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What’s up everybody BlueGabe here!
We’re in Nebraska having the time of our lives hunt turkeys, catching fish, turtles and cooking ALLIGATOR that we caught a week earlier.
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May 3, 2021




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get a dog
vmoid Day ago
snapping turtles have been the death of me for the past week :( i’m just tryna get some catfish outta my pond
Trenton Yates
Put a fish pond
The Flockfather
Great video! Well done!
Joseph Turoczi
That fish 🎣 Jake caught is called a European Carp, an evasive fish in a lot of countries, especially here in Australia 🇦🇺
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia Day ago
Do a fish pond
Michael Henson
Bout time, she's happy'ist around you!
Eddy Ballester
Eddy Ballester 2 days ago
Kelly “Momming it up”... a natural. We truly enjoy viewing your shows. Thank You. Looking forward to viewing more. Keep safe. Blessings
newbreedian 2 days ago
Hunting noob here, anybody wanna share why go for the dominant bird?
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 2 days ago
buck washington
buck washington 2 days ago
You tub cave
Shaun Roberts
Shaun Roberts 2 days ago
Gardening. I think you need to put in a big Garden or Green 🏠 house.
Emanuel Kuzmenko
Emanuel Kuzmenko 2 days ago
Build a pond
Kevin Egger
Kevin Egger 2 days ago
You need a shop
Chad Brown
Chad Brown 3 days ago
a pond
Jerry Kramer
Jerry Kramer 3 days ago
I’d suggest a fish pond.
Malia De Los Angeles
Gabe, that’s definitely prime real estate for an organic vegetable garden... Y’all have enough space for 4 raised beds there’s nothing better than growing your own vegetables...
AnnWith APlan
AnnWith APlan 3 days ago
I'd do it all.
Chester Kane
Chester Kane 3 days ago
Gabe How can I get ahold of you … I’ve got a deer farm and the best Why am asking fishing in the country here in western ny New York
Robert Filip
Robert Filip 3 days ago
Robert Filip
Robert Filip 3 days ago
Gave, wedding venue for you and Kelly
Cook fam
Cook fam 3 days ago
Fish pond 🐠🐠🐠
AR-Sith F.Austin
AR-Sith F.Austin 3 days ago
I love gardening. My grandpa's/ma's showed me how to shoot, fish, hunt and garden from an early age. Be some extra work but I love gardening and grow some of the hottest peppers on Earth. On a bed of rice and filet of grilled fish a nice hot pepper added to the mix is one of my favorite things and the system. Great anti-inflammatory properties, just work your way up the heat scale. I can eat 800k to a million scoville peppers pretty well with no problems now. I grow some that are two million, those are used VERY sparingly but all makes great pepper dusts and hot sauces and people love em. I got buddies that will eat themselves blind on pepper dust on everything.
towman72gmc 4 days ago
Pigeon coop
Megan Torres
Megan Torres 4 days ago
what happened to Florida
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson 4 days ago
What happened to Bluegabe? Is he ok???
Robin Saylor
Robin Saylor 4 days ago
Grow your own vegees and herbs...its wonderful
Keanu R
Keanu R 4 days ago
Outdoor patio with a massive fire pit where you can do your cooking videos.
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter 4 days ago
Hey can you do a video on catching flat head catfish, just putting this out there
Allen Pennington
Allen Pennington 4 days ago
What about the turtle?
icimblind 4 days ago
I think you'd enjoy some raised garden beds. Have the hip level high. You can grow everything for your salads and more. The kids will enjoy it too. You can also have a worm farm on one of those raised beds for fishing bait. If it is done right the kids can even sell some of those worms. I like raised beds because you don't have to worry about weeds as much and it is easier on your back, but I am sure whatever you decide to do with that area you'll enjoy it. Good luck
bassin for life
bassin for life 4 days ago
All them turkey feathers would be good for fly tying
bassin for life
bassin for life 4 days ago
Make a pond and stock it with the fish u catch
Grow your own vegetables man they are the best when I come out of your own garden
Jigga Shine
Jigga Shine 5 days ago
Nathan Graham
Nathan Graham 5 days ago
Back yard pound
Jack Jarrell
Jack Jarrell 5 days ago
Bass pond! Bass pond! Bass pond!
Shaandiini 5 days ago
Green house...!
Nathan Setzer
Nathan Setzer 5 days ago
You should make it an aquaculture area. Make a big pond and put at bunch of fish that you'll eat in it and use the fish poop for feeding plants. Its super worth it! I can send you info if you'd like. I'm starting one at my house too.
MrTeko75 5 days ago
Awesome stuff Bluegabe and Family
Evaldo Rosendo
Evaldo Rosendo 5 days ago
Onde fica este lugares , ou país ?
Justin Watrobka
Justin Watrobka 5 days ago
Garden all the bud. Sure miss mine.
nandoo boom
nandoo boom 5 days ago
That fake photo was funny really real jijiji
Nigelrathbone1 5 days ago
Do an organic garden in the open space
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 5 days ago
Garden on the little lot
Michael Platt
Michael Platt 5 days ago
Well since you hunt and your fish you got your protein right there so why not start a gardening the prices of food and nowadays you're better off starting your garden
Michael Erdman
Michael Erdman 5 days ago
The boys would probably love an Aquascape Rec Pond, they could catch all kinds of stuff to put in it!!!
