'Sniveling Coward': Cancún Cruz Won't Live Down His 'Walk Of Shame' | The Beat With Ari Melber 

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As Texans continue to suffer during a statewide humanitarian crisis, Sen. Ted Cruz was busted for flying off to Cancún. Many are calling this incident and his subsequent “walk of shame,” as The Washington Post's Ashley Parker puts it, the most humiliating and politically damaging 24 hours of Cruz’s career. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by politico James Carville to discuss Cruz’s blunder and the ongoing crisis in Texas. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. www.thebeatwithari.com). Aired on 02/19/2021.
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'Sniveling Coward': Cancún Cruz Won't Live Down His 'Walk Of Shame' | The Beat With Ari Melber

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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Lopez Lopez
Lopez Lopez 2 days ago
Antonyms LUGO, the audacity you have to looked at me like nothing, you talked about dementia, yes dementia that you have provoked. It pleased God for me to still function, so with His help you can be brought to justice.Since you believe,you can bully me, stalk me, and still have that car by the house. I have demanded for you to keep away, have pleaded, begged, you just think you’re a big Shut. Monday I’m going straight to Long Beach, if I have the strength, you have debilitated my LIFE. The Judge is going to hear you bringing man in to my house while you sedated me. The managers from Best Buy can testify to that, and how you made sure I had no surveillance cameras. And definitely, he mostly is going to heard about cookie and Grace and how you tricked the Court in to believe that it was the Mother. Just like you have everything planned out for me, have done everything under the sun to hurt me psychologically.....Lo que has hecho no tiene perdon de Dios. Avoid me the aggravation of going to court and denounce who you really are. GET AWAY FROM ME (NOW) Aparte de todo el dano que as echo a la Familia, te as convertido en un abominable RATERO. Dejame en Paz
Death Famine
Death Famine 3 days ago
Oh no it's the troll
Lucky Tutu
Lucky Tutu 4 days ago
133 Million Registered United States Votes 74 Million for President Trump . 82 Million fir Biden . 74+ 82 = 156 Million . You don't need to be Einstein to see voter fraud www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-voters-133-million-idUSKBN296284
Lucky Tutu
Lucky Tutu 4 days ago
133 Million Registered United States Votes 74 Million for President Trump . 82 Million fir Biden . 74+ 82 = 156 Million . You don't need to be Einstein to see voter fraud www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-voters-133-million-idUSKBN296284
Lucky Tutu
Lucky Tutu 4 days ago
133 Million Registered United States Votes 74 Million for President Trump . 82 Million fir Biden . 74+ 82 = 156 Million . You don't need to be Einstein to see voter fraud www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-voters-133-million-idUSKBN296284
Albert Tropeano
Albert Tropeano 4 days ago
The ones that gave this video a thumbs down would change their mind and give this a thumbs up if Trump disavowed "Cancun Cruz" on this matter. That shows that Trump lovers are mindless idiots!
Jacqueline Eichelberger
I love you james Carville You have a great sense of humor Better than crying!!!!
DJ UNCLE GEN 4 days ago
7 thousand people didn’t like this because they don’t like the truth. He is a fraud. Wait it out punk
WoioW oioW
WoioW oioW 5 days ago
The kids have more power over Ted than his constituents.
j s
j s 5 days ago
Cruz is a joke. A real bad joke.
Walter Dwinnells
Walter Dwinnells 5 days ago
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 5 days ago
Ppl are dying in Texas and he runs away to cancun
Projeckt 2501
Projeckt 2501 5 days ago
This propaganda is trying so hard to distract you from Cuomo nursing home atrocities. The death count is astounding. But back to a day trip in Mexico!
Living Edge
Living Edge 5 days ago
What a load of rubbish Where is your A TEAM ??? Hilary should be all over the news !! She is gone OBAMA should be all over the news He has been arrested Bill Clinton ?? All you have is KAMALA HARRIS ?? LOL IT SUCKS TO BE EVIL CLINTON IBAMA AND GATES HAVE NIT FILES TAXES SINCE 2018 Wake up America these guys are lying to you and you are buying all of it
Living Edge
Living Edge 5 days ago
This entire station is being paid to lie to you Wake up
Robin Burris
Robin Burris 5 days ago
Ted cruz going to mexico is nothing compared to the satanic pedos that are in our goverment and our whitehouse...you guys are a bunch of corrupt sick f**kers
Jeff Dunnell
Jeff Dunnell 5 days ago
Geez,if he was a democrat you'd be praising him for taking his kids on vacation
anoldladi 5 days ago
A trip to Cancun for Ted Cruz during winter storm sounds FINE to me. Just proves if you set aside some money you can get out of town when mother nature rears her head. Good example for the masses to follow: Prepare and save so you can take care of your family. Did MSNBC think Ted should be driving the snowplow?
