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In 2015, my NBC primetime special "Unhinged in Hollywood" premiered to huge ratings, thanks to so many of you. What you might not know is that there were three different versions of that special! Following the NBC airing, it was shown in a longer form on Comedy Central, and then available in an even longer unedited DVD version. Here are some of my favorite moments from the special... See if you can find the jokes and bits you may have never seen nor heard!
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Apr 30, 2021




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Jamie Anderson
Walter be like oh look a dummy chasing a dummy
•{Shãpéshifter løl!!}•
Little Jeff sounds like a younger Walter
William Bonney
William Bonney 20 hours ago
Never saw a ventriloquist chase his dummy 😂👍🏻
Michael Molina
Michael Molina 22 hours ago
🤣 bubba J Jeff Dunham made him funny here
Marlene Fletcher
Jeff dunham you so funny, you always make me laugh and you put a silly smile on my face. Love you and your funny puppets.
bel gie
bel gie Day ago
i may be dumb, but ur helping me" dear Lord u just helped fight bullies
David Windsor
Hollywood sell out
Sherry Hesner
Ananth Bhat
Ananth Bhat 2 days ago
I still got it😎😂😂
Rimna 2 days ago
"I still got it!" 🤣🤣🤣
Joachim haugen
Joachim haugen 2 days ago
The way hei coverd from bloopers🤌🤌
Kristi Rollins
Kristi Rollins 2 days ago
Bubba. J , peanut, Jose, acmed, and Walter are Hilarious never been to Hollywood
Danielle Kelly
Danielle Kelly 2 days ago
Why are you letting u tube put adds in your show it dose knot help
Isaac Jebsen
Isaac Jebsen 2 days ago
rajiv srivastava
rajiv srivastava 3 days ago
He is exceptional
little jeff killed me and i bet if jeff dunham make jokes with little jeff well it will be more funnier
Jillian Antonio
Jillian Antonio 5 days ago
peanut is halarious.
Rodaani 5 days ago
Sometimes i forget that the puppets aren't real people
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 5 days ago
Hey the part that I got salmonella at the first time I watched this is part of the best yay I was eating cookie dough
majiko115 5 days ago
Idk if this will become a thing but I really want to see achmed singing his own version of adele`s "hello". Like "hello, I keel you! Are you sure I am the one the f.b.i is looking for" or something. Love your content btw!
Dan White
Dan White 5 days ago
I love you
Dangerous Freedom
OMG Jeff, You are a riot. I have most of your specials and they always make me laugh my ass off. Thank you for bringing such great humor. My fav from this one,"Depends on your family" Still laughing
ben Kelly
ben Kelly 6 days ago
I love little jeff
Chris H
Chris H 6 days ago
Jeff is looking great and his shows are always top notch
Ron G
Ron G 6 days ago
Bubba J is my favorite character.
Star Cowart
Star Cowart 6 days ago
I love that he laughs at this own jokes.
Dan The car guy
Dan The car guy 6 days ago
That’s hilarious 😆
Zoe DuBerry
Zoe DuBerry 7 days ago
"It depends on your -familyy-" Indeed it does 🙂
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 7 days ago
I don't understand why this guy is so funny🤔 Comedy is dead☠
azzir325 7 days ago
Man I'm getting really SICK of all the damn commercials anymore! I'm out! Going to cut my you tube watching time back.
Mary T.
Mary T. 7 days ago
Is this live
Classic Design Boutique
Best laugh I have had in a while. Thanks Jeff!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗
Garrett Lalonde
Garrett Lalonde 8 days ago
Garrett Lalonde
Garrett Lalonde 8 days ago
The best compilation yet!!
Meredith Best
Meredith Best 8 days ago
Me trying to guess what character is next
sabin marie delor
the little jeff and achmed (at the end of the video) made me laugh so much
dobrzpe 8 days ago
damn, i forgot how damn funny Achmed was! LMAO
Evon Williams
Evon Williams 9 days ago
Bubba is so cute this is really to funny please send more😍😃😃😀❤💋
Joe Bloe
Joe Bloe 9 days ago
Didn't even smirk with this one. I think his best material is behind him.
lazy demon lord
lazy demon lord 9 days ago
I think Jeff can add a Russian character to his arsenal
T5 RC 9 days ago
And the 2021 tour will be called Unmasked? I'm just guessing here...
Metal Music Maniac
Jeff you may want to look into scanning technology, consumers find a card in the box, scan a code from their device and the tutorial shows up as a 1gb file tp save, the DVD player isn't seen much these days
Rokabur 9 days ago
Yeesh, just how short was the NBC airing when the DVD version is only like an hour and 11 minutes?
JoJotheClown 9 days ago
No cap, I'd love it if you could do a bit with Achmed and Peanut both on stage. I mean I know you need your hand for Peanut and sometimes for Achmed when his body parts fall off, but if you could do a bit with those two, man i'd be laughing my ass off.
Shashwath irri
Shashwath irri 10 days ago
Peanut: A****le.😂😂😂
John Colella
John Colella 10 days ago
always checking on what Jeff is up to :)
FaithHopeLove77 10 days ago
🤣🤣🤣Love all your shows but this was my favorite!
FaithHopeLove77 10 days ago
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 days ago
I love how one of the rarest muscle cars in the world is sitting in the background...
Christian Aldridge
Christian Aldridge 10 days ago
wolf girl 21
wolf girl 21 10 days ago
"95 $ for this what a rip off"
Rose Oakes
Rose Oakes 10 days ago
I love it when little Jeff was arguing with big Jeff so funny
Moto 10 days ago
The new sets and everything are amazing
Sandi Coleman
Sandi Coleman 10 days ago
I just love Jeff and his little box buddys lol i love me some peanut and Walter. It eeally is a feel good show. Hope he comes back to Mississippi. He was here at the Landers Center and i could not go.
