Soldier Hasn’t Seen Best Friend In 2 Yrs Watch What Happens When They’re Finally Reunited 

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Soldier Hasn’t Seen Best Friend In 2 Yrs Watch What Happens When They’re Finally Reunited
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Feb 14, 2021




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Comments 100   
Theodore McCoy
Theodore McCoy 2 hours ago
I thank you for sharing this story.
Alex K
Alex K 2 hours ago
Dogs never forget.
Karen Below
Karen Below 2 hours ago
Ronald Gray
Ronald Gray 3 hours ago
So you don't show the actual reunion ?? Come on ... That's bunk
James Stafford
James Stafford 4 hours ago
I have a 2 year old border collie named Baby. I too appreciate the armed services as my father was Navy. I am an over the road truck driver and would also like to get in touch with you all and help your cause getting ( transporting ) dogs to their first handlers. This will be absolutely FREE FOR SERVICE FOR SERVICE PERSONNEL INLISTED OR RETIRED. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT mjs1112015@gmail.com If I can be of any service.
James Stafford
James Stafford 4 hours ago
God Bless You Mrs Oliver. Thanks you for your services and may The Lord bless your marriage and family
Debra F Shoemaker
Debra F Shoemaker 7 hours ago
Gary Brierley
Gary Brierley 7 hours ago
Good story, heartwarming
Terry Elrod
Terry Elrod 9 hours ago
Beautiful story may Taylor live a long happy life
Steven Evert
Steven Evert 12 hours ago
For so many of us the best part of our day is coming home to our dog n the overwhelming joy they have when we see them. This story is a fantastic revelation of how special our bonds are with them.
Catherine Matulid
Catherine Matulid 13 hours ago
Sooooo9 cuteamazeinghow can you not want to adopt and saved your life so many times love molly best retirement thank you beatiful solider oh the boxer my god thank you
Sheila Goodwin
Sheila Goodwin 14 hours ago
What Amazing Story About Love And Thanks To A Wonderful Lady That Made IT Happen . That Has Beautiful Ending Now . Your Friend And Follower Always Pinned Here Now .
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon 14 hours ago
Pushing it Downrange
Click bait SOB
Elaine Bernier
Elaine Bernier 16 hours ago
What is with the 'dislikes' on this video???
liccoforever 16 hours ago
Wonderful story☺️😭
Valerie Bayes
Valerie Bayes 21 hour ago
Thank you both for your service. God bless you and keep you safe.
Valerie Bayes
Valerie Bayes 21 hour ago
So happy for them.
Maria Evans
Maria Evans 23 hours ago
What a wonderful lady!!!!! God bless!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Dirci Altamirano
You tell a story but no footage of their first meeting.
Ric F
Ric F Day ago
I saw NO reunion just a story
Todd Burgess
Todd Burgess Day ago
Sad there wasn’t any video of actual reunion.
Ellie Palmer
Ellie Palmer Day ago
Beautiful story Thank God for precious Taylor So happy they have been reunited 🙏🐕
Sharyn Gordon
Never did see them unite, too bad, but nice story.
Meredith R.
Meredith R. Day ago
I agree!
Bill Clark
Bill Clark Day ago
There's a reason you don't even have a thousand replies after 2 weeks of the video being up. People's time is valuable and obviously you don't respect that and why you're going to get a lot of people saying F U I'm never going to watch another video of yours I guarantee you you'll have some of those comments. Stealing people's time is absolutely the same thing as stealing
Sylvia Acevedo
Beautiful story... god bless Molly. 🥰❤️🙏
Phil Carroll
Phil Carroll Day ago
Beautiful story and a Happier ending!
One can love animals, yet still be a misanthrope. There's no way to equate one's love for animals with love for humanity.
Helene Greenberg
Great story
Lawrence Dorfman
barb babka
barb babka Day ago
Molly you are such a kind hearted person GOD BLESS YOU
barb babka
barb babka Day ago
This is so awesome
Lee Kimberlin
Sargent Hanson good luck to all of you god bless y'all!
Lee Kimberlin
This is one awesome story😀😀😀😀!
Virginia Barriage
The best in part of THESE stories is to actual See the reunion. They both are so happy and I love watching them!
Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter 2 days ago
Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter 2 days ago
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas 2 days ago
Dog's....the only animal that loves their owner, more than it loves itself.
