Social Media: The Unverified Rusical 📲🎶 RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 

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Our Queens broke the internet with their showstopping performance of ‘Social Media: The Unverified Rusical.’
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Feb 21, 2021




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Under the Cosmos
Under the Cosmos 9 seconds ago
Probably one of the worst seasons...
Stephanie A.
Stephanie A. 25 minutes ago
I’m not sure why everyone hated this Rusical theme...I loved it. It was well written and very clever. I completely disagree with the judges; Tina was amazing. Her recording was the best in my opinion and kept the pace the of the entire Rusical. I really like Eliott’s part too.
Matias Cortes
Matias Cortes 38 minutes ago
What app was kandy even supposed to be
Jasmine X
Jasmine X 58 minutes ago
im going to say it what a disappointing Rusical
Jules Vil
Jules Vil Hour ago
Tina and Utica were actually really good tf
Marlon Bico
Marlon Bico Hour ago
Three things I enjoyed this episode were seeing Rosé finally getting a win, Rosé and Denali auditioning for a role lmfao, and Olivia admitting it was shady of them to have them audition.
alex Hour ago
i can *NOT* stop playing rosé's verse AHHHHHHHHHH SHE SLAYED SO HARD
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Hour ago
I think Tina did a very good job and honestly if she didn’t had such bad runway looks I think she might of won this or at LEAST be in the top of this week.
Tavi OCE
Tavi OCE 3 hours ago
Uticia did rly well. But she still doesn’t get the top
Ellie Kate
Ellie Kate 3 hours ago
Why did I actually like kandys verse💀 it’s so catchy
Yuumel 3 hours ago
What did Symone said in their introduction the Cell Block Tango reference
Nela 4 hours ago
elliotts dancing was so good
TheBigEader 4 hours ago
The sound effects were really distracting
Nela 4 hours ago
utica, elliott and tina were all good to me.
b ur Ner
b ur Ner 4 hours ago
Clearly the intern in-charge with the lip-syncs wasn't part of this diabolical mess.
J D 4 hours ago
I just feel like there is a disconnect when they are lip syncing in the musical challenges. Even if they aren’t singers, pairing their choreo performances with live vocals and dialogue just feels better.
Georgia Malkin
Georgia Malkin 5 hours ago
Utica slayed so hard
cal heller
cal heller 6 hours ago
7:21 if you’re here for the russians
oscar p
oscar p 6 hours ago
BasicRoots 6 hours ago
I feel like all the queens finally know the consequence of not going all out, it seemed all queens were giving it all during this. Kandy's was the only really bad performance because of the auto tune
Lineysha sparxs Stollen win
Twitter banned foxy for showing skin? Isn't half twitter just porn
Milan Loggen
Milan Loggen 7 hours ago
i am sorry, but i don't know why everyone don't like this season, because of favoritism.
Ox Stars xO
Ox Stars xO 7 hours ago
Rosé and Utica definitely had the best performances outta this.
Miz Crackerr
Miz Crackerr 8 hours ago
unpopular opinion: Symone’s and Kandy’s verses were actually catchy it’s just the lousy performance😭
Alessandro Cenzi
Alessandro Cenzi 8 hours ago
Nevermind 9 hours ago
Utica did her best and she slayed it, idk why no ones talking abt her performance
Shannon Knowlton
Shannon Knowlton 9 hours ago
Andrea Tavaglione
Andrea Tavaglione 9 hours ago
this was hands down one of the most if not the most beautiful rusical
Enrique Roez
Enrique Roez 10 hours ago
Que abuerridoooo
Sam Potter
Sam Potter 10 hours ago
Rose, Denali, Gottmik, Utica, Tina, Olivia and even Elliott did so fucking well the thing that takes them down is that this rusical didn’t pay them justice
Abbie C.
Abbie C. 10 hours ago
I love Drag race, but these rusicals are getting more stupid each season. At this point, they are running out of challenge ideas LOL.
