"Space Jam: A New Legacy" Official Trailer REACTION!!! 

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In today's Episode of Dwayne N Jazz we react to Space Jam: A New Legacy - Official Trailer (2021) LeBron James, Don Cheadle and we were surprised to see Don Cheadle in here tbh lol. But it looks like this movie is taking a new twist on the original story, but we can't wait to see what Lebron can do in this movie!!!
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Apr 3, 2021




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Dwayne N Jazz
Dwayne N Jazz 17 days ago
Do y'all think this movie will be better than the original with Michael Jordan? 👀
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 3 days ago
@Al-Vi-No! Duel World OK FINE
Al-Vi-No! Duel World
@Angel Rodriguez because it doesn’t look like it’s Space Jam, let alone a Space Jam sequel. It looks more like a Ready Player One sequel. The story sounds good, but the movie as a whole just doesn’t cut it.
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 3 days ago
@The King WHY NOT
The King
The King 3 days ago
Vanessa S
Vanessa S 5 days ago
Yes 100000 percent
johngabriel gamingboy70
I love you all!!!???!!!!???!!!!
Lwazi Luvuyo
Lwazi Luvuyo 3 days ago
why are people excited about Lola winking?
JP 4 days ago
everyone has their opinion but i think the first space jam is going to be better to those that grew up with it and newer generation is going to like Lebrons version, in my opinion the first one will be better, because of how well they involved MJ real life into the movie with his baseball career and that the aliens stole the nba players talent.
Vanessa S
Vanessa S 5 days ago
Lebrons acting is subpar...buuuut i think this actually is gonna be a really good movie. Im excited to watch. In theatres to! Since Covid.
Arelisse moore
Arelisse moore 6 days ago
Donovan Mcneal
Donovan Mcneal 6 days ago
Y’all missed all the cameos pennywise was in it
yoboyeli2k30 7 days ago
Do sml jeffy and and junior big mess
Brandon Plays
Brandon Plays 9 days ago
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 9 days ago
Zuleyka rivera
Zuleyka rivera 9 days ago
I am honestly being serious with you guys but they are fighting just for LeBron James they Instagram followers no joke really I'm not liying I saw like a video of some guy showing secret things you haven't seen in the trailer like Easter eggs and he said that they're fighting for Instagram followers
Master Of The Universe
I would like to see a cameo of the Monstars, but this time helping the Looney Tunes, in the first movie they stay living with them, and obviously to see again, the best basketball player of all time, Lord Air Jordan, this one doesn't need any CGI or special effect to look really good.
JUSTIN BLACK 10 days ago
Chadonna Hartley
Chadonna Hartley 10 days ago
I love LeBron James when I saw that I said welcome back to the two thousands I'm going to see this I'm so excited 😁 😆 I'm glad you guys reacted to this love you guys this brings back so many memories
blake causey
blake causey 10 days ago
I'm definitely watching this
Daelyn Williams
Daelyn Williams 11 days ago
Why is LeBron James copying off of Michael Jordan Space Jam is Michael Jordan then he came up with it
Osamu Katsu
Osamu Katsu 11 days ago
Boi i am late but... .. But I am lit as.. ..
Jamari Sanchez
Jamari Sanchez 11 days ago
When did you Stop watching the comments
Uriah Israel
Uriah Israel 12 days ago
Wayne And Jasmine I Saw Scobby Doo And Pennywise In This Movie You Know I Hate Pennywise Pennywise Is Scary Hell Naw I'm Not going To See Pennywise Gonna Hunted In My Dreams Boi
「Darkx」 12 days ago
This trailer was amazing, hopefully it shut up all those lola lovers and haters.
PaulJ 12 days ago
3D models for Looney Tunes characters are looking nice, but I prefer 2D animation personally. But as I said 3D models also looks nice and I would still watch it.
SpiderSaids Universe
Incredibly, I had read on Wikipedia that the Mask and Pennywise are also part of the party😕😲😲😲. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?!?!😨😨
Enchiwadas 13 days ago
Anyone else see pennywise in the background?
SpiderSaids Universe
From what time?
SpiderSaids Universe
Or the Mask?
