SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie 

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SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 99   
Anos Vordigor
Anos Vordigor 18 minutes ago
The grandma is legit
Hungry Hungarian
Hungry Hungarian 31 minute ago
This looks painfully boring even for kids
BIG_B_BRYAN Hour ago
Original will always be the best...
Brandon Kohout
Warner Bros. Pictures presents a new comedy from Malcolm D. Lee
Xerruy 2 hours ago
I don’t like that James is animated in Looney Tune Land, part of SJ’s charm was the weirdness of real Jordan amidst animated Looney Tunes.
ori 2 hours ago
kinda pisses me off that we don't get the chance to see thicc Lola bunny in 4k
JakeFrozt 3 hours ago
No one: Litterally no one: The side of this video: Looney Tunes: Back in Action
CreeperCraft46 4 hours ago
Hope it's gonna be good as that Tom and Jerry 2021 movie
ZAID Is cool
ZAID Is cool 5 hours ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact that he said “what in the matrix hell?”.
hello 364
hello 364 7 hours ago
Slow down the video around 0:55 seconds and it says bedrock on the spin thing
x i
x i 8 hours ago
R.Kelly coming back for this one. I believe I can flop I believe I can hit the blacktop I think about it every night and day Spread my arms and flop away I believe I can score I see me flopping on that open floor I believe I can flop I believe I can flop I believe I can flop (woo)
jesse Ramirez
jesse Ramirez 8 hours ago
These comments didn't disappoint
MRWIL246 9 hours ago
Wannabe's that can never, EVER be like Mike and his fellow players in the original Movie
LoLshark99 B
LoLshark99 B 10 hours ago
Destined to be one of the worst movies of all time
GivesGoodComment 11 hours ago
If they were smart, they woulda threw in some Big Chungus
GivesGoodComment 11 hours ago
Bugs Bunny: Gotta go fast!
Football Fanatic
Football Fanatic 12 hours ago
This movie looks absolutely awful
Santos D
Santos D 12 hours ago
God's sake. It's not even out and it already looks dated.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 12 hours ago
I Just Noticed The Scooby Doo Fan LOL
Follower Of Christ
Follower Of Christ 13 hours ago
The original space jam is still the best in my opinion.
Ines A.
Ines A. 13 hours ago
So... this is where all the snyder cut’s budget went
JedrickGP YT
JedrickGP YT 14 hours ago
whos the best Lebron james or michael jordan
Impactando Las Naciones
I like it that this movie doesn’t need to have a sequel right now
Jerome Mbeche
Jerome Mbeche 15 hours ago
Lola's dwanye moment Hahahahaha classic
Shi Shi
Shi Shi 16 hours ago
that is one ugly lola bunny
Bumblebee 16 hours ago
When I compare Space Jam 2 to the first part umm... The main character looks now like a gangsta man mixed with an al qaida warrior. Back to the past: I really like Michael Jordan - even in the trailer he looked like a very positive, friendly guy. Lebron? they should offer him a role in the next Rambo or Black hawk down movie. At 0:52 he looks like he would like to behead this guy and don't forget this is a family movie.
Blue Corner Boxing
Blue Corner Boxing 16 hours ago
Tf is this
AruBoii 17 hours ago
Penny wise in Space Jam 2 that's what we needed. 1:46 on the right
Myron Pikims
Myron Pikims 17 hours ago
New lola bunny looks ass imo
Ghostshima Gaming
Ghostshima Gaming 17 hours ago
If this is just him as a cartoon all the way through this I'm not gonna be happy Jordan played a real human in the original don't ruin a classic please
Igor M
Igor M 18 hours ago
There's even Igoo from The Herculoids... They are going deep into their roster.
Awesome Lists!
Awesome Lists! 18 hours ago
when the entire plot of your movie revolves around other, better movies as a substitute for creative writing
Giorgi Giashvili
Giorgi Giashvili 19 hours ago
King kong?
Owen_not_taken 19 hours ago
Lola bunny got nerfed
Ruv 20 hours ago
Ruv 20 hours ago
Chi looking good
Sonicreations! 21 hour ago
All these random WB cameos...I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Yakko, Wakko and Dot at this point. Like seriously what is Pennywise doing here💀 update: turns out the Animaniacs are in there!😂 there in the back somewhere around 1:40
Jordan Salvador
Jordan Salvador 2 hours ago
1:47 Behold! Yakko, wakko and dot, bottom right corner by the dinosaur head, standing on the blue platform. Lmao
Javi L
Javi L 21 hour ago
Dumb movie!!!!
amine barhoumi
amine barhoumi 21 hour ago
first thing cross my mind is jam micheal jacson
Christian Paul
Christian Paul 21 hour ago
I wish drogon will be at good use in here
Mariii Amaa
Mariii Amaa 22 hours ago
Gokul Prabhu
Gokul Prabhu 22 hours ago
And that 6.5 are Jordan fans here
Srijana McMillen
Srijana McMillen 22 hours ago
Nice storyline! Rejected into cartoon adventure.