Shona Brown
Shona Brown 5 hours ago
So very true. 🙃🧸
Barry Chapman
Barry Chapman 2 days ago
What a fantastic dog lovely ending have happy times together. Take care both
Bob Stika
Bob Stika 2 days ago
I was hoping you would show us WHEN THEY FIRST GOT REUNITED AFTER 2 years,,
Goodbar Benie
Goodbar Benie 2 days ago
Ahem... Its soooo great seeing people's love for animals... Its best we take care of 'em... Cos, they are our Spiritual Guides here in Earth... I think Sargent Hanson can vouch for that...hah...take care U all...
David Hickmon
David Hickmon 2 days ago
Thanks Molly but you were trained by the Best Military in the World. Please keep an eye on our Government we need You. God Bless.
Maria Badillo
Maria Badillo 2 days ago
Why you have to make the story so long?
Mary and Jones
Mary and Jones 3 days ago
God bless your beautiful hearts ❤
Chrissy Cornell
Chrissy Cornell 3 days ago
God Bless Ya's!!!!!!
Adminy Count
Adminy Count 3 days ago
Bullshit teaser video...screw you Dane.
Frank W
Frank W 3 days ago
Thanks for clickbait headsup. I will never watch this channel.
Kobus du Toit Bosman
...well some animals are more human than humans themselves - under these circumstances, the bond goes deeper than Life itself : rescuing those military working dogs is a wonderful and most admirable mission - to be sincerely commended Sgt and Colleagues! Keep it up and best of luck en route...
Karen Simmons
Karen Simmons 3 days ago
This is a beautiful story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
roxanne lishey
roxanne lishey 3 days ago
Animals Are Truly Your Best Friend I’m Sorry Not So Many Humans If I Could Have A Man Look Me In My Eyes With Thank You For That Meal Or Bath Or Just The Love ❤️My Dog Gives Me I’ll Be A Happy Camper WoW ! There’s So Many Dogs That Need A Loving Home And There Protection . I’m In Love With My Cali.
kimar lumigis
kimar lumigis 3 days ago
Love from Philippines
Rita Goforth
Rita Goforth 4 days ago
Molly is an angel!
Gus Garcia
Gus Garcia 4 days ago
Whoever posted this should be ashamed of themselves. I love dogs and some people but this is video is time I wasted to cheer me up. Thanks..
kayllea and chloee
Wonderbot is the best
Susanna Potter
Susanna Potter 4 days ago
Anthony Lehner
Anthony Lehner 4 days ago
Who else thinks this video is total crap and fictitious stories based on random gathered pictures is video Worthy?
Anthony Lehner
Anthony Lehner 4 days ago
Wow WonderBlunder! Very fucking original! Take a fragment of a story and reimagine it add some embellishment and then take a bunch of pictures that you undoubtedly gathered from the internet with or without permission and convolute it to try and make a few cents from anyone who might actually believe it's somewhat real. I'm going to go vomit for a while now!!!
old guys rule 1611
I have two labs there not military dogs ,but true loving brats,I know the feeling how loyal and loving labs are my heart goes out to the military folks that want there fur buds home
T Nadeau
T Nadeau 5 days ago
Amen. Thank you both for your service. You are what we need more of.
Slipshod 5 days ago
Gotta say, your title said “ wait until you see what happens when Taylor and handler are reunited” and you never showed the reunion, you talked about it, i watched the whole vid waiting to see and hear the great reunion, never happened, pretty disappointed, I’m thinking you lied to get views, too bad really, was a nice story tho, too bad you couldn’t have been more honest.
Pat Violette
Pat Violette 5 days ago
Bless our service dogs and our service people. God is great. So is America. Amen
James G. Gibbs
James G. Gibbs 5 days ago
Long winded writer.
Rabbit Patterson
Rabbit Patterson 5 days ago
That was awesome ..so glad they r together forever..Thank Both of you for your service .🇺🇲.
Katherine Marshall
Beautiful story dogs are so intelligent. People just don't realize.
JR N 5 days ago
Different people, different dogs and no reunion........
janet john
janet john 5 days ago
What a long story thar could have been said in 5 seconds
Melinda Angeles
Melinda Angeles 5 days ago
So precious! God Bless you both for serving USA.
