#shorts I love finding new tools on eBay! 

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This might not excite anyone else, but I'm sure happy!
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Feb 17, 2021




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RJP 805
RJP 805 14 hours ago
Arthxe 1337
Arthxe 1337 2 days ago
i would love to have yall work on my vg30dett
TexasTyphoon 3 days ago
Milton Rosario
Milton Rosario 4 days ago
I don't buy tools anymore but oh how I use to love doing so. It brought joy to my soul. 🕚
eddierodz6974 9 days ago
I cant may-zure using that.
Elitistseeker12 9 days ago
Dial indicators simply aren't 2000 bucks
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
Dial indicators aren’t. Small hole Bore gauges can be!
DDOT EEL 10 days ago
I just scored a Fowler Micrometer set on eBay for $125 shipped. It's the Fowler Made in Japan, super stoked!
Zacarias Blanco
Zacarias Blanco 10 days ago
dougjstl1 11 days ago
dougjstl1 11 days ago
Fake that was you and your friend doing it
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
Lol what? 🤣
Dummytwap 11 days ago
One question. Why do you sound like eminem rhyming.
Matt Berg
Matt Berg 11 days ago
Smaller it measures the more it costs
Jeffrey Bentz
Jeffrey Bentz 11 days ago
You've GOTTA Love when that happens!!! Congrats on that awesome score 👍👍
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell 11 days ago
Awesome score. Did you go buy a lotto ticket too?
eBay, where all of our factories tools/gages go after they go missing from a work-cell...
paul dean
paul dean 11 days ago
Sod Christmas and my birthday , new tool day always a good day ha ha
Gage BMX
Gage BMX 11 days ago
Hey thats me!
John Gentry
John Gentry 11 days ago
Je Gr
Je Gr 12 days ago
300 bucks? Fuck sakes! Nice score though!
John K
John K 12 days ago
The company i work for can keep that calibrated for you.
Erwin Sabilala
Erwin Sabilala 12 days ago
Mituitoyo is the present brand of early mitutoyo.. we used a lot as a thickness gauge here at my work.. superb precise even years (takes yearly to calibrate but this is still accurate) and takes longer before breaking
Jordan P
Jordan P 12 days ago
I can’t get over it the way he says measure
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
Me either lol
Vintage Repair Man
Vintage Repair Man 12 days ago
Hey so is the high cost of this device due to the degree of precision or cost of internal components, etc.? Just curious.
Rýán Túçk
Rýán Túçk 8 days ago
No mass production, low market demand. Not everyone drives a Subaru.
MFitz717 12 days ago
I’ve found you can steal specialty tools at flea markets, most of the time sellers don’t know what they are.
Rico Killpack
Rico Killpack 12 days ago
Can you not say measurements the right way? Point 2
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
At this point, I'm going to enunciate it my way even more heavily just to trigger y'all haha
2k Baby
2k Baby 12 days ago
“real good goodz” is in my vocabulary now
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
@2k Baby haha nah, my commission rate is pretty reasonable 😂.
2k Baby
2k Baby 12 days ago
@Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc. if they did you’re gonna need 15% right 😂
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
I just want to know if their eBay sales increased after me posting this video lmao
Fakesugar 12 days ago
Dan-Omite Younger
Dan-Omite Younger 13 days ago
Sweet 👍
Diezel Pwr
Diezel Pwr 13 days ago
I would get a quick cal done on that. Especially after shipping.
YEEETyonk 13 days ago
Got to love eBay.
Steven D
Steven D 13 days ago
Hey who makes those wrenches that are twisted? Said it was a new company? Sorry, can't find the right video
Danny V
Danny V 14 days ago
Dude you teach me sooooooooo much. Thank you.
seancarraher 14 days ago
This is eBays strength over amazon. Quality
Rýán Túçk
Rýán Túçk 8 days ago
Amazon’s strength over eBay is in actually knowing when you’ll get your shitty items. eBay doesn’t always require tracking, and I’ve had eBay shit stolen from my mailbox without even knowing the shit had been posted. Also, if the wrong shit ships or shit doesn’t work, Amazon returns are a whole lot easier than eBay’s, whose shills are always soliciting fake positive feedback.
Andy Kim
Andy Kim 10 days ago
They both have quality items and shitty items. You just need to know where to look.
