SOLVED AFTER 23 YEARS: The Case of Sherri Rasmussen 

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The full interrogation of Stephanie Lazarus: us-first.info/player/video/qpqhnaeChIOod30.html
I would also recommend the book 'the lazarus files: a cold case investigation' by Matthew McGough if you want anymore info on the case, it was a really informative read!
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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Michelle Mannetje
Bella.. dying for your next mystery Monday! Love your videos 😊
Michelle Mannetje
I also wanted to suggest/request the Ani Ashekian case. She was (is?) a Canadian tourist who went missing while in Hong Kong. It's very mysterious and there is CCTV footage which is always great in these videos imo.
Deimos Hour ago
also, idk and also dont care if john's conscience is giving him a hard time because what good will it do to sherri or her family, i just really want whatever's out there controling our lives to hit him where it hurts the most.
If u have curly head light skin pretty Username kys
Patsy Lopez
Patsy Lopez 3 hours ago
Pk but wtf i went to that high school
Bitter Bettiee
Bitter Bettiee 4 hours ago
John was completely wrong.
Lola Hugs
Lola Hugs 6 hours ago
Reign Storm
Reign Storm 11 hours ago
can you please do a video on jeffrey dahmer
Melissa Jacobs
Melissa Jacobs 14 hours ago
Such a weird case. It is so sad covering up a case is still a thing.
Gillian Day ago
If you do happen to see this, you should do a video on the case of George Stinney. He’s a 14 year old boy who was wrongfully executed and later exonerated. It’s a case I think is perfect for mystery Monday.
Isabelle James-Hutson
theres a SVU episode based on this story
Samantha Cação
The way your dog stares at you after she fell off the bed 😂😂 iconic
Melisha Otero
So, how's the dog? Lol
Indra Zen
Indra Zen Day ago
She has crazy eyes man
Jana Mungitsch
29:00 mia is like “u dropped me.” she looks so grumpy 😂😂
The photographs of all the officers are so weird and epic- I have to wonder how those photo shoots went down!
She’s got the crazy eyes in all those photographs. Yeesh
Get in loser we’re going jopping
This pisses me off so much because her husband continued to entertain this woman until she killed his wife. If he’d cut her off earlier and taken it seriously he could have possibly saved her life.
THELLEN23 Day ago
Please do an episode on Ahmed Suredji. That is one creepy case!
Rubie Queen Cardinal
Am I the only one who's creeped out of stephanie's pictures😂
Cb K
Cb K Day ago
The ridiculous thing is the dude had no plans on staying with the murderer. The dumb bich killed her for no reason!!!!!
Shelley Mourer
John was a loser
Shelley Mourer
You need to thin your eyebrows. Too thick
Daniella Blakemore
No she doesnt her eyebrows are beautiful that way,
Bella Fiori
Bella Fiori Day ago
no :)
Katie Auger
Katie Auger Day ago
Stephanie’s eyes in those pictures wow ew disgusting
Sky Truckey
Sky Truckey 2 days ago
39:46 alternate reality Oscar and Dwight
sunshinecomments Woop
As soon as I heard she was a cop and part of LAPD I knew this was gonna be corrupt 🤦‍♀️
JENNIFER 2 days ago
oommggggg i watched a video on this on JCS criminal psychology channel! definitely recommend their videos! this case is still insane to me
Sky Shun
Sky Shun 2 days ago
Stephanie's smile creeps tf outta me
Rachel Nicole
Rachel Nicole 2 days ago
maybe it’s just the way Bella told the story bc Steph is obviously the main focus, but like anyone else think Johnny boy did NOT do enough or care enough about his wife’s murder?? like I would have personally gone after my ex if I had ANY suspicion of their involvement!
Shanice Williams
Shanice Williams 2 days ago
John is a player leading on stephanie for so long plus cheating on his wife with her
leana 13
leana 13 2 days ago
at 45:20 when the detective mentions taking a DNA sample you can literally see her eyes widen
artemis m
artemis m 2 days ago
Her face scares me, in all those pictures she is so wide eyed and cold. When they ask for a DNA sample her eyes widen again and I'm scared and angry
Duda _
Duda _ 2 days ago
I just wanted to see John’s reaction when he found out that Stephanie got arrested 😬
Emily Caitlynn
Emily Caitlynn 2 days ago
the fact that the ex gf looked like THAT and they didnt suspect her baffles me to begin with. the way she smiles and how big her eyes are ... idk dude LOL
caroline shereé
caroline shereé 2 days ago
she was so dramatic in that interview 💀
Trinity Benedict
Trinity Benedict 3 days ago
She says “I can’t really recall meeting her “ then they are smart and start talking about the hospital and she just starts going along with it . They caught her in the act 😂😂
Krystalyn Jackson
Wonder who she pissed off in order to actually, finally get looked at... 🤔
The Urban Suburban
The only thing cuter than her shirt is her eyes lol.