Claudia Hart
Claudia Hart 10 days ago
Jeff, the photo of the Bidens taken with the shrunken forms of Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter...what more do you need for your next production?
S!lx Beats
S!lx Beats 10 days ago
Haha wdf 8:56
tony mazz
tony mazz 10 days ago
The little Jeff skit is the same one over and over again and the rest is dry. The writing is not what it used to be. After 35 years it's hard to stay on top.
Bob Simcox
Bob Simcox 10 days ago
Not family friendly, do mot watch with kids!
MaryJo Taylor
MaryJo Taylor 10 days ago
Bone to pick with you young man..whydoylukeepchangigdates of your show in Minnesota at Mystic:ale Casino? Was so looking forward to June and now it’s July?
Marco Cerruti
Marco Cerruti 10 days ago
Didn't know Jon Bon Jovi did ventriloquism.
Baltimore Shipspotting
What is this "DVD" you speak of?
Tig Lilly
Tig Lilly 10 days ago
Poor Bubba. Bubba is thinking "who's the dummy now" p.s I watched this in 2015 and it's still funny. Thanks for making me laugh.
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher 11 days ago
Much better if less bad words good way to teach your kids
Lucile Devries
Lucile Devries 11 days ago
He is the best puppeteer I've ever seen
David Davis
David Davis 11 days ago
Glad I can laugh again thank you for your devoted work Jeff!
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell 11 days ago
I absolutely love when something goes wrong with one of your puppets during your act, from Peanuts feather to achmeds hand, feet or legs. Your response is just gold. I have to grab an oxygen mask and I don’t even have one. Your comedy is a good medical test for an aneurism. If we got one it will burst. lol however if we survive we don’t have a weak vein or artery.
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell 11 days ago
Jeff, create and push/market your merchandise website. If to daunting piggy back an existing US-firstr merch site. But people would enjoy buying a Walter comment tshirt with Walter on it or Peanut or any of the other characters you have created.
Showtime&Hazbin 11 days ago
9:08 Ah... nothing like watching a celebrity chase his own doll 😆
Showtime&Hazbin 11 days ago
Walter is perfect lol “Mine’s still alive! (SAD FACE)”
Rosanna Burt
Rosanna Burt 11 days ago
kinda sounds like peanut hyper
Debbie Dixon
Debbie Dixon 11 days ago
Hands down best I've seen...wish peanut could have been involved
Brenda Bowditch
Brenda Bowditch 11 days ago
LOVE YOU !!!! thank you I needed that
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson 11 days ago
Peanut’s broken mouth it absolutely hilarious. Can we get that whole bit on US-first? That be funny as hell. But seriously thanks for the laugh I needed that.
rebal180 11 days ago
Imagine taking about 5 seconds to call your own act fake then jumping straight back into arguing with the puppet that just admitted that you are making him cuss you out. I love these specials but, that part kills me every time.
cory brearley
cory brearley 11 days ago
I was in tears over this
Eclipsimus lunalus
Eclipsimus lunalus 11 days ago
Jeff Dunham is awesome and freaking funny.
Edward Beatty
Edward Beatty 11 days ago
Who else thinks Biden looks like Walter
Gregor Hinckley
Gregor Hinckley 11 days ago
A little disappointed with the reduction of "Family friendliness." Good comedy does not require vulgarity.
Marie Stevenson
Marie Stevenson 11 days ago
I love him and his act
kyoto32001 11 days ago
achmed was using the VP"s nickname.
hawkeye3721 11 days ago
Cool car in the background of bubba j
B S 11 days ago
Crazy funny. New stuff i haven't seen. Thanks
terri day
terri day 11 days ago
Omg I died ,,you smell of shiiiiittt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bonny Blue
Bonny Blue 11 days ago
Paint Walter’s hair and eyebrows white, he would look a little like Biden but smarter.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 12 days ago
But they are from Arkansas so what should be expected thank about it products brought in from all over the world and you won’t sell them that’s greed that is absolute greed greed not greatest greed you don’t want to get rid of it think about at Walmart
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 12 days ago
Hey Jeff cool stuff be walter is all wrong about wal mart yes you can get your shit but you can not get the eff out the richest family in forever has twenty check out counters i mother effer open thirty people with full carts shaking their heads and it’s not the check out that sell beer or booze wtf ?
Mr.Nuke-man 12 days ago
` ` *what else is in the box Jeff* ?` `
Claudia Bronsteijn
Claudia Bronsteijn 12 days ago
Walter is my favorite
Christian Debose
Christian Debose 12 days ago
My dad: is Call of Duty family friendly Me: depends on your family
Dawn Mccune
Dawn Mccune 12 days ago
Margaret Pothin
Margaret Pothin 12 days ago
Hahahahahahaha love them all specially peanuts
tanner hall
tanner hall 12 days ago
JEFF DUNHAM IM YOUR BEST FAN my grandpa floyd hall I think you might recognize his name he's not doing so good .....
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 12 days ago
flashback senior year of high school went to school with a girl like Bubba J
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 12 days ago
there some weird people my friends know on there I do not want to know
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 12 days ago
Walter got the right idea for facebook truth
Alan H
Alan H 12 days ago
He's definitely still got it.
Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips 12 days ago
Oh my goodness! The Peanut part was the funniest I’ve seen!!! Never seen that one before! 🤣🤣🤣
Francesca S
Francesca S 12 days ago
During the pandemic, I have needed some extra laughter. I appreciate you posting these videos. Thank you!
madcap magician
madcap magician 12 days ago