Soldiers vs TANK BATTLE! *We made a working TANK* 

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#sponsored Thank you to our partner World of Tanks for making this video possible. Make sure to click the link (tanks.ly/3eIXWZI) to download World of Tanks. New players who register for the first time will be able to use the code TANKMANIA for access to the Excelsior (Tier 5) tank, 250k credits, 7 days premium access. And access to the Tiger 131 (Tier 6), Cromwell B (Tier 6), and T34-85M (Tier 6) tanks for 10 battles each! Remember, we are going to be playing live with you, so make sure you download the game and join us. Be on the lookout for those dates on our Instagram.
Pinned Comment: Download World of Tanks at (tanks.ly/3eIXWZI).
Hey guys! In this video, we Joey's team must destroy Bobby and Bryan's tank! Joey leads a group of soldiers to battle against a fully armored tank named Fluffy! This is a turn-based game where strategy will need to be created! Do not let the tank win! We have paintball markers, Tshirt launchers, and cannons to destroy each other! Some other videos you may like are Eating 1 Color Food for 24 hrs | Who will give up first?, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Pull Wrong Tooth & Get EATEN by the CROC!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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Apr 30, 2021




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Team Edge
Team Edge 12 days ago
Remember, we are going to be playing live with you, so make sure you download the game and join us. Be on the lookout for those dates on our Instagram @itsteamedge . Download World of Tanks at (tanks.ly/3eIXWZI​).
Desiree Uztariz
Desiree Uztariz 4 days ago
British mark 1s mocs
Rare colored footage of German tank crew defending against Americans
Florah Mathodi
Florah Mathodi 5 days ago
Bobby cool say of the tank
@Jack Barrie It was amazing you get me
Jack Barrie
Jack Barrie 6 days ago
@Banana Does Things no m756k ambred
Snowy Wolf
Snowy Wolf 6 hours ago
Bobby and brayen they are loke storm poper
Benjamin Nguyen
Benjamin Nguyen 7 hours ago
Shooting a medic is a war crime
Benjamin Nguyen
Benjamin Nguyen 7 hours ago
Thats bad
rimaru tempest 2.0
rimaru tempest 2.0 10 hours ago
Hay guys there is nothing in this comment you can move on and read the other comments. Now go on don't look. Why are you still scrolling there is nothing. Ok you can stop scrolling now. This is your last chance. STOP! এখানে কিছু নেই I TOLD YOU THERE WAS NOTHING HERE YOU DIDN'T LISTEN YOU JUST WASTED YOUR TIME.
Neielvaughn Tagulao
I miss you guys because i forgot how you guys idk why
Panzer26 Day ago
Sheridan + fury on low budget
rodge ng
rodge ng Day ago
This is so good🤣🤣😆 Pure comedy
Amanda Wichers
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Day ago
Who wants to see a part two but the tanks don’t suck in the cannons actually work we because we can all agree no one’s that bad
Joseph Renaud
this is josh he dosent talk- best quote of team edge
Turtle Dude
Turtle Dude Day ago
i got a world of tanks ad on this vid lol
Linus Larsson
Make one more
Devin Lin
Devin Lin Day ago
Devin Lin
Devin Lin Day ago
Devin Lin
Devin Lin Day ago
i_ Succ_game
i_ Succ_game Day ago
Bruh tiger 1 be like : How much armors does it have Maus : Maybe a lot? cuz it from footer Tiger : Call the JG PZ E100 make sure he gets on the stage spot
Day ago
this is even better from the normal tank battles like u have so,iders also dude ur amazing
Wendylou Flores
Wendylou Flores 2 days ago
SK Lane
SK Lane 2 days ago
Literally the first black person i have seen in these videos ever
Marc Labossiere
Marc Labossiere 2 days ago
I love how they are messing around like this and failing parkour while using colourful tennis ball launchers, but they are wearing World War II helmets.
Evan Stevens
Evan Stevens 2 days ago
You know is a war crime to shoot at the medic
Wolf assiasn 864
Wolf assiasn 864 2 days ago
my last Brian cell be like... 2:30
The USA Gamer
The USA Gamer 2 days ago
helen joyner
helen joyner 2 days ago
That tank is modeled after a British tank of ww2
Kolten Hindman
Kolten Hindman 2 days ago
You should play play this again
Universal Crew Productions
This was actually super legit. So cool guys. I have an idea though if you can figure out how to do it. You guys should try to do a make your own MECH BATTLE!
Maseika Letlow
Maseika Letlow 2 days ago
You guys should do a vid on a blast popper battle you can find them at like a store or crackle barrel and it a thing that shoots balls but they do not hurt at all I love your vids
Maseika Letlow
Maseika Letlow 2 days ago
The New drhorror1
Can you do more.
The New drhorror1
Avery Hackler
Avery Hackler 2 days ago
Some of these make me so mad because they don’t play fairly 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Теодор Ганчев Ненчев
Wasn't fair you f*** words
Nathan C
Nathan C 2 days ago
kk i got it
banana boy
banana boy 2 days ago
Hanz get ze panzer
Puku 19
Puku 19 2 days ago
Yea it’s good for this to be back
Kobe Smith
Kobe Smith 2 days ago
You should do a huge battlefield 5 video with tanks and trucks and stuff
Paddy Dale
Paddy Dale 3 days ago
Amongus AMONGUS 3 days ago
donnie crowley
donnie crowley 3 days ago
are we gonna ignore the fact the two guys in the tank are trying to do war crimes jk love you vids.