K D 10 hours ago
Second fave Rusical, the first is Bitch Perfect and I personally enjoyed Elliott with two T's performance the most🤗
Gabriela Lukavei
Gabriela Lukavei 10 hours ago
olivia or elliott couldve been in the bottom instead of tina
paola mercedes
paola mercedes 10 hours ago
This is so cringe
rogeeyuk 10 hours ago
sorry but symone’s performance in this should’ve been enough for her to shantay away... like what happened girl
fellationsmalls 10 hours ago
Ok but am i the only one that actually really enjoyed the verses that symone and kandy had
mashed potatoes
mashed potatoes 11 hours ago
I really wish Symone and Kandy had done better with their parts because their solos would have been soooo good. Kandy’s was still relatively funny, but the dancing got so sloppy it became sad.
Daniel Defoe
Daniel Defoe 11 hours ago
Where is the pit crew...male dancers??? Such a bore..except Rose'
Suvi Reponen
Suvi Reponen 11 hours ago
The gen z part did not sit right with me... "Ooh omg isn't it so funny that gen Z is trying to talk about social injustice and the destruction of our planet but they all still live with their moms!" Like come on. Stop invalidating the voices of young people. Also, I'm gen Z and I'm 22, stop thinking that we're all like 12.
The Noob Roblox Group
Utica winned this
Felipillo 12 hours ago
This episode blatantly showed us favoritism of ruple for some queens
eryn 12 hours ago
poor symone :( im so upset that this rusical was so bad bc ik that (although she won) rosé has so much more potential, as does denali:(( also utica was so fucking good,, and even tho i don’t like tina her vocals were AMAZING she did so good!!
Nushin Malek
Nushin Malek 12 hours ago
the Rosé show .
jose pruneda
jose pruneda 13 hours ago
What social media was kandy supposed to be?
Yuumel 4 hours ago
Be gone rat
Be gone rat 11 hours ago
Yeah I’m confused also
flo A
flo A 13 hours ago
I see lots of people saying they didn't like it. If we're focusing on the negatives yeah it was a bit unstructured, l could not understand what Tina or kandy were saying at some points it sounded mumbly. I also couldn't really tell what social media each queen was representing.. I know Symone was instagram and 2 Ts was Tik tok. Olivia was fantastic and her and Rosé made me chuckle. Miss 2 Ts impressed me too with her dancing even if she looked like a Spice Girl? 🤔
Kei 14 hours ago
3:45 that shot is amazinggggg
Dacrai Mitchell
Dacrai Mitchell 14 hours ago
they should've just written like a love story about Foxy finding a true love using the online world. That would've been made more sense. 🤷
ThatsSoWatermelon 14 hours ago
What app where kandy and elliott-
MC_Melon Gamer
MC_Melon Gamer 14 hours ago
So proud of rose
scraperindustry 14 hours ago
Ugh Rosé's voice is so beautiful
Sophus Laursen
Sophus Laursen 16 hours ago
Olivia lux’s outfit was not even sparkly or had any pretty colors, but Ru don’t have anything to say about the Target outfit? But complains about H&M bruuuh
Sophus Laursen
Sophus Laursen 14 hours ago
@chndlr18 i Think ahah
chndlr18 15 hours ago
@Sophus Laursen Oh you're absolutely right. Maybe Ru was hangry the last time lol
Sophus Laursen
Sophus Laursen 15 hours ago
@chndlr18 neither did the other one, the H&M clothing was the one she wore in the challenge, like Olivia
chndlr18 15 hours ago
Not the same thing. She isn't trying to wear that target outfit on the run way.
alyson m
alyson m 16 hours ago
i just feel like season 12 gave us the best rusicals and this isn't bad its just not... that
Emmett DeGrate
Emmett DeGrate 16 hours ago
Wouldn't it be sooo shady if we had a queen for allstars that made another manilla elimination moment for us for example, if shea went home on that third episode, girl the goopery if that happened. It would like force rupaul to stop giving queens power to eliminate each other lol smh.
