Shooting Nothing but Beautiful Adult Birds.. I'm Mounting All of Them!! 

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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
BobbyGuyFilms 15 days ago
Adin Casarotti
Adin Casarotti 15 days ago
Bobby can you shoot me a dm on Instagram please I want to book a hunt but don’t k ow how too
Drew Holladay
Drew Holladay 15 days ago
I love the videos I’m going on my first snow goose hunt on Sunday!
FishingWithBrandon Tv
Love the videos. How do Yall have so much ammo. I wish I had a lot of ammo like that.
Maddox Vanausdoll
Maddox Vanausdoll 15 days ago
How much is it to come down nest honker season and hunt
Maddox Vanausdoll
Maddox Vanausdoll 15 days ago
Thank yoi
Chris P
Chris P 4 hours ago
Tom Reed
Tom Reed 21 hour ago
S&H Canadian Outdoors
What’s your favourite ammo to use?
Phil mccumbee
Phil mccumbee 5 days ago
Paid snow hunts??
Phil mccumbee
Phil mccumbee 5 days ago
Fred is da man.
Nick Zamarelli
Nick Zamarelli 7 days ago
Fred did great, hope I get to hunt with him next season
tacosrock11 _
tacosrock11 _ 9 days ago
It’s been 40 degrees in Minnesota today and yesterday!!
Rowland boys Hunting nz
What range you shooting theses snows bob ? Looks like 50-60 yards?
ModKartRacer33 10 days ago
Get some camo on top of that blind, even a little makes a big difference, especially when they are overhead and on the ends. Need to book a week with you next year, and bring the motorhome up.
mm88swrt 10 days ago
I've got about a case and a half of shells left... Im going to save them for next season when we are still dealing with this crap!
Shane Feeney
Shane Feeney 10 days ago
I wish I could remove you from showing up on my feed.. JUNK
Zach lacroix
Zach lacroix 11 days ago
What do u do with all these birds all the time ????
Edwin woolfolk
Edwin woolfolk 11 days ago
Dude beside Bobby definitely sounds like a stoner!! “A-frame climate 50 degrees”
elizabeth huff
elizabeth huff 11 days ago
today i have to decide between my friends bday party or hunting very hard choice but with my luck if i go we will kill nothing but if i dont go they will come back with 10 banded Canadians
MattTZew 12 days ago
Please don't shoot over the dogs
Anthony Gibson
Anthony Gibson 12 days ago
“Be picky with your shots” 14:45
OG_Kriptonik_93 12 days ago
Is it possible to obtain a 5 ft dux flag? Love your content bob!!
David O'Connell
David O'Connell 12 days ago
Good stuff as always! Thanks for what you do!
David Lathrop
David Lathrop 12 days ago
Bobby have you ever thought of hanging birds flying from the sealing, you can use like 10-12 pound test.????? You wanted ideas. Just a thought. Take Care.-----David--------California
Elias Vanengen
Elias Vanengen 13 days ago
Hang from the ceiling in like a flock form some flipping Nd dipping doe cuffed up
Mike Okeefe
Mike Okeefe 13 days ago
Whats the dogs name?
Timothy Olvaney
Timothy Olvaney 13 days ago
Man just crazy, you smash birds all season long and don’t have a bag of goose jerky in the blind... might be a good video idea
idahomike100 13 days ago
i dont understand. i thought it eas law that you have to have plug in?
MDsnowPRO 13 days ago
Typical benelli sbe3......cant keep up with a tube. Two jams in two mag dumps
leo playz
leo playz 13 days ago
fred has the best colures
Cameren Deroche
Cameren Deroche 13 days ago
Bro we got snow geese south Louisiana
Cody Ubben
Cody Ubben 13 days ago
"Feels warmer than that" as you hear the propane burning in the background.
Owen Beacom
Owen Beacom 13 days ago
Says he’s not going to dump his tube because shells are hard to find and the dumps his tube without even looking where he’s shooting
Jackson Stroup
Jackson Stroup 13 days ago
James Kessler
James Kessler 13 days ago
Bob, you need to make a “Stud Muffin” hoodie. It is my favorite thing you say about birds. Make a Bobby Guy stud muffin montage video.
23boum 13 days ago
another 2 weeks and it's gone be a start down here !!!! dont kill all of those !! loll
fakegucci 13 days ago
Texas Rags wouldn’t be bad to use for the snow
R41N tvrtle
R41N tvrtle 14 days ago
You should have a mount of a lot of ducks or geese flying hanging from the roof
lexist2112 14 days ago
Fred’s awesome!!!!👍
Cormac Doyle
Cormac Doyle 14 days ago
Where is the shotkam
Barry W.