MR. Young
MR. Young 13 days ago
Did y’all see Pennywise, the joker and Jim Carrey the mask in the background in the trailer😂😂
Emelia Awuku
Emelia Awuku 13 days ago
zac warmkessel
zac warmkessel 13 days ago
They really had lola bunny be D wade
Jasmine Dupree
Jasmine Dupree 13 days ago
Please react to joseph the millionaire by sml
Faysal Mursal
Faysal Mursal 14 days ago
“Eeeep, what’s up LeBron?” 🐰🥕
Malachi Penalver
Malachi Penalver 14 days ago
2:40 I just noticed the dwanye wade part lmao 🤣🤣
Princess 45
Princess 45 14 days ago
Zendaya is gonna be lola bunny! She's perfect for lola bunny as strong feminist character without being sexy.
Sonic 14 days ago
Welcome to the space jam Dwayne and jazz
JustJuLivingLife 14 days ago
Zendaya voicing Lola is fire
Itzonlyadrian 14 days ago
If you guys want to know more about the movie, look up 3C films he explains what they're going to be doing in the movie and things you missed in the trailer to get you caught up. Loved the reactions! 😌
Nicci Fromm
Nicci Fromm 14 days ago
Hey Dwanyne N Jazz how is it going
Taha Imran
Taha Imran 14 days ago
If you analyse this trailer legit frame by frame, they are SO FREAKING MANY easter eggs, references and characters that it would take a few hours to figure out all of them. And we FINALLY aftet 30 years got a space jam movie.
Dragonlord Chaos
Dragonlord Chaos 14 days ago
That My birthday July 16
Jadentheekid 14 days ago
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee 14 days ago
Shoot the ball! 😂 . . . Oh man the "Flintstones and Bugs&Daddy etc. Damn it looks pretty lit💯✌
Michiel Boone
Michiel Boone 14 days ago
Mj saw the New Space Jam 2 trailer and Took it personal.
Dandy Crow
Dandy Crow 14 days ago
Larenzo Speed
Larenzo Speed 14 days ago
The senior discount...The grandma wit them moves had me dead lmao
kinja_xo 14 days ago
Kong has really been getting alot of love the past few years
SML Tea 15 days ago
Yo just get over it. This is the new generation yo. Deal wit it bruh. It’s gonna be good. I will always love the version with Micheal Jordan. But this I will love.
Bruce Drennen
Bruce Drennen 15 days ago
what up
Josie H
Josie H 15 days ago
I'm not a Lebron fan, but I'm not gonna lie...Space Jam 2 looks real interesting & I definitely will be watching it when it comes out 🏀
Chuck 15 days ago
All I'm sayin is Jordan's gotta make a cameo. They gotta bring him out at the end or something!!
May Flower
May Flower 15 days ago
What about the soundtrack we need a song that so fires that it will let us finally forget about I believe I can fly
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 15 days ago
I still cant get over having everything in.........its supposed to be just looney tunes.........but I'll be open to this
Diego Schlaegel • 35 years ago
Fun fact, LeBron has won three (NBA) championships and four NBA MVP awards all in preparation for his roll in the new space jam movie
Alvaro Castillo
Alvaro Castillo 15 days ago
This movie comes out on my birthday !!!!
Saiyan X
Saiyan X 15 days ago
Lebron better
Scooby Doobies
Scooby Doobies 15 days ago
2:53 look is Scooby Doo in the background
Allan Duncan
Allan Duncan 15 days ago
Remember when Bugs Bunny used to be racist
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 15 days ago
Of course nothing better than the orginal, but not alot of people can remake a movie Micheal jordan did. It's gone be alot of haters as usually but I think it's good that like comparing a 1950 car to a 2021 Honda
AGA 16 days ago
Man I am legit hyped- what made me even more hyped was the multiverse where you can se multiple of references to many different things. So cool TpT
Zetrify YT
Zetrify YT 16 days ago
It’s will be cool if they had LeBron actually son in this
_X Tier Slump Goat
_X Tier Slump Goat 16 days ago
I feel the second one gon be just as good as the first one cause I love space jam already 🔥🔥🔥
SuperNicko Harris
SuperNicko Harris 16 days ago
2:55 don't ever mess with grandma
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez 16 days ago
War Machine is the bad guy in this movie
Michelle McCloy
Michelle McCloy 16 days ago
This gives me Pixels. vibes.
Rhys Millington
Rhys Millington 16 days ago
Everyone is in this thought Like Jack Nicholson Joker, Pennywise, Agent Smith, Mystery Inc, The Jetsons, Flintstones, King Kong, Abominable, Arnie Mr Freeze, Themuscera, Iron Giant Thats only like a tiny fraction 🤣 Its gonna be like reayd player one with its characters and I'm here for it
Manu Tonga
Manu Tonga 16 days ago
Mask pennywise and joker in there
todd Lacroix
todd Lacroix 16 days ago
THEY FIXED LOLA BUNNY whyyy she looked alot better in the old movie
Akaiichi 16 days ago
im bout to marathon some looney toons and the old space jam while i wait for this one. an anniversary! wooh!
