Smoother animation ≠ Better animation [4K 60FPS] 

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HUGE thanks to Doggybag, Dangrips, Hyojin, and Villa for help with the animation.
Thanks to Shina for the Appeal painting also
Trigger warning for loud sounds towards the end of the vid.
This was entirely edited, and was supposed to be exported, in 48fps, not 50. Funny thing is, Premiere simply doesn't allow custom frame rates in its export window, despite supporting it as a sequence setting. I could have exported the Premiere file into After Effects and added the sequence to the render cue, but I couldn't because AE threw me an error every time I tried. That, combined with the legitimately unbelievable amount of bugs and errors and crashes left me feeling so exhausted and numb that I ultimately decided it was worth sacrificing one 25th of a second's worth of timing here and there. If you catch any editing errors, that'd be why. Oh well!!
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00:00 - Intro
1:27 - Laying the Groundwork
4:32 - Ad break
5:55 - Timing and Easing
9:52 - Smear Frames But Worse™
11:11 - Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job
13:58 - Outro
Animation used (in order of appearance):
Tom and Jerry
Pixel Art (various)
Cat walk (www.reddit.com/r/animation/comments/b0nkqs/cat_walk_cycle_done_for_college/)
Cowboy Bebop
Persona 4
300FPS Bowser in cat suit
Spirit (Roughs by James Baxter)
Devilman Crybaby
A Cat in Paris
Wire by Worthikids
DBZ Fighterz
Daffodil 3 by Smallbu
Moonlight Fox by Smallbu
JoJo Part 5
Cafouillage by Tom Law
Planet Panic
TMNT 'Don VS Ralph'
Klaus (Lineart by James Baxter)
El Dorado
1Samurai Jack Season 5
Dead Leaves
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken
Meet Arnold (Cacani Demo)
'Float' by Pixar
Music used (in order of appearance):
Les Cafes De Paris - Joe E Lee
Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound
Let the Game Begin! - SiIvaGunner
Noisy Notebook D - Snipperclips
Stage Clear - Wii Play Motion
Good Evening Bossa - Riverworn
Buy Something, Will Ya!? - Earthbound
Stamp Mode - Snipperclips
Apotos (Night) - Sonic Unleashed
Quilty Court - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Just One More Night With You - Thiago
5PM - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Trophy Gallery - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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Apr 16, 2021




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James Baxter
James Baxter 27 days ago
Fantastic rant, I love it! And you're absolutely right. I love how you underline the intent of the artist. Those who would seek to replace artists with machine learning and AI clearly don't understand what art is for. Replace stuff that people don't want to do, or can't do. But people get joy (and their livelihood) from creating art, and they want to do it. It's one of the things that make us human. I'm no Luddite, and I love using new tools to create my animation. But when it starts to encroach upon the fulfillment that I get from creating, then no thanks! You might argue that this is just interpolation and chill out. But my response to that is just wait, this is just getting started.
undwriver 5 hours ago
Also it is funny how people who have no idea about art let alone animation say stuff like this here lmao
undwriver 5 hours ago
People in this reply section are fucking nuts. Art community sure made some gamer snowflakes angry.
Adam Angeles
Adam Angeles 8 hours ago
funny horse man
Ramis 9 hours ago
@⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Yes, of course they can. However, the people watching automatically think; 60fps=smooth=better than ever when it isn't, they can like one over the other though, but it is like spreading a false idea that smoother animations are *always* better.
@icymeow Exactly, supply and demand. There will always be a niche, you won't get replaced
Lilswankey 6 minutes ago
First time seeing this channel, this is hilarious. Keep it up! Haha.
Matthew Muthee
Matthew Muthee 7 minutes ago
personally, I prefer the originals, the 60fps makes it look too much like a game. Even in games, I just want to be able to play and have it look good idc if the frames are super high
ThE iMpOsTeR
ThE iMpOsTeR 18 minutes ago
idc I just think it looks better :)
Badhabit 33 minutes ago
The sad reality is that an ordinary person who doesn't know about animation wouldn't really notice, so all they see is the smoother fps. And that is majority of the audience. That interpolation bit in your video is a good example, I'm a software guy and about as artistic as a rock and I didn't notice at all until you pointed it out. So to the general audience, they don't really care as much
Badhabit 41 minute ago
this is interesting and what you're saying very true about the wrong software being used for the job, but from the point of view of a software engineer. This rant is a little like a horse cart rider complaining about cars because they're less reliable and slower and more expensive than the horse carts back in the day. That might have been true back then, but it won't be in maybe 20 or 30 years from now, given enough training, the correct dataset, the correct algorithm and the correct use you could definitely build a machine learning program to lighten the load of animators by a significant amount. And the reason I don't think Pixar and these big corporations aren't doing it is because the R&D costs outweighs the small difference a higher framerate would offer, even though I personally prefer higher framerates myself, it just looks smoother ok. Eventually it could get to a point where the animator would animate 5 or 10 frames and the AI, which is a term I hate to use like this, would fill in the rest, because those 12 rules, as long as you can define them, you can teach them to a machine learning algorithm
Eli Driggs
Eli Driggs 41 minute ago
When he when he crossed out the the names it looked like it looked like hehehehehe pp
Chill Bro
Chill Bro 53 minutes ago
Animation studio: 30 different artists make 10 keyframes per second and then buys 14 frames from chinese workers for .005cent per frame. This youtube video: "AI interpolation flies in the face of artistic intent of the extremely skilled chinese animators who draw those shitty tween frames that have nothing to do with the original artist. You should pay for a chinese person to do the job until they commit suicide, killing chinese people is the artistic intent." --- But enough straw man-ning. AI interpolation would be very nice for older cartoons like early dragon ball or any hand drawn pre-2,000's anime or even american TV cartoons that also bought old school tweening services. Google level AI interpolation in the past would have been genre defining for animation when these limitations were in place and it would have differentiated the studios between "AI users" an "hand drawn 24fps." --- And the thought process that AI can never EVER improve because it has to be trained... What? Is there some law preventing you from training AI to improve it? AI from 10 years ago is leaps and bounds ahead of where it used to be. A trained AI beat the top chess master in the world and you're going to argue that training AI is literally impossible? WTF? Not to mention, I doubt anyone making animations, especially the person that made this video, has access to googles actual AI. I have no doubt that the file size of an AI built for anything worth using at high levels of production (ie disney or pixar) would be larger than a normal computer could even process, let alone a dinky little program run on a home computer. --- Finally an honestly... If you dislike people who enjoy 60fps stuff because they aren't giving you money... Then instead of telling them how wrong they are you should be trying to figure out WHY they like what they like and apply it to your own art. If you specifically choose to sell left handed scissors, don't whine when people use right handed ones. If you sell right handed scissors don't get angry at left handed people that are "doing it wrong." --- I think this person misunderstands AI. There is not "one single AI" that is trained to do all the things that people say they are using AI for... The AI for google street signs is not the same AI that digitizes physical newspapers. The digital newspaper AI is not the same chess AI that beat a chess master. Saying that "The AI" cannot make nice looking animation because "The AI" isn't trained on animation is like... Its like saying Birds cannot fly because a fish has never been trained on flying.
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel Hour ago
I agree
Nana Animations
Bro that sponsor ad was so smart using the book for it
This video is amazing!
soylentgreenb Hour ago
24 FPS and animating on twos by hand is an insult to the audience. It's 1920's tech requiring near slave labour and the result just isn't very good. The cost of hiding bad animation with low framerates is headache inducingly stuttery animation. Gamers have seen the future and poor substitutes are no longer acceptable; well, console gamers haven't really yet, but they'll come around eventually. You've worn a rut in your mind where crappy framerates look "filmic", like how some people prefer the distortion of LPs or prefer the compression artifacts of MP3s. The reality is it's just an excuse to save on cost and talent and if you had a neural network trained to the point where it could upsample the framerate and get something looking like a much higher budget and effort went into it, you'd click that button.