Angelo 5 days ago
Cuomo kills 15,000 seniors: Media 🤐 Cruz takes a vacation: Media 🤬
Josh Gomez
Josh Gomez 5 days ago
Oh please, where was Biden during the entire campaign
Ed Schelich
Ed Schelich 5 days ago
Cruz deserves to lose next election.
Jay Bradlee
Jay Bradlee 5 days ago
Nice projection, sniveling coward.
Chris W
Chris W 5 days ago
What about Cuomo? Isn't murder worse than protecting your family
rot and decay
rot and decay 5 days ago
Trevor noah is a sniveling coward. Msm are sniveling cowards. The left are sniveling cowards.
Rod Steel
Rod Steel 5 days ago
I hope Cruz is enjoying his last term. Unless he uses the same system that Biden did during voting time...
Sweetbriar 5 days ago
But you never talk about all the Democrats who flew to Epstein Island. That's just so hush hush.
Frank Figueredo
Frank Figueredo 5 days ago
Lots.of ppl with the means to leave...left! Did he have to stay? How would that have made a difference?
Lunky Straydog
Lunky Straydog 5 days ago
As a fellow Texan we don't care about Cruz but about our infrastructure
Biker Jon
Biker Jon 5 days ago
Wow - idiots
Drunken Viking
Drunken Viking 5 days ago
I'd rather hear more about Cuomo and his butchering of Nursing Home victims.
jerry hunter
jerry hunter 5 days ago
I guess hiding in the basement better I guess dems are against being a dad to he never blamed anything losers wow.media are terrible people
B. H.
B. H. 5 days ago
Hey why don’t you talk about China Biden and his corrupt son. Judging by his background your joke guest seems to be living well. What does he have a table for ten behind him. You and your news station are a joke.
Veteran Veteran
Veteran Veteran 5 days ago
You have congress members who never even show up for votes but just sit home so that's ok?
Mitchell Woelf
Mitchell Woelf 5 days ago
Democrats are cancer to a free republic
Nickname s
Nickname s 5 days ago
Ted Cruz ignored his job. People like AOC and Beto O'Rourke(who isn't even an elected official!) raised money for Ted's constituents and brought meals /made hundreds of thousands of phone calls to make sure the elderly were okay as Ted lied and blamed his children like a coward. Ted Cruz is paid 270,000.00$ YEARLY to represent Texans...people show their true colors in a crisis and Ted Cruz fled the state as his constituents died. 28 dead Texans and no numbers for the homeless deaths yet.
E.A.W Tzipporah
E.A.W Tzipporah 5 days ago
Ted is just another in a long line of republicans who are sniveling cowards....it seems to be their method of dealing with most problems
D H II 5 days ago
'Cancel Culture' reporting at it's finest. Guess we should all stop living our lives just because main stream media says so.
Sue 5 days ago
Why don't you go after important things, you're worse than CNN...
The Liercat
The Liercat 5 days ago
How did everyone spend those $2000 checks that went out immediately?
Still never a bad word about demoncrats.
Ulysses L
Ulysses L 5 days ago
He should've never apologized. When you say sorry the rabid mob just goes in harder. Rule of law, never apologize
Kerry Ow Buland
Kerry Ow Buland 5 days ago
Based on the comments the likes to dislikes ratio seem suspicious.
Fusion1790 5 days ago
What about the droid attack on the Wookies?
1SUPABAD92XJ 5 days ago
MSNBC nothing but commie propaganda if it was a Democrat they say oh he needed a vacation from all his ridiculous sjw pandering nonsense.
Patrick Wall
Patrick Wall 5 days ago
Read this headline screw MSNBC their the cowards
imacenurface 5 days ago
Next time he will just pay the 30,000 to private flight
Li Huang
Li Huang 5 days ago
Don't go back! Sent that guy & his family back Cuba, washing dishes at restaurants. ……
Travis D.
Travis D. 5 days ago
Cruz is a father who did the right thing for his family one can only assume anyone at MSNBC who has a child is a worthless parent to create such nonsense reporting.
Quintin Bennett
Quintin Bennett 5 days ago
He always talking about someone else let's talk about how you took off the Cancun and left your state hurting
nova396 5 days ago
Skyler Johnson
Skyler Johnson 5 days ago
When Texas needed help the most Ted fled
Mitzie Regan
Mitzie Regan 5 days ago
Omg. He took his kids to visit friends. And came back. What about Pelosi. Newsom. So sick of your comments.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 5 days ago
How much did MSDNC pay to have this fake news up forever
lovey dovey
lovey dovey 5 days ago
i am unfamiliar with MSDNC. something to do with the democratic nat'l committee?
