Slinky's New Home (The Wall Build)! 

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Watch an Easter morning feeding of the monitor lizards Pinky, Slinky and Lagertha (sorry baby chicks) and checkout the massive cinder block wall that has now been completed at Slinky's enclosure. The highlight is watch slinky seriously enjoy this beautiful habitat! Subscribe to kamp kenan: goo.gl/BecCMM Visit Fluker Farms for deals on reptile food & gear: flukerfarms.com
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
joeashbubemma 19 hours ago
Haven't been here in a while, just saw the December post, so happy to see Slinky healthy and doing well! Yeah man, lumber/material prices are INSANE. This is what happens when lunatics STEAL elections.
Little Hell
Little Hell Day ago
4:50 that woman is so dramatic lmaooo get someone who isn't afraid of reptiles to record
Donna Best
Donna Best 2 days ago
your wife is so cute
Heather Daugherty
That’s one thing that gets me too 😂🤣 love all my reps but not enough to wear open toed shoes 😂 I like my little piggies too
Gojo Aoki
Gojo Aoki 2 days ago
I guess godzilla fans and reptile enthusiast really did belong in the same category eh. Welp that pretty much sums myself as well. #TEAMGODZILLA LONG LIVE THE KING
able adelaide
able adelaide 2 days ago
Whoa Kenan....why did you marry a girl....no...really...why a girl????
Crispy 3 days ago
How did you score such a person man? What an awesome couple.
dillon Anderson
dillon Anderson 4 days ago
I wanna see a video of the daily life of Kenans wife
Linda Stearns
Linda Stearns 5 days ago
I just love the way you treat your animals. Also how you love your wife
Skylar O'Connor
Skylar O'Connor 5 days ago
She’s a chicken, but I love her anyways and I like it when she’s in the videos.
Niki Fix OFCC
Niki Fix OFCC 6 days ago
"He's getting full Mom"! Slinky🦎 looks at Mom- 12:16 😂😍😂
Niki Fix OFCC
Niki Fix OFCC 6 days ago
I love the way Slinky poo moves! He's absolutely gorgeous!
Kamp Kenan
Kamp Kenan 6 days ago
Visceralization Ps4
When Slinky's new enclosure is done, you should set up a livefeed so people can watch him in his daily activities once in a while.
Miguel 1
Miguel 1 7 days ago
Slinky lookin' like a Komodo Dragon
Sweety Bird
Sweety Bird 8 days ago
great job!!! he looks so happy.
Yami707 8 days ago
that "Hi Everyone" tho haha
Luvly Heartx
Luvly Heartx 8 days ago
It’s funny how she’s scared 💀 I’d be scared too tf
Tommy Thompson
Tommy Thompson 8 days ago
Careful with crayfish in your pond. They have been known to poke holes in the liner causing a very difficult leak to fix!
Lumender 9 days ago
I love when you can pinpoint exactly where Slinky sees the food and darts towards it
Ian Stratton
Ian Stratton 9 days ago
The fact that she puts up with (and participates with) your weird hobby is the only reason I need to know that she's a keeper.
Joshua Buchanan
Joshua Buchanan 9 days ago
The SH on the brick is for Slinky's Habitat!
Mathew Hepple
Mathew Hepple 10 days ago
Punky was manipulating the chick ;) hahaha I love you’re content dude so humble
wardia2121 10 days ago
LMAO!!! Hi everyone! lol great start!!
Erik Sorto
Erik Sorto 10 days ago
I never realized how big Slinky actually is until today.
Shane Barton
Shane Barton 10 days ago
Materials are twice or 3 times as much now. Really annoying. Hope prices lower but I doubt it now
Tammy DeMerchant
Tammy DeMerchant 11 days ago
Dad he didn’t fit through the side. 😂🤦‍♀️
Heather Chiuffo
Heather Chiuffo 11 days ago
Thanks Kate! Aww slinky's so happy. Too precious
Shawn Dinterman
Shawn Dinterman 11 days ago
Invite scotty Cranmer down for a tour. You guys can catch up like the good ol days
Cynthia L Bell
Cynthia L Bell 11 days ago
Hi kenan and Kate Slinky had a good run to his future enclosure. He really loved it, and had fun exploring. Your ksmp is very nice. That black throat monitor was pretty, and is she as friendly as Slinky. I heard that kind of monitor may be exgressive. Loved that video of you and Kevin at NERD. Cindy
Olivia Morey
Olivia Morey 12 days ago
"I couldnt marry my clone cause i cant stand myself" - i feel that really hard. Also theres nothing wrong with being scared of animals. What is right is that you work on the fear.
jack powell
jack powell 12 days ago
You're so freakin lucky dude!! Slinkys enclosure is bigger than my back yard!!
carlilez 12 days ago
Reptiles aint for everyone, I think its cool taht you found someone that supports you in your love of reptiles. At least she makes an effort.
