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Apr 30, 2021




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Celianerose 2 days ago
I honestly want him as a spirit animal I literally had the same reaction 😂
꧁kiwi - Akira꧂
Umm ok👀
th3n1ck27 4 days ago
A124lol Gaming
A124lol Gaming 6 days ago
He can technically just sue them lol
سيف نواف الزراع
Bro the first time I checked my dms was a messed from my girl saying her mom passed away due to cancer so I had to live with her and support her because I know what it feels like to be in her shoes because I have cancer and I lost both my mom and dad
Mayywxrld 8 days ago
My online friends texting me
Louise Marie Georges
Imagine the girl who sent this to him watching this be like 😭😱😰
cxelle 8 days ago
sexualizing women is honestly a giant problem and deserves all the attention it has. although more uncommon, sexualizing men is also a problem, especially considering how normalized it is. im not saying this because im a guy and im mad or whatever, as a girl, its just wrong to sexualize anyone that doesnt want to be sexualized.
stinks or stonks
stinks or stonks 8 days ago
Lmao he doesn't check his dms because he gets too many videos of boobs Suffering from success
Not _Daisy
Not _Daisy 8 days ago
Poor guy
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 8 days ago
My user is life
AT5LAS 8 days ago
He maybe gonna look at that video later 😂😏😏😏
Mercedes Jade
Mercedes Jade 8 days ago
Now u know how women feel when we get unsolicited "eggplant" pics
-Ghostly- 9 days ago
DJoy 9 days ago
Yes chesticals I like that name I’m naming my child that
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 9 days ago
Joyful Person
Joyful Person 9 days ago
Trinity edits
Trinity edits 9 days ago
✨chesticles✨ sounds like some sort of magic word😭🤚🏼
Poor man got his whole day ruined
Damaris Coronado
Damaris Coronado 9 days ago
Why- in like for the millionth time they tell u not to send dirty stuff like why do celebrities get this or youtubers its a bunch tooooooo far
Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall 9 days ago
I hope it doesn’t happen again
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 9 days ago
Ah yes, chesticles
/Two Darlings\
/Two Darlings\ 9 days ago
Ok I’m sorry but why does they/she/he/it (don’t wanna misgender them) sound constipated or on the toilet while making this? like 😭
my stuff sibert
my stuff sibert 9 days ago
Lol " chesticles"
TrxqicalxLxila 9 days ago
You think this is bad? It’s life or death tapping to see a picture on Snapchat.
Liani Scura
Liani Scura 9 days ago
Ok that is weird
kaorikai ツ !
kaorikai ツ ! 11 days ago
CHEESE GROMIT 11 days ago
Nice eye brow cuts
richard aubamiang
richard aubamiang 11 days ago
Do what I said. Jk
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis 11 days ago
This happend to me one time
ElfinShell 11 days ago
Just wanted to say, I think your teeth look absolutely awesome! Also, chesticles is hilarious 😂
Lhin Lehn
Lhin Lehn 11 days ago
Javon williams
Javon williams 11 days ago
I don't see anything
Kira Becker
Kira Becker 12 days ago
Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr 12 days ago
That's a case
Mulatto Timmons
Mulatto Timmons 12 days ago
You guys are getting dms?
NightRaven Plays
NightRaven Plays 12 days ago
I don't care
Liana H
Liana H 12 days ago
When guys get a glimpse into what it's like to be a woman every day 💀💀 I'm so sorry
Liana H
Liana H 7 days ago
@SuperMillion101 lmao do what 😅 it's so shitty that he had to experience that getting unsolicited photos is really violating
SuperMillion101 7 days ago
Can we not do this dude
Yuuio 8 days ago
@stinks or stonks because little dudes think it's cool and funny
Yuuio 8 days ago
@stinks or stonks yea it does
stinks or stonks
stinks or stonks 8 days ago
@Yuuio yeah, but im sure it happens to women a lot more.
karma comin
karma comin 12 days ago
Yea no
deadlysis 12 days ago
Ninaa 12 days ago
I lovw how he is so calm 😃
Sano Anon
Sano Anon 12 days ago
chesticles or breasticles is a new way for me to reffer to boobs
Bubbly 2.0
Bubbly 2.0 12 days ago
Its her minecraft parkour gameplay to impress you
Aydan Luther
Aydan Luther 12 days ago
I would say ok i need a age
Jacquelyn Ramirez
Jacquelyn Ramirez 12 days ago
LMAO ima use the word chesticles 💀
Azariaisntsleeping 12 days ago
Mikayla Smith
Mikayla Smith 12 days ago
The lesson to be learned is don't check your dms
That’s so sad
D Bower
D Bower 12 days ago
Sometimes I just don't understand why guys like boobs so much I mean they say that it's comfy to lay on but like they don't look nice like maybe cleavage looks nice but there literally just like pieces of fat that just hang there with a freaking pepperoni piece on it I don't understand coming from female
Kellapeer 12 days ago
LoL, those are 8oo8$
Big Ed’s fidgets UvU
maha alfarhan
maha alfarhan 12 days ago
Let me tell you, block all of them, if they do like this or like show anything that has to do with body parts and disgusting block them.that is disgusting
Fluffy Child
Fluffy Child 12 days ago
I call them unwanted thing cause they might seem great at first but the get in the way
Angel L,J
Angel L,J 12 days ago
No just no
Abby Oliver
Abby Oliver 12 days ago
Sarah Edison
Sarah Edison 12 days ago
ChipSmooch SM
ChipSmooch SM 12 days ago
I respect this person so much 💅
NDK0 12 days ago
I guess there are ugly ass people out there, who would do other ugly ass people... Ugly=ugly
Noelle Martin
Noelle Martin 12 days ago
Fack you
Payton arriaga
Payton arriaga 12 days ago
Tyla Loves To Sing
Tyla Loves To Sing 12 days ago
✨Cheasticals ✨ I died🤣🤣😂😭
Questions 12 days ago
This guy passed the vibe check. If u see this let’s be friends 😂
Nicholas Potyok
Nicholas Potyok 12 days ago
Ayo bro idk why tf u complaining this dude prob gay or sum
Oni 12 days ago
@Eclipse Gamerz literally
Eclipse Gamerz
Eclipse Gamerz 12 days ago
Nah bro you just a dumbass
Terence 12 days ago
He not tryna catch a case bro
Menace To Society
Menace To Society 12 days ago
Monke Playz
Monke Playz 12 days ago
idk y people r so frikin, *DISGUSTANG*
Clout Wolf
Clout Wolf 12 days ago
finally. a man that respects
Amaya D
Amaya D 12 days ago
Underaged or A cup😂😭
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 12 days ago
"That's what he reminds me of, Ronald McDonald" -Elizabeth banks in pitch perfect
Weston Clark
Weston Clark 12 days ago
Imagine getting dms (Cries)
Chambrr 12 days ago
Edp’s opposite
El abyss
El abyss 12 days ago
I have a new word to call my chest-
Cutekawi Cat
Cutekawi Cat 12 days ago
No no helll no
Sandra K
Sandra K 12 days ago
I have one question Why~?
Milan Borges
Milan Borges 12 days ago
Wow Never heard of unsolicited boob pics That's actually not cool at all lmao Same way a girl wouldn't like unsolicited dick picks guys would like something like such delivered to them... Or at least I wouldn't...
Fauriele Oop
Fauriele Oop 12 days ago
Thats a good guy
FifaStreet Fox _Official
This is one of the many reasons why people dont give teens phones
Bradley Greenland
Bradley Greenland 12 days ago
We’re gonna- no, this is- no
TheContaminatedOne 12 days ago
Is the girl in the pfp succin?
