Shelby runs off?! Steve Harvey is sooo confused! | Family Feud 

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LOL! Shelby was so eager to get back to her family after her round of Fast Money, she didn't even wait to hear her score! Steve Harvey is sooo confused!
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Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 41   
mitch katz
mitch katz 10 days ago
Poorly written description
mark hudson
mark hudson 11 days ago
Title kinda click batie
Trudy Thiery
Trudy Thiery 12 days ago
Steve Hardy you are so real I love you you have to let make a person have laughter in their life and that's good thank you and you're always in my prayers
Alexander Panayi
Alexander Panayi 12 days ago
No one said dog.lol
Tracy Six
Tracy Six 12 days ago
It says she ran off and Steve is confused? She didn't run off anywhere she just turned around a few times , someone needs to learn how to put the real title of these videos
Dxtra 30
Dxtra 30 13 days ago
Where are the triple rounds? Like WTF!
Gegray 13 days ago
Towel/paper towels? They should of give him the points for #1.
FunnyBuzz 11 days ago
😂 2 different things.. you use towels to wash off at the beach or from a taking a shower and paper towels are use for cleaning up messes
Jedi Mojo Jojo
Jedi Mojo Jojo 12 days ago
2 different things
Thomas Bush
Thomas Bush 13 days ago
Here are my answers 1: Firefighter 2: Drill 3: Dog 4: 8 5: Paper Towel
Brody Davis
Brody Davis 13 days ago
1, Lifeguard 2, Drill 3, Cat 4, 8 5, Paper towel
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 13 days ago
Thats right family feud stay 6 feet apart
omarr Phillips
omarr Phillips 13 days ago
King James Version Revelation 22:18-19 This Book Exodus 24:7 The Book One Job 6:10 Light Esther 8:16 it Psalm 118:24 Light 1 John 1:5 1 John 5:7 The Holy Ghost One Lord Matthew 19:14-17 Psalm 95:7 To Day Ezekiel 20:21 Notwithstanding Revelation 2:16 Repent; Light John 12:36 John 1:23 The Voice of One One Genesis 41:25 Romans 9:17 Pharaoh Ezekiel 10:20 Living Revelation 1:15-18 I am he Ezekiel 10:15 Living Omer Exodus 16:14-16 Acts 8:6 Philip Daniel 2:31-38 Thou Art John 1:49 The King of Israel Psalm 145:14 Bowed Down John 8:17-18 Two One Job 31:15 Joshua 23:10 One man Of You Light 1 Thessalonians 5:5 One God Mark 12:32 Light Ephesians 5:8 One Ecclesiastes 4:8 Light Psalm 119:105 One John 12:43-48 Joshua 23:11 Take Good heed therefore Unto YOURSELVES, That ye love the Lord your God.
James Bochnik
James Bochnik 13 days ago
Lifeguard Light Hippopotamus 10 Broom
James Bochnik
James Bochnik 12 days ago
They grunt
Lemon Dealer
Lemon Dealer 13 days ago
Wtf sound does a hippopotamus make
Arushi Brahma
Arushi Brