solo truck camping in moab canyons 

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pretty sure this place was made by aliens
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Apr 30, 2021




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Andre Zarate Ceballos
i would be scerd to park a car at the side of a cliff
Matthew Schneider
Matthew Schneider 10 hours ago
how do you find these spots
Rene Melendez
Rene Melendez 15 hours ago
You make some good grub Maverick
zack mcallister
zack mcallister 16 hours ago
Song at 18:50?
M. Lopez
M. Lopez Day ago
9:11 the view
James Allen
James Allen Day ago
@9:13 looks a fucking green screen man, I wish to travel out there one day
doodlyhunter Day ago
i get car sick when i get in a car i feel like vomiting :(
Jannik Eriksen
Song at 3:35?
Kelly B. Nunn
Kelly B. Nunn 2 days ago
How do you get drone shots.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 2 days ago
I wonder who flies the drone during the shots of him driving from the sky 🤔
Nicholas Jackson
Nicholas Jackson 2 days ago
to you clowns say his food is burned shit that looked good made me want some...good job bro ..wish I was doing what you are...if your ever in the phx az area hit us will like to meet you and maybe do some camping at the lakes we have out here...from your fan in az keep trucking....
E Z 2 days ago
Beautiful sunrise! You must of had a heck of a view of the night sky.
Have you ever contemplated lifting the truck to make these trails a bit easier? If so why not? Truly just curious
elena santoyo
elena santoyo 3 days ago
don't go to mexico its dangerous to travel in a car there
Devin Heaps
Devin Heaps 3 days ago
Yo mav, love the vids man. just wondering if you could tell me how to get to this spot, i live in utah and love moab.
Mirlong Engleng
Mirlong Engleng 3 days ago
Dreaming to be like you but can’t afford it for everything
meljohnhenry 3 days ago
Falling in Reverse!! @3:35 🤘 keep on rockin' and trucking!
Eat Eat
Eat Eat 3 days ago
Hello I’m from Cambodia 🇰🇭
Dan Vigilant
Dan Vigilant 3 days ago
Ahhhh yes the typical “I need gas” lol just a bunch of thieves....
T.U.E 4 days ago
It's about being free brotha! Thats what over landing is.
Jani Huoponen
Jani Huoponen 4 days ago
Dude, how can you eat all that food in the morning? 😀😀
Jorge Zelaya
Jorge Zelaya 4 days ago
This is genius 👏 I'm twenty one still living with my parents. No excuse to live with parents when you got a truck. ☺ ps where do you use the restroom at?
SOUAR BRAHIM 4 days ago
dude come on the second meal always onion first xD
Bryan Bills
Bryan Bills 5 days ago
CEO of burning food
Austin Mullen
Austin Mullen 5 days ago
How do you eat so much!!!
Nathan Wind
Nathan Wind 5 days ago
Man I wish I would have dine something like this when I was young. Now I’m middle aged and have the responsibilities of a middle aged guy.
Stradskie Gaming
Stradskie Gaming 5 days ago
Are those snow in the mountains? i thought the place was desert?
Stradskie Gaming
Stradskie Gaming 5 days ago
I feel so cozy in Mav's vlogs... But are you not scared of being alone in places like that? some pirates or bad people could come..
Nowfal Rameez
Nowfal Rameez 5 days ago
Nice trip
Jeff B
Jeff B 5 days ago
Need a haircut bro…….Bzzzzzzzzz
Jeff B
Jeff B 5 days ago
Haha he said special moments with his self…..lol…..anyone care to read into that?………lmao
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 5 days ago
Mav u luck u didn't go off edge
Jeff B
Jeff B 5 days ago
Clean that truck bro……..lol
Malware 04
Malware 04 5 days ago
Should get a small leaf blower to blow away dust or maybe a air compressor, air compressors are a lot more beneficial
Malware 04
Malware 04 5 days ago
Nvm he has a compressor...