Landon snellgrove
Like a movie
Thuy Hang Le
Thuy Hang Le 3 days ago
why don't you attach the tank to a 4 Wheel motocycle
Thuy Hang Le
Thuy Hang Le 3 days ago
can you make a war between to amor tank ?????
Nazlee Abas
Nazlee Abas 3 days ago
That looks like a self propelled altillery more than a tank
The Norwegian Duck regime
Japanese snipers in WWII: 3:05
leafs-kaz YT
leafs-kaz YT 3 days ago
Bruh most times he didnt miss it was them moving outta the way lol its ridiculous
Jessica chen
Jessica chen 3 days ago
I see a World of Tanks ad before watching a video about tanks and fighting which is sponsored by World of Tanks...
BT-7 Fast as **** Boi
Some CGI and pace it a little faster you got a move scene right there
Gulag 3 days ago
Oi a PaNzEr
GSP Gabe's Studio Production
Kae Emad
Kae Emad 3 days ago
real battle
Angel Peralta
Angel Peralta 3 days ago
i have world of tanks i have a level 5 tank
Dana Green
Dana Green 3 days ago
My favorite word is fluffy
Snowcube_steel 3 days ago
Now this is super epic!!!!
Damian van Zanten
War thunder
Zzz Celery
Zzz Celery 4 days ago
I don’t know why but this was the coolest and most entertaining TeamEdge video I’ve ever seen
Monty Wojcinski
Monty Wojcinski 4 days ago
Fluffy is a name that would scare anyone
tam Games
tam Games 4 days ago
It’s not fury anymore it’s fluffy
pugsly810 4 days ago
bobby committed some warcrimes
Das Beluga
Das Beluga 4 days ago
me: can we have fury mom: we have fury at home fury at home:
megaman x
megaman x 4 days ago
That tank should be in Tokyo drift
Hayden Day
Hayden Day 4 days ago
You are battling Danji Bro’s
Mr FatRatMan
Mr FatRatMan 4 days ago
Do another one like this
A50ftfall 4 days ago
I hate how Joey says you're terrible even though it's not their fault that their tank is misfiring it's you for your shotty job
British mark 1s mocs
Colorized footage of a German tank fighting off Americans
Shemari Smith
Shemari Smith 4 days ago
Chad Blair Gaming
Haha you Jamaica
Danielle 4 days ago
I build a tank to 😃
Artsy Boi
Artsy Boi 4 days ago
killing a medic in a war is a war crime
•Foxy• UwU
•Foxy• UwU 4 days ago
Do this again
Wraith 4 days ago
They should do this again lol but with jfred and Kevin lol
Terri Roberts
Terri Roberts 4 days ago
You guys are amazing I love your videos
CoolCarson Super
CoolCarson Super 4 days ago
Generals don’t go out for war the command soldiers and tell them what to do before battle
Aleksi Tervo
Aleksi Tervo 4 days ago
Meet the engineer.
Vu Henry
Vu Henry 4 days ago
Myles Marsh
Myles Marsh 4 days ago
5:25 action movie
Astro h
Astro h 4 days ago
Definitely never played world of tanks LOL definitely not my favorite game he he he
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams 4 days ago
Do part two plz
NATHAN 4 days ago
Zhanna Zhilina
Zhanna Zhilina 4 days ago
it is kinda boring
El Greco
El Greco 4 days ago
Alen Jelen
Alen Jelen 4 days ago
I play world of Thanks for 6 ears
Zachary Perez
Zachary Perez 4 days ago
Lol units suck because they created tanks are the real winner
gabrielkenthd 4 days ago
the military training people want to know your location
gabrielkenthd 4 days ago
military training be like:
your local bruh
your local bruh 4 days ago
Nobody's gonna talk about how clean the intro transition was? Cause damn, that was clean
kenny hammons
kenny hammons 5 days ago
Prop hunt on the ranch. Using the tank
Stefan Augustsson
Not får kul
MB 5 days ago
The foot soldiers? Okay Ethan Kline! 😂
Tophatcat 5 days ago
I love how Bobby and Bryan immediately attempt to commit a warcrime by trying to kill the medic
Rashya Januarta
Rashya Januarta 5 days ago
its like a dream come true
Gummy_monst3r 5 days ago
MoreJstu Has a real car tank in there garage like dude WOW
CRAY YT 5 days ago
Lol that tank is another tank named fury
TF2SPY962 5 days ago
*Vietnam flashbacks intensifies*
Akairas The Fox
Akairas The Fox 5 days ago
Freaking love how they named the tank Fluffy. 😂 Love you guys!!
CTW Freddy
CTW Freddy 5 days ago
The tank stink a doo doo
Robloxplayer101 5 days ago
You guys are like the challenge you guys probably have some of the best content around
Adawnicus Autocon
I demand a rematch, that game was rigged
Pichuskiesbro2 5 days ago
Idk why i chose not to watch when it first was posted
Bread Boi
Bread Boi 5 days ago
I need a tutorial on how to make this
Zeus WRLD 5 days ago
Yo small tanks to GIANT TANKS WHAT?
Jadduck33 5 days ago
9:45 Dempsy: Screaming about Treyarch and the player Richtofen:
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