John 02
John 02 16 hours ago
Oh my Rosé. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
John 02
John 02 16 hours ago
Jamal's reaction to Kandy and Symone. Hahahahaha. Disgusted.
Go Petch
Go Petch 16 hours ago
If symone take her glasses of to see her facial expression even more, i thing it would not be this bad
Teral Miles
Teral Miles 16 hours ago
I couldn’t understand half of what they were supposed to be saying!!
name 17 hours ago
2:37 does any one else hear the cell block tango hear or is it just me 😂
Holland Kerr
Holland Kerr 17 hours ago
Tinas body looks great in this, like the best its ever looked
Jhonny Tech07
Jhonny Tech07 17 hours ago
olivias clothes
Simple Kuishie
Simple Kuishie 17 hours ago
Olivia giving me Alya from Miraculous Ladybug vibes
hdhd hdhd
hdhd hdhd 18 hours ago
i don’t see enough people talking about Utica, she was amazing ngl
cistem offender
cistem offender 7 hours ago
seriously though, she fit her role and she nailed it
SimplyKatexo 18 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: I really love this rusical
grayisbae 18 hours ago
yall they sweaty sweaty
Ken L.
Ken L. 19 hours ago
they really need to do a Jem and the Holograms rusical. the makeup and outfits of that show would make for great drag.
alienbaby 19 hours ago
am i the only one who thought elliot was for sure in the bottom? like AT VERY LEAST below tina?
alienbaby 7 hours ago
@Be gone rat ehh it’s not that. imo the vocals were definitely the worst, delivery wise. it’s not that she did a Bad job! i just don’t think it was up to par with most of the other girls who really put personality into their performances with their recordings. definitely still agree w the bottom two they ended up w tho! i’m just frustrated for tina who i thought really put her all into it
Be gone rat
Be gone rat 17 hours ago
Elliott did a good job with a script they were given. Some parts are clearly written with less humour than others, like katya as Princess Diana.
[ S o l i t a ]
[ S o l i t a ] 19 hours ago
This takes the cake at the worst Rusical... Even worse than the Trump one...
A J 19 hours ago
This is honestly the most beautiful Tina has ever looked through out the competition.
Alises life
Alises life 19 hours ago
Um Tina in bottom and Utica safe is such bullsh- Also denali and gottmik high is a... Choice
lavender shitass
lavender shitass 20 hours ago
I enjoyed the russiuns part way too much than i should have i need it to be a full song now pls thanks
Wouter Peer
Wouter Peer 20 hours ago
I really liked all the musical theater references in this rusical! That being said, I dont understand why they did not go for a Gaga or Britney Spears or something like that...
Sam 21 hour ago
*Imagine if the Rusical went like this:* Rosé's character is the main character of the rusical, she introduces the birth of social media. Tina Burner and Denali play as MySpace and Friendster, mostly showcasing how beautiful the birth of social media was. They sing to a spoof of sound of music. Then comes in Olivia playing as Facebook itself, introducing herself to these two platforms. She has a sweet singing number and Tina and Denali compliment her creation. She then tells them that she brought a few other platforms to the party. Then comes in Symone, Utica, Kandy, and Eliott with an upbeat chaotic theatric background music. They all circle in on Rosé as Rosé is both amused and overwhelmed by these apps. Insta-Glam gets a more High School Musical Sharpay kind of song. Twitter is good with its Hamilton one. LinkdIn should've had a busy upbeat song like "Rollin On The River" TokTik should have been a spoof of Britney Spear's Toxic and how this platform was toxic. Tina and Denali re-enter and ask them who brought this additional person to the party, she brings in Gottmik the Russian Bot, the uninvited guest. She keeps the song she originally did. After that ruckus Rosé re-enters and complains about being banned, and then plot twist Rosé decides to become a social media platform of her own (OnlyFans) and then sings that wonderful song. The five of them argue with each other and then Tina and Denali re-enter, doing a little educational moment of why social media was established in the first place. Then they do an iconic closing number, and in the end Gottmik announces she finally finished hacking all of them and they all drop to the ground with Gottmik laughing hysterically. THE END.