BDubzz 6 days ago
next time you use that dutch oven you should try that feta cheese and cherry tomato pasta thing
TheGAMEGod 6 days ago
So many ppl love you and watch you daily man. You went to find yourself and in return the world found you. God bless.
TheGAMEGod 6 days ago
That breakfast looked sooooo fire
UltraRichterian 6 days ago
Yeah man, get some good full purpose (on road off road) tires and lift the truck a bit.
UltraRichterian 6 days ago
Those drone shots are badass.
i can't imagine being somewhere like that. it's beautiful beyond words but... it's so dead quiet. you can literally see for miles and there's no cars, no people yelling. that must be so nice.
Daniel Larsson
Daniel Larsson 6 days ago
Get a dirtbike dude !! But maybe you dont have an interest in that, didnt sound like it on your voice xD
Obvious Skateboarding
bro please stop eating and talking to the camera at the same time, its driving me insane
Эмиль Шамсиев
Я один тут руский?
Santosh Nair
Santosh Nair 6 days ago
that drone shot 👍
Loni Arrizon-Tovar
Can we get some details or a vid of your truck light setup... The copy cat in me needs to know lol
Matt 6 days ago
0:35 : “we’re gonna have to be super careful” 20:17 :
Quoted Meteor426
Quoted Meteor426 6 days ago
I’m sorta surprised how well, Mav’s truck did, but he has a lot of off-roading equipment on that truck like, FX-4 which gives you a rear locker, he has some of the best tires for off-roading or all terrain (BF Goodrich KO2), and probably a few more things. May have to get me a Ford F-150 here real soon…
sayisi stoner
sayisi stoner 6 days ago
Do u just put parking lot on your home address?
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 7 days ago
I cook a ton but without a doubt you eat better out of your truck than most I think! You should develop mav's cookbook
Fritz Michael
Fritz Michael 7 days ago
Mav singing escape the fate
Chad Jones
Chad Jones 7 days ago
Man you should get a dog to travel with you or something!
Koda 7 days ago
Waking up in the middle of nowhere is calming.
Irie Moon
Irie Moon 7 days ago
wow... Beautiful morning and a beautiful view and a awesome breakfast and cheers to you...
Kaison M
Kaison M 7 days ago
Bro keep carrying 2021 keep up the good work love the vids
Alex cooper
Alex cooper 7 days ago
Have you ever seen Bigfoot on your adventurous
Bugga Wugga
Bugga Wugga 7 days ago
...wheel bearings get em serviced dont forget... Jesus Christ is King..
BUBBAV2 7 days ago
What happened to the young lady you met a few weeks ago?
Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw 7 days ago
Mav how do you keep your teeth sparkling white ? What do you use ? Love the bright lite bar on top of your truck . Are you ever scared all alone in the desolate areas you travel in ?
The Fishing Mommy
The Fishing Mommy
also because I’m the same age as your parents...please wear your seatbelt always. we want to keep you around.
latebraker 7 days ago
Bike tube probably got loose from the rock crawling chassis flex between the cab and the bed.
Jack Devlin
Jack Devlin 7 days ago
Anyone else think this is one of Mav’s best video.
Korab B
Korab B 7 days ago
Why don’t you buy a Van and fully costume it?
HiHungryI'mDad 7 days ago
Based on how unappreciative that woman was about you filling their car with gas I'm guessing it was all a scam to get some cash
JOHN NEWMAN 7 days ago
Bro hell yeah. Your in my home state. Let’s go fly fish the Weber river. In northern Utah. Let’s gooooo
Jj Pp
Jj Pp 8 days ago
If you come to Mexico defenetly check out MULEGE, about 32 hours from san ysidro California (border with Tijuana ) Btw you need a stool a chair or something to eat outside the truck
Nathan Alvarez
Nathan Alvarez 8 days ago
Rest a sure that truck will rarely get stuck. Those trucks are great off-road. The best f150's Ford has ever built. Guarantee you mav has never had issues with his f150
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 8 days ago
Utah!!! Represent :)
jon moore
jon moore 8 days ago
Back it up terry 😂
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson 8 days ago
Yeah his name is Terry
krishna das Vinicius Maciel
Big monsther mav 🐗 .
