Smart Rocket League Players vs Mechanical Players (who's better?) 

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Rocket League is all about your rank... but you also have to worry about 2 main playing characteristics; Game sense and mechanics. Most players have a mix of both but there are some people who are more of only one those types. I wanted to find out which is more important and what better way than forcing players to 1v1. So we will see platinums, diamonds, grand champs and even supersonic legends face off against their opposite. Will Mechanics or Game Sense prove to be more important?
0:00 Intro
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1:40 Platinum Match
4:46 Diamond Match
7:35 Grand Champ Match
10:57 Supersonic Legend Match
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Feb 21, 2021




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CBell 3 days ago
I thought the smarter players would've won all of these games. Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks again for today's sponsor! Check them out below: 🎯Download or Play FRAG PRO Shooter for free: bit.ly/3ramO14 Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎 + 1 special offer 🎁 only for you!
Daniel Peacock
Daniel Peacock 2 hours ago
Does anyone know what songs he's using in the video? Plz tell me the names
Jp Phoenix
Jp Phoenix 16 hours ago
Honestly they don’t seem smart their not going for rotations their going for 100 boost pads I’m no where near a smart player but I don’t over commit and I don’t think I could 1v2 and win but this just seems like silver gameplay I’m more mechanical but I still go for rotations and started in gold it’s not muscle memory but I would rather have 60 than 100
Usxrr 1
Usxrr 1 Day ago
@Vytenis Šukevičius tbh im a plat 1 and i think im better than them, even if i havent played for like a week
Riley Owens
Riley Owens Day ago
Put me up in a 2s or 3s. High diamond in both, won a champion 3s tourney
kw.drillz Day ago
I’m a smart gold player
DrGerth Minute ago
Put me in a video I’m plat 2 mechanical player
Enzo Pezzenti
Enzo Pezzenti 13 minutes ago
Cbell if you see this please I would love to be in a video and challenge a gold 3 because that is what I am and I am very mechanical thank you have a good day Cloakvision Platform xbox
Big Trev
Big Trev 13 minutes ago
im plat and i think i got that
xWR3CKERx 5402
xWR3CKERx 5402 14 minutes ago
I’m high plat low diamond and I have better mechanics and game sens then both of those ranks and I started a few months ago, just missing game time
xWR3CKERx 5402
xWR3CKERx 5402 15 minutes ago
A mix of both is better tbh
Desire 19 minutes ago
I’d love to participate in one of these, I’m dipping between c1-c2 and am solely a game sense player. I would like to show why mechanics doesn’t really matter even in a champ lobby
Maxime Tremblay élève
That was not platinum because I I’m and I think I’m so much better than that
nathan bonehill
nathan bonehill 27 minutes ago
I would love to be in these videos i would be a smart plat
Gage Soucie
Gage Soucie 28 minutes ago
I could definitely do better 🤑🤑
Yayas 37
Yayas 37 33 minutes ago
Orange is the smart one and the other one is on the blue team
joshnels0n 35 minutes ago
champ: doesnt exist 😍
Diverse Cube
Diverse Cube 38 minutes ago
I could do better I’m mechanical and I’m a plat 2 I could easily do better then the first mechanical plat
Gav 45 minutes ago
Ngl those gc’s pretty bad
GlitcherTheUnknown Sup
GlitcherTheUnknown Sup 49 minutes ago
I would say be smart at your side of the net and on their side be mechanical
Syed Rizvi
Syed Rizvi Hour ago
I can definitely do better than the plats, maybe even the diamond, but definitely better than the plat tho. I am more of a mechanical player but I good at both.