BigT27295 5 days ago
Do an open outdoor awesome kitchen/man cave.
Amy Lieber
Amy Lieber 5 days ago
Definitely a pond. It would be beautiful in that space with a waterfall or a fountain for water sounds and possibly a small garden.
robert brown
robert brown 5 days ago
Fish pond bur use koi and add a waterfall
MoiseS Cortez
MoiseS Cortez 5 days ago
Pipe down vegans! 😂😂 we just enjoy hunting. 👍👍
Snakepit Bytes
Snakepit Bytes 5 days ago
Is this Deermeatfordinner's brother? lmao so similar..
put in a pond
SmallFry 5 days ago
Definitely a Fish pond!
Khaotic TTV
Khaotic TTV 5 days ago
Jesus Christ luvs us all 💜
James Day ago
Trevor Mushove
Trevor Mushove 5 days ago
Hie bluegabe use that piece of land part have fans,fishing,hunting,sell hunting or fishing gear club hub were you make or sell some of the stuff you catch so in short diversify for instance BLUGABE AND KELLY wild hog bacon etc make it international you already have alot of fans(clients)
Fishinmatt Ryan
Fishinmatt Ryan 5 days ago
Aquascape POND!!!
Fishinmatt Ryan
Fishinmatt Ryan 5 days ago
have a pond built there!
Leah B
Leah B 5 days ago
Have a fish pond for the kids growing up. N do a little garden so you have fresh veggies for you cooks.
The ChrisP Life
The ChrisP Life 6 days ago
Gotta love us crazy Midwestern folks! Great video!!
tony holliday
tony holliday 6 days ago
may i sugges build a fist pond?
Daves Hobby's: Fishing, Food & Travel
For the garden. An archery practice range... An exotic fish pond, with a variety of ur local catches.
pepot sasori
pepot sasori 6 days ago
Easy. Grom them some mary jane blue gabe.
icuabc 123
icuabc 123 6 days ago
You and your brother are to aggressive, , is this your pet, no, then I'm gonna kill it for US-first.
Chris Bobes
Chris Bobes 6 days ago
You can do both a amall fish pond and a garden then water your garden with water from the fish pond.......
Chris Bobes
Chris Bobes 6 days ago
You can do both a amall fish pond and a garden then water your garden with water from the fish pond.......
Nathanial 17
Nathanial 17 6 days ago
Shanko? That looks like a snapping turtle I had before he ran away just 2 days ago 😂
Comedy Zone JA
Comedy Zone JA 6 days ago
Matt Sloop
Matt Sloop 6 days ago
Put a pond in with monster fish you caught in it.
Warren Meyer
Warren Meyer 6 days ago
You should do a play area for the upcoming kiddies!!!
Kellie Baker
Kellie Baker 6 days ago
I would say a vegetable garden for sure!
joey smith
joey smith 6 days ago
fish pond and garden!
SILVERBAXX 6 days ago
Fish pond
Harvey Rouse JR.
Harvey Rouse JR. 6 days ago
Go for the garden. Fresh vegetables to go with all the fresh protein.
Ike Hayes
Ike Hayes 6 days ago
I really want to get into hunting but I don't have a clue how to start, where to start and etc...
Rigoberto Ortiz
Rigoberto Ortiz 6 days ago
Fish pond
Brenda Bamsey
Brenda Bamsey 6 days ago
Garden, and a catch, clean, & cook outdoor kitchen.
dean murphy
dean murphy 6 days ago
Add a smoker grill and tiki bar
Garden and fish pond and the way you and Kelly have both gardens and fish pond 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐟⚘⚘⚘🌹🌹
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 6 days ago
Build a nice fish pond with bass and such
Dee Jesus
Dee Jesus 6 days ago
gcinthevalley 6 days ago
Plant bannana, plantain & sugarcane there.
Kevin Cervantez
Kevin Cervantez 6 days ago
Make an outside kitchen!!
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 6 days ago
That's Hugh my back yard is 4 acres . plant a little garden in your hugh something
Dan Bragg
Dan Bragg 6 days ago
Put a pond in the backyard and then grow your vegetables using Aquaponics the best of both worlds.
Jack Karg
Jack Karg 6 days ago
~~ Miniature Golf Course.....!!!..._Naturally_!!!!
paul west
paul west 6 days ago
or theirs
Tripod006 6 days ago
Add a pond!!!
Timmothy McCandless
Where's lukie
Fake youtube account
veggie and flower garden
linda pinder
linda pinder 6 days ago
Mel Tyson
Mel Tyson 6 days ago
Fish pond and a garden
Andre May
Andre May 6 days ago
Lol Dolla Gentral
get a fish pond
ImJust Betta
ImJust Betta 6 days ago
Koi pond sounds really nice also you can do a aquaponics setup too aquaponics lets you raise plants and fish at the same time but you might want to do a little more research about it :D
Triumph 71
Triumph 71 6 days ago
alan baramer
alan baramer 6 days ago
fish pond
rikhock 6 days ago
putting green
Josh Hofer
Josh Hofer 6 days ago
They say that they're really good to eat