Jennie Cotton
Jennie Cotton 5 days ago
The first thing you are a terrible news site...you report news lies..why dont you report the Snow day that. Stupid joe biden took while people in texas were suffering..you stnk and your people that report such crap and the people who speak on your trashy news are crap
Anarchronia 5 days ago
now do cuomo the murderer of new york
z0ro_ 5 days ago
In all honesty this all comes down to Texas power board and biden administration they asked bidens administration to reopen older plants that where closed do these new green energy alternatives. While the media looks for a political distinction and gain by looking at a man going on vacation.
Head Shaker
Head Shaker 5 days ago
Just like Pelosi going to a salon in the height of the pandemic.......
Sal Leon
Sal Leon 5 days ago
I'm a go back to Mexico circumstances are better in my country than Texas right now
Sal Leon
Sal Leon 5 days ago
We as Americans need a revolution we have clowns running our country irresponsible lames like Cruz and we pay taxes why? SMH
Rod McPhail
Rod McPhail 5 days ago
What’s Biden doing about Texas, nothing cause it’s a red state.
Mike Kenders
Mike Kenders 5 days ago
Is this really news. Ummmmm no.
Sixgun 5 days ago
Democrats stole the election. Liars always get caught. Justice is coming.
Annette Baker
Annette Baker 5 days ago
You guys make me sick! It reminds me of high school! Pubescent rivalries ☹️ Why aren’t we talking about the importance of the people who have been waiting for vaccines, stimulus, aid for Vets to help get them off the streets? Or, the fact that we have 90,000 immigrants crossing over into the US who haven’t been tested, let alone inoculated! I mean if Biden can give them all safe harbor here and Gov. Aid, why can’t we be helping our own people first? What’s really going on here gentleman????? What are YOUR priorities??? Do you have children??? Are they going to school???? Are they being tutored privately??? What about the children out there waiting to go back?? Eager to learn??? I mean what kind of sick game are you playing ?? You don’t have any News? Nothing going on in the world we should know about? Like The Great Reset??? Bill Gates buying the rights to the vaccine from Oxford so he can help expedite the process of getting the world the protection they need? Seems to me you like playing the part of the COURT JESTERS!!! Now.......Mark my words! From this moment on you will feel the sickness that your spiteful nature has created within the hearts of ignorant Americans......you will get a lump in your throat every time you speak ill of someone and get choked up from the guilt of your selfish beliefs, those of which hundreds of people have heard and your words have instilled fear or resent! Your gut will twist at night and you will begin to see the faces of the children, the homeless in your city that you refuse to acknowledge. They will haunt you, they will be in your head waiting for you to close your eyes at night!! You are cursed.....until you take a moral inventory of the choices you’ve made and the wrongs you’ve done! Then and only then will you start to be free from the nightmare you are helping to create!! So it is said, so it shall be....
Jason what?
Jason what? 5 days ago
O stfu
Jared Allmon
Jared Allmon 5 days ago
i can assure you, we would still rather have cruze than beto.
Abusivegamer 5 days ago
So he dropped his kids and wife off came back next day.. Soon the media will call out people for Jay walking from the other side. Anything to not report the fails of Joe Biden already. How many jobs already he lost for Americans?
Charlie Waters
Charlie Waters 5 days ago
Seriously losers, he is a U.S. Senator, there is literally nothing he can do in Texas. Every one of you would have taken your family out of there, if you could. While Cuomo was literally killing nursing home patients, and deliberately hiding information from investigators.
Robin Smith
Robin Smith 5 days ago
Flying to drop your family to Cancun to get away from storm - Media: OMG! DISASTER! Thousands of seniors die in nursing homes in new york - Media: (No coverage) Oh they died? Nothing to see there, Good ridence!
joe k
joe k 5 days ago
Who cares get a life
Leonard Longoria
Leonard Longoria 5 days ago
No one is reporting that Lindsey Graham has a hangnail
Teddy 5 days ago
This just shows you how important Ted Cruz actually is, if he didn’t go to Cancun with his family he could have.... well he could of ummm.... well he couldn’t of actually done anything to change that situation so let’s just laugh at him. Haha Ted Cruz Meanwhile people are dying... funny stuff
Alysc Studjo
Alysc Studjo 5 days ago
If this is so laughable to MSNBC how funny is Cuomo for sending thousands to their deaths... leave the satire to comedians and just give us real news
Robert Alcala
Robert Alcala 5 days ago
Who are they to say he's a coward how do they know what they would do
R. Marie Mouton
R. Marie Mouton 5 days ago
001. Explain to me: Americans can write, email, and call your All Representatives at the Capitol, State, Local for a Transparent Audit on the 2020 Presidential Election. The American People have the right to Recount and Truth. Why Americans are not being told how???
