Sitting beside my Great Dane & ignoring him 

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Pets & Animals

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Apr 29, 2021




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Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly 3 days ago
My dog does this to me but mainly in the morning when he DEMANDS that I wake up, right fucking now . He gets pissy if I throw my full body weight on him but he’s more then happy to do it to me. After he does this, I know it’s over and if I don’t get up now, I get squashed by a big baby doggo 😄
marnabro 5 days ago
Toooo funny❣️Your boys are just beautiful and I seriously do not know how they put up with you! 🤣😂
Bara B
Bara B 6 days ago
Ty jse tak máš
nbussar1 6 days ago
My cat does the exact same thing. When he knows I don’t want him sitting on me he’ll pretend to sit on the armrest of my couch and then roll his body off the couch right onto my lap. It’s really funny.
Jordan Stippich
Jordan Stippich 6 days ago
this made me laugh so hard, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha ha
krasser Youtuber prowasget
Yu dog😔
Jyothi Krishna
Jyothi Krishna 6 days ago
Don't do this
Sofie Sulaiman
Sofie Sulaiman 7 days ago
Mike Lauver
Mike Lauver 7 days ago
He's so cuuuuuuute
patchory 7 days ago
I honestly hate text to speech when it done one animals
Nono Vishna
Nono Vishna 7 days ago
People do everything for one likes....idiots
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 7 days ago
This would be so cute of the dog if the shitty TikTok TTS wasn't so mind-splittingly annoying. It's still a shit move by the owner though.
Nathan Vega
Nathan Vega 7 days ago
I love that you can own two huge dogs
Sharan basavaraju8341
The way he felt on u iss too crazy 🤣🤣 loved from india
Saku Chan
Saku Chan 7 days ago
Gosh, is he cute! 😍
Lars Koster
Lars Koster 7 days ago
I want This doggo
Azzie Bean
Azzie Bean 7 days ago
I want one. I need one.
N01 7 days ago
joe 7 days ago
You have treats placing them i can see !
David McDonald
David McDonald 7 days ago
She's probably Just had it ...🤮
Marine 95
Marine 95 7 days ago
I love DOOOOOGS!!! They are so great. If you have a cat, I'm sorry.
maka xargelia
maka xargelia 8 days ago
Very good dog
Elisabeth 8 days ago
How can u EVER ignore that big sweety? Are u out of your mind?
вєєƒ тєѕтσѕтєяσηє
this would be 100% more cute if the text to speech wasn’t on 😐 ah yes, robotic voiced animals, nothing more adorable than that
HY Entertainment
HY Entertainment 8 days ago
I really love ur dog❤️❤️❤️❤️ n u r also beautiful ❤️❤️❤️👍
I Really Want A Dachshund
I love Great Danes because they are really just huge babies, they think they’re lap dogs, they’re soo gentle, and they’ll beg for attention all day. In my opinion the best family dog
LeafyPotato 8 days ago
Oh, I can RELATE to this one. My mom’s dog, Onix. I think he’s a mix between a Great Dane and a pit bull? Anyways, he’s a big sweetheart that may accidentally hurt you while he tries to love you. You aren’t paying attention to him? An 80 pound dog is stepping all over you with his giant feet.
AlexMJ 8 days ago
What she did is a war crime
أحمد جعرور
الكلب يعيش ما يطمح فيه اي شاب في الشرق
أحمد جعرور
الكلب يعيش لحظات يتمنا الكثير لو كانوا مكانه
Xenni :D
Xenni :D 8 days ago
Richard S.
Richard S. 8 days ago
Gotta Love those Danes...🥰🤪
Emeee Sy
Emeee Sy 8 days ago
DerryPup 8 days ago
Tik tok is cancer
thompson J
thompson J 8 days ago
omg i💕this 🤣🤣
battletoadz1 8 days ago
santa 8 days ago
I really want a pet but were not allowed to 😭
J A 8 days ago
Changing the video and ignoring her
Giaya Rhea
Giaya Rhea 8 days ago
mark gentry
mark gentry 8 days ago
Jadaya Williams
Jadaya Williams 8 days ago
He said hooman hahaha
Jadaya Williams
Jadaya Williams 8 days ago
How dare you do that to Great Dane
It's Frankie Jane
Awww.... Baby❤❤❤
A Turtle
A Turtle 8 days ago
this fucking robot voice is so annoying
Brianne Kelley
Brianne Kelley 8 days ago
Oh he is just too damn cute big pretty boy
MEfoo 8 days ago
Beautiful girl like that ignores me, I know everything is ok
Ahsanul Husna
Ahsanul Husna 8 days ago
будь здоров
hello hooman
Scp 049
Scp 049 8 days ago
Looked right at the camera like what's she up to now
Kyra Firoz
Kyra Firoz 8 days ago
Kyra Firoz
Kyra Firoz 8 days ago
eterNal 8 days ago
