Sleeping in storm shelter #Shorts 

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Mar 31, 2021




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Nelson Lopez
Nelson Lopez 9 minutes ago
Stay there for 54 hours
Caroline Oswald
Caroline Oswald 22 minutes ago
While everyone’s stuck on the whole “that wasnt 24 hours” thing...I’m over here like “astronaut food is NOT the same as an mre” 😂😬
Denki Kaminari
All I can think about is that one scene from Stranger Things were Dustin hits the demidog with a hockey stick and it goes into his storm Shelter because the demidog ate his cat
Evan Tzagadouris
Evan Tzagadouris 4 hours ago
He was sleeping in his hotbox
Ketan Roplekar
Ketan Roplekar 9 hours ago
Everyone: other things . Me: how tf did he not die due to suffocation??
So one day compilation
Petros 10 hours ago
Looks like fun.
christine quian rendon
I wouldn't do this, Imagine someone opened the door
Makayla Novak
Makayla Novak 12 hours ago
SpongeBob sleeping in the forest leaving the forest now your next video okay 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so smart you better do it or you won't get the money this is the money I can show you what the money if you don't do this challenge in the first then you don't get the money let me see what the money looks like 1000000,0000 what the money looks like$so you better sing the first for 20 for hours do it or you don't get this money if you do do it then you get the money if you don't do it then no money for you
CANAXE 12 hours ago
Gracie Jade
Gracie Jade 13 hours ago
That is so cool you shoved a email
Cristina C
Cristina C 13 hours ago
ti's búnker
Taimur Naveed
Taimur Naveed 14 hours ago
Make it a gaming room
Ch0c01a73 16 hours ago
make a gaming setup and stay there for 24 hrs
xdveronz 19 hours ago
Me wondering how he fell asleep when I can't even fall asleep in different places: 😐
King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah 20 hours ago
I would love to do that i don't know why but this thing is awesome
John Doe
John Doe 20 hours ago
Just to think what he did with his brother in the storm shelter...
colormesarge 22 hours ago
Basically glamping
iMia Wen
iMia Wen 23 hours ago
They have a storm shelter? A family wouldn’t fit in there
Yukon Kim
Yukon Kim 23 hours ago
*something taps on windows of shelter* stress: 99999999
Stephanie Banderas
Stephanie Banderas 23 hours ago
Do please do it again please
Nyzham Osman
Nyzham Osman Day ago
I thought storm shelter should be bigger...for the whole family at least
Olajuwon Fleming
He said ppl was commenting to stay In there for 24hrs so he said he just decided to sleep in it he ain't say for 24hrs💀
Yiovanny De Avila
That looks like a hotbox👄💨💨
Connor Meechan
Not N8dgr8
Not N8dgr8 Day ago
Can I live in there
Omg I wna do that tho sliding on stairs like that
Grammar Day ago
Fallout vibes
Obedient Blama
Do another one but in the middle of the ocean
Gytp Day ago
I thought the pillow in the photo was a person (I got a dirty mind)
Big Boy Geno
Big Boy Geno Day ago
The Storm: 😠🔪
Aptly Day ago
You just sliding down the stairs with the air mattress at the beginning is just my favorite part lmao.
I can draw Can you
You should pant it
lealiifano34 Day ago
Next time record it in that
Jesse Kleinsasser
That makes no sense get a job
Call Ofduty
Call Ofduty Day ago
Leanna Lisa's
I think you should spend 24 hours at an abandoned house
Circle Jerk
Circle Jerk Day ago
Wow he sleep down there
iHoldTacs Day ago
So one day
Brick Pick Reviews
Freeze dried not mre
Sawsan Ballani
I know what to do me legal camping outside of 3:00 p.m. UPM yeah when spirit come out
Krewcible Day ago
Lol.. Spend the night in an old farm house basement ...in spring.
Orzu Sangov
Orzu Sangov Day ago
Last night I got nightmare
marina parpala
were't spiders in there!?!
Official_Frvqrix YT
Is that a pillbox
Furon Tech
Furon Tech Day ago
You could at least cleaned a little bit
He never slept in the shelter at all .