Christopher Fletcher
3:42. Air B & B or species back up?
Almarma 13 days ago
Dear Kate, every true fan of this channel loves you as much as we love Kenan! We don't expect you to be brave or fake, we expect you to be you, that's it. BTW, my favorite video yet is when you found a wild iguana and Kenan took your salad to feed her and then you both took the canoe to find her.
Nicholas Duckney
Nicholas Duckney 13 days ago
That’s a great environment, looks amazing. Slinky clearly loves it.
Heather at Syzygy Farm
Your wife is lovely.
Browardboii 82
Browardboii 82 13 days ago
Thanks kate! kenan has so many kids ❤️✌🏼✌🏼
Jake 123
Jake 123 13 days ago
That’s going to be an incredible enclosure!
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker 14 days ago
Shes annoying though the reptiles not even thinking about your feet thats your fault wear shoes if your scared lol
jamaican96 96
jamaican96 96 14 days ago
I love your lizards almost as much as you do.
Seemore Butts
Seemore Butts 14 days ago
I don't think she's chicken, she's just appropriately cautious in a situation she's not used to.
Jack P
Jack P 14 days ago
Dude your wife is GORGEOUS!
Dazedprophet 14 days ago
U got a savannah monitor?
Bryony Chave-Cox
Bryony Chave-Cox 14 days ago
Big smiles for slinks and Kate :-)
OG Cresinko
OG Cresinko 14 days ago
I’d be nice to your wife!!!
Northeast Hardy Tropicals
Slinky has it made folks
EverythingTeslaPro ETP
How does he get slinky out
Sheila B
Sheila B 14 days ago
Are you going to have a locking house for him to stay in during the winter ??
Platinum_pangolin 15 days ago
Kate is amazing, I would never go to film spiders (my phobia) - so brave
Pretty Bird the Pet Goose
@KampKenan There is a US-firstR trying to SAVE A SWAMP where people been dumping TRASH/CARS/FRIDGES FOR YEARS! His local government wont help! Maybe you can help him? Take a look at his videos? Its @PETGOOSEGEORGE an elderly Veteran & his Pet Goose trying to save local nature! Hope you see this. Thank you.
Ed Beaulieu
Ed Beaulieu 15 days ago
I love watching Slinky exploring the new habitat!!!
zul_effy 15 days ago
Slinky is probably the most gorgeous reptile youtube ambassador or im just bias to monitors
zul_effy 15 days ago
I think the hole a tad bit too small for slinkz 😆 hes a big fella
Jason Galipeau
Jason Galipeau 15 days ago
Man, monitors are awesome creatures. I could never keep up with owning one (all I have is a Blue-Tongued Skink) but they’re so damn cool.
Byron S
Byron S 15 days ago
‘Look at the size of that thing’, Slinky House. I’m hoping I could find a place I could do something like that for my scaly kids.
Bradley Egan
Bradley Egan 15 days ago
Hey mate absolutely love this video what you’re doing for your animals is unbelievable big congratulations I try to watch your videos as soon as they come out all the way from Australia mate cheers
TexasSardines 15 days ago
Thanks for the video KK that was fun and amazing love your project can't wait to see the rest of it when you add a bit more to it little by little.... slinky is so lucky.
zo p
zo p 15 days ago
More of your Wife and less of you kenan...thanx... 😋
shreeded 15 days ago
AvengerII 15 days ago
@0:11 -- Doesn't stuff like this remind you of the end of "The Freshmen" where Brando is taking his 'komodo dragon' (really another water monitor like Slinky since komodos have horrible bacteria in their saliva) to the Central Park Zoo? I don't want to call Slinky Kenan's 'dog' but he is his buddy!
TheJLAMAR23 15 days ago
I cannot wait to see that enclosure finished!! I’m moving my tegus outside this week and im pretty excited about it. I wish they’d use water like slinky does!
belizeguy 16 days ago
Boy, what a habitat!! Awesome! Best to Kate! Be Well Everyone!!
kaiCast 16 days ago
She aint chicken, she just loves the animals from a distance
Polly g
Polly g 16 days ago
Cruor34 16 days ago
Here is the thing: Being afraid of say.. heights makes sense, because you can fall and break bones or die. Being afraid of reptiles (minus the poisonous snakes) is stupid, because they aren't a threat, nor do they want to bite you. A dog is WAYYY more dangerous, and louder, smellier, shits all over the place, and is way more aggressive. Do Lizards run up full speed to the fence chomping and hissing when someone walks by their property? I have never seen it. Dogs are way worse. So, thinking a dog is cute and a Lizard like Slinky is gross and scary is just idiotic. Literally makes no sense what so ever.