#love Mileena# please don’t hate her
Good for you nobody cares
Oni 12 days ago
Then gtfo lmao
Jess Garcia
Jess Garcia 12 days ago
@japeth planas it matters to me
japeth planas
japeth planas 12 days ago
Good for you your opinion doesn't matter
The UwU Monster
The UwU Monster 12 days ago
Respect 😁 ✊ I love your attitude and how much integrity u have
Manisha Kale
Manisha Kale 12 days ago
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose 12 days ago
I call my “bwebs” chesties and chesticles cause I don’t really like when people say “boobs” I’m like- “please don’t say that” even tho that’s what their called
Lucid Ferret
Lucid Ferret 8 days ago
I dont like calling them that either and im a dude
Brieanna Gabbard
Brieanna Gabbard 8 days ago
I say busoms(I can’t spell lol)
Nathan Thornhill
Nathan Thornhill 9 days ago
What about yum yum bags XD
deadric 9 days ago
i call it boobs 😀 sometimes in my head i say✨ tiddies✨
char z
char z 10 days ago
@Regret im talking to autumn rose and i want them to shut up because they sound dumb and annoying asfk
Sato Plays
Sato Plays 12 days ago
Well being hot has its price.. im glad I'm not but also wish I was
Lily Toliver
Lily Toliver 12 days ago
I love how he presented it like all the possible names
Joaquin Garcia
Joaquin Garcia 12 days ago
What a man.
Quinn Hlava
Quinn Hlava 12 days ago
Finally a man of honor and respect
Milan Borges
Milan Borges 12 days ago
Let him represent us. Ignore the others, they share an old OS.
Chris hasexploded
Chris hasexploded 12 days ago
As a trans guy I'm gonna start calling my chest chesticles
Bangtan Nabi
Bangtan Nabi 7 hours ago
As your fellow trans brother I already do this lmao
Rue Angel
Rue Angel Day ago
As a pansexual girl that loves everybody I say you do it!💯👏
Rainbow Skies
Rainbow Skies 5 days ago
Lmao same
Lol good idea
Chris hasexploded
@Zaxqr being transphobic is not it
Åññå Årt's
Åññå Årt's 12 days ago
Mam this is a Wendy's drive through
SK 114
SK 114 12 days ago
Oh well
Touya Todoroki
Touya Todoroki 12 days ago
Okay just pause for a sec, this may seem weird but I saw your teeth at the start so I ended up focusing on them and your canines are so sharp bro, are you a vampire dude
-Ghostly- 9 days ago
kaorikai ツ !
kaorikai ツ ! 11 days ago
yo my teeth are the same
Gaming Master
Gaming Master 12 days ago
I think they might be fake
Mich Oba
Mich Oba 12 days ago
You can tell he's a biter 😌
Alfvedo 12 days ago
Was gonna point out them shark teeth lol
Nevaeh Allen
Nevaeh Allen 12 days ago
Raelyn Taylor
Raelyn Taylor 12 days ago
GreenWolf 12 days ago
Ohh nooooo
yeet grace
yeet grace 12 days ago
omg he is so cute haha
J M 12 days ago
Lol usually women are the ones complaining about unsolicited d*ck pics. Lol that was a change.
yeet grace
yeet grace 12 days ago
@Idkanygoodnames8864 Dawg i was just sayin...
Idkanygoodnames8864 Dawg
I feel like this I kinda what he meant
Isabelle Snape
Isabelle Snape 12 days ago
I respect them so much
Raven Snape
Raven Snape 3 hours ago
@Isabelle Snape yes ofc. Sorry i was at malfoy mannor😐
Isabelle Snape
Isabelle Snape 9 days ago
@Raven Snape wow. I never expected that- but it makes sense. Well it’s nice to meet you- would you like to come to dinner sometime?
Raven Snape
Raven Snape 9 days ago
@Isabelle Snape Narcissa
Isabelle Snape
Isabelle Snape 9 days ago
@Raven Snape lily Potter... who’s yours?
Raven Snape
Raven Snape 9 days ago
@Isabelle Snape prob a half sibling. Whos ur mom
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