Barry W. 14 days ago
Denny Pitman
Denny Pitman 14 days ago
Why would you mount all of them? You didn't shoot them all
ford rx7 lol
ford rx7 lol 14 days ago
I know this is self promotion but I cant afford a dux hat but my mom said 350 likes on tiktok for a hat so can y'all like it for me it's fine if you cant but I just LOVE bob's vids and I wanna support him an flair so tiktok in bio
Jay Cobb
Jay Cobb 14 days ago
awesome fred video
Cayden Leone
Cayden Leone 14 days ago
My two favorite mounts to do for them big Beautiful birds if either a die mount or a cupet up mount make them look awesome
Taylor Bernard
Taylor Bernard 14 days ago
Good hunting
Project 1 Gen
Project 1 Gen 14 days ago
In the first part of the video you said “I’m not gonna us my tube because ammo is short”. Next part of the video dumps the tube at the sky.
Ann Robinson
Ann Robinson 14 days ago
Good evening Bobby and the gang, A great vid Bob, great picking out the snows from the rest and good bag. Fred is going really well, good to see! We love the one, tow and even three man hunts. Get Jordan out there! Your dad does an astounding job on your lodge . Thumbs up to dad!!! How's about taking Beth and Boady out with you on a hunt, before the season ends? Hope the quick book shoots take off. Take care, stay safe Malc and Ann (England) UK
mateo taylor1763
mateo taylor1763 14 days ago
Darn those spoinklebellies, mixing in w the whites. Too bad they won’t stop for usto shoot them in the fall!
bubba bug
bubba bug 14 days ago
you been crankin out awsome vids latley. lovin it.
JAMEL chasseur
JAMEL chasseur 14 days ago
You are the best in the world brather I love you so much... JAMEL FROM North Africa TUNISIA... I wish I can visit you on day....
TheBkalan 14 days ago
Literally dumped his entire tube at a group without looking
Pete Brown
Pete Brown 14 days ago
Bobby, watch your own film and you will see you are behind on most shots, beginners problem usually? Keep on keeping on. Englishman Pete.
Justin Long
Justin Long 14 days ago
Your snow geese that you're going to get mounted have you ever thought about doing a kill pile mount?
Big dong Outdoors
Big dong Outdoors 14 days ago
Guy next to Bobby sounds like he is on another planet
Justin Long
Justin Long 14 days ago
Such a beautiful dog. FREDRICK your awesome keep them eyes on the sky. Bob you should be lucky to be in Fred's videos
Dave Watson
Dave Watson 14 days ago
Day 1: gonna be smart today; only shooting 3 shells max, no extension tube. Gun is lighter without the tube and shells, I’m a better shooter when I’m selective. And, I feel sorry for you guys with the ammo shortage, shells are hard to find. Day 2: forget that sh@t I said yesterday, let the tubed Benelli eat. Puts all 8 in the air multiple times, “didn’t know I shot that much”. 👍
JCW Outdoors
JCW Outdoors 14 days ago
I'm not sure who is editing your content, but maybe just edit out the commentary on conserving shells?? Just a thought.
Шура Козлов
Colin Walsh
Colin Walsh 14 days ago
Take bodhi out in early teal with just him and you. Maybe get him on the ole 410
Zach Kaiser
Zach Kaiser 14 days ago
Oh bobbi.... so much to say..🙄
Edward Haayer
Edward Haayer 14 days ago
Is your ammo supply really that short right now even with a sponsor I no looking around here in Canada ammo is hit and miss
Darrin Dukes
Darrin Dukes 14 days ago
Saw a nice group of snows Friday morning headed north to Valley Center. Made me think of your channel.
Jerome Torrez
Jerome Torrez 14 days ago
Dude I’ve been with you since you started I think I would love to come hunt. Great job another thing I have couple lab mix dogs that are trained to hunt ducks and geese they need a good home and thier potty trained to go outside on command. I got out of duck hunting last year cuz of a divorce lost all my stuff I was gonna start again and got two dogs to do the work but I’m getting out of it. Dm if interested
NJ water Fowl Missers
You should check for Web Tags on the feet if you know what they are!🤙🤙🦆
444reaper 14 days ago
Ever gonna do a “catch clean cook” for all these geese?