Dwanna Enloe
Dwanna Enloe 16 days ago
Coming next, 24 x 7 Live Slinky cam! I'd watch it daily.
Darshna Rach
Darshna Rach 16 days ago
Kate is amazing..... AMAZING.... Let the ney sayers stay in their keyboards. You are better than that.xxx much live from the Uk... #women support Women.
Kim Hellard
Kim Hellard 16 days ago
Awesome thanks Kate thanks kenan
J P 16 days ago
I think your wife is great. She doesn't have to love reptiles like you do. She loves you. That what's important. She seems to be very kind.
Xavier Haggan
Xavier Haggan 16 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 the beginning is halrious.
Jay Bizzle
Jay Bizzle 16 days ago
I think it's pretty awesome how Kate still supports Kenan with his love for reptiles in any way she can even though she's terrified of them. That's love right there. God bless 🙏🏻
Brandon Romero
Brandon Romero 16 days ago
Slinky deserves everything and that whole spot for himself
LRV 2020
LRV 2020 16 days ago
Christopher Meloni with a lil Elias Koteas 🤔🤔
Dave Keeler
Dave Keeler 16 days ago
This man is so happy. How.
Penelope Austin
Penelope Austin 16 days ago
It’s so sweet how much his wife tries to be involved and overcome her fears! That’s love 💕😭
Thunder Poo
Thunder Poo 16 days ago
Kenan should give the second half of the new water enclosure to Pinky, and give Pinky's old enclosure to the black throat.
Joseph 17 days ago
My girl is the same ahahah you guys are awesome also can't stand my self lol I can't wait next 3 years we will have a farm and I'ma start a small channel so cool guys
George Vacherlon
George Vacherlon 17 days ago
Now that's how people should make monitor enclosures
Braden’s Animal Adventures
I say Kate needs a hat for when she helps you out! Or some boots!
Kimberly Febo
Kimberly Febo 17 days ago
nuke469 17 days ago
Kate has come along way lil more time and she be good
Dave Malin
Dave Malin 17 days ago
Hey can I feed chicken to my water monitor right from the super market? If so is there any prep? So jealous of your accomplishments!
HazedForDays 17 days ago
Respect! The fact your lady is into the animals as well is awesome. Plus, if she'll put up with you, she's a keeper! Nothing but love from Canada.
Ben Woodall
Ben Woodall 17 days ago
Good river system for unwanted plecos 👍
Maverick 17 days ago
Looking at these big monitors move, and their anatomy and behaviour, I can definitely see where a good chunk of the inspiration for Asian dragons came from! I can see those famous facial barbels/feelers in the longue, flicking tongue.
Yung Leche
Yung Leche 17 days ago
Cool video but are there any coming soon on tortise hatchlings 😩
TorQueSS J
TorQueSS J 17 days ago
Yay slinkster! My beardie wipes his butt after poopin too lol Lagertha is so beautiful too 🥰 she’s getting sooo brave!!! Yay!! Kate... not so much lol Stuart from universal rocks is a wicked dude, helped Snake Discovery sooo much with their new zoo, he’s an incredible man
Mr Tabor
Mr Tabor 17 days ago
So good to see slinky in the pond, it is amazing well done Kenan can’t wait to see it finished
Dan's Aquarium
Dan's Aquarium 17 days ago
Great video keep it up your mum doesn't have to like them if your happy then it's fine she probably has her stuff that she enjoys and you have yours
Julie Goddard
Julie Goddard 17 days ago
Will you get Slinky a mate? Will he cohabit with the Backthroats?
Dorothy Marr
Dorothy Marr 17 days ago
This us brilliant!! He loves it xxx
Julie Goddard
Julie Goddard 17 days ago
Orientate was correct x Great seeing you sharing this video with your wife
Alberad08 17 days ago
Thanks for sharing this new update! BTW me thinks, for naturally feeling just uncomfortable around this type of predatory animal, your wife did a pretty good job here.
Acie Willis
Acie Willis 17 days ago
Where is the camp located at in the world?
Greg McKee
Greg McKee 17 days ago
She's Brave!!!!!!
Eggs with no legs by Katta
My husband is not happy over my reptiles either but he accept my hobby. He hate snakes. He will not tutch them at all. 🥰
Greg Coates
Greg Coates 17 days ago
Your wife is amazing
Mack Dickson
Mack Dickson 17 days ago
My Lace monitor mistook my bandaged finger as a nice fat mouse once. My fault, I didn't think about it and was cleaning right next to him. Never did that again... lol
MangroveExotics 17 days ago
Oh man Lags is doing so much better.
Gigi Barnette
Gigi Barnette 17 days ago
Slinky is gonna LOVE it! It’s lookin’ good Kenan, and Kate, you are always a welcome addition the videos. :)