Soulmate Colour || Meme || Mlb || Different- Gacha.💖 

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Apr 5, 2021




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Hey Everyone-🥺 Thx for the support💖🌈 - I just wanna say that I am not making mari bi . I think you guys are making 😔 you guys ship mari with everyone... I just got the idea to make cause we used to ship Adrianette , Lukanette , And also Marigami👁👄👁 isnt it too much for Mari . And Also idk the song name-😂 i just used it- 💖 and sorry there is no part 2” 😬 Thats it Byeee!!-👁👄👁🥺💖💖🌈🌈
Reda Super
Reda Super 8 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/mKued4KBon90dpc.html ..
Nuha Hassan
Nuha Hassan 3 days ago
@Mini-Movies Gacha the only difference i see is the the mha fandom is shipping them because bakugo actually has character development and people do ship chloe and marinette
i i A e s t C l v u d i i
What song did u use for this Oop, sry i didn't read the whole comment but I got it now :D
Pogthe Frog
Pogthe Frog 5 days ago
Song: Medicine (sound remedy remix)
Shrek 5 days ago
shrek liked
Tristan Zeigler
Marinette be like:I don't needs no soul mate to make me happy nah to the nah nah
Stop shiping luka and mari. adrien deservs better
Raina Gracielle Mortel i love lanky box
0:13 ok so umm when the colors where generating i paused lot of times and i got red aand now 0-0 what
CallmeSofie royale highシ
Marigami goalss marigami adorbs mari bottom gami top
Music_Girl_Lover 6 hours ago
did she die
NS Diana 503
NS Diana 503 6 hours ago
Name of the song anyone ? Please?:/
Hafsa Mita
Hafsa Mita 9 hours ago
Ummmm maybe its the fantom that's ther error bc the fantom is making different ships which is ok maybe idk fandom* Edit : I know I read the pinned comment its my opinion tho :3
YuraOff 10 hours ago
Pls tell me the name of the song
Otaku WGF 1987
Otaku WGF 1987 10 hours ago
What name this music? Im sorry im not english, pls what name this music?🙏🙏
berra günay
berra günay 10 hours ago
Part 2
A Bouchiba
A Bouchiba 11 hours ago
Me seeing the dots I've seen all day: *....* Me just noticing I have made more dots: *TRIGGERED*
Victoria Alejandra Rosa villarrubia
What is the song of the video
ReignFrancine Robles
Part 2!!!
[RFG] MALIKA 17 hours ago
What is name of the song? :
ryan marchi
ryan marchi 23 hours ago
I'm confused what just happened?
Yasemin Sahin
Oh. O chet
Aylen Burciaga
Original marrinete : "Luka or Adrien 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶" Soulmate au : "Kagami, luka, or Adrien ❤🧡💙💙❤💙💙❤💙💙🧡💙❤🧡❤🧡❤💙💙💙💙❤🧡🧡🧡🧡❤❤❤❤🧡🧡💙💙💙❤💙💙💙❤💙❤🥶🥵"
Puthea Sok
Puthea Sok Day ago
waffle bear
waffle bear Day ago
this is a good video but what the f*ck was wrong with the transititions-
Loli xd
Loli xd Day ago
Lukanette forever =>
Bellinha Games
Omg pra mim eu fui pausando e deu red ou seja vermelho nós 2 T 0 T
Ana Júlia Bueno
alguem me fala o nome da musica
Jana maged
Jana maged Day ago
I don't get it Mari is red how she turn to blue
JbmacedoシJuju-sama シ
Não sabia que a Marinette era Lésbica
Crapii Crab
Crapii Crab Day ago
The animation looks like a cringe youtuber
Xmoqax Fan
Xmoqax Fan Day ago
And mairinete is bi
Xmoqax Fan
Xmoqax Fan Day ago
Has enyonefound out taht kagami is les
No she isnt
17-Shreya Sah VI-A
I need at part 2
•ʂσϝƚ αɳɠҽʅ•
Nikos skin tone isn't that color-
vale no se que poner
Ups 0:05
can u pls tell me the song name
Ainara Gallardo
Ainara Gallardo 2 days ago
Como que lila x adrien no no me gusta ese ship a nadie le gusta el ship de lila x Adrián esta muy claro que es uno de los profes ships de mlb ( no es hate ) 🙄😒
꧁Hinata-San꧂ #saveralph
But Marinette not lez
poop 2 days ago
what happen marinette oh noooooooooo
Tsuyu Asui Katsu
Tsuyu Asui Katsu 2 days ago
Marinette: *turns orange* Kagami: *is orange* Me: Lesbian moment *ribbit*
Its camilaシ
Its camilaシ 2 days ago
If I was mari I would pick the one she loves most and ignore de rest!
Ivy Gao
Ivy Gao 2 days ago
wait so she died why is nobody else commenting about this btw, amazing
W1nny Rey
W1nny Rey 3 days ago
La esta re flasheando la maria ines ...-
W1nny Rey
W1nny Rey 3 days ago
OMG you understand spanish argentina?? 😂😂😂
Minnie Daisy
Minnie Daisy 3 days ago
Adrien: Shes Mine Luka No Mine Kagami: No she is mine Mari: Ummm I go with..... Cat Noir! Adrien: Ok " Blushes"
Melissa Olivares
Melissa Olivares 3 days ago
Me murióoooooo
So this video confirms Marinette as bi she likes boys and girls so we should pause the vid and think about this
bxllabxnny 3 days ago
that marigami scene idk i have mixed feelings about that but like did you see there faces? and like was MARINETTE TO GOOD TO FIND A SOULMATE OR SHE LIKES MISTER JUST A FRIEND, MUSIC BOY, AND DOES SHE LIKE MISS GIRL WITH DRAGON KWAMI? and also just let them all be the same color or something its that simple
Y U N A :0 lollollol
Hey i have a question ;^; what is the musique name ;-;?