Paint Bros Ent.
Paint Bros Ent. 16 days ago
Do you watched the tv series snowfall?
kyle swift
kyle swift 16 days ago
Did you guys know Zendaya was casted for Lola Bunny!!!!! Personally I think this is a great casting choice what are you thoughts?
leone ochieng
leone ochieng 16 days ago
Mj will be in the end credits thank me later.
Lively lopunny
Lively lopunny 15 days ago
T Mac
T Mac 16 days ago
I hope they go to half court and do a game breaker like nba street
B -MASE 16 days ago
The IT was in the trailer
Nick Sexton
Nick Sexton 16 days ago
WE better get some huge ties to the first one
Joel Cartagena
Joel Cartagena 16 days ago
You guys doing reaction requests?.
ItzImpulseGamin 16 days ago
if they dont mention jordan as an easter egg ill be upset
Michael Dolciamore
Michael Dolciamore 16 days ago
i have not watched you guys in a year and 5 months
Ma Savage
Ma Savage 16 days ago
They messed it up pshh
Brian pacheco
Brian pacheco 16 days ago
Why granny got more cake than Lola?
Alfredo Rodriguez
Alfredo Rodriguez 16 days ago
Ain't gonna lie, seeing this made me cry. Space Jam was one of the first movies I watched, and watching this movie made me fall in love with the game of Basketball as well as sports in general. Idk, seeing this, the Looney Toons and hearing that Space Jam song took me way back and just made me tear up
It comes out a day after my birthday I think I'm gonna implement that into my bday party
Derrick Boomer
Derrick Boomer 16 days ago
I smell a kobe tribute in this
Chantal Benton
Chantal Benton 16 days ago
I want the end credits to have a dedication to Gianna and Kobe Bryant 💛💜
Salza 14 days ago
And the other 7 people who died
D07Nick 16 days ago
Who are the new Monstars? Will they take Mike's skills, that would be a crazy baton pass moment. Slam! ✌
Peace control Daniesha
This movie is a new legacy
Bianca Jaye
Bianca Jaye 16 days ago
Zendaya plays the voice of Lola :)
Lazy Boy
Lazy Boy 16 days ago
Ngl excited to see what this movie has to offer, specially with the server room being a Warner Brothers like universe, having all the other characters like kong, the iron giant, flinstones, scooby doo
Super Saiyan God 3
Super Saiyan God 3 16 days ago
Happy Easter!
Sentient Sock Puppet
You have no idea the screech of joy I had when I saw 2D
Joseph Towers
Joseph Towers 16 days ago
All fun and games until Don Cheadle kidnaps your son.
KaiVerde27 16 days ago
To be honest, this gives me Ready Player One vibes and I’m hyped for this ⚡️🔥🚀🏀💯
Shemar Pipkin
Shemar Pipkin 16 days ago
It's got some ready player one graphics
super Felipe Studios
This is my reaction to the full trailer 2:42
super Felipe Studios
Patrick Baar
Patrick Baar 16 days ago
We need a Neo cameo in this. I already saw Mr. Smith.
dxrebel 16 days ago
It is like Tron Legacy and Ready Player One had a mutant baby
I'm only being a pain when I need to Sorta like now
Not a sequel it's a reboot
I'm only being a pain when I need to Sorta like now
@assembled 18 okay thanks
assembled 18
assembled 18 15 days ago
It's more of a direct or standalone sequel.
RE4VIN 16 days ago
They ruined lola bunny ;c
CallMePie 16 days ago
Look at how they massacred my girl
Tillet 16 days ago
Look how they massacred my girl
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force 16 days ago
i think it will be okay but man i feel bad that the skunk won't be in it but oh well another thing to ruined my childhood cause you can have him but not get rid of Sam who actually shows guns and shoots it. But i'll give this a try i also cannot wait for RDCworld to do a skit.
NiccoNassty 16 days ago
Dwayne kind of look like Carmelo Anthony😂put a headband next video😂
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 16 days ago
Half the country won’t watch because of his stupid woke positions on politics that he keeps running his mouth about. Proving just how dumb he really is on politics!!
BasedHoChiMihn 16 days ago
super smash productions
When Dwayne said let's go that was honestly the loudest reaction I've heard him 😂