Crash PT
Crash PT Hour ago
The point is that it doesn't fucking looks good.
Joycelyn Eastman
Joycelyn Eastman 2 hours ago
The near violin demographically allow because kohlrabi geographically arrive with a unhealthy mandolin. giddy, lopsided governor
Prestos 2 hours ago
Well, at least he got his five millions views.
wow 2 hours ago
Yea trash take, 60fps is better, keep your trash animations Lmao
Crash PT
Crash PT Hour ago
Like the guy said at the beginning of the video 24 fps to 48 fps u can see the difference, but is minimal, at 60 fps every animation became extremely fucked up, the flow gets all weird and unnatural but people like you still think that it looks godd, that's what I don't understand.
Sebastian Hart
Sebastian Hart 2 hours ago
Wow everything went right over your head.
Robcraft 2 hours ago
Idc I just think it looks better :)
Toll Road
Toll Road 2 hours ago
Normal viewers: That's a good point I didn't even know about this Elite viewers: I Don't Know What You Are Doing!!! I Set My Monitor To 10,000 FPS And You're Disappearing & Reappearing!!!
Jay Boland
Jay Boland 2 hours ago
Weird and immature 🙄
Yamim Hussain
Yamim Hussain 3 hours ago
12:18 ARNOLD
Yamim Hussain
Yamim Hussain 3 hours ago
Charles Glick
Charles Glick 3 hours ago
I dont know how in the world this video possibly made it into my list, but GOD, DOES IT BELONG HERE. I'm glad I got to watch this.
EWA 3 hours ago
14:05 god that caught me off guard
Random Person
Random Person 3 hours ago
Also, the movement on the interpolated characters feels really slow. You have one of the fastest animation I’ve seen and the 60 FPS version you showed, feels sooooo slow
danielvettore 3 hours ago
6:06 Sonic Unleashed Apotos theme song.
jerry 3 hours ago
Bottom line is smooth = better than janky. You can't change my mind on this. Who cares if it shits on the art and the artist? It just looks better. This whole "artistic intent" thing is a crock of shit. You and your art serves the observer, the viewer. They don't serve you. So as a fellow artist, get off your egotistical high horse.
lobsteros (Channel Lobster's Alt)
Animation looking "janky" has nothing to do with frame rate. If it looks bad, that's on the animator. And I don't see how interpolating bad animation will fix it. Or if what you mean by "janky" is something like Spider-verse deliberately being animated at a lower frame rate to capture the look of a comic, well, sure that's subjective, but isn't that what art is as a whole? I think you're confusing "art" and "entertainment," which is an easy misunderstanding to make since so much of the media out there is both art AND entertainment. But while entertainment refers to mass appeal, art is all about the personal expression of the artist.
Dani Hinojosa
Dani Hinojosa 3 hours ago
wich program does he use to animate??
Madcat 456
Madcat 456 4 hours ago
The effect is more noticeable when US-first defaults the video to 720p50fps instead of the normal 480p I am use to. Edit: I have watched videos on this topic a couple of times and it still hurts my brain. But the best way to understand is to see it in practice. I once messed with the settings on my blu ray player and changed the framrate from 24 to 60. Oh boy after watching the Matrix I switched it back and never looked back again. The movie looked unnatural.
Omega247 4 hours ago
You heard about DLSS right? XD just saying ...
grunchi de trap
grunchi de trap 4 hours ago
That's ... completely irrelevant
The 0mega3lidud3 channel
This is funny XD
Jacobo RC
Jacobo RC 4 hours ago
10:10 is that a jojo reference? xd 12:07 more jojo references, this is getting better. 12:47 omg even more xd . 13:43 moooooreeeeeee
Commander Phoenix
Commander Phoenix 4 hours ago
Before learning about the interpolation crap, I thought it was the animation, but F A S T
Mesouse Usagi
Mesouse Usagi 4 hours ago
not the first time my brain did a pop shuvit this year
David Furor Curser
David Furor Curser 4 hours ago
the thing about animation and public is, that you throw pearls before swines. The Art doesnt matter to the general folk. They wanna see New graphics, New Tech and Characters they grew up with, and nothing else will ever please them.
Zak Klotz
Zak Klotz 4 hours ago
Wait so your argument to AI not getting better over time is that this particular neural network was trained differently? You just gave yourself the answer and yet missed it. As AI becomes more common people make networks and train them on different things. To assume no one will want to do that is a pretty crazy statement. You should watch the 6 second papers channel lol
DTG 3D 5 hours ago
i animate in 1 frame per minute :)
Snacks The
Snacks The 5 hours ago
The message of the video is clear. Eliminate all Gamers.
yam sang
yam sang 5 hours ago
You got 5 million views tho
thismeinteil 5 hours ago
idc I just think it looks better :)
undwriver 4 hours ago
Tyson Evarard
Tyson Evarard 5 hours ago
This man gets my sense of humor. He knows how to use awkward pauses for comedic effect.
geeker 5 hours ago
The AI will get better... People just teach it more things, and teach it to learn more.
geeker 5 hours ago
Ok. It just looks better in 60fps... I mean, you can say everyone who thinks it looks better is dumb. But it's a lot of people.
geeker 3 hours ago
@undwriver it's unnecessary if you don't look it to look smoother, but i can only assume that if animators could have made it smoother they probably will. And the AI does look a little off but with time it will become way better.
undwriver 3 hours ago
@geeker I meant the AI animation. Yes, most of the times if animators spent more time for making more in-betweens it would look much smoother but that is really unnecessary. Quality over quantity.
geeker 4 hours ago
@undwriver like a lot of things, but it doesn't mean you can't do it BETTER than the intension of the artist. Annnd, maybe it's not, he didn't say it in the video enough but it does cost more, and take more time. Maybe he did want it to be 60fps but but they didn't had enough time or money. I mean, it is impressive because it's more difficult, if every show could do it, this video wouldn't exist.
undwriver 4 hours ago
You can think it's good, but remember that it is ruining the intention of the artist. (13:37)
luigifandroid 5 hours ago
I like hearing noodle rage so much that I’ve watched this video at least 10 times
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 5 hours ago
I agree with mostly everything, and this isn't the only area where people seem to be using technology simply because they can. I have a small critique tho. I don't animate drawings, but I've done a little animation for games. Not every algorithm produces straight line interpolation. You can interpolate on a curve as well, and even mix and match for something a bit more organic. My guess is people are usually too lazy for this, and are simply trying to get a remastered stamp on their product.
Vlad 6 hours ago
Seriously tho, how did you get in my recommended? Btw I already love your animation and you gained a sub :)
IIIIIawesIIIII 6 hours ago
Well, it's a great first step to enable hobbyists and low-budgetists to get stuff done. Honestly, animation takes forever, and for many it's just totally not worth it if you care more about the idea than the craft. I mean, sure you can use jointed models and fixed backgrounds, but I personally really dislike them. It's just too obvious and looks soulless. Modern animations have a Flash-Movie vibe to them, even the more modern ones. They don't look organic and harmonic. They look like a bunch of models and dolls inserted into a background. And this method of making movies and animations undoubtedly pre-shapes how people tell stories. They have converged in a very obvious way since studios have moved to digital model-based animation. I'd love to be able to create animations where I have a lot more control over style and detail, whilst letting the ai take care of the "obvious" shit, the frames in-between that are purely cosmetic and have nothing to do with the idea and aesthetic statement that I actually care about. If one of the ideas is about detail in timing or such, I'll do it manually there, but besides that? I don't care about the other 29 Frames in between in 99% of the cases to justify spending a day on what feels like nothing but a meaningless chore. I don't have the money to pay hundreds of Koreans or Indians to do this shitty work either. Neither do I think anybody should have to do such a meaningless, boring work that exists purely for cosmetic reasons.