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward 14 days ago
You hopped on eBay? Did it break 😒
Hewhois willbe
Hewhois willbe 14 days ago
Lifesabishi 14 days ago
I love a good tool find!!
Anel 14 days ago
I like it when you say measure.
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
Friends beat it out of me in college. But a year of working with my dad and my funky accent was back 😂.
Chas Laspata
Chas Laspata 14 days ago
I like how he says “measure”.
Sage 11 days ago
Mihail Petrovici
Mihail Petrovici 14 days ago
Can you do a comparison between cuting the seats and griding de valves vs lapping them with compound? I am curios how the vaccum test goes
Sushiflavour 14 days ago
can someone explain me that this tool is for?
Tyler Kent
Tyler Kent 14 days ago
Damn I need to start going on ebay. I too am a machinist and I hate going through MSC.
Auglaze Allday
Auglaze Allday 14 days ago
Great content! Question: How often do you calibrate your calibrated tools or when do you know they need calibrated?
Auglaze Allday
Auglaze Allday 14 days ago
@Allen Klingsporn I watched the vid where you used one of your hairs to show how close your measurements had to be so you're obviously doing something right.
Allen Klingsporn
Allen Klingsporn 14 days ago
Depends on how much you use them and how critical the measurements are. I keep the gauges in my lab calibrated a minimum of once/year, with some as much as once every quarter, but I have a lot of money riding on my measurements. In my garage, I rarely calibrate anything. I keep some masters around that I check the gages against every now and again. If I see something weird, then I'll send them for calibration.
Andrej rilj
Andrej rilj 14 days ago
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Unicorn GTR
Unicorn GTR 15 days ago
Nothing better than a n.o.s. deal
Zachary Hilt
Zachary Hilt 15 days ago
Great find
Jersey Joe
Jersey Joe 15 days ago
Nice score! I used to use the Sunnen set up for measuring guide bores, but Mitutoyo makes great tools also.
Joey Longfured
Joey Longfured 15 days ago
Why is your audio so good when you are pointing away but when you point the camera towards you it is so awful
Joey Longfured
Joey Longfured 14 days ago
@Jelly Fish143 that was my theory. Just wasn’t sure if there was some other reason. I hope it can be fixed or some alternative in the future. It would really add to the videos
Jelly Fish143
Jelly Fish143 14 days ago
Probably has to do with the position of the mic and when he has it pointed away from him it’s closer to his face
em sea
em sea 15 days ago
Joshua Halley
Joshua Halley 15 days ago
Score!! Ive been wanting one for a while.
Brian Barsness
Brian Barsness 15 days ago
I would love to score roller burnishing tools for 11/32 and 3/8 guide liner sizing. Cant seem to source them though.
Ryan gst
Ryan gst 15 days ago
Nice👍🏼 I love ebay always good stuff. Also love going to flea markets or swap meets. Always treasure to be found
Dave Osbun
Dave Osbun 15 days ago
I've purchased every one of my Mitutoyo items the same exact way. If I recall, one or two were used-mint but the rest were NOS. Congrats on the great score!
Captain McFingal
Captain McFingal 15 days ago
How about using the small ball bore gages? Our make a set of go/nogo gages with a pin gage? Eight ways to skin a dog that don’t hunt.
Captain McFingal
Captain McFingal 15 days ago
@Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc. I see what you are saying, and now I’m looking forward to seeing the video. 👍
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
I'll try and make a video on this lol. In short, we have always used our pilots for valve seat machining as our checks, much like a go/nogo gauge. But, with a gauge like this I can be more accurate, and it is less time consuming than the cheap small bore ball gauges that you chan check one spot & measure. If that makes sense, lol
Slopoke 15 days ago
Aw sweet, I need one of those as well! U lucked up
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
@Slopoke Northern Colorado
Slopoke 15 days ago
@Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc. where you located? I just stumbled across you couple weeks ago.
Captain McFingal
Captain McFingal 15 days ago
@Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc. oh that’s what she said. Sorry it’s my inner 10 year old coming out.
Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.
The one in the .28-.40" is much more affordable lol. And there are some other ones used on eBay in the smaller range like this one but most of them are in metric, which is fine... but I like inches lol
Dream Gets Robbed...
Dream Gets Robbed...