’ so of course my mind would enjoy trying to literally climb into that poetic association first - it was right next to the Bible in my young life). So any who saw it, know that I’m a fan. Jeremy Camp song on Christian Radio, 2020, Lord, “Keep Me In The MOMent” (wow) --It’s what Parkway Picard says to Anij /Amy Grant (Mrs. "Heart In Motion") in Star Trek Insurrection 1998. It's Jeremy Camp's response to me and Star Trek TNG - it shows where Jeremy Camp’s mind and heart is at in it all. (There’s a ton more where that association came from - worlds more. I guess I have been doing something to pass my entertainment hours in the past few years. *I’m working on finding all of the universal categories of all knowledge and the relationships between them. Types of poetic association and the motives for doing such would of course be among these categories.* ) But I got to go to work now. I will sit down, put on my headset, listen to the Dragon program boot up - the same 3 tones I hear in 4Him For Future Generations. The same tone that shows up in Terminator 5 in the opening scene’s theme (a theme with 3 repetitive notes). Terminator 5 2015 was about two and a half years after I lodged a protest with a JJ Abrams show for being bigoted to the extreme. But I got a little creative and out there and included an abstract story that I had composed as a child tween, Star Trek Voyager: War’s End. Uh-huh. Well, I sure got some traction from that one. So I will jump in my station wagon (getting a newer car in a few weeks) and drive downtown to my workplace at CapTel (captioned phone - similar to the scene seen in “Downsizing” with Matt Damon at his telephone - also a reference I believe to me when I made that facebook dummy account, but I don’t have all day to explain). I will drive under the tall white building that has a parking structure and design that reminds me of I, Robot when Will goes to park his car, but it’s a road. I will drive and park at Isaacs and enter my work building - a huge narrow vestibule with open air that you can stare down 14 straight stories to the ground floor, like I, Robot. I will find a cube with a window view, and likely stare out at a building that vaguely reminds me of the robot’s drawing of the Bridge in that movie: the Hilton. But anyone’s first impression of it would be that it resembles a massive chair with some classical highlights. Lincoln’s chair. And it is red. Put together with the Hyatt’s 360 degree ‘visor’ and the Panther Arena’s oblong yellow oval. The Hyatt is Q’s chair in TNG ep 1 Farpoint! (And two capital T’s whereas Parkway in 1970’s had a similar thing going with two lower-case t’s. The designs and the socio-moral-artistic reasons all do make sense, and the timing fits exactly.) (I just happen to have a coworker named Farha Farooki but she probably wasn’t even born at that time. That’s just my poetic association obviously having fun with the situation. As is my sister who changed her name from April to Sonja…I remember a Sonya in Star Trek…) So where do we go from here? I do feel like I’m in Star Trek Insurrection. And I like the tone & themes of that movie (resembles reality more than most Trek films, even symbolically and societally). I just wish it was more gripping and with better action. Well, I have a lot of work to do. And the Revelation of the Queen of Hearts in Revelation 18? Yeah, I’ve recently become aware of that theme as well in the church and world. The Dragon (ESG-CCP social credit ratings game) and Trans-Posthumanism of Genesis 3? Yeah. What do you think they will think of me years from now? Will we be friendly? Or is it war. This was written on the fly, not a lot of time to make a good composition. But I hope you will understand. We are certainly living in interesting times. And there is an eternal and absolute cold civil war going on - there are many roads down into consolidation of political power, but there is only one way to be universally consistent with freedom, truth, and real human moral equality in fair judgement. Let us find that one way. Let my future begin. (2029) Are You Woke or Awake? - US-first Now, what do you think my Dragon-CCP ESG social credit rating will be next year? I own the ball. The meek shall inherit the earth, not the pretentious, intimidating, boastful, rageful, domineering who are opposed to God. Compare these two late-2019 songs, likely made in response to my final Sol Benson dummy facebook graphic/post (that also may have affected the latest Star Wars conclusion of Skywalker): MercyMe - Almost Home (how timely, if you follow with me, it will be fun. I HOPE to stay up with things but in either case, truth never fades.) Another song likely in response to my 2019 antics: ‘Don’t start karen for me now. Walk away. UNO how.’ I just had to post something, SOMETHING, in honor of Patrick Stewart’s finale of season 2 (Sir? Ok, ok.) It’s a point of contact I am happy to make. Because now it is full circle. I see. And I know. And I am not ignorant of the deep things of art, worldview, and economics & world politics & history, or even of prophecy. And I’m usually right, when I finally do settle on a conclusion. God will redeem the time, for the days are evil. Stand with the righteous, the biblical and biblically honest. Everyone else will likely end up on a slippery slope toward the adversary of the Bible. That is the polemic that has been in play since at least Marx and Darwin if not Moses. Epicurus is not a way out. Nor is the Trans-Posthumanism of Genesis 3. I would argue that this too is the Collective Dragon that must be bound (only by reliance, alliance with, and acknowledging the Spirit of God in living flesh, the God of the Bible, both testaments). My artistic project continues. Sorry for the EXTREMELY rough rendition of it just now. I hope this gets around. I have projects coming like you would not believe. My book Done (or, The Quest For Well Done) will hopefully be out Christmas 2026, and will be the beginning of my more refined and edited publishing. Until then, the best I can offer is my forthcoming blog "Without Further Adieu" and a 2023 unofficial autoBiography. Nothing is off limits. Including such sentiments as me personally standing for truth against anyone who is an ally of the darwinian marxism of the CCP and ESG. Xi vs I. (So I am aware of the stakes, low and high, of my speech. I hope to keep it as human, informal, relaxed, yet highly professional, categorized, scientific - (two different approaches that join in the deeply artful and symbolic) - as possible. Reality and the One God of all reality are our limitations in the contest between all united truth and all divergent lies. The trial does end. And I have chosen my principles (they "just happen" to be whatever I can figure out is compatible with the New Testament bible in its entirety, which brings me to all the Old Testament bible and its meanings and symbols). Enter Q. Who? Life is the story of a collector, I tell ya. But who gets to be the final sorter?
Erhardt Harris
Erhardt Harris 2 hours ago
An(unedited) Parkway Journey - everybody remember where we parked. What follows is an artful if somewhat hasty exploration (maybe expose) of the nature of modern theatrics, beginning in my own experience with Star Trek. My dad was a huge fan of the original series when he was in college, physics major. and Oneness Pentecostal, originally from Kansas he moved to Oak Creek Wisconsin, and that is where I was born and found my own present personal association with Star Trek...on a deeper level than I could have imagined. It's almost as deep, in terms of human reality and poetry, as the end of the Book of Revelation itself - but in more limited context cuz I'm only one random man out here. I shall return here & elsewhere with a link to my first serious blog (when I finally get it up) "Without Further Adieu" (Thanks Picard Season 1 for that reference to my earlier abortive attempt at beginning a blog in 2017, the only entry was "Adieu." Which as you may guess, fits the theme of many things in our world. I have a lot of stances and principles that I think would help the world survive an inevitably escalating worldview conflict. But it will take years to organize, research, and develop to respectable level of discourse. All I have right now is bare reasoning and poetically associative art. So while I like to have fun - I am aware of the reality of 2021.) This morning I wake up to get ready for work. Hopefully the sun will rise over the open field across from my front window, but it’s looking like it will be a cloudy day. Yes, it’s the house I grew up in. I’m not particularly happy about that, it’s a long story that I never knew as a story until I began reflecting on it. I had a brief stint living on my own in an apartment, but then I crashed back ‘here’ in 2012. In my early mid-life reflecting, preoccupation, frustration, I notice now, or beginning maybe around early 2018, how the buildings and structures across the street are related and I remember the exact years they were built and why. It was a part of my own history growing up, although I did not care then (and would not care now, except-). It is a church property where I was schooled and taught - mostly to conform but also how not to conform and what it takes to be free. Most notably of all I suppose is it can be described as a Oneness Pentecostal thing - and it grew like mad in the 1970s to 2000. I knew nothing about Hollywood, tv, or movies except that they were occasionally very interesting to watch at my neighbors house. I did not know why we did not have a TV - it turns out it was forbidden by UPCI beliefs and