Lone Voyager
Lone Voyager 6 hours ago
14:06 scared the shit out of me dam
TonyGamer 6 hours ago
The reason that DAIN/RIFE (the AI behind this) struggles with this is because it isn't necessarily designed to interpolate animations, it was originally designed to interpolate recorded footage to a higher framerate. When you use recorded footage, it actually looks pretty good. An AI could definitely create inbetweens properly without completely destroying the animation if it was trained to do that, but DAIN was not trained for that, it was trained to create photorealistic inbetweens of photorealistic footage Edit: nvm, didn't quite finish the video and just got to the part of the video explaining this 10 seconds after writing this comment Edit 2: and also before someone brings it up I understand that interpolating animation can and does go against the artistic intent
Akheavee 6 hours ago
People who don't know shit about art and animating: I still think 60fps is better 🙁😕🙄😐😒😪
Akheavee 6 hours ago
F#+%ing gamers man
Chiel Wildeboer
Chiel Wildeboer 7 hours ago
Hello angry comments (:
Estefani Martinez Cardenas
lil cloudie
lil cloudie 7 hours ago
video wouldve been better at 60 fps
foonsh 7 hours ago
Noodle I’m sorry but gamer don’t care about the amount of frames in an animation
Aaron Tighe
Aaron Tighe 7 hours ago
Hey your probably not gonna see this, but from a person who loves drawing and is trying amination but has a love for games, I'm sorry on behalf of all gamers, emotion and creativity is what makes art beautiful
Eyal D.
Eyal D. 7 hours ago
Why do people care about fps? If it's over 15 it seems fluid to me
Viviking32 Gaming
Viviking32 Gaming 8 hours ago
5:46 And it is Save u moni :D I can’t get enough of this one
Chimmy Jimmy
Chimmy Jimmy 8 hours ago
i was wearing headphones for the end freik
Adam Angeles
Adam Angeles 8 hours ago
The title messed me up lol animation has to be smooth but yeah, doing 60fps to everything is annoying and useless in animation not intended for it
WhiskeyOne 8 hours ago
You and I own the same plates from dollar tree.
Владислав Яков
I definitely want to see animation in this video in 60fps
The Çomar Destroyer
I like crispy 60fps more
Oleg Mokki
Oleg Mokki 8 hours ago
1:32 Me in 480p: Well, yes, but actually no
anonymous is the best
idc i just think it looks better :)
easrng 8 hours ago
I was expecting you to say to use libgen not Honey lmao
Oscar Triangle
Oscar Triangle 9 hours ago
your style is annoying and regurgitated and gay
Craig Bezo
Craig Bezo 9 hours ago
I don’t care I think it’s better
SMBShippuden4 9 hours ago
I've done it before on one of my videos. And genuinely it's because I didn't understand the principles of animation etc. But even in that case it was my creative choice. When I see a OPM vs Kenos fight on US-first and it's smothered with it, I kind of don't want to watch it.
SMBShippuden4 9 hours ago
By the way. The book you were referring to in the video, what's the difference between that and the Animators Survival Kit?
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 9 hours ago
Cool channel, thanks YT Algorithm.
EdmoreGamingTech 1000
uhmm its 50fps
Joselin Rodrigues iniesta
This is a complete bullshit, there's nothing bad with re-doing something another artist created, it happens like ALL THE TIME in music with remixes and things like that, I don't hear anybody saying "mmmmbro, you are destroying the artist vision" when dancing on the club, is it that animation is worth more than music or that musicians aren't such a crying loosers ?
Joselin Rodrigues iniesta
@Niclas Zelmer oh sorry, i forgot how sensitive are in the animation comunity, like damn, 60 fps rulles and so remixes, deal with it asswipe
Niclas Zelmer
Niclas Zelmer 4 hours ago
It doesnt add anything new, just shitty also Low effort
Niclas Zelmer
Niclas Zelmer 4 hours ago
@Joselin Rodrigues iniesta Remixes sound completely different, while enhanced animations looks almost the same except glitchier and shittier in most cases. Whats so hard to understand?