The Urban Suburban
also RIP Mia, straight off the bed lol
Asia Jarosińska
Asia Jarosińska 3 days ago
Does watching that can counts as learning English? You have made such a good job with this video
wafa Aleryani
wafa Aleryani 3 days ago
Her eyes has a lot of evil
Pamela Page
Pamela Page 3 days ago
Unbelievable this so so sad how corrupt some police are
moony 3 days ago
bella love you need to put more adds ! you deserve them :)
Leen Abusalem
Leen Abusalem 3 days ago
Killer Bee
Killer Bee 3 days ago
Love how u talked to ur dog. I do the same thing with my babies. So cute
Bon Bon
Bon Bon 4 days ago
Best intro. EVER! Dogs (like kids) seriously have no idea how much work we have to do to support their happy lifestyles.... so entitled;-)
Some One
Some One 4 days ago
I just realized I had watched the interogation of John's ex like 20 minutes into the video lol
Jessica Kraus
Jessica Kraus 4 days ago
This makes me so sad. This case could have been closed the week after it happened of they just followed the lead from her father 😢
blue hour
blue hour 4 days ago
we share the same birthday...
Stinky Cheeseman
Stinky Cheeseman 4 days ago
TIL if you are going to stage a "robbery gone wrong," you should actually take some stuff
Sunshine Skeen
Sunshine Skeen 4 days ago
You should make a video on the Hinterkaifeck murders.
This is so sad.. I just think about how much Sherri did to succeed in her life. She maybe 🤔 thought of having a really long life. I still have my mom who is 90.. she still thinks about things she would love to do. What I’m saying is life isn’t as short as the justice system would like to have us believe. ! How could 27 yrs possibly make up for the beautiful life she took from so many good people. I think it’s a insult and spit in the face to her family. This guy John was a complete jerk.. he should’ve got a restraining order against this monster 👹 and moved he and Sherri as far away from the mental case as they could get! This was unnecessary. I wish Sherri never would have forgiven him & ran for the hills whatever it took to get away from this girly guy John!
Kazuichi Soda
Kazuichi Soda 4 days ago
sheeesh its so infuriating how obvious the truth couldve been if the lapd just considered it was one of them for a SECOND- real sucky of them
Jessica Camacho
Jessica Camacho 4 days ago
I can’t believe her husband slept with his ex fling after she died. He’s so disrespectful
sophlrk 4 days ago
hey bella! i was wondering if you could do the menendez brothers case!
Nateira 4 days ago
You should definitely cover the Christy Mirack case. Crazy went unsolved for nearly 26 years.
Madeleine Jayne
Madeleine Jayne 5 days ago
My mom is 6 ft! She’s been so self conscious her whole life, so she’d love to hear you call Sherri a “supermodel” essentially ^_^
Madeleine Jayne
Madeleine Jayne 5 days ago
Does Care/ Of take medications you take into account? Bc I feel like that would impact things, and I’m on meds but I wanna try it.
Isabella Connery
Isabella Connery 5 days ago
miss girl really thought she was going to get away with it too
Isabella Connery
Isabella Connery 5 days ago
She sounded SO GUILY during the interrogation.
Morshe Fae
Morshe Fae 5 days ago
Soon as you said his ex was a LAPD officer I said "welp. Nothing is gonna happen her"
Fleur Dixon
Fleur Dixon 5 days ago
I wouldn’t be surprised if John knew more than he was letting on. Maybe they were having an affair or something.
Alexis Gary
Alexis Gary 5 days ago
In conclusion John is TRASH
SHANI STOTT 5 days ago
Stephanie is a cruel woman. How can you live with yourself after you murder someone and ruin a families life.
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor 5 days ago
Does anyone know where Bellas t shirt is from?? Xxx
Brianna Parry
Brianna Parry 6 days ago
You should do a video on the Kristin Smart case! Xx
Nikkie J.
Nikkie J. 6 days ago
Seeing the police interrogate her and not knowing why she was there was so funny. I mean the way she was acting while being questioned about John and Sherri, was so obvious that she was responsible for her death. It's probably just me, but I think if police cover up a murder and also contaminate evidence that they should be held responsible as well. If an ordinary person did the same thing, they would be held responsible. It should be the same thing for the police. It's only right. But that's just me.
