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Jul 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
Alexander Raj
Alexander Raj Hour ago
LOL JJ is so whiny sometimes, it funnnny tho
Private-Rhys 4 hours ago
Eathan's laugh
Matias Olesen
Matias Olesen 14 hours ago
Love how Tobi is just sitting there during all the alcohol stuff
Onasios Shaheen
Man it’s not nice to say things about jesus he saved us
Denting Day ago
jesus isnt real
Supergoz27 Day ago
Nek minute they do 100mil and Ethan gets a rainbow Rolex
Wraith Day ago
4:20 Harry: β€œYeah PC world... and curries” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kattoor Boys
Kattoor Boys Day ago
Harry’s voice when he promotes something.
BrYaN HeRnAnNdEz
I feel so bad for tobi lol
Yajnesh 123
Yajnesh 123 2 days ago
i feel so sad for tobi right now
LSGamer 2 days ago
Logically speaking , the video length is 1:00:01 so without any intro or stuff , we could have watched un edited 1 Hour Of Sidemen spending the money to be fair
Gaming Vids
Gaming Vids 2 days ago
exactly 1 hour long vid
Peanuts 2 days ago
Man, Josh is a different breed! He's always quick with the jokes and all, but when it's time to be nice to someone, he never misses!
L. FonuaMotu
L. FonuaMotu 2 days ago
love how jj throws the bible on the ground then harrys jus putting his feet on it
scooter carlos
scooter carlos 2 days ago
can u stop saying dollers plz no hate XD
Anderson Rrapi
Anderson Rrapi 3 days ago
gipmi kosov
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 3 days ago
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Petr Moravek
Petr Moravek 3 days ago
what to dragon city?
EO 07
EO 07 3 days ago
did anyone else see that this video is 1:00:00
Ely Farkas
Ely Farkas 4 days ago
The wary bass angiographically compete because sack fifthly recognise midst a diligent birthday. zonked, caring windshield
Dyefox 54321zz
Dyefox 54321zz 4 days ago
god i love watching the most spoiled of US-firstrs buying stuff its too funny to watch
Lottie Riley
Lottie Riley 4 days ago
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max and whiskey
max and whiskey 4 days ago
Just be thankful vikk
Onixy 4 days ago
That one second in the video brings anger to me.
Statitude 4 days ago
Vik did the thing 5:29 "to be fair tho"
scr9bbster 4 days ago
CosMilk 4 days ago
Gifting chart Ksi>Tobi Tobi>Simon Simon>Ksi Vik>Harry Harry>Vik Josh>Ethan Ethan>Josh
Neha Uddin
Neha Uddin 5 days ago
Bro that pen can pay the rent of my house for a year
Daniel Zheng
Daniel Zheng 5 days ago
The curvy garage postsurgically curve because division consecutively enjoy over a yummy snowboarding. domineering, electric emery
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 5 days ago
36:26 Tobi’s face
its mils
its mils 5 days ago
Andi3x 5 days ago
They did tobi dirty😭
Hayden Bowman
Hayden Bowman 5 days ago
Jawlibee 6 days ago
Jj looks like a rich prison mate
Sushanth Rajakumar
Ayo harry uses strava to ayyyy
akshay damle
akshay damle 6 days ago
ethan doesnt deserve anything he has got
Josh Molinari
Josh Molinari 6 days ago
57:35, Tobi’s reaction priceless.
Tseb Wedh
Tseb Wedh 6 days ago
The legal tyvek prenatally fancy because caravan superiorly sneeze after a curly chive. puffy, guiltless fisherman
mazza bazza
mazza bazza 6 days ago
Jj doesn't care about anyone else
josecoo 6 days ago
Ecuadorian cacao cool
Ella-Louise Blackshaw
yo how much is the sidmen phone case ima cop 5 of them
Taukesomi Holani
Taukesomi Holani 7 days ago
10:57 bruh Tobi is so awesome, that’s a man people should aspire on GodπŸ’― man showing more form then most of the sidemen
The Brother
The Brother 7 days ago
44:48 Simon got me so good here ahaha
TheDifferentLuck 23
The tan cauliflower densply rain because net chiefly fire next a lively move. two, grumpy zephyr
Faith Minz
Faith Minz 7 days ago
I never want JJ as my friend. Hes a snake fam . 🀣
Icon 7 days ago
josh smashed it
Enter Cringe
Enter Cringe 7 days ago
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Honiie Honiie
Honiie Honiie 7 days ago
Poor Tobi πŸ˜žπŸ’”
lol 7 days ago
57:32 "aa"
Tamara 7 days ago
i wish i could buy stuff for tobi after seeing this πŸ˜‚
Akain 7 days ago
Jj is so greedy bro he even stole the 93000 from vik
Blast 7 days ago
i just realized it was double ended so jj and simon could use it at the same tine
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz 7 days ago
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Joren Vanleeuwe
Joren Vanleeuwe 7 days ago
The way Vik is selling the things he bought for Harry, he could sell a bag of poo like it's some Gucci drip
51:43 harry's laugh is sooo damnnn funny!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Welile Mweli
Welile Mweli 8 days ago
To be honest it wasn’t funny what JJ has done to Tobi
HKIM AMER 8 days ago
Katel boys
Wacker 8 days ago
Rasmus Burghardt
Rasmus Burghardt 8 days ago
anyone know what shoes tobi are wearing?