standards at the time. It would be a matter of shame to have a TV, for one as intellectually earnestly principled as my dad. (Think young Sheldon, if he was actually also fairly athletic and decided to become a Oneness Pentecostal once moving away from Kansas and in college in Illinois.) We moved to Oak Creek, went to Parkway “Apostolic Church” gatherings on Sunday, my dad taught from the pulpit quite a few times (a Calvinistic bent to his dry lectures - not a all what most at a Pentecostal meeting expected of their preachers - he bored most of his audience and lost them intellectually). That was my dad - he’s thankfully still around - I will be visiting him for the first time in 16 (?) years this year to catch up. ANYWAY, when Star Trek TNG debuted, he installed a cheap antennae in our attic and wired it to a green-and-black monitor to his Osbourne suitcase computer through a VCR, so he could watch and tape the very first episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. And every episode thereafter. And our watching of TV just bloomed from there. So much for UPCI standards, my dad decided (as in most things) moderation and balance between zeals was really the way to go. So he tried to disguise the monitor by covering up when we weren’t watching it. Wow. Had I known I was living history, that we were being observed from afar… My perspectives would have been validated. But it isn’t like atheists (among others I suppose) to be courageous in validating the intellectual positioning of their opponents. Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, beginning in the last decade I began to let my imagination form associations - and study the interplay, threads, sentiments, and art tracing what happened when in the movies and even relative to Parkway’s development. It matched. Down to the metal wafer held up between the bad guy and the Klingons in Star Trek Generations in 1994, two years after Tony Tamel’s house went up in 1992 resembling the geometry on the top of that metal shard - that I see out my front window as the sun rises. Crusher’s uniform is the same, upside down, as she leans on Picard in the beginning of Insurrection. The Parkway logo was a cross made to look like a road and it too leaned as did the drive next to the Tamel’s house that entered the parking lot. Insurrection was the one where they had like a souped up version of Amy Grant dating Captain Picard. Same year as Prince of Egypt, too. Then I notice the front of Tony’s house - it’s the wafer, it’s the white unbutton uniform. Just as surely as the old TNG uniform was like the fiddler who fell through the roof - the angles are those of the Parkway main auditorium. Remember when the Ewoks battled that two legged tank machine? They suspended two logs from 6 ropes, cut two of them and the logs smashed together into one pole, “destroying” the face of the two legged tank. Well, Parkway had two auditoriums joined by a vestibule back in 1974 to 1981. In 1982-3 the main auditorium was built in back of them, joined to them, held up by ONE long east-to-west beam. (Frank, Tony’s father the preacher and patriarch, was a very economic guy.) I see it in the lower black of Picard’s uniform as the fiddler who fell through the roof as he tried standing on it. So to speak. And judging by Tony Tamel’s house - and all Parkway roofs erected henceforth beyond 1982, they stuck with the theme - of that large and looming leaning roof angle. I could go on for many, many more posts but you get the hint.
John Miller
John Miller 5 hours ago
AzelRavenWood 15 hours ago
2022!?!! But I need this in my veins now!!!!
Archerfan101 16 hours ago
If Q is the Queen card then who is the King card or the Ace card
Fred Knight
Fred Knight Day ago
I just noticed something else. Under the book paradise lost you can see a partial title of another book. Could def see “Hill” so I figured it’s a dixen hill title. Looked it up on memory alpha and it was featured on a TNG episode. Go to season 2 episode 20 at 24:07 and you’ll see the title “dixen hill the long dark tunnel”. The title of that TNG episode? The Emissary
legonerf100 Josh
really Picard and writers? "The true final frontier is time". That is not what Q was saying at the end TNG. It is the mind. well, at least Q is in it though.
BamItzSam Day ago
mycho james
mycho james Day ago
That's wild that they're working the Q-Anon lunatics into the storyline.
Andrew Trent
Andrew Trent Day ago
I knew it - season 1 of Star Trek: Picard was all a charade created by Q. Hopefully with season 2, the show can course correct and redeem itself from the massive failure that was season 1.
Xennieal Sentinel
What does God need with a starship
Adam Cartwright
Adam Cartwright 2 days ago
I don't like whiny, low-testosterone Picard. Bring back old, tough as nails Picard from the TNG series.
Lucas Vigor
Lucas Vigor 2 days ago
I have the Star Trek compilation set which is all Q, on DVD. Every Q episode from 3 series, next generation, DS9 and voyager. It’s really fun. It would have been cool if they had added in trelain, though!
M.K.M. 2 days ago
At long last! Make it so!
David Turner
David Turner 2 days ago
Maybe in season 2 they'll rip Icheb's other eye out.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 days ago
Or drink more booze
David Turner
David Turner 2 days ago
Kurtzman, when the walls fell. CBS, their eyes closed.
David Turner
David Turner 2 days ago
In season 2 does Picard join Cerebus and help the Illusive Man because the Federation doesn't listen about the Reaper threat? Will he find the Protheans?
The Stone's Philosopher
Q IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kai Tse
Kai Tse 2 days ago
how can we not like this!!!!! doesn't matter that Season 1 ended with a bit of a thud but its Picard and others... please Sisko ....!!!
Arkeeny 3 days ago
Discord! They are bringing Discord into Star Trek! >x^D (Yeah yeah I know just being rythmically sarcastic)
Person Person
Person Person 3 days ago
Shit.... here we go again 🤡🤡 qcards where are we at
khlkhjhlk 3 days ago
I didn't care for season 1, but I can't help myself. I am gonna watch season 2. I love Q!
CB 3 days ago
First season was garbage. Hopefully this will be better
V I 3 days ago
Lets be honest, star trek discovery is way better...
Rourke Bar
Rourke Bar 3 days ago
The only “Q” that matters is on Star Trek
Demarius Henderson
Q once hinted at higher levels of existence, that is even beyond the knowledge and power of the Q Continuum... what does lie beyond the universe? Beyond life and death? Beyond time? I wonder if Star Trek will ever try to tackle the reason why everything exists in the 1st place?
Space Jesus
Space Jesus 3 days ago
“Trial never ends” *Flashes back to Farpoint*
Rusty Shackleford
This is how ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper in an empty room.
Kent Kerr
Kent Kerr 3 days ago
Q is a queen. How appropriate.
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz 3 days ago
That's was a beautiful teaser! "The trial never ends" and that laugh at the end. 40 year old man here screaming like a excited school girl😂
Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer 3 days ago
Anyone notice the tablet of the emissary sitting on the table in the office looks like somebody put it back together
Inspector 413
Inspector 413 4 days ago
I was waiting for "Time is the fire in which we all burn..."
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 4 days ago
tym 4 days ago
The Borg, Q...now all we need is Captain Riker saying, "they're carving us up like a roast." ;)
Clayton Bouldin
Clayton Bouldin 4 days ago
I can't wait!
Data Secure
Data Secure 4 days ago
Q. Don't age...like everyone else
Mark Blackley
Mark Blackley 4 days ago
Q? Yes please. I can’t wait, can we start watching next week? I want it now! Now now now now now!
Bill23799 4 days ago
My idea for season Two. Picard returns home to earth, he walks into Starfleet Command. " Badeep " The door entry sensor goes off. Ensign on duty at the door: Sorry sir, you will have to go to the information desk and apply for a visitor Pass. Picard: You don't understand Ensign. I am Retired Admiral Jean Luc Picard. Ensign: That's not funny sir. Admiral Picard is dead. I attended his funeral. It was beautiful, I cried. Mr. Picard discovers that since his biological body has died he no longer exists. His will was executed and he no longer owns the Picard family vineyard. He has no ID, no Starfleet Pension. Yes, Starfleet accepts that he is a sentient android but they do not accept he is Retired Admiral Jean Luc Picard. Even his dog does not know him.
GM Chris
GM Chris 4 days ago
We should have known that All Good Things didn't come to an end.
PLIKITYPLAK 5 days ago
YAAAAAAS!!! Don't want to wait until 2022 tho :((
Greg Dore
Greg Dore 5 days ago
This looks great
Nick 5 days ago
I don't know how the main cast would fit in, but from what Picard says, it sounds like Q is giving him a second chance to fix past mistakes or a redo on bad outcomes.
David Turner
David Turner 2 days ago
Oh.. so they're re-doing season 1 and firing Kurtzman?
Games and Nonsense
... barf
།།ཇ༠ ༠སཛ།འ༠
Well you've given me a reason to live another year
bahamut0310 5 days ago
"Oh, please. Like you didn't see you this coming." Said Q when Picard acted surprised at his appearance.
bahamut0310 4 days ago
@Ben Wasserman Given their last meeting and all that transpired since, you'd think so. Picard's life is one long trial of humanity. I'd say Picard needs a break, and Q's bringing the party
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman 5 days ago
Picard in Season 2: "Honestly Q, you aren't even the worst thing to befall me today."
Draco 5 days ago
SiliconDrifter 5 days ago
If Q is omnipotent, can he see all the timelines like Kelvin timeline and discovery future? He says the same thing in the episode “all good things”
SiliconDrifter 5 days ago
Will Q give Picard a second chance during nemesis? Or when Romulus got smoked? Alter the timeline?
King Lam
King Lam 5 days ago
I can't wait for this to come out!
Chris topher
Chris topher 5 days ago
Love Star Trek, never gonna watch any of this new shit.
Stuart Champion
Stuart Champion 5 days ago
Pretty sure Qs gunna give a big fascinated chuckle when he learns of how Picard became part Andriod and shares a few parts in common with his old pal who once strived to be so human himself 😁
Le Petit B
Le Petit B 5 days ago
I only wish the core TNG crew would come back to Picard - Love them! Miss them!
Jodi Leonforte
Jodi Leonforte 5 days ago
Is it just me, or are there a BUNCH of Days of Our Lives references here?? The hourglass, all that talk about time...? Remember he was on that soap through the 80s.
Jamie Nordmeyer
Jamie Nordmeyer 5 days ago
Q!!! I can't wait!!
Bonkers McGee
Bonkers McGee 5 days ago
"Aren't you beginning to feel time gaining on you? It's like a predator. It's stalking you. Oh, you can try and outrun it with doctors, medicines, new technologies, but in the end, time is going to hunt you down and make the kill."
Dan Lowe
Dan Lowe 5 days ago
This is way too long of a time to have to look forward to something.
Franz Haas
Franz Haas 5 days ago
thefenrir777 5 days ago
Time war time war time war get ready for a TIIIIIIIIIIIIME WAAAAAAAAAR!
Ezra Cold
Ezra Cold 5 days ago
"The trial never ends" is a FANTASTIC line.
dstmars1 5 days ago
We now know the leader of QAnon. It's Q.
Nathan Crossen
Nathan Crossen 5 days ago
aperson22222 5 days ago
“I am ageless, Picard. You are not.”
vaylon1701 5 days ago
Seeing the actor's latest interviews, I hope they all make it thru production. Stewart is showing the age and the pain of losing most of his friends.
Hornox The Kingslayer
Problem, why would Q still be putting humanity on trial, by Voyager Q was perfectly fine with humanity, Q even considered Picard and Janeway as types of friends, so if Q is all of a sudden back to his old ways there has to be a very good reason...
Adam Nix
Adam Nix 5 days ago
I'm excited. I KNEW they had to bring Q back eventually!
Ben Clark
Ben Clark 5 days ago
Looking forward to Q in his TNG pilot episode (and series finale!) judge robes and floating chair again, as hinted at in Lower Decks
"Welcome to the afterlife, Jean-Luc. YOU'RE DEAD! Oops, you're not! Sorry, my bad!"
George Holland
George Holland 5 days ago
Garbage. Our only hope is for Star Trek to escape from the clutches of Klutzman and his hack cronnies.
MrPeachUK 5 days ago
I can't help but think that Q is going to be there when Picard finally dies (properly), not the cause of his death, but as a mark of respect.
Voyager TimeMachine1
Anyone up there I hate this century
Charlie Cummquat
Charlie Cummquat 6 days ago
I don't know if any caught on but Bajoran Tablet was seen there and possibly we may see a one Benjamin Sisko....
Jack D
Jack D 6 days ago
The real question is how many black women and how much lesbianism will they shoehorn into this season for no reason. That seems to be all Millennials focus on when creating new programs.
lumberluc 6 days ago
Q. The biggest prick of the series. Let's see how was he like Picard as a golem.
Jeff J
Jeff J 6 days ago
Who cares, season 1 was hot garbage. Now you're going to ruin Q as well!? Either do Star Trek right or just let it go.
Scott Prazak
Scott Prazak 6 days ago
Hopefully Q will snap his fingers and restore the timeline.
kilroy294 6 days ago
I have read about the easter egg that's in this and i can not see "the Bajoran Reckoning Tablet, an artifact from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that could hint at the return of another beloved character". The words in the parenthesis are not mine. so people help me out here. Where is it?
Jeremy Alexander
Jeremy Alexander 6 days ago
I hope it's better than the first season. That was the worst Trek since Voyager.
El Martillo
El Martillo 6 days ago
make Picard's robot Gay, might as well. Heck make him Trans, who cares because this isn't Star Trek
Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky 6 days ago
Maybe Q can snap his fingers and make Season 1 of Picard cease to exist.
JimmyG 6 days ago
So many possibilities floating around in my head for Season 2. They'll probably have Q be a super SJW that judges Picard every time he used a gender pronoun in his lifetime. Also a beloved character will be gruesomely tortured on screen and murdered for no reason (again). At least it'll be inclusive and politically correct though.
Roger Melchor
Roger Melchor 6 days ago
This series is terrible even for those that havent seen the originals. For those that have seen them.... well
Jon Smart
Jon Smart 6 days ago
Pure Goosebumps! I can't wait! I love the Time-based Star Treks!
Timothy O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill 6 days ago
Maybe Q can fix this dumpster fire of a mess, I want my Star Trek to be about storytelling of the heart and mind of what we could be, what we should strive to be, not to be used for political purposes that are as thin and weak as 1 ply tissue paper
joey ferman
joey ferman 6 days ago
i almost can see is. q: you got old mon capitaine i however have aged like a fine wine and shows himself to match picard but looking as good as he does now :)
Stalkholm 6 days ago
Okay, fine, I'll give Picard one more chance.
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 6 days ago
When I saw the queen card turn into just a Q I was like, "Oh God no not him!" I can not stand Q in Enterprise, DS9, or Voyager. Omg thinking about that SOB, even though I have not watched any old Star Trek in a very long time, just gets me all worked up.
Bbay person
Bbay person 6 days ago
he wasnt in enterprise
hdjksa52 6 days ago
Damn it I have to wait 'til next year.
jsldj 6 days ago
"Are you asking me for something, Jean Luc?"
Thomas Raven
Thomas Raven 6 days ago
Jeez, they're truly desperate. Not a single new idea for android Picard.
Luke M
Luke M 6 days ago
So now Picard wants to go back in time and screw up history?? These writers dont understand this character at all. What happened for his love for the Prime Directive?
Bill Lincicome
Bill Lincicome 6 days ago
So...Q was Picard's dog in season 1? Hmmm....
Steven Pike
Steven Pike 6 days ago
Between 0:35 and 0:43 -- between the hourglass and the playing card -- am I the only one who hears the four note motif "da-da-da-da" -- the heartbeat of a Time Lord?
Gary Go Round 1701
I wonder if Q will make Picard human again
Bbay person
Bbay person 6 days ago
Robert Griffiths
Robert Griffiths 6 days ago
Ya, no thanks kurtzman you hack!!! Shaka when the walls fell
Robert Griffiths
Robert Griffiths 2 days ago
@David Turner Zeta His face black, his eyes wet
David Turner
David Turner 2 days ago
Kurtzman, when the walls fell. CBS, their eyes closed.
Tim Walden
Tim Walden 6 days ago
Time is what I don’t care to waste any more of on Secret Hideout’s Faux Trek series.
cmconley33 6 days ago
Maybe we’ll get lucky and the QAnon crazies will think that John DeLancie is *their* Q, and we’ll only need to worry about them at ComicCon conventions...
W. C. L. Cooke
W. C. L. Cooke 6 days ago
If Q says "au contraire mon capitaine," I will dye a happy man.
John Chapman
John Chapman 6 days ago
I bet the playing cards represent a follow up to the unresolved question raised in Season 2, Episode 12...The Royale.
dark knight
dark knight 6 days ago
This is starting to turn into STNG. Not interested.