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 5 days ago
And nothing about Biden saying the mass genocide in China is a cultural norm. This is why nobody trusts legacy media.
Christoph Rydzewski
Boycott these channels. The problem here is he can actually order commands from a phone. Un like democrats they are given power and with this power they praised destruction and hate. Remember people it's what you do or say that will mark you for who you are. Don't fall in to the dark ways of his creations.
Zsu Pfenn
Zsu Pfenn 5 days ago
It is non of your business you are all disgusting pigs
Mr castro
Mr castro 5 days ago
Cancun Cruz 😄 😆 nice that one will stick
K C 5 days ago
Not a leader
magda Dube
magda Dube 5 days ago
Stop talking garbage why would you stay in a house with no running water or heat ! If you have money you go to a hotel. And why don’t you talk about Biden that hasn’t showed up all week or Harris they are the leaders !
Αγape 5 days ago
Rules for thee but not for meeeee.
Warren Peace
Warren Peace 5 days ago
The Left has a governor that literally sent thousands to their deaths in nursing homes, then he lied about it and hid it from Federal investigators, and all they care about is a Republican Senator went on vacation...I will never understand the Libs...
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 6 days ago
I can’t even listen to these dickheads.
Arch Er
Arch Er 6 days ago
Anyone who voted for Ted Cruze is what’s wrong with the country. We are in dire need us civilized education.
Joe Trimble
Joe Trimble 6 days ago
Cruz has my vote for President.
Shaun Stark
Shaun Stark 6 days ago
The media speaking on "self righteousness" and "snakes"... its the most hypocritical thing ive heard... even for recently.
Shaun Stark
Shaun Stark 4 days ago
@Nickname s a fake one?
WoioW oioW
WoioW oioW 5 days ago
The truth of the matter is that he is a coward, playing a leadership role.
Nickname s
Nickname s 5 days ago
It's a little less hypocritical than the law and order party inciting a terrorist attack on the Capitol.
abowden500 6 days ago
Trevor Noah isn’t a comic .... calling him a comic is like calling MSNBC journalism
Mamadou Sene
Mamadou Sene 6 days ago
Hey folks! If you don't like MSNBC, go watch Fox!
Dan King
Dan King 6 days ago
This is no scandal..
Seth Wheeler
Seth Wheeler 6 days ago
People in these comments are defending Ted Cruz more than he defends his own wife. Y’all pathetic and he’s pathetic so I see why you like him.
kozak2010998 6 days ago
Larry W
Larry W 6 days ago
C D 6 days ago
Hey MSNBC, stop being hacks. Where’s your coverage over Cuomo and the nursing homes? I mean you spent a year talking about the tragic deaths and how they were solely at the feet of Trump. Truth comes out and “who cares” Cuomo is responsible and lied about it all and....crickets? The ignorance is unbelievable.
just me
just me 6 days ago
He Is A Doppleganger Dopplegangers Snivel
Ronald Regan Rimjobs
All the people defending Cruz are the same Q anon creeps that stormed the Capitol.
First Last
First Last 4 days ago
Your name! 😂
Jimmy Vara
Jimmy Vara 6 days ago
STOP distracting the left...get right to business and Focus on New York's mayor..killing all those old folks in the Rest home...wake up Dems...this how media movement does it...sick people!🤬
Brendan Kennedy
Brendan Kennedy 6 days ago
political disaster lol... who cares.. we know its all optics.
Number one Duno
Number one Duno 6 days ago
Who cares, it’s not like he had an affair with a Chinese spy, or killed thousands in a nursing home scandal.
Number one Duno
Number one Duno 5 days ago
@m&m So.... who cares about all the deaths I’m responsible for, or all the secrets I gave to the Chinese... Ted took his family to Mexico for a vacation. Democrats are the worst people to ever breath.
Robert Alcala
Robert Alcala 5 days ago
m&m 6 days ago
No, just an insurectionist and sniveling coward. Another useless hypocritpublican 🤣🤣
Valerie Veracity
Valerie Veracity 6 days ago
Why isn't anyone investigating Gates and his climate control? Why are we discussing a pre-planned vacation? How does this tie into agenda 201?
ARKHAM ? 6 days ago
With Pres. Trump out of the way, they now pick each other apart. They'll soon EAT their own!! 🍻 💩🔥
Charlie Waters
Charlie Waters 5 days ago
Bless your little heart, junior. No one is "eating" Cruz, you idiots are pretending a U.S. Senator has any job to do in this crisis, and ignoring things like Cuomo killing nursing home patients. You see, even Democrats are going after Cuomo, because without Trump, that's all they have left, each other.
Kevin Guestlist
Kevin Guestlist 6 days ago
MSNBC I DON'T RESPECT YOU and your terrible content & journalism.. 0 professionalisim
door tier list
My Pride: Episode Nine