Sylentlyfan G
Sylentlyfan G 3 days ago
Ur soul mate doesn’t have to be a certain color
•Russia gacha•
Excuse me, what's the name of the song? 😅😓😢🥺
Im Glitter lucky!!!!! Hearts
Marinate les Marilukakagadri yes perfect
Hawks' child
Hawks' child 3 days ago
What's the name of the song 0:28?
Tadashi Yamaguchi
Alexandra Glover
Alexandra Glover 3 days ago
What’s the song name
zia erica dancel
zia erica dancel 3 days ago
Just i m a g i n e getting a soulmate that easy
Manrique Huaranga
Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion v;?
aicelle viterbo
aicelle viterbo 3 days ago
I Want That To Happen To Me! Ya Know is kinda Fun To Choose!💜❤💚💙💛
Ian Yambao
Ian Yambao 3 days ago
I really love this part ##:#
kein_YT 3 days ago
what's the name of the music you use for the meme
Frances Rienne Lagunzad
Is that kagami with orange color?
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko 4 days ago
Johnny Falconi
Johnny Falconi 4 days ago
Johnny Falconi
Johnny Falconi 4 days ago
Paul Bendeich
Paul Bendeich 4 days ago
THIS IS NOT HATE sorry but why kagami?
•Itz Phøenix•
She d e d
teenagexwolf 4 days ago
AnnaFlor Granzinoli Gentil
Uhm what's the name of the song?
Mia Fajardo
Mia Fajardo 4 days ago
whats the background music? :D
Faye norita فاي نوريتا
Can somebody tell me what is the name of the song or meme🌚?
Viktoria Arpasova
Whats the music name? Best soulmate colour meme love it!😍
Aveline Cavaline
Aveline Cavaline 4 days ago
what's the song's name btw
Hezel Noel
Hezel Noel 4 days ago
Its sooo good many times irepeat it
꧁PiperGacha꧂ 4 days ago
I wanted to make a “top 3 soulmate color video” (I’d say “3 MLB soulmate Color” cause I think it’s rude to the other people who also worked hard on theirs) So if I give credit to you in the description with your channel can I put your video in it?
Luiza Chevalier
Luiza Chevalier 4 days ago
and died 😔✋
XxShotgun_ AngelxX
What is the song I need it
Enrique Rodríguez
what is the template
Enrique Rodríguez
Alguien que me diga como se llama la plantilla??
X x.sweétie_Būññy.x X
Ummm can i know the title of the song please‘︿’
More Kawaii Fox
More Kawaii Fox 5 days ago
Y E S .
Paris 5 days ago
I should marinate and. Kagami
Sughey Martinez
Sughey Martinez 5 days ago
Y a r e t z o l e t
why everyybody looks emo?
Frieda Behnke
Frieda Behnke 5 days ago
: 0 OMG please part two
Ashantee M
Ashantee M 5 days ago
Part 2 pls
penelope asetre
penelope asetre 5 days ago
She had error
Hanni Ryhänen
Hanni Ryhänen 5 days ago
How to get that thing between her face
VAN MANH DUONG 5 days ago
Hello ! I remember you, I gave you Cloudy Angel as you name, you’ve grown a lot !
😁🥺I think so-
Sakura Senpai
Sakura Senpai 5 days ago
Also whats the song
Sakura Senpai
Sakura Senpai 5 days ago
Love the color changing eye
April Dacuma
April Dacuma 5 days ago
Omg this is the best I'm downloading this
Evan 6 days ago
Luna x marinette no Adrián x marinette
•Weirdo• 6 days ago
I like all the ships but not them together but this is cool
Maria Clara Pimenta de Oliveira
AMEIIIIIIII,esse vídeo é mto perfeitoooooooooo
Cony Ochoa
Cony Ochoa 6 days ago
Cómo se llama la canción
Azul Camila Gonzalez Hernandez
I need the name of the song please and by the way very good edit I really liked how you edit 💖
Gacha Frost
Gacha Frost 6 days ago
name of the song/sound?
xRick Astley
xRick Astley 6 days ago
Disgusting ship
Gita Kandel
Gita Kandel 6 days ago
SUN GOKU FUN 6 days ago
MYL1F31S4J0K3 6 days ago
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE ITT but imagine them in a poly relationship- it could be cute. Because Mari was Kagamis first friend. But I also ship Lukanette and adrinette. I make every protag Bi cause they always have the same ideas, clothing style, and characteristics of a bisexual person! (Coming from a bi person) MARI EVEN CUFFS HER JEANS- LIKE 😃
Sua Stalker Pessoal
Is it strange for me to ship Kagami with Marinette? My friend hates Kagami bc she's with Andrien and like- I don't know if I can tell her 'bout my ship 😔✌️ but anywaaays, I need more Marigami content (Marinette x Kagami)
• The MJ family •
Can someone tell me what is the name of this song?
Alex Geay
Alex Geay 6 days ago