SML Movie: The Class Pet! 

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The class gets a class pet and Junior has to take care of it!


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Feb 27, 2021




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SML Month ago
Go watch the behind the scenes: us-first.info/player/video/lbiog5GjZoWEgp8.html
Scott Brewin
Scott Brewin 3 days ago
ttv_jaden22 on twitch
Christian Brown
Christian Brown Month ago
@Eee Eee gkmcfllblbppf ccm
Wallace Connor
Wallace Connor Month ago
Sneijder Lopez Ayala
So Penelope is still trapped in the closet since she hasn't been in a video since this one.
Curt Pitpitan
Curt Pitpitan 11 hours ago
Did they actually kill a fish in the garbage disposal 💀😳🙃
[Hikaru Volcano XD]
[Hikaru Volcano XD] 11 hours ago
Anahi Hernandez
Anahi Hernandez 16 hours ago
Is the fish real?
Rae Schmittou
Rae Schmittou 22 hours ago
Rae Schmittou
Rae Schmittou 22 hours ago
core Day ago
Nobody: SML: kills a fish for a video
AlexZTheGamer YT
AlexZTheGamer YT 17 hours ago
The fish was CGI , Not real
Killer MekR6
Killer MekR6 Day ago
this is not stolen content
Los dos amigos Ksc
Ok they haven’t posted
Los dos amigos Ksc
All new ha
Angelo Films
Angelo Films Day ago
Junior Cody and Joseph kidnap Penelope
Kevin Hernandez
Believe in god become a Christian god is king and lord
Yadira Lopez
Yadira Lopez Day ago
Everybody I got a fish it's beautiful and my sister Polina has one in her name is Rainbow and my is name is ocean and my brothers of says fish name is blueberry
Tyler Kinnie
Tyler Kinnie 2 days ago
Gee I wonder what Jeffy would do if he got the class pet
Larry darby
Larry darby 2 days ago
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎👎 did you actually do that
Matthew Tilley
Matthew Tilley 2 days ago
Liam YT
Liam YT 2 days ago
3:41 brushing the teeth you dont have because your a puppet
Shrimpy Hernandez
5:18 Junior: OH NO THE FISH WENT DOWN THE DRAN Cody:WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO fish be like awww put me in the garbage disposal daddy
Voltage Electricity
This is fish abuse
Izzabelle Hurtado
Is the fish OK
oh hi oscars fans
the worst thing iv don is watch this vid
music lankybox
music lankybox 2 days ago
Camren Ramirez
Camren Ramirez 2 days ago
0:46lol junior
Elijah Trofort
Elijah Trofort 2 days ago
Make an episode when Junior gets Penelope pregnant!
Camels 3 hours ago
@Elijah Trofort ugh damit my brother used my acc sorry
Elijah Trofort
Elijah Trofort 3 hours ago
@Camels why?
Camels 4 hours ago
Norberto And Natalie And Jazmine Dancing Channel
Did They actually murder a real fish
Aiger Akabane
Aiger Akabane 3 days ago
Did you really put a fish in the garbage disposal
one piece gamer
one piece gamer 3 days ago
2:49 I get it now
Co2soon 3 days ago
8:30 when Cody said he didn’t take the bit of who hash that killed me
Stellar Kismet
Stellar Kismet 3 days ago
were fish hurt in this video
Marogaming YT
Marogaming YT 3 days ago
Eh prus A+
Zara’s Life
Zara’s Life 3 days ago
Don’t keep the fish in a bowl it needs a filter and it needs more then one fish or it will get lonely, it needs to be the same size and a goldfish like that one
Anthony Norris
Anthony Norris 3 days ago
Junior: "Grab the fish!" Nets: "Am I a joke to you?"
r pitstop
r pitstop 3 days ago
Damarius crowder
r pitstop
r pitstop 3 days ago
Damarius crowder
Anoud A
Anoud A 3 days ago
answer: hmmm,idk i dont rememeber
Anoud A
Anoud A 3 days ago
Natasha Meriwether
Did u actually kill the fish😖
silver 3 days ago
jakie poo
Eddie Riley
Eddie Riley 3 days ago
Khaled Gamer2.0
Khaled Gamer2.0 4 days ago
I’m still watching the videos I already watched for fun
Pro Gaming Bruuh!
She literally sounds like the cast of Elina
Faith Levesque
Faith Levesque 4 days ago
World War I love that goldfish
Faith Levesque
Faith Levesque 4 days ago
World wonder where I love that goldfish
juan Arroyo
juan Arroyo 4 days ago
My name is junior
Trippi Gio
Trippi Gio 4 days ago
When t guy turn the lights and it’s the wrong one had me dyeing
Lizzie Vlogs
Lizzie Vlogs 4 days ago
Imvu mo.
akyrah surles
akyrah surles 5 days ago
That's what pencildanya get
akyrah surles
akyrah surles 5 days ago
If you dislike ing fuck you and you a hater
Bam The imposterYT :D
Pineapple:I like little fish Rosalina:I’m vegan!
