Speak For Yourself | Wiley "insists" Bears won round#1 of NFL Draft as selecting QB Justin Fields 

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Speak For Yourself | Wiley "insists" Bears won round#1 of NFL Draft as selecting QB Justin Fields


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Apr 30, 2021




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Dub4Life 20 hours ago
We are blessed to be alive during this magical time! To get to see the Bears not only with the best QB they have ever had, but if done right, will probably be the only team in the NFL with a top 5 offense to go along with a top 5 defense! Some teams might have top 10s but TOP 5 offense and defense?!?!? LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO!!!!!
5:40 🐻
Rico Turman
Rico Turman Day ago
Why do these videos (and others like them) always have one random word in quotes? Lol seems like it's related to takedown avoidance or something
Krandle 47
Krandle 47 2 days ago
I still can't believe my Bears got Justin Fields. It's surreal
Shabba Zulu
Shabba Zulu 2 days ago
Justin never shows emotion
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang 3 days ago
They want Justin Fields to win so bad because of *Race*
Indigo Samuraiii
Indigo Samuraiii 3 days ago
Kirk cousins is not as bad as the media makes him out to be
Mr Anonymous1113
Yes he is 😂
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 3 days ago
Fields is a nonchalant dude. He's not a talker... he's about that action boss!!
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill 3 days ago
Well one more program telling us that fields was REALLY the number one QB in the draft...well you all stick to your script😜💩
Billy Madlener
Billy Madlener 3 days ago
Sooo Wiley didn't insist that the Bears Won the draft lol. Jeeze Louise these titles are completely bogus and or irrelevant lol.
YoungRay 4 days ago
Eagles aint win shit. Typical bum ass eagles fan. Glad my giants had the better overall draft than the Cowgirls and Shegales.
D'Coldest Jenkins
Mario Morris
Mario Morris 4 days ago
The Bears draft an Aboriginal QB after passing on two other Aboriginal QBs in Mahomes and Watson. Wow!
Sweet Willy
Sweet Willy 4 days ago
John Hansen
John Hansen 4 days ago
Honestly, would you rather have 49s Bosa or Bears Mack?
Michael 4 days ago
Jim Kelly was a great qb too but his team lost 4 super bowls. Not a great thing when you lose that much. Dont declare the bears the winner of the trade until we see what Fields can do. . . and not only that but can he stay healthy is the million dollar ?? I like fields but the Nfl has a way of silencing a lot of hype. That being said I still think Fields will be a great qb. But it doesn't mean the bears win this trade in the long run.
John Fritz
John Fritz 4 days ago
Falcons lost the draft. They don’t need offense, they need defense. Look at the Cowboys who took offense when they needed defense last year. Good thing you got weapons because you will need to put up 50 to win games next year
Anthony Hicks
Anthony Hicks 4 days ago
Denver Flopped!!!!
BIGbby Huey
BIGbby Huey 4 days ago
I’m a bears fan and I’m looking at ATL’s offense like damn. They added Mike Davis at RB and Cordarrell Patterson at KR.
Steven Hilderbrandt
Lmao really The bears traded up give up picks. Everyone saying the bears got steal in the draft. As New York Jets Fan we had excellent draft quarterback we knew they were going to take. Ol wr rb I feel confident Jets new head coach coaching staff. People said Sam darnold. Sucks no his head coach sucks Adam gase. Know one wanted to play for him
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 4 days ago
Biggest winner, the bears. Biggest loser, Justin fields.
Urbanvizion 4 days ago
Attitude determines Altitude ~wiley dropping gems
zazie da beast
zazie da beast 4 days ago
The fact of the matter is. The Bear's defense has suffered because the offense couldn't keep them off of the field. Not only that the offense is going to flow and look great in comparison to the clunky few years we've been had.
Ryan Rediger
Ryan Rediger 4 days ago
Let you fall so you can rise
Reecefresh_gets 4 days ago
Fields is fine lol. He’s always been even calm and collected, it came from the teaching in his house hold.
Reecefresh_gets 4 days ago
Acho was speaking facts. Especially with this draft and building the oline the bears are a good spot. And I believe in Nagy. Go back to early 2018 when the Bears had an easier schedule and he still believed in Mitch, the offense was decent, still not as good as it could’ve been bc of Mitch. Bears have weapons, a defense, and now what should be at-least a top 15 line. Fields also won’t have to start right away, he’s walking into a great situation...
David T
David T 4 days ago
The Bears are nowhere near as good as the 49ers
Mike Rawls
Mike Rawls 4 days ago
Note none of these guys have jobs with NFL teams. They will not be fired for being wrong only for being bland enough to create bad ratings. Ask Rob Parker.
Peyton Planey
Peyton Planey 4 days ago
Im a buckeye for life and i love to see fields in the nfl
JimmyO 4 days ago
I think it would be a mistake to start Justin Fields week 1. I think learning behind Dalton/Foles for at least half the season would be best.
Evans Darien
Evans Darien 4 days ago
Ravens won the draft we got bateman at 27 lop
NYC Camper
NYC Camper 4 days ago
Who the hell knows who won in a draft. Like their on the field already. Plain stupid.🥱
frannie magee
frannie magee 4 days ago
Also why Wiley acting like Mahomes wasn’t unhappy to be passed also! I remember the KC vs Bears game where he couldn’t to 10 after the touchdown!! No player likes to be discredited when they know their talent
Jason Emerson
Jason Emerson 3 days ago
The greats play with a chip on their shoulder every down. Motivation is the biggest factor that can't be measured by scouts and GMs. I hope Fields shreds every team that passed on him. The city is his if he wants to be king.
frannie magee
frannie magee 4 days ago
Thank you Acho for acknowledging how great the Bears players are, while everyone acting like we scrubs. Our QB situation has been the problem. But now we got Justin Fields!!!!
Electric 4 days ago
With Fields, Jenkins, Kmack & R.Smith Da Bears have all the chess pieces. Now it's just a question of if Nagy knows how to properly use them.
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
and jaylon johnson has a lot of upside if he can stay healthy. i think he had the most pass defensed in the league before he got hurt
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
and we really need eddie jackson to start giving a fuck and playing physical again
Kay 10
Kay 10 4 days ago
As a Bears fan I was out this year. Lol I was so pissed.. and then they pulled me back in.. looking forward to see the development of JF1 🤟🏽🧡💙
Brock Stephenson
Brock Stephenson 4 days ago
And they got a young stud Connor jaylon Johnson and I am liking the Conor we drafted
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
I’m sorry but Atlanta have a good offense but a terrible defense so u can just put up the same amount of points
krnpowr 4 days ago
These guys are annoying.
NFLClip2019 4 days ago
Bears winning the SB this year.
Ricky Tombstone
Ricky Tombstone 4 days ago
Jets need to pay dearly for passing fields. They took a guy who looks like Richie rich. He does have a white privileged life.
Brett K
Brett K 4 days ago
If Fields fails bye bye Chicago's coaching staff and be a long road to be relevant again. They better hope was correct choice.
DIY Lobotomy
DIY Lobotomy 4 days ago
Title off, Acho is the one advocating Fields/Bears. Also not sure why you’d put “insists” when that is literally never said to be quoted
Maxwell Baerson
Maxwell Baerson 5 days ago
Fields will live up to the hype in Chicago. He has 100x talent more talent than Trubisky ever had.
Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony 5 days ago
As a giants fan I will be haunted for years if fields turns out to be mahomes or watson and Daniel jones just plays like shit.
Mike Rawls
Mike Rawls 4 days ago
David M
David M 5 days ago
At least half the teams lose round won historically especially in the top 10. How many Hall of Famers were drafted in round 1 no won dares to say. Maximum 4 in a good draft class. Atlanta still lacks defense. Bears have the easiest division for the next few years now that Rodgers wants out unless Jordan Love is a Hall of Famer.
John Pierre
John Pierre 5 days ago
Fields NEVER shows emotion. Have y'all ever seen him in a game? He stays with the poker face.
Justin got that chip that makes great QBs even more dangerous. What i do think these guys got wrong is that the Niners are a better situation offensively. Shanny is much more proven than Nagy and they're better up front. Regardless, im glad they were dumb enough to grab Lance. Cant wait for Fields to suit up.
J Taylor
J Taylor 5 days ago
Dolphins eagles bears falcons Bengals won
Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark 5 days ago
these guys know what they are talking about
buck4life1 5 days ago
You can't turn on any sports show, that isn't being dominated by blacks, WTF ? Any commercial, same thing, most TV shows, Ditto and they say they are being discriminated against ? Got it !
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
just by watching normal commercials you would think blacks are 70% of the population. and if their is a white person, its a white women with a black guy.
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
It’s because blacks dominate sports especially football there’s more black in football than anything
Mitchell Robbins
Mitchell Robbins 5 days ago
Please break the Buckeye's quarterback curse 😬😬😬
mike will
mike will 5 days ago
Did I miss something?? Like did the bears get a new o-line.....come on guys fields will literally be running for his life every week.
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
@Gamo The Legend its like he saw the 1st round picks and then never watched anymore of the draft
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
@Collin Hanson I don’t know what this guy talking about
Collin Hanson
Collin Hanson 5 days ago
Tevin Jenkins? Larry Borom? The offensive line got exponentially better pay attention man...
CJ Snedegar
CJ Snedegar 5 days ago
Lol I thought this vid was really gonna be about my boy Justin Fields.they didn't even talk about him until half way through this video. Lol I know see why I don't like this show.
Jay Day
Jay Day 5 days ago
Justin Fields will ball out..stay healthy and strong young man...
Vortex1988 5 days ago
This might be the most in depth and intelligent take I've heard regarding the Bears. Everyone wants to talk shit about the Bears because of the coach and the front office, but all the pieces are there right now for the Bears to light it up. They just need to develop Fields and let him play when he's ready. The only positive takes I've heard about the team so far are this one, Colin Cowherd's, and Max Kellerman's. Everyone else is just talking shit.
aro 327
aro 327 5 days ago
Who is devonta smith. They drafted devonte davis
sports king sprots king
its clearly the bears won the draft they got the best qb in there franchise history kyle pitts and devonta smith aren't franchise Qbs
Triqkshot 5 days ago
Eagle fans going to be praying to god everytime Devonta gets hit
JOHN D 5 days ago
Haters love to hate ! Welcome to the Bears Justin Fields !!!!
Steve Hicks
Steve Hicks 5 days ago
He wasn't sad that he fell, he was pissed. BIG DIFFERENCE! Fields is about to make 10 teams pay.
Sir Diddle McPooter III
@C.a.T hes the best qb the bears have ever drafted. So there is hope. The guy is a beast.
C.a.T 4 days ago
Lmao.... No he's not..
Sir Diddle McPooter III
As a bears fan Please
Demetrius Evans
Demetrius Evans 5 days ago
Outside of Jacksonville, literally EVERY fan base wanted Justin Fields. I have NEVER seen so much universal love for a player. Especially when the "experts" spent months picking him apart and looking for anything to devalue him.
Ashok Das
Ashok Das 21 hour ago
I have seen him since HS! The Best QB in the draft! Not the Great White Hype story! He outplayed Lawrence head to head both years even when Olave ran the incorrect route! Fields is smooth and focused! Not glitz and glamour
Demetrius Evans
Demetrius Evans 4 days ago
Btw, Reading comprehension is important when responding to comments. I said every fan base, NOT each and every fan.
sir dick ellis
sir dick ellis 4 days ago
Jets fan I didn't want him
augustus caeser
augustus caeser 4 days ago
Idk i feel like the Chiefs were ok not drafting him
Chikush Odiz
Chikush Odiz 5 days ago
He may of felt like a loser for falling to the 11th pick but you aren’t going to a trash ass team like in the first 5 picks
MARC STEWART 5 days ago
Bears got their QB....but if they've a losing record this season...Giants got that #1 pick.
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
The bears never had a losing season in 3 years
INK SCARS 5 days ago
Phumo Masinga
Phumo Masinga 5 days ago
Fields is a killer he was born to play football he’s gonna murder the nfl when he gets set
Jerry Ferguson
Jerry Ferguson 5 days ago
Kyle pitts will be a bust 💯
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 5 days ago
Bears definitely won. Their fans still haven’t been to sleep since that pick lol
John Wick
John Wick 11 hours ago
On gang 😂😂🤟🏾
Jabari McBride
Jabari McBride 3 days ago
Facts the Chicago Bears won with the Justin Fields QB
Marlon Mitchell
Marlon Mitchell 3 days ago
Very true sincerely a real bear down fan
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 4 days ago
@Oscar Herrera lol ready to take on the DAY!!
Oscar Herrera
Oscar Herrera 4 days ago
FACTS!!! I keep waking up early af cause I’m too happy
Soopafatboy 5 days ago
Bears O Line has really improved.... We are talking about a playoff team here not a bottom feeder! All bears needed was a qb last few yrs and they coulda won a super bowl in 18' so marcellus you act like he went to jags or jets
Soopafatboy 5 days ago
another person saying did you see his face! Get the fuck outta here that is the way he is!!! Im sure he pissed zach wilson went ahead of him
C D 5 days ago
Love my Bears draft picks but dude made good points about Eagles too, they got their wide receiver and additional draft capital. Smart moves.
Fier The Great
Fier The Great 6 days ago
As a 49ers fan.... I really like that Chicago got Fields!!!! Both teams are very similar but Bears needed a Fields more than any other team needed a QB (expect maybe Jax) Edit: 2 mins after I post my comment they said exactly what been saying just now lol
Ramaraksha 4 days ago
@Fier The Great As a Hindu that's what Reincarnation is all about - EVERYONE is running away to magic Retirement Homes in the sky - Sugar Daddy Gods have nothing better to do than to cater to billions of lazy moochers shamelessly sponging off them for eternity! Few want to come back and face life - everyone keeps saying - why would I want to come back? Poverty, discrimination, drug wars, racism, sexism, climate change, disease..... But then guys like Colin must have also been told - Why would you want to speak up? You could have been signing a 100 million dollar contract by now if you had kept your mouth shut! The world is made better by people who risk everything, stand for something Those who choose Reincarnation are those willing to risk everything, stand for something & not run away from real life like cowards
Fier The Great
Fier The Great 4 days ago
@Ramaraksha Kaepernick was my guy too!!! I was massively upset they benched Smith for him but he definitely was something special to watch!!!! But Trey is a better thrower than Colin tho especially when you talk touch but I can see it!!! He was stand up guy despite the amount of hate he got for it!!!! He stood tall and look at the NFL now trying to include themselves into the very issues that got Colin blackballed!!!! Very Few ppl could do and go through what he did and especially in a non violent way!!
Fier The Great
Fier The Great 4 days ago
@Gerald McIntosh the Jets are the Jets lol idk if Tom Brady could help them lol!!!
Ramaraksha 4 days ago
Did you notice the similarities between Trey Lance and Colin Kaepernick - just watch the tape and imagine - then you wonder why NONE of the experts mentioned you-know-who For all the talk of standing up for what is right, these guys knuckeld under - makes me appreciate Colin a lot more - he gave up so much standing for what he believed was right
Gerald McIntosh
Gerald McIntosh 4 days ago
How about the jets there guy
Demo B
Demo B 6 days ago
As a Jets fan I'm just not excited and I think, we're going to regret trading Darnold
ltltraffic 6 days ago
Wiley is Right AGAIN...
stephen2015 6 days ago
Smith is todd Pinkston 2.0. He is just a shorter slower pinkston. No way in hell he ever has even one 1000 yard season. As a Giants fan, THANK YOU EAGLES. On top of saving us from smith you guys threw that washington game that moved us from 19 to 11 in the draft that then let us trade down and pick up 3 picks from chicago. So thank you chicago and philly. We come out with a weapon and the best passrusher in the draft (oh, after trading down AGAIN and adding yet ANOTHER pick next year).
DomCagney 6 days ago
The roster isn't the problem out here in Chicago and I think the media is just starting to come to terms w the fact that Trubisky wasn't the problem either. Maybe he wasn't a superstar but he was good enough and in the right system could have shined... The problem is the offensive coordinator/head coach/pseudo GM/shot caller extraordinaire...Matt Nagy. Justin has a tough situation with a coach with his ass on the hot seat with ulterior motives. Win or you're out, win or everyone knows you were the problem...Nagy had a huge ego without a dog in the fight, now it's gonna be magnified even more. McMahon said Chicago is where QBs go to die and Justin saw how they did that man Mitch Trubisky. Nagy doesn't have Justin's best interest at heart just like he didn't with Trubisky but for different reasons. This is about HIM, forcing his system, winning right now and saving his job, not making Justin the best QB he can be. He didn't develop and coach the last guy, he didn't tailor his offense to him, he refused- and let him take all the arrows never taking a shred of accountability. I hope he doesn't get the opportunity to drag the reputation of another QB like Fields and I don't think he will. I think they'll see him for what he is and keep Justin for the next regime
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
@p 28 the ONLY time the offense looked good was when Lazor took over playcalling. and nagys ego is so big hes taking playcalling back over again. why cant this guy just focus on being the dam coach? he choses horrible playcalls at the worst times
DomCagney 4 days ago
@Gamo The Legend It's less about Mitch and more about Nagy. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and I don't trust Nagy
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
I hate Mitchell fan base just stfu 🤫 or become a bills fan and Mitchell is good but he’s a back up now
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
@p 28 I hate Mitchell fan base just stfu 🤫 or become a bills fan
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 6 days ago
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina 6 days ago
Here's the thing that no one considers and I don't even think it's donned on Justin field's yet. If he is the guy everyone says he is, then he has an opportunity to be a legend.... a LEGEND. We're talking schools and streets named after him...
Khiki Orion
Khiki Orion 4 days ago
F1ELDS 🐻⬇️
Kevin Ruff
Kevin Ruff 6 days ago
Agreed.... he has a great stage .... We were all so down thinking of a rough season..... now .....WOW....and got him some protection with Jenkins. 🐻🔽
justin ethridge
justin ethridge 6 days ago
And Now He Has An OT!!!!!!! Pace Won!
Brandon Dorsey
Brandon Dorsey 6 days ago
"You made it to the playoffs in spite of Mitch Trubisky "....preach 👏
William Dorsey
William Dorsey 5 days ago
@Brandon Dorsey Time will tell and if Fields is not injury prone..
Wes Daniels
Wes Daniels 6 days ago
Bears lucked up
Pablo Moreno
Pablo Moreno 6 days ago
Ya no puedo esperar ver mis Osos
jrb9191 6 days ago
Nobody won anything draft night. There are many failed first round picks. No one has a clue how any player will translate to the NFL except a Manning. I have seen many can't miss players miss. The NFL is not college
aundre3051 6 days ago
Not gonna lie as pats fan n bucs lmao n football in general I'm looking forward to watching fields play nfl just seems better when the bears is balling
Danny 6 days ago
Eagles??? Hell nah 😂😂😂
youngblak Wall Street
Justin fields won the NFL draft 1st RD wtf is wiley talking about he is a clown the Chicagobears are gonna own Vikings and lions and Aaron Rodgers won't out of green bay the Chicago bears are about to take over the NFC north division
773 p
773 p 6 days ago
Bear Down!!!
