Siblings Look Through Each other's Phones 

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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Pacman da pack man
Pacman da pack man 56 minutes ago
Creampi 😍
cami apperson
cami apperson 3 hours ago
Shaun dvnglez
Shaun dvnglez 6 hours ago
dang codys teef looin white affff
mel 10 hours ago
9:47 is that dice arisugawa in her camera roll lmao
Chris T
Chris T 12 hours ago
Eugene Konyha
Eugene Konyha 15 hours ago
i feel bad for this dude having to make these forced vids for a kid audience. sheeeit
frances 19 hours ago
Ally Renè
Ally Renè 20 hours ago
White guy looks kinda like Bucky barns
The Dreammweaver
Yo Cody, this was mad uncomfortable to watch since Neena is non-binary and you misgender them multiple times. Their sister refers to them as they/them and you just sort of ignored it, it seems. I’m non-binary and it just hurts a lot to come to your video for a laugh and see someone like me being disrespected, I had to say something.
chris 17 hours ago
@Kate T no u
Kate T
Kate T 17 hours ago
Touch grass
chris 17 hours ago
literally no one cares
Gamma 02
Gamma 02 Day ago
just holy shit dude for the love of GOD STOP GIVING ME FUCKING CUT. i really dont like leaving hate comments but holy shit dude counting awkward dating show, this series has 12 cut like videos rn at least. please man give me thats cringe season 2
Unmemorable Ham
I am white and have a black half-sister because she has a different dad.
Philip le Roux
One guy's Names is John, the others is lennon. -_-
Jessie 907g
Jessie 907g Day ago
9:26 *PewdieMaticStressDisorderrrrrrr*
Brayden Yorke
LMAO 1:25
Obsidian Day ago
yes yes
yes yes Day ago
your vids get more views then the cut vids
captar Day ago
I’m gonna comment ✂️ on every video now to get him to cut those luscious locks
Katelyn Pinkham
cody what is up with ur sideburns
Brier Floyd
Brier Floyd Day ago
This video concept has made me so uncomfortable it has taken me over a week to watch it
Long John
Long John Day ago
Do more videos with Kelsey 😔
Sarah Ibrahim
Shee Eeep
Shee Eeep Day ago
1:28 LINEN??? Why is he named after fabric? Imma name my kid Denim
Kylie Murphy
Kylie Murphy Day ago
5:47 has me dying bruh
Aderonke Adebisi
Aderonke Adebisi 2 days ago
Cal clips> Cody ko
Madi Weir
Madi Weir 2 days ago
Cody and Noel need to recreate one of these videos with eachother ❌🧢
Derek 2 days ago
In that case, it's a good thing I'd have a second phone. I wouldn't wanna be judged for liking furry art, SFW or not.
Stevo z
Stevo z 2 days ago
Israel Zenteno
Israel Zenteno 2 days ago
Cody can I have one of your 3 rugs?
RJ Smith
RJ Smith 2 days ago
The prayer reminder was the funniest part about this video
Gaming Forever
Gaming Forever 2 days ago
This guy looks like Killian from Iron Man 3
D Storm
D Storm 2 days ago
These silly kids are so obsessed with their phones
user no longer available
Is that a fake background Cody?
Rylee O'Donnell
Rylee O'Donnell 2 days ago
cody is starting to look like landon cube who agrees
Dance Dagon Dance
The Green Day puns are the best thing Cody has ever done. He should just retire now, cause he'll never top that.
Cindy June
Cindy June 2 days ago
Cody my half brother is half mexican so he has very black hair and brown eyes and I am blond and blue eyes, so we look nothing alike and we were raised together.
Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar 2 days ago
Sweet home Alabama
KENZ Vlogs
KENZ Vlogs 2 days ago
Some wise words from an old man
Charlie Hawkins
Charlie Hawkins 2 days ago
I don't care for that adopted brother man
Kia Anderson
Kia Anderson 2 days ago
you might be the funniest guy ever
Rachel R
Rachel R 2 days ago
Is literally no one else considering the fact that his wife could’ve j called him after he texted & that’s why it looks like she left him on read 😂 ppl call instead of texting back more than u’d think
28 gone fishing
28 gone fishing 2 days ago
u have to change ur yt pfp it doesn’t look like u
Chris Sebastian
Chris Sebastian 2 days ago
dude ur hair is looking sweet
Joëlla N.