Harry Coombs
Harry Coombs 5 days ago
5:20 where the action begins Thank me later
Urijah Perkins
Urijah Perkins 5 days ago
but when it was in the tanlk it wAS THE REAL FISH
Urijah Perkins
Urijah Perkins 5 days ago
the fish that went down the drain was a pice of paper so it was not a real fish
Lisa Newman
Lisa Newman 5 days ago
i killed someone
Peyton Smith
Peyton Smith 5 days ago
"its like you come right up to my ear and cream right in it"
Kookie Bear
Kookie Bear 5 days ago
The dumbest thing i did is jumping off my scooter when I'm riding very fast :->
Gaming Hunting & More
That was a fake fish right?
Scott Hill
Scott Hill 5 days ago
Not most likely,
Michael Israel
Michael Israel 5 days ago
no fish were harmed in this video
Oddz Playz
Oddz Playz 6 days ago
DID THEY KILL THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
freechen yule 2 washing machine destruction
Sad 😭😭😭😭😭 was it a real fish if it is then I’m not watching you anymore
Scott Hill
Scott Hill 5 days ago
@freechen yule 2 washing machine destruction meh
Scott Hill
Scott Hill 5 days ago
Its a tiny fish
Axis Boss
Axis Boss 6 days ago
Literally gives me a fish commercial
Jayden Zhao
Jayden Zhao 6 days ago
i hate you junor
Jayden Zhao
Jayden Zhao 6 days ago
I hate junior 2.0
Boaz De Wringer
Boaz De Wringer 6 days ago
🐰Killt a rabbit🐰
jose manzanares
jose manzanares 6 days ago
I love your videos
Takeyviun Jackson
The worst thing I done was Killed a dog when I was like 3
No_ doubt
No_ doubt 6 days ago
Was it a prop fish or real
Maxerio Playz
Maxerio Playz 6 days ago
Why did they have to use real fish for this
Alonso Martinez
Alonso Martinez 6 days ago
Broke my TV
andrew davies
andrew davies 6 days ago
I have 78 fish
Bubbl1e gum1 Assassin
I almost set my house on fire
Bubbl1e gum1 Assassin
The snack that smiles back
Owen gaming 100
Owen gaming 100 6 days ago
Atleast the fish they killed was fake
6. Arfan Hassan VIB10
5:12 Cody : your barking at the wrong tree
3:52 lol
Mr. Kid100
Mr. Kid100 7 days ago
I love your videos!!
I steal for the school something and I find camera 😅
bf_official3 7 days ago
Yall I'm baddie💅💅💅🙄🙄🙄
jaali bandaa
jaali bandaa 7 days ago
one time a knife or ajwrf g almost fell on my dog so i quickly tried stopping it but... you know what happend it killed my dog :(
7:35 junior stop screaming my Dan is going to hear u says the one who screaming LOL 🤣
Chandler Tawater
Chandler Tawater 7 days ago
I hate you you killed the fish
PocketRealm 7 days ago
Wait you actually did that Reston peas Stacy I love you so much but I don’t need them because you’re so cute in the role around and then they play with their friends and then they eat I’m gonna cry😤😭😭😭😭😭
Bella Plays
Bella Plays 7 days ago
whyed i wach this video bc i had a fish that looks like bigger crab cake and he died 3 mouths ago
memedoggo 7 days ago
I didn't matter if crab cake died anyways..?
William Hh
William Hh 7 days ago
I stole 3000$ from my dad
Romano Dayanara Noah
X. Chhdeinhhbswbhsshbhbshbsz🌝🌞🐉☃️❄️☀️🍉🍌🍑🥭🥭🌶🍣🍱🍝🍜🍟🍕🍕🍗🍗🍗🥩🥩🥩🥩🍾🍹🍸🥃🍻🥂🍻🍹
Deez Pepperonis
Deez Pepperonis 8 days ago
What happened to Ken?
Donut King
Donut King 8 days ago
I'm not wondering why y'all got a class pad I'm wondering where toad went
TEDDY MOSS 8 days ago
Umm is that a real fish you dropped
Lulzim Selimaj
Lulzim Selimaj 8 days ago
Branchy Bunch
Branchy Bunch 8 days ago
I do not have a class pet
Evan Reyes
Evan Reyes 8 days ago
Wait you like little things junior looks down and she was like I’m talking about the goldfish
Chase The dragon king
Logan what happened to Penelope
Serenity Royals
Serenity Royals 8 days ago
It’s find emo
Katelyn Jones
Katelyn Jones 8 days ago
Grinch Kong
Grinch Kong 8 days ago
I love goldfish!!! 😄
Ethan Rivas
Ethan Rivas 8 days ago
Alvin and Penelope hang up on you Junior
MJ Martinez
MJ Martinez 9 days ago
I remember I stole my teachers food and I got in trouble
kermit da frog
kermit da frog 9 days ago
The fish: where am I why am I here this is torture let me reunite with my family ;-;
Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Bell 9 days ago
Cody says it was slimy and slippery but he also deals with that as well
ayad subhi
ayad subhi 9 days ago
Ace of spades 2
Ace of spades 2 9 days ago
Wow the girl said you killed the fish Cody It was a toy fish