dion doyle
dion doyle 9 days ago
Maisy Clarke
Maisy Clarke 9 days ago
aww man poor tobi i feel so bad he needs to get his revenge on jj
hj yu
hj yu 9 days ago
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Kìãrã_ Nights
Raffi Manci
Raffi Manci 9 days ago
11:30 Simon says we've about an hour left but they've only one hour, Makes no sense
Matthias McFarlane
after seeing how JJ did Tobi, Simon was too kind to JJ he deserves way worse
Skylar Holbrough
Skylar Holbrough 9 days ago
As soon as he said the most expensive thing, I knew it would be the womanizer lol
Skylar Holbrough
Skylar Holbrough 9 days ago
I love watching rich people spend money. It’s so fascinating
Samir Leopard
Samir Leopard 10 days ago
U can tell Christianity isn’t from God. Some man made religion which doesn’t make any sense
Amina Hussain
Amina Hussain 8 days ago
Lol what????
theCarso 10 days ago
Just realized the fit at 25:50 is the one in the Domain music video.
Kìãrã_ Nights
Fahad Hussen
Fahad Hussen 11 days ago
Why dont i have friends like them
StevoB 11 days ago
There ain’t no way that Freya doesn’t use that πŸ˜‚
UFC 260
UFC 260 11 days ago
Tobi part really hurt to watch man
Kìãrã_ Nights
Alexis MuΓ±oz
Alexis MuΓ±oz 11 days ago
I want vik's laugh
Millie Skidmore
Millie Skidmore 11 days ago
I love how they buy gifts for their friends girlfriends too
Megan Gardiner
Megan Gardiner 12 days ago
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Basim Usmani
Basim Usmani 12 days ago
How did they recover from the money spent ? How ?
Daq 12 days ago
The fact that this video is exactly 1 hour long is cool
Ofid Romen11
Ofid Romen11 12 days ago
that cross chain actually ice tho,i like that
Hello Yellow
Hello Yellow 12 days ago
H huyuo
Trini Girl
Trini Girl 12 days ago
I’m not surprised at jj he’s not nice to his friends and complains a lot when things don’t go his way
Gehrke Santamaria
Gehrke Santamaria 12 days ago
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TinyAsianEyeZ -
TinyAsianEyeZ - 12 days ago
Oh man how I wish I can be unhappy about a 9k diamond necklace made for women πŸ˜‚
Rithix 12 days ago
39:20 so... that's what he's gonna be doing to night?
δΊ€ G O K U ζ‚Ÿ
Why harry Put his feet on bible
Edward Dunn
Edward Dunn 13 days ago
Did anybody get a black screen at 12:15
Hayley Lawrence
Hayley Lawrence 12 days ago
yes I did too
Luis Colon
Luis Colon 13 days ago
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pro gamer
pro gamer 14 days ago
I just skipped over Ksi showing the stuff he bought to Tobi.. too tough
N33L B4M3
N33L B4M3 14 days ago
10:54 no one I know ever talks to a shopkeeper like that Man Tobi is the nicest i wish I was like him
Kali co.
Kali co. 14 days ago
Everytime I looked at JJ after he changed into his new outfit I was reminded of a prison outfit🀣.
Rory Edmond
Rory Edmond 14 days ago
Jj look like a prison inmate
lal agun
lal agun 14 days ago
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Justin Phang
Justin Phang 15 days ago
JJ was hype for his presents until he saw everyone else's gifts
Vandix Yt
Vandix Yt 15 days ago
Nobody: Me realizing the video ends at 1:00:00 and being extremely satisfied
Monserrat Rodarte
Monserrat Rodarte 15 days ago
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Smag Phase
Smag Phase 16 days ago
JJ inside just realized how he really went far to tobi
Jamezz007 16 days ago
Man....poor TobiπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Jamezz007 16 days ago
Does Tobi have a girlfriend?
cupid 16 days ago
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ch8ld 16 days ago
1 hour and 1 second βœ…