Gail S. Newberg
Gail S. Newberg 5 days ago
Do you “ EVER “ show the actual main subjects of each video, or are they all “ actors “ ❓ ( including animals!)
Jenn Martel
Jenn Martel 6 days ago
Since I saw the actual story, this was nice to see what happened after they got home. God bless our Military, our Military K9's. ❤
Jenn Martel
Jenn Martel 6 days ago
I have seen the actual story. It was sweet, but in my opionion, the ptsd in both Soldier and K9 Soldier was real and amongst both of them. He was there with his wife abd adopted his K9. ❤
William Wilson
William Wilson 6 days ago
What a sucky vid. Where is the reunion. Click bait bs.
Kevin DeLaurentis
More clickbait bullshit. They should ban assholes like this.
EarsMusic 6 days ago
You Did it Again to Us,,by *NOT SHOWING DOG/SARGENT* Don't Waste your Time People, these are Nothing here move Crap! Hate Wondershit!.
Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher 6 days ago
What a waste of time when do we get to see the reunions
Gigi Devoe
Gigi Devoe 6 days ago
I feel our government OWES these dogs safe military transport back home to the family that's going to get them. Plus retirement ( these dogs all have rank) benifits such as a monthly pension check of say $250-350 depending on size, free life long medical care, re- housing assistance & in some cases therapy for their PTSD.
Steven Hulbert
Steven Hulbert 6 days ago
I love all animals but I wanted to see the reunion, wont be watching any more Wonderbot videos as this was a letdown! Thanks to Molli for bringing the dog to Hansen!
Matt 6 days ago
Semper fi oorah
Michael Peters
Michael Peters 6 days ago
To many words.
Mitchell Mckaughan
You are so nice
roy skinner
roy skinner 7 days ago
jkreskey 7 days ago
Virginia, we had a memorial cemetery at our kennels on Schofield barracks. I am going back in April to visit my K9 Shy's grave. I have his kennel plaque. I have a VHS tape of him. I am hoping that it is still there. It has been 30 plus years and Schofield and the Army have changed.
TakeTheRide LiveTheLife
So you show a video clip of a dog eating a stick? Obviously this channel knows very little about the health of dogs.
TakeTheRide LiveTheLife
How do I block Wonder bot
Pop Corn
Pop Corn 8 days ago
Bad... waste of time
Kitty Wild
Kitty Wild 8 days ago
So nice to see you reunited with your loving dog 🐕 thank you for your service be safe.
Andrew William
Andrew William 3 days ago
Yeah it's, hi how are you doing!
Penny Robinson
Penny Robinson 8 days ago
OMFG. At 1:49, searching a mountain pass in Afghanistan, he realizes there is an "IUD" buried by his foot.
Ann Sowers
Ann Sowers 8 days ago
Sadly like humans they suffer until someone properly diagnoses them. I am so glad he has her now.
Spangles 365
Spangles 365 8 days ago
7 MINUTES showing other dogs and still not getting to the point.....zzzzzzzzzz
Lee Davies
Lee Davies 8 days ago
Lovely story them Army dogs go through it hope they have a good life together now 🇬🇧✌️🐶
claire mooney
claire mooney 8 days ago
What. A. Wonderfal. Reunion. So. Lovely. My. Dogs. Are. My. Best. Friends.
Cecilia G
Cecilia G 8 days ago
I can still remember the horror of the soldiers having to leave their dogs in Vietnam. Don’t want to think about that, but if our idiots government can waste and mismanage our taxpayers money they can pay to reunite our k9 with their handlers.
Steven Henson
Steven Henson 8 days ago
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan 9 days ago
Wow glad I fast forwarded this crap
Alice Ann Snow
Alice Ann Snow 9 days ago
Dear Hero thank you for serving your country! May the Lord bless snd keep you and yours! !!!!!
ZombieDeathRace 9 days ago
How the f*ck are you going to use something so beautiful and meaning for CLICK BAIT? You don't even show the reunion video. You suck.
Bill Weekley
Bill Weekley 9 days ago
Click Bait
Glenda Booth
Glenda Booth 9 days ago
First thank you all for your service. God Bless You and Your Whole Family
noway jose
noway jose 9 days ago
Did I miss the reuniting part? Where was the footage of that? Hmm?
JeepGirl OlllO
JeepGirl OlllO 10 days ago
Just crying my eyes out!!!