Joëlla N. 2 days ago
I dont know why, but I get the feeling Cody doesn't really enjoy making video's anymore
Alex Franc
Alex Franc 2 days ago
Can y'all rate my new song? I wanna know what you think! Thanks us-first.info/player/video/fth8goqRf62nm3E.html
logan Jerome
logan Jerome 2 days ago
I’m trying to find rosileans comment on this video cuz it gotta be some where
Kaname Dreams
Kaname Dreams 2 days ago
Me : Anime My brother : Anime
Nathan Sciarone
Nathan Sciarone 2 days ago
Billie Joe 'Creampi 😍' Armstrong
Aelin Galathynius
Reminder to pray 😭😭😭😭
Aelin Galathynius
Bruh I could never do this I don't want to know what my brother is up to 😭
Danielle Witelson
9:40 LMAO
Eldiezzz G
Eldiezzz G 3 days ago
Why are you looking for your name in the comments? how pathetic
Maddie McGuire
Maddie McGuire 3 days ago
Cody has a sister??
vampire cat
vampire cat 3 days ago
Times that cody said “cream pie” in the video: 15
RedBearrun 3 days ago
Please quit it with the cut videos
Mehves Un
Mehves Un 3 days ago
Alright that is a DOPE house
Bby Pink
Bby Pink 3 days ago
I liked the black guys. They were the most normal LOL the other too were odd af lul
Anabelle partida
Anabelle partida 3 days ago
Daniella Hernandez
saturn -
saturn - 3 days ago
Audrey Ryan
Audrey Ryan 3 days ago
We need more love island episodes
mari 3 days ago
jenness_for _presidentTM
Great now the only thing i hear in my dreams is Cody saying "Creampie" over and over again
Marco Terzuoli
Marco Terzuoli 3 days ago
bro the innocent ones are always the dirtiest lol
Sophia Rishworth
Sophia Rishworth 3 days ago
this was so good.
help, let me go
help, let me go 3 days ago
1:29 hey anyone else immediately thought of “the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo”? _don't be racist..._
Citizen Arkane
Citizen Arkane 3 days ago
Cream Pi: get in on the circumference
Lisaya 3 days ago
you ate glowing, mister!
Davethehorse 3 days ago
I think PewDiePie is copying your cut reaction videos bro lol
Laziily 3 days ago
reminder to pray
Nena Linda
Nena Linda 3 days ago
People who do acid are somehow always adding “tripping” to everyday conversations lmao
Alexia King
Alexia King 3 days ago
Creampi 🥸👾🧚‍♀️🦗🍄🌬🍌🥨🪁
Yung Lev
Yung Lev 3 days ago
SaltySailor609 3 days ago
Eoin 3 days ago
9:40 the jerma doi doi doi ????????
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 3 days ago
Are you the producer Cody?
Lauren Huffman
Lauren Huffman 3 days ago
cody let’s wash the hair
MrBlasterWave 4 days ago
y'all remember when cody was funny? I miss those days
Kiritsugu Emiya
Kiritsugu Emiya 3 days ago
You miss yesterday?
Oblivion Gaming
Oblivion Gaming 4 days ago
I have to corect the woman she made a vital mistake it is not "hentai" it is fucking yaoi
CODStreamer 4 days ago
Jacob Ali
Jacob Ali 4 days ago
Cody please dont cut your hair it looks great sheeeeeeeesh
Beepboop 4 days ago
This video was so good I paused halfway through and made a whole ass meal so I could truly enjoy it.
Carlo Casin
Carlo Casin 4 days ago
I'll put creampi in my custom dictionary that's a new word lmao
Kyle Cahill
Kyle Cahill 4 days ago
your eyebrows get bigger the farther away they get from your nose
Skylar Steven Smith
Can someone please find the shirt that creampi😍 is wearing? I want it
sofia mcguire
sofia mcguire 4 days ago
wash your hair. you’re a woman now, embrace how to take care of long hair.
pizzarolls21 4 days ago
1:28 this part tho XD
Señor Chang
Señor Chang 3 days ago
Cyanide 4 days ago
Giussi 4 days ago
5 mins crafts Creampi, anyone??
vianca meza
vianca meza 4 days ago
is it just me or does cody talk/sound like schmidt from new girl sometimes...like when he emphasizes things
Ali Juliana
Ali Juliana 4 days ago
these cut videos give me weird vibes
Christian M
Christian M 4 days ago
so happy to see Cody make it, remember when he had mad clothes in the background always
you’re worth it
It’s so exciting to see you becoming so successful. I’ve been a chodster for a long time and it really warms my heart to see you and Noel thriving ❤️
JustJay 4 days ago
hi liam
Griffin Kelley
Griffin Kelley 4 days ago
"you woke me up when september ended" i swear to god i said out loud shut the fuck up cody LMFAOOO
[blank] 4 days ago
i mean, tbh, i wouldn't want to but it wouldn't scar me. mom and dads took care of that lol
Yawning Lion
Yawning Lion 4 days ago
Why is the first 4 seconds of this video so goddamn funny to me, I kept replaying it
Izzy Productions
Izzy Productions 4 days ago
I come to you and Noels channel every day just to see if u guys made a new video
Mitzi Williams
Mitzi Williams 4 days ago
I audibly laugh out loud to codys vids
Amy Leigh
Amy Leigh 4 days ago
BAHAHAHHA this was great
Dylan Davidson
Dylan Davidson 4 days ago
I would for sure buy an iCream