you annoying af get out of my recommended
Brent Gray
Brent Gray 8 days ago
Guess what, he's doing the same
If I get a dog, I will never ignore him
nature and animal lover
That is so cute my heart melted😭❤️
Miri Conklin
Miri Conklin 8 days ago
Excuse me,!!! He act like this because she allow him to act as if it's a man , when at home alone . Then here she's wants an attention to say , " here is my problem..... Just behave as a woman not as tempting the dog to do her pleasure, sorry , the truth.
noneya 8 days ago
He's so sad about it
Jackie McCutcheon
The bigger they are the bigger the baby
Now that's definition of a mama's boy.
zack roller
zack roller 8 days ago
I wish my golden retriever would lay on me lol
KELLY JLK Vlogs 8 days ago
So cute omg bro he was getting so mad
josh's outdoor adventures
Haha my great Dane does that too!
Novoa A
Novoa A 8 days ago
Awwww ❤️😍
TheDeridor 9 days ago
What a beautiful coat!
TheDeridor 9 days ago
Oh god I sound like cruella de ville, I mean his coat of fur is gorgeous, not that I wanna make him into a coat 😢
Steve Sima
Steve Sima 9 days ago
😄 what's a hooman ? Lol
zuzxnna ♡︎
zuzxnna ♡︎ 9 days ago
hello HOOMEN
Jo Lawless
Jo Lawless 9 days ago
Beautiful flip flop foots
AzeraV 9 days ago
Glad to see I'm not the only one.
Ron Landes
Ron Landes 9 days ago
I think she is thinking "great dane" means "bf" its just getting weirder every time
Shusty Rackleford
The decor in your house gives me anxiety
Ge W
Ge W 9 days ago
Guy dogs are drama queens that needs constant cuddles
Lydia Washington
Lydia Washington 9 days ago
Thats wayyy too cute
Eric L
Eric L 9 days ago
awwww how cute!!!! having pets is such a special thing in life that it really makes your life better to know that you have an animal that will always love you no matter what.
Awww so cute 😆😆😆😆
Ramsay Cobbler
Ramsay Cobbler 9 days ago
Great scott shit
GetOffTheWoods 9 days ago
You better pet him and tell him hes a good boy
Dhiren Limbu
Dhiren Limbu 9 days ago
Tiktokers were not enough, so the loving dogs started to join in for tiktok videos. Somebody take me to mars this time for sure,before other creatures kicks in for tiktok. Haha
Choppa 7 days ago
Tiktok isnt even that bad people just hating for no reason lmao the cringe shit that you see is nowhere to be seen when i open tiktok all i see is funny ass videos
ManMakerMan 9 days ago
Great danes are the way lap dogs should be.
Sam King
Sam King 9 days ago
Scooby just wants some love.
heavyduty187 9 days ago
So fkn sick of these talk text shit. Someone come up with something Les Annoying please
justaguy617 9 days ago
i thought he was gonna cry 🥺
Bushka Boo
Bushka Boo 9 days ago
For God's sake woman, cuddle that dog and stop being cruel for videos.
Veve 9 days ago
Your pup is so cute ❤️
isa granke
isa granke 9 days ago
Why must everyone use this stupid fucking voice-over. Just do the narration yourself
Dilbar Qs
Dilbar Qs 9 days ago
Looking so nice baby ❤️
candi cane lane
candi cane lane 9 days ago
Lol love itttt
Nicholaos Mclennon
Lolo dogs r so sweet
Kiley Sexton
Kiley Sexton 9 days ago
My dog does this all the time lol
Paola Avila
Paola Avila 9 days ago
Slimebojr 9 days ago
I sometimes forget how big some dog breeds are. Lol my dog is so small.
Robert B
Robert B 9 days ago
Awwww ☺️
NOPE 9 days ago
When people are narrating animals man.... cringe af
Shanda Gentile
Shanda Gentile 9 days ago
Garden Scapes LLC
This keeps popping up.... maybe a hobby would be good.... stupidest thing I have ever seen.....
Jeffrey Streeter
Jeffrey Streeter 9 days ago
What a love bug😍
Bruno Milliot
Bruno Milliot 9 days ago
Guys do you know how to uninstall tiktok from US-first?
Liliana Olmedo
Liliana Olmedo 9 days ago
Que bueno que ya me gusta mucho con ella pero ya me voy a todos los datos del lunes a viernes en este día here what room i'm sorry por WhatsApp para Jesus en el fin de México y exterior pagalos en cuotas sin intereses en el uso de los Ángeles California Sur en el trabajo o sus alrededores en el uso del mismo lugar De los tamales en el fin
ssk come g check and see where it ends up
They are some big great danes and seriously i cant find one thats angry and if they are the owner most likely is an ahole
Alex Kastano
Alex Kastano 9 days ago
Do you think they do it?
Great Dane vs. string
Great Dane vs. String
Scaring my Great Dane