Dorien Wharton
Dorien Wharton 6 days ago
With what Playmakers they got pedestrian dudes on offense he will struggle just like Trubisky did
Dorien Wharton
Dorien Wharton 4 days ago
@Tegridy gone lack of playmakers and a bad offensive line is the problem and justin fields cant make up for that keep on thinking a qb can cure all ills he'll be gone in 3 years just like trubisky
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
@Dorien Wharton and what was the bears qbs ranked last year? 30th or 31st, thats where the problem is
Dorien Wharton
Dorien Wharton 4 days ago
@Gamo The Legend exactly... nothing with any intelligence behind it just a childish reply but its okay dude im sure there plenty of kids to argue with on youtube have fun with that✌
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 4 days ago
@Dorien Wharton u slow
Dorien Wharton
Dorien Wharton 4 days ago
@Gamo The Legend😆😆😆😆😆 right right you mean the 26th ranked offense yes how could i forget all those all pros so scary 🙄 do some research sir look it up im not in high school i dont do name calling facts are what i speak
John Burris
John Burris 6 days ago
Falcons didn't win the draft because they STILL need a LOT of help on defense. LOL
Michael Mcardle
Michael Mcardle 6 days ago
JF was not upset with the bears he had the look that I am better and hope he puts in the work and make the other teams cry
John Burris
John Burris 6 days ago
That first round pick that the Eagles got from the Dolphins next year, however, will be a late first round pick. :)
Matt Brg
Matt Brg 6 days ago
Fields will use his anger and prove himself every year and show every team why they messed up Fields will ball
sir dick ellis
sir dick ellis 4 days ago
Jet fan u can have him lol
Craig A Wright
Craig A Wright 6 days ago
You are so right I'm in cbus and I'm telling you from what I've seen from this young man he will bALL OUT AND Get his revenge !!!!
Moorish Amexem
Moorish Amexem 6 days ago
"Generational??? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
eRap46 6 days ago
🐻 ⏬
MrAIMright 5 days ago
wilson36532 6 days ago
Patriots won round 1
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones 6 days ago
As a Soon to be Ex Falcons fan I'd Rather have Justin than Matt not close to elite always blows a lead Ryan never would have extended his contract to be put in this position Brady Brees And every other Q.B. own this Clown 🤡
Max Powers
Max Powers 6 days ago
I'm sorry guys, what was it you were saying about the NFL being racist because Mac Jones was projected ahead of Justin? Can you refresh my memory on that? Oh, that's right, you guys are never held to any kind of standards or accountability for your inflammatory statements.
Max Powers
Max Powers 3 days ago
@armstrar42 And that's because they are racist? Their complaint was that Jones was going to go ahead of Fields. Excuse me, what happened? Who went ahead of whom? No one gives a $@(! about skin color, talent trumps all. The only ones who cry about race, are the racists. Shall we bring up the 4 highest paid players in the NFL? What about the percentage of black players versus whites in the NBA, is the NBA racist because it's overwhelmingly black players?
armstrar42 4 days ago
What are you talking about a guy that should have gone 1 or 2 goes 11, and a guy that should have gone in 3 round goes in 1st.
Tegridy gone
Tegridy gone 4 days ago
race baiters always gonna race bait
William Swiniuch
William Swiniuch 6 days ago
Thank you for being the only one saying this
Fields will be avg
Demetrius Evans
Demetrius Evans 5 days ago
What is average? A career starter?
Mc Fact
Mc Fact 6 days ago
Rich Lo
Rich Lo 6 days ago
Thank you Giants. As a Bear fan I wanna extend my respects and honor...you will forever be tied to Fields if he balls out
Ramaraksha Day ago
@Dan Nguyen These guys are QB's?
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen Day ago
@Ramaraksha really? because Fant 20 Savage at 21 Jefferson 22, Jacobs 24, Hollywood 25, Sweat 26, Mcgary at 31. THis is just form 2019. Im sure all of those guys suck right?
Ramaraksha 3 days ago
@YoungRay Denver is making a play for Rodgers
YoungRay 4 days ago
Or denver for taking Patrick
YoungRay 4 days ago
No problem but thank petty ass Jerry Jones.
Chris B
Chris B 6 days ago
I love how people write the Bengals off!?! With another good offensive lineman we’ll be tough!!!
Ramaraksha 4 days ago
Talk is cheap, that's why - a team has to do it, then they can talk
Nautilus1972 6 days ago
Trade up to the Jets pick at 2 and get Jenkins. We would have been happy with Jenkins in round one. Or Landon Dickerson. Either are ten year starters.