Franco Fagian
Franco Fagian Hour ago
Im a mechanical player im a diamond 3 im better than that smart player
Mystic Durp
Mystic Durp Hour ago
I think I can beat plat Im tinfoil 3
Carson Shae
Carson Shae Hour ago
I would love to be in one of these vids
J Wood
J Wood Hour ago
Pulser Hour ago
I would wanna try and play in the diamond 1v1
Kryptic God
Kryptic God Hour ago
I would love to play as one of the plats in these videos but sadly I’m to broke for a pc so I’m on ps4 but hey if you’re ever doing a console wars video I’m down
Teyler Mccloud
I have been watching mr beast too much bc I thought he said 100,000
not trying to be mean but the plat game looks no different from gold 1s games
ZeRo_Skillz3 Hour ago
I want to try. As a "smart" player. I just want money bro 😭
Squall Hour ago
Hey Cbell how do you pick out the people to do these things. (im subbed but I dont really get it)
Pikabloo 1238
Pikabloo 1238 Hour ago
I could do better for sure. Idk how marmy is smart, like no offense but 🤷🏽‍♂️
Tyler Abraham
Tyler Abraham 2 hours ago
Am d3 and I pretty good and I always do good in Pressure
Pulse Shark
Pulse Shark 2 hours ago
The first guys are not plat
Its Stealth
Its Stealth 2 hours ago
I’m a gold 2 and I am way better than those plats
Dash 2 hours ago
so this guys telling me me being smart and having macanics isnt a thing
BixyFc 2 hours ago
The gc is trash
Rocket league clips
I’m down to do this Epic:GamerAiden805
Kenzie Williams
Kenzie Williams 3 hours ago
easily id do better 😏
Dominik Jagielski
Dominik Jagielski 3 hours ago
how is that gc
Kyle McClain
Kyle McClain 3 hours ago
The plats look like silver lobbies😐😐😐😐😐
fredncrdbl 3 hours ago
They were not plat 1s I’m plat 2 and I can air dribble
zero casuality
zero casuality 3 hours ago
man this is disappointing,and i dont mean the video. what everyone think about "mechanical" player are someone who can score a flip reset and crazy goal. imo even what you call a mechanical player should be different in each rank, for example, doing consistence dribble and good flick in gold or even plat is already being a mechanical player. its just looks kinda silly watching a diamond trying to flip reset and just choke in the end. sorry but, except for the ssl one, these "mechanical" player just looks like any normal player you can found anywhere,i guess if you want to call yourself a mechanical player, you must have the consistency first, especially in 1s
_pepzimax_ 3 hours ago
Well i am plat and Think om better that the play mecanic player but idk
Skïïpzy 3 hours ago
the diamonds were wayyyy better then the gcs ngl
octane 3 hours ago
Americans suck at rl
Yeet Feet 2
Yeet Feet 2 4 hours ago
“Get smart, get gud, get ready for part 2 & 3” ad plays: “get 20% of at topshop”😂😂
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride 4 hours ago
I’m sorry, but waffle is no more than a diamond 2
True Plu
True Plu 4 hours ago
I would like to try something like this I think it would be fun lol
paperbag 247
paperbag 247 4 hours ago
I think i could do better as a smart player for plat maybe
Eclipze Beats
Eclipze Beats 4 hours ago
I could probably do better
Bene Dev
Bene Dev 4 hours ago
This is easy and i can definitely do better... Kinda just wanna play, so im just kidding
Willem 4 hours ago
I’m a P1 and i can do way better
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 4 hours ago
Trust me I’m a good and I’m smart and I will crush my opponent
flamer gamer 805
flamer gamer 805 4 hours ago
Nice video
Trevor Fingerboards
These plats were pretty bad no offense
Timothy 4 hours ago
I Can do better i am champ 1
Rokuro 5 hours ago
OmG tHe SsL’s ArE sO bAd I’m BrOnZe 1 AnD cOuLd BeAt ThEm
Blob 5 hours ago
I'm kinda bragging ( not in the mean way) but im the best gold freestyler out there. ( more mechanical then smart )
HaloItz_M3 5 hours ago
Dude try me im plat and play smart
maxiginz 5 hours ago
The grandchamps playing Like my Diamond 3 enemys. OK i know they was exided
Mccann Antonette
Mccann Antonette 5 hours ago
The brawny afterthought conclusively injure because transmission summatively enter like a next curtain. organic, zonked liquor
MEATFARE 5 hours ago
Bro are those platinum? I'm in gold and boy do I think I can beat them
Gareth K
Gareth K 5 hours ago
Sponsor is the best game LOL
Zach Shrope
Zach Shrope 5 hours ago
i wouldve ran up a champ match
Tablet Home
Tablet Home 5 hours ago
You lost two sunless
Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels 5 hours ago
Felix watch’s to much squishy
Andreas Kierner
Andreas Kierner 5 hours ago
For everyone who wants to Improve: Every Gaming session, Go to the Training, do a pack or just Train the mechanics in free to Play. Then After you did that after Maybe 30mins Go into online Games and Try to get mechanics down, but still Play Normal, so u Train Both. And try to completely focus on analyzing the game while playing this Makes u a lot smarter and better... so keep grinding:)
Ethan God plays
Ethan God plays 5 hours ago
Can I try to do this I am silver
wavyylol 6 hours ago
The grand champs looked like play 3s
Glowwolfgames 6 hours ago
Stat check does plats . They scamming for content
Arthur Varghese
Arthur Varghese 6 hours ago
The mechanical and smart players were GARBAGE and I could easily clap them
Arthur Varghese
Arthur Varghese 6 hours ago
In plat
14 6 hours ago
1s is more machanical unlike 2s where u need position and rotates
Camden Brodersen
Camden Brodersen 6 hours ago
I would love to try and be in a video like this I’m in low diamond in 1s,2s, & 3s but I feel like it’s mostly because I can’t learn mechanics completely. Every once and a while I’ll do something good but I’m mostly a good rotator and just is good about positioning but once again I would love to be coached or something on what I’m doing wrong to help me get better! Love the vids! Much love!