Cleon Maxwell
He sliding be like Dylan: WEEEEEEEE
Kane Parker
Kane Parker Day ago
Janice Kepa
Janice Kepa Day ago
If you have a PlayStation 5 Put it into the underground Room ok and I subscribed
Michael Luna
Michael Luna Day ago
Nobaqui Day ago
... why
Itz_Gacha_Pastel Official
Just imagine if something, like an insect got in there- I would be terrified.
Alwyn Nito
Alwyn Nito Day ago
and all the creepy pastas couldn't get in...THE END! Why are those horror stories called creepy pasta???? Edit: OH, Google said it came from copy and paste, i.e creepy and paste
blank a
blank a Day ago
Yeah that wasnt 24 hours bullshit
King Oliver
King Oliver 2 days ago
He probably spent a total of 5 hours in there 🤣🤣 good try though.
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 2 days ago
Garrett 2 days ago
Those are not MREs......
Garrett 2 days ago
I don't even see an NSN on them
Hell c4T
Hell c4T 2 days ago
Bear grills took training from him.
UnlivedCrowd 2 days ago
That wasn't 24 hours. And it doesn't count if you have people opening the door and visiting you
Marvel Hobbs
Marvel Hobbs 2 days ago
Bro he heres something out side :1 week in a storm shelter
diva doge
diva doge 2 days ago
Thats like $4999 a month in nyc
Queen plays
Queen plays 2 days ago
Thats cool
092Foreignz 2 days ago
how do you breathe in these
king george 2
king george 2 2 days ago
I'd cover the window cus I'm 2 paranoid lol
Zachery Nagy
Zachery Nagy 2 days ago
Sleeping in it is different than 24 hrs
Jacob Bochner
Jacob Bochner 2 days ago
Vickii Kubz Scouts
I would make myself a comfort room in there, but the problem is that im claustrophobic-
Trystan Theodoris
You have amazing content
•Blushinq •
•Blushinq • 2 days ago
Sujal Gupta
Sujal Gupta 2 days ago
Did you really need those LED lights in there?
Thanh Hà phạm
Thanh Hà phạm 2 days ago
Andris gutenberg
Andris gutenberg 2 days ago
I want to try sliding down the stairs with an Air matress
gemma2184 2 days ago
highhopes 2 days ago
If my brother went there I'll check on him after a week
Katsuki Komaeda
Katsuki Komaeda 2 days ago
Everyone be gangsta when creepers spawn in
itlog ulul
itlog ulul 2 days ago
How did he survive?? He doesn't have any oxygen inside
A.J Milne
A.J Milne 2 days ago
I like small spaces and being alone so I would actually live there.
Ahmad Mherjo
Ahmad Mherjo 3 days ago
You didn’t spend 24 hours in there you just slept there for like 7-10 hours
Eito Naraoka
Eito Naraoka 3 days ago
I want a storm shelter maybe a lil bigger but yes
Bella5me 3 days ago
Yay 😃
Mylee Redman
Mylee Redman 3 days ago
You should fill the air mattress with helium
Marie *****
Marie ***** 3 days ago
24-hour sounds hard
zjxh 《》
zjxh 《》 3 days ago
Under Development
How does he get oxygen?? Nobody asked about the bloody Oxygen
Jake Mauger
Jake Mauger 3 days ago
Andrew K
Andrew K 3 days ago
Oh goodness imagine spending the night in a safe, roomy, protected place. Oh wild.
Unkownable LLC
Unkownable LLC 3 days ago
He’s scamming you w these titles lol 24hrs
Octavian Jackson
Octavian Jackson 3 days ago
He sounds like mordecai
Justice Carter
Justice Carter 3 days ago
The smallest storm shelter ever and it's supposed to be less visible lol
Le_Naomiツ 3 days ago
Why does the STORM house have a glass window...if it breaks??
KVGilly 3 days ago
Those aren't mre's lol
puffin 3 days ago
I wanna hotbox it
lance55691 3 days ago
Pls 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🥺🙏
lance55691 3 days ago
Sleep in the woods near your house
Vijai Kumar
Vijai Kumar 3 days ago
Good 😘👍
꧁Boyfriend or BF and Keith ꧂
Can you slide the stairs with on a bed without bars?
KING PANDA 3 days ago
I wish i had a bunker like this
Gaming skull aka reaction skull
you live next to where is siren head aka a tall creature