Sophie Spicer
Sophie Spicer 6 days ago
OMG when Mia fell I cried 😭
An Go
An Go 6 days ago
I don't understand why families that have both money and a suspect don't hire a private investigator/ or a team of them when police disappoints them. Also doesn't DNA show gender, skin color, hair color, eye color, sicknesses, etc? Why don't they use the evidence this way to have a better profile of the suspects?
Aesthetically Dead
It’s the fact that she wanted to hide what she did but she some what still told the truth
jupitergrls 6 days ago
"Fatal Attraction"... and he was definitely playing these women and who knows how many more!
Sakina S
Sakina S 6 days ago
The fact he got with Stephanie again after the murder makes my blood BOIL!
Karli Rose Keanu
Karli Rose Keanu 6 days ago
Just by the way Sherri is attacked clearly shows it was a woman with so much rage.
Bali 6 days ago
No way this pisses me off... LAPD deserved to get sued and she got 1000 days off for good behaviour? John is also an ass.
Quiana Pierre
Quiana Pierre 6 days ago
I could’ve sworn i saw something like this on law and order 👀
ashley lol
ashley lol 6 days ago
Moral of the story: don’t get married
Shireez Lehmann
Shireez Lehmann 6 days ago
Hi, have u heard about the Angelika Graswald case? She's known as the 'Kayak Killer.' Would be so cool if u cover up that case!!!
Heba Hajij
Heba Hajij 6 days ago
That ex girlfriend has a really CRAZY EYES
yoongi !
yoongi ! 6 days ago
is it just me or does stephanie look a lot like oli london.
amberknowgood 6 days ago
Hypothesis 25 mins in: John’s a narcissist that triangulated his booty call BFF and his wife until he got his wife killed.🤬
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 6 days ago
Her poor parents. And the last kick in the guts for them is they can’t sue because the statue of limitations had run out.... that is so messed up!! People should get together and make them pay, that is the best way to reduce officers misconduct is the future. And I say REDUCE, because it will never be stopped!
Anushka 6 days ago
I need to rob her earing collection now. They are so cool and beautiful, just like her.
Kim Miranda
Kim Miranda 6 days ago
can you please do a video of the murder of grace millane
Not Just A Pretty Face
She just went in living her best life..smh.
Stella Mylchreest
UGHH THANK U BELLA like this man is so trash for how he treated his whole fiancé
Daniella Devito
Daniella Devito 6 days ago
Wait I live in Walla Walla in Washington it’s actually really beautiful
Patricia Boron
Patricia Boron 7 days ago
Can you do Kristen Smart from Stockton California?
Anushka 7 days ago
Her expressions, sighs are creepy like she doesn't know anything related.
Anushka 7 days ago
Someone fcking cover Stephanie's eyes. Its creeping me out. Wth is wrong with her eyes
Rainbowkitty:3 7 days ago
ew her smile is so creepy I don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight
v7nte 7 days ago
the first time i heard about this case was from JCS. his video showed her entire secret interrogation and you could see the fear in her face when she realized she got caught. she probably thought she would live the rest of her life without anyone figuring it out, thank god she didn’t get off that easily. even though it took so many years for any justice.
Catherine Francisco
Is it just me or she was handcuffed during the interview?
Mumtas 7 days ago
Jealousy is a disease 😬
Jenni 7 days ago
This is great because I’ve watched everything on this case and i never knew some of this.. well done!
Gloria Kasemire
Gloria Kasemire 7 days ago
lionturtle 7 days ago
One thing I will say about this- it's not just LAPD that protects their own, no matter the crime. It's honestly a systemic issue in America called the "Blue Wall of Silence". If your partner fucks up and kills someone by accident, you always side with them and the department. If you don't, you're ousted and threatened. Not gonna say every single police department is this way, but it's a nationwide, systemic issue unfortunately.
Lauren Allmeyer
Lauren Allmeyer 7 days ago
Sherri deserved so much better, she should have left him when she found out he cheated on her. She would probably still be alive. Stephanie is a crazy witch who deserves to rot in prison for the rest of her life. She definitely is a sociopath because she seems to have had no guilt to have moved on with her life like she did
•Clover• 7 days ago
33:04 that photo is so scary 💀
Desirae Taylor
Desirae Taylor 7 days ago
Everyone else: discussing the case Me after her dog fell: This is the most important crime of this video
olivia .-*•,
olivia .-*•, 7 days ago
that oblivious shit is annoying. ole crazy eyes
Sarah Kozicki
Sarah Kozicki 7 days ago
I truly do not understand how someone can commit a vicious, pre-meditated murder and then just go on to live their life normally and without incident. Huh? And apparently John wasn't worth it anyway because they didn't even stay together. Like this bitch's brain doesn't make any sense to me. Wtf.
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