Joselin Rodrigues iniesta
@Niclas Zelmer stop with the hypocracy, something wont turn bad just because you modify it , specially if is at 60fps, musicians dont fight because of remixes because they made millions on revenou, animators are most of the time starving losers that desperatly need atention so they made drama out of 60fps
Joselin Rodrigues iniesta
@Niclas Zelmer video remake add ne stuff. This shit just thows it into a mixer. Big differences, my guy
Prezes Entertainment
1) AI is not good enough to do good enough inbetween interpolation/ AI has no concept of easing into and out of movement YET 2) just as with gourment steak when you create something for someone else it deosnt matter if it insults you, just if they like it
Caleb Jenkins
Caleb Jenkins 9 hours ago
fun fact i think he interpolated the robot busting in his house shot
Skullbreaker Animations.
Noodle in 60 fps.
Gib 10 hours ago
The hey google activated mine
Tristen Cox
Tristen Cox 10 hours ago
People update the frames because they enjoy the higher frame rate. It's not about an improvement, they're just sharing something they like with people who like it.
BlazingKhioneus 10 hours ago
This video and mario is unreal has finally made me realize what about super mario 64 HD I don’t like. ITS JUST HD 60FPS FOR THE SAKE OF HD 60 FPS WHILE TOTALLY ROBBING THE GAME OF WHAT IT WAS INTENDED TO LOOK LIKE. It’s lifeless HD Mario.
david banan
david banan 10 hours ago
I love the "even a simple animation can become smoother and more lifelike" because the original looks better to me, the smoothened version look like its sped up
HexHyte 10 hours ago
Please tell me that the Mulan AI enchanted animation isn't GORGEOUS
HexHyte 10 hours ago
AH unpopular opinion here. AI interpolation it's friggin mindfrogging for me. Deal with it. (I know it adds odd frame, i know it messes with timing and stuff but know what? I don't care, it's still mind blowing) The purpose of those AI enchanted videos is to showcase the technology, no one is frigging saying that those videos are better than the original ones. But the results are still ASTONISHING. (Most of the time)
ItsUnpug 10 hours ago
Wow this proves a lot of things
SammyForYouwu 11 hours ago
How funny is that this video got to 5 million views?
Jun123 11 hours ago
Honey: it is save you money
Jensi Oquendo
Jensi Oquendo 11 hours ago
I'm sorry Noodle, but I paid for a 360Hz monitor and I expect a 360Hz animation. Sincerely, a CS:GO pro gamer, *DEFINITELY NOT* stuck in Silver I
Adumb 12 hours ago
that ad break was so clean, it fits in so well
Liryshaa 12 hours ago
Thank you, now I know why it looks wierd with AI plus your video is funny and all so I'm gonna follow you. I'm glad you were recommended to me ! ^^
Ang3L of CrΛzY
Ang3L of CrΛzY 12 hours ago
I have quite literally nothing to add. This whole argument resonates with me.
moonhix 12 hours ago
As a gamer it looks very smooth and i like it
Die-Jay-Cee 13 hours ago
I like how you added the interpolation in the last shot
CatGumba 13 hours ago
I am a gamer and i dont like the more frames. Its just looking so weird. Even if its perfectly made, it still looks wrong
LG SC 13 hours ago
5:07 - 5:17 moment made me subscribe🤣🤣🤣
Toe Gobbler
Toe Gobbler 13 hours ago
y u mad bro? just make the vids in 60fps
Niclas Zelmer
Niclas Zelmer 7 hours ago
@Toe Gobbler oh god im a fucking moron, sry lol
Toe Gobbler
Toe Gobbler 8 hours ago
@Niclas Zelmer dude im just trolling
Niclas Zelmer
Niclas Zelmer 8 hours ago
To answer your question, watch the fucking Video.
Xetiku 14 hours ago
I 100% agree with the video, but PLEASE stop using the "insult to the chef"/"gourmet food" comparison. It's a REALLY bad comparison, as it puts both sides into an opposing light that would mostly justify the person digesting the finished project rather than the creator of said project. Like. The chef doesn't care that I put ketchup on my steak because it's going in my stomach anyway. But when you digest MEDIA, it's a completely different ballgame because the way that your EYES digest something involves much more than just the media itself, but the emotion and feeling that can accompany the media, this "media" being the subject of animation. For example - If I slathered my dry burger in ketchup, would the head chef start yelling at me over the counter for it? No, he would move on and make another burger for another person. He's never gonna see that food again. But with something like The Road to El Dorado for example, the creator can see this whenever they want, even see fans talk about it and see how they create their own scenes inspired by their creation. However, they could potentially be flat out annoyed when someone takes their project and just. Friggin' SMEARS it all over the place with a stupid AI. It's completely missing the point of the techniques and tools used in animation, while compared to food, KETCHUP ITSELF is a tool in the universe of culinary practice. Same for any other dressing. Yes, pineapple can go on pizza, yes, ranch can also go on pizza. No, the AI should not touch animation without the animator's consent and assistance, such as with that art program you mentioned. I love food, sorry. This is a VERY good video.
Xetiku 13 hours ago
@⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ The reason why it would be an insult to the animator would be that the process of interpolation completely negates the expression of the finished project in trade for what would just be smoother animation. And even then, the smooth animation isnt even real animation. Its a jumble of false frames to fill in gaps to meet a quota that the ai is told to meet. In short, it rushes the process instead of giving it care and attention to detail that an animator otherwise would. Meanwhile food is MEANT to be made for one's most enjoyable experience through consumption no matter how that food is altered to befit that person's personal tastes. Animation cant just be changed by the viewer, and considering how poorly the ai tries to do that, it shows that a competent animator is really needed to create a quality project. This is why both statements conflict with one another due to their drastically imposing contexts. One is correct, and the other is just outright close minded.
{supah comix}
{supah comix} 14 hours ago
11:19 actually it will get better with time, when people say that they mean that it'll be improved upon by the developer, not that it's MAGICALLY gonna fix itself, this makes it seem as if you're strawmanning
It's wrong that the media is advertising this "enhancing" when it's clear as day that this technology has to be tuned individually for every movie/use case. But when it will work the way we intend it to, we shouldn't block it off like a sad teenager. It can help us animate things faster, why not use it? This rant kinda reminds me of this old "Well, it was hard for me, so others shouldn't have it easier."-issue.. This mindset is hindering progress.
DuraLexSedLex 2 hours ago
He... did say use it when appropriate. The rant is telling people to stop shoving it into random shit where it isn't meant to be used. People failing to grasp things hinders progress as well.
OldenSad 15 hours ago
13k dislikes... So many people cant halde the fact they have no idea how something actually works. This is sad. Not being animator myself, i perfectly understand your points, how so many people not able to listen and think about topic? Sorta insulting.
jentrack 2
jentrack 2 15 hours ago
theres good and bad stuff as always
ElectricFury 16 hours ago
You're 100% right. The only interpolation I would ever say is beneficial is in games because smoother gameplay matters for input lag but even then, I'm more than happy to play games at 30fps if it looks and runs wells where it wouldn't at 60, and after a short amount of time I won't even notice that it's not 60, because unlike my friends who are obsessed with having the best fps, I turn off the crappy little fps counter in the corner because it's ugly and unnecessary.
Tactical 16 hours ago
Maybe it's the current internet and social media culture but if any of the famous paintings were instead originally created today, and someone took a picture of it and slapped a bunch of instagram contrasts and filters, I promise you the instagram version would be more popular
Quitbit 16 hours ago
When the wave at the start fused the fingers with the video border I knew I was going to be in for a show.
Oskar Adamczyk
Oskar Adamczyk 17 hours ago
idc i just think it looks better :)
Sbeve nine
Sbeve nine 12 hours ago
It doesn't look better all the time
kyo da chicken
kyo da chicken 17 hours ago
😂 😂 😂 Thx so much for this i always thought that trind was weird cuz it always looked bad i didin't know how it worked at all and now i do all cuz of u