Justine TheoMatrix
Justine TheoMatrix 21 hour ago
Disagree all You want but I think this is the rankings of each of every one of them. Ranking ( Best To Worst ) Performance 1. Rosé 2. Utica 3. Olivia 4. Tina 5. Mik & Denali 6. Elliott 7. Symone 8. Kandy
alex Hour ago
yes 100% agree tbh
I stan Utica
I stan Utica 17 hours ago
Agreed! Shocked that Tina was in the bottom, the Judging was questionable
Justine TheoMatrix
Justine TheoMatrix 21 hour ago
Yes! I can't split Denali And Mik, Cuz they're both on the same level.
Leon Au
Leon Au 21 hour ago
It’s not intentional but I actually fell asleep watching this. No shade, im just really tired.
Jessica Marfil
Jessica Marfil 21 hour ago
im sorry but this is so bad (not girls faoult, of course). Im going to clean my soul whit the madonna rusical bye
Yuki Rabbit
Yuki Rabbit 22 hours ago
Kind of wish Denali and Mik got a double win. They stole the show.
Lydia Fluth
Lydia Fluth 23 hours ago
Ok im sorry but what platform was Kandy??? I was really confused
Joaquin Suba
Joaquin Suba 18 hours ago
linked in
Leah Cokias
Leah Cokias 23 hours ago
Also can I just say I can't stand kandy muse 🙄🤚 during Utica's part she just did the same thing over and over like always
Mako Antony
Mako Antony 23 hours ago
Leah Cokias
Leah Cokias 23 hours ago
I really wish Utica had won this episode, she really slayed 💅
Loves Lovely
Loves Lovely Day ago
Gotmik and Denali stole the show
Shady Katelynn
I know Denali was absolutely not down to be the Russian twin, but she killed it, and I can't see her doing foxy better than Rosé. But they bother slayed in their respective areas... in my opinion😗✌
Verilson Souza
I don't realy care for Tina... she definitely shouldn't have been in the bottom this week
Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace Day ago
Kandy should have gone home
ツWakatoo Day ago
i just cant get over how Elliott is giving "I'm a cool aunt" playing teen Billie Eilish
Ame Gaxiola
Ame Gaxiola Day ago
Wich social media is kandy suposed to be?
Jrey1803 Day ago
This is probably the 2nd weirdest choice for a rusical 2nd only to the trump rusical lol
Britney L
Britney L Day ago
I liked Elliots performance the best
Frank Sanchez
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia Day ago
Why did Kandy get all the auto tune
Lucas Cairo
Lucas Cairo Day ago
6:13 start rosé verse thank me later😁
Iyzza Pawaan
Iyzza Pawaan Day ago
Eliott's part got me cringing 😨😨 Especially Symone😵😵
Emily Duff
Emily Duff Day ago
Elliott and Utica did so well, they deserve justice
weevil6969 Day ago
Why has no one realized Ru was doing a Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous tribute with that look?
MC Wyman
MC Wyman Day ago
I actually think Symone's verse is really fun and could have been a standout if someone else had done it.
Violet Tutorials
am i the only one who is cringing on olivia
Bianca Marinelli
it’s the way they are editing Utica to make it look like she is doing a bad job during rehearsal, and then she absolutely kills the performance. like they are clearly giving her a bad edit and it makes me really frustrated because I think she is doing so much better than some of the other queens...
Bianca Marinelli
it’s also the way Tina got done so dirty, especially when you couldn’t understand a single thing Elliott said
Andre Jones
Andre Jones Day ago
Symone’s part is so bad but it’s stuck in my head
Bishop Day ago
Honestly watching the episode I was wondering why Symone was in the bottom cuz she mesmerizes me with her presence but looking at it now I understand 😭
Hattie Smith
Hattie Smith Day ago
I’m sorry but Olivia was just herself 😅