Ian Potter
Ian Potter 14 days ago
444reaper lol
Marks Outdoors
Marks Outdoors 14 days ago
Im gonna be conservative with my shells next day dumps tube 🤣
Ruder Scheidegger
Ruder Scheidegger 14 days ago
Fred looks so happy 😁
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 14 days ago
Bob: “We’re gunna get surgical, whites only” Also Bob: *dumps entire tube into flock of 100 birds”
Hunter Howard
Hunter Howard 14 days ago
Right 🤣
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 14 days ago
No way that guy next to you in the blind didn’t smoke a blunt prior to the hunt.🤣
Sam Padilla
Sam Padilla 14 days ago
Franklin Eovaldi
Franklin Eovaldi 14 days ago
Bob you should make them look like there landing into a field or spread
Da fishing guy /creative nazer
Can you try 30 decoys no caller and no blind but you can tuck your self up in hae
Kyle Kissinger
Kyle Kissinger 14 days ago
Bob- “I don’t want to just waste shells ya know” Bob the next day- *yack yack yack yack cha chik yack yack yack yack yack yack*
mateo taylor1763
mateo taylor1763 14 days ago
Ole’ Bobby: Chingity Chang Bingity Bang Boom Pow Bam Bam Pew Crakoom! Kerzow! Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!!! Say hello to my little friend!!!
JCW Outdoors
JCW Outdoors 14 days ago
I came to the comments after seeing the first extended tube get dumped to see if anyone else caught that.
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas 14 days ago
That a boy Fredrick, if it flies it dies
Matt Wiederholt
Matt Wiederholt 14 days ago
Gotta be careful of the specks. Continues to spray into the entire flock “dumped the tube!”
Alex Gil
Alex Gil 11 days ago
sprayandpray Hunting
Amazing bob d best
Landon Ruetz
Landon Ruetz 14 days ago
One thing I do here in Michigan and ohio we have a 1-2 foot of snow ground frozen and if you put a dive bomber stack up against ur boot with constant pressure they will go in plz let me know if you try it even at ur house just to see if it goes in they do for me
Echelon Outdoors
Echelon Outdoors 14 days ago
Love hunting the 🌨! Gonna be a sweet mount! 👍
Amanda Finegan
Amanda Finegan 14 days ago
📞Wow! ✨😝💜👠 I recorded a new video
Beau Tindall
Beau Tindall 14 days ago
Tule Lake NWR headquarters in northern Cali has such a cool display, they have a wall with a picture of thousands of geese getting up, and in front of that theres a bunch of full body taxidermied birds flying.. it looks like the birds are flying out of the picture... just an idea but would look awesome in the lodge
Levi Lindley
Levi Lindley 14 days ago
Take dad out for a snow goose hunt please
Harrison Thrasher
Harrison Thrasher 15 days ago
they make dog blinds for a reason
Robert Penne
Robert Penne 15 days ago
You still don’t know your commands, you are confusing
CASEN HUMPHREY 15 days ago
If you have a website you find shells can you mention it in a video shells are nowhere around here.
Hayden_ James
Hayden_ James 15 days ago
That one stoopid dog that wouldn’t quit running through the blind 😂😂
Ian Potter
Ian Potter 14 days ago
Hayden_ James Fred had him jacked up cuz he’s a breaking ass dog what u expect
In days past, it was snow geese and blue geese that were rarely seen and rarely killed
Coy Kenyon
Coy Kenyon 15 days ago
cut down on the time of the videos
KsOutdoorSports 15 days ago
Sweet snows and Blues! That's a bunch of geese right there!
resty Ramos
resty Ramos 15 days ago
Very good dog fred
resty Ramos
resty Ramos 15 days ago
Nice hunt bro
You don’t feel any ammo loss because Federal sends you thousands of rounds. Don’t be a patronizing asshole please!
If you shot so good why not take the plug out?
Brennen Wilson
Brennen Wilson 15 days ago
Hey are you going to do some more pigeon trapping I love those
Karrie Reese
Karrie Reese 15 days ago
Greg Kellar
Greg Kellar 15 days ago
Why the tube bob?
Fishing & Hunting Reports by M & M
Keep doing the franchi videos
Karrie Reese
Karrie Reese 15 days ago
budlvr 15 days ago
I see you went back to THE BENELLI (admit it, IT'S THE BETTER GUN) around 19:26 after 2 misfeeds.
sean jones
sean jones 15 days ago
You should do a big flock mount hanging from the ceiling
Timmy Wilson
Timmy Wilson 15 days ago
How ya get hold of ya got some questions
Timmy Wilson
Timmy Wilson 15 days ago
How ya get hold of ya got some questions
WMoutdoors 15 days ago
we cant go snow goose hunting here in CO because the birds moved out with this coldfront:(
Cj Heer
Cj Heer 15 days ago
Fan f@%$in tastic video I love that kind of stuff and that 👍is for dad because u will always remember these days like that one you recorded of him working on the place helping make it what it is man and he needs to go out on a hunt with you really want to see that video I really miss my dad when I see yours working like that even if he is not a big goose hunter like you I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants to see the old man out there with u but that would be a killer video keep them coming bud and Cherish the time you have man
Dale Steinecke
Dale Steinecke 15 days ago
Awesome hunt
Dream Gets Robbed...
Dream Gets Robbed...