Harold VR
Harold VR 22 hours ago
I could see Michael Jordan making a Cameo in this movie.
SHU DELA HOYA 23 hours ago
That rhody
what you think
1:54 can someone tell me what he say here ?? 2:04 And what he say here ? 2:25 And what she say here ? Sorry but I'm not good too much at English 😂😅
First Name Last Name
1:54 "The goon squad!!" 2:04 "Let's end this" 2:25 "Goin' old school on his butt"
pemb bini
pemb bini Day ago
Am I the only one that smells a garbage fire
DED Beat Jr.
DED Beat Jr. Day ago
2:10 For a second I forgot they changed the design and my heart stopped beating
KingAlex Day ago
Why in The First Space jam is Michael Jordan and the Space jam part 2 is LeBron James?!
Airys GAcHaZ UwU
2:04 did she say "got you bruh" 😂
V man
V man Day ago
Easter eggs movie 😂🔥
roblox fam
roblox fam Day ago
it comes out on my birthday
Yo, I'm so excited for this movie, and it also got me thinking how awesome will that be if even the Tiny Toons were in the crowd watching the game too? 😀😁❤
Daemion Walker
algem buergo
algem buergo Day ago
Lebron who is no longer michael jordan
PAELZER33 Day ago
Some deep flexin by WB
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Day ago
This looks really good!
This looks hilariously awful
jsoul Light worker
Hon28 Ney28
Hon28 Ney28 Day ago
Looks like Ready Player One Part 2
Abrial Woodford
Woah the toons has their own reality style
Elisha Exzikiel
Came here for modules
Brian Bowen
Brian Bowen Day ago
So Bad
Peter Krug
Peter Krug Day ago
When Michael Jordan first came to Looney Tunes World he stayed as a regular human. When LeBron comes to Looney Tunes World however, he turns into a cartoon character....weird.
Ink Day ago
The Flintstones are in here
Ink Day ago
I saw this ad on a smash bros video I believe
balliyah Day ago
What in the Ready Player One is this?
CaTmAn deal
CaTmAn deal Day ago
This is bs on another level
Ambience Oasis
Nothing in this movie will ever surpass the original perfection of the Monstars' "Hit Em High". Nothing
dabpuppers Day ago
1:35 when your black friend calls you the n word
Jayden mmos
Jayden mmos Day ago
Bunny being lasy
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall Day ago
Just as long as it isn't in Georgia durp durp
R.D.G Playzz
R.D.G Playzz Day ago
Pause exactly at 1:46 pennywise just chillin in the back
Ink Day ago
You can also see tony stark
Jennifer Medina
What in the in the matrix hell
Jennifer Medina
Welcome to the space to the space
Flaming Topaz
They ruined it
DJ Founten
DJ Founten Day ago
Well this sucks, i was waiting for Space Jam 2 and got Ready Player Two instead. Good thing i don't have to go to the movies to watch this
Kameryn Haynes
Oh no
Kratos G.O.W
Kratos G.O.W Day ago
This looks good
Nathan Cooper
dunnowy123 Day ago
I knew they couldn't just have Bugs and the gang come to the real world. It's too fucked up now. Instead we get a loud, CG fest with endless references. Yay?
Not really feeling this maybe I've grown up but I don't think that's it
Daryl Shackelford
Black director and producer
Shy Mack
Shy Mack Day ago
1:28 Yosemite Sam wasn't wrong but he wasn't right either😂😂
Chainy Rabbit
Ive never actually seen what Lebron looked like before. Doesn't look how I imagined him
Taaxic Day ago
This looks terrible
Jeff S
Jeff S Day ago
So, I'm guessing that after Lebron assembles this dream team, he will choke in the game and lose.
ITyraxI Day ago
Member berries the movie
Maicey T.
Maicey T. Day ago
Dude I was excited just to see the 2D animation, but then they had to go and make the characters CGI. I hate modern movie culture.
Travis Hanneman
Everybody wants to be like Mike. 😒
Jigsaw Day ago
2:10 thats D-Wade reference
Jinxik Day ago
So many Easter eggs
Renee West
Renee West Day ago
omg ahhahaaaahhhhhhh sace jam the new legacy king kong
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor Day ago
Looks like it won't be too bad but honestly it's not going to hold a candle to the first one with the king of basketball Michael Jordan himself.
Jerry Buckner
Of course the movie is gonna center around Lebron James assembling a super team. They had to have a real life aspect to it to make it watchable.
Kroko Mez
Kroko Mez Day ago
2:10 All they needed to do was show that single frame tbh
GummyBoi Day ago
I came into this with no expectations, and then emerged with all of them. This looks promising, I hope it pulls through.
parley78 ‘-‘
I didn’t see the clockwork orange guys, can someone point them out to me?
Stacy Newton
Stacy Newton Day ago
I'm interested in seeing this. But I do wish they would have made reference to the original other than the title
Balan Wonderworld
Balan Wonderworld