Manolo Espana
Manolo Espana 8 days ago
One of the best channels around. What song is that at 18:40 ?
easE 8 days ago
I’ve been depressed for a good portion of my life... seeing you have fun and exploring on your own and was so inspiring I decided to follow in your footsteps and finally visit the west side of the country, it’s scary being all alone but I watch your videos and I feel like everything’s gonna be alright... thanks Mav. I wouldn’t have had the guts to finally do this and escape my toxic home environment without your help🙏 I sincerely cannot thank you enough for your content please never stop!
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 8 days ago
mexico has a high homicide rate so I'd watch out
Morad El-Zayat
Morad El-Zayat 8 days ago
commonnnn mavv uu know ya love her 😂😂
Dinna Sadu
Dinna Sadu 8 days ago
zants 8 days ago
Wait what, did the owner have the gas can nozzle? How were they going to pour it?
VLAD777BOI 8 days ago
Mav is probably the most chilled out youtuber
Pint_of_Ale Arg
Pint_of_Ale Arg 8 days ago
Who dislikes this and why?
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 8 days ago
Maverick you need to get yourself a haircut that hair of yours is getting too long
Master Blaster
Master Blaster 8 days ago
Your at Walmart, go get you some more bananas
Silverback Shooting
Dude... this video in particular makes me want to drop out of college and live in my 4Runner 😂😂😂😂 shit haha
ArnayRazor L_L
ArnayRazor L_L 8 days ago
so peaceful
Dan Demore
Dan Demore 8 days ago
Actually hit the nail on the head, I recently started camping(even just did a trip from SA to MOAB) but my wife and I have basically always been together in our 8 years of marriage and she is struggling to understand how I need this alone lol. I mean its also fun to camp with her but sometimes I want to be solo
Palm Ville
Palm Ville 8 days ago
Nobody's gonna mention he's singing along escape the fate?
Rueckert 8 days ago
i live in longmont wish i coulda met you
JN336 9 days ago
Anyone know how much this mans truck is lifted if any at all?
Euro Shane
Euro Shane 9 days ago
U should make bike tube logo merch!
Iyathoi Kicks
Iyathoi Kicks 9 days ago
where Your toilet
Euro Shane
Euro Shane 9 days ago
Dude how are you getting drone footage and driving your truck at the sane time?
E 9 days ago
Only real ones know the thumbnail has changed like 4 times
bjk12385 9 days ago
DUDE...that is a champions breakfast(scenery included)!
Daniel Mustang
Daniel Mustang 9 days ago
“If. that. answers your. question!” I died lmao people leave this man alone he’s just livin
John Hixson
John Hixson 9 days ago
jamming silver sun pickups..... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Alan E. Olivas
Alan E. Olivas 9 days ago
One of your best vids. I don’t see how anyone would give it a thumbs down?!
Arup Kalita
Arup Kalita 9 days ago
Chris 9 days ago
Anyone know what trail this is?
5tay Tuned
5tay Tuned 9 days ago
1:38 Mav I suggest you receive guidance from people who know the lay of the land of where you are planning to go. Absolutely do not show up without doing your research.
Jacobe Conrad
Jacobe Conrad 9 days ago
Escape the Fate?? Mav's cooler than when I last watched him with AP surviving a night in the woods. Lets get your spotify playlist!!!
Dirt road Dusty
Dirt road Dusty 9 days ago
Stoked to see more of your travel my friend! Much love from the Pacific Northwest...
zhaneranger 9 days ago
Good call for not taking the stranger in your car, but still helping them with a few gallons of gas.