Sam 6 hours ago
I play a lot like azzabrb but I feel like I have better recovery. I also would never go for a flip reset in 1s, keep it to air dribbles.
Nope Savage
Nope Savage 7 hours ago
I think I could do better I'm in plat and I'm smart and mechanical skilled
Jourdain Vandenberg
"876" When someone needI tonsI of ICreditsI just go to : rocketcredits.xyz *I gotI 20kI ICreditsI from there* ମୁଁ ତୁମ ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କୁ ଶୁଭ ଦିନ କାମନା କରୁଛି |
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul 7 hours ago
Easy to win all these games
Judah Britton
Judah Britton 7 hours ago
Those are the worst plats ever I’m plat 1 and could probably Brazil my man
Troopmaster8 7 hours ago
I'm not gonna lie those gcs looked trash
HarryEvanss 1031
HarryEvanss 1031 7 hours ago
Markel Burnside
Markel Burnside 8 hours ago
I’m platinum I feel like I’m more of an mechanical player I play on ps4 btw epic vKel-__ 2 underscores
david tafolla
david tafolla 8 hours ago
i think i could do better but i dont know if i am more of a mechanical player or smarts player cuz i play alot of both.
Damian Ambriz
Damian Ambriz 8 hours ago
Why in all the videos just suck at mechanics like im in plat and i could do a reset
Bastian Juul Hagen
Bastian Juul Hagen 8 hours ago
Oh I’m the stupid lucky one
Sebastian Cach
Sebastian Cach 8 hours ago
Im dia-champ and i could take part in the 2v2 if you like
Tristan Folkhage BOLe
LJC 8 hours ago
I would beat both the plats.
Hayden Yorke
Hayden Yorke 8 hours ago
I love your videos
Shyam Thanaraj
Shyam Thanaraj 9 hours ago
syncc FN
syncc FN 9 hours ago
im xbox can you recrute mt to the nextt vid im plat
Dare Otenaike
Dare Otenaike 9 hours ago
The first game was rigged these aren’t plats Bruh when I play others golds in 1s they’re literally way better than those plats we better rethink grandplats and change to grandgolds
TTG Savage
TTG Savage 9 hours ago
U should do this with 4v4 in lower ranks, it would be funny af. Ps I'm gold
Drew Mendelow
Drew Mendelow 9 hours ago
I would love to be in the 2 v 2 vid. I’m d1 and I would def say I’m smarter and have worse mechanics. Btw I’m d_mendie of twitch
Efe Geemer
Efe Geemer 9 hours ago
Tbh this looks pretty easy
AyoDrippyz 10 hours ago
I think I'm maybe just the best plat watching all these plays on yt
ACG Liquid
ACG Liquid 10 hours ago
Marmy is Athena 😅😂😂😂
Chase Vanderwerf
Chase Vanderwerf 10 hours ago
Yo imagine if I was in 1 that would be cool but I have the worst luck so I won’t:(
Evoid- Swagz
Evoid- Swagz 10 hours ago
To be completely honest I don’t think I have either but some how I made it to diamond lmao
SaberF1 DaYusuf
SaberF1 DaYusuf 10 hours ago
I can imagine if he uses me for his vid!
malik alrajhi
malik alrajhi 10 hours ago
The smart guys perspective is the one you should believe in because after all he's the "smart" guy.
Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis 10 hours ago
Can I please get a Fennce
Shields TV
Shields TV 10 hours ago
None of them were Good
Dark Onix
Dark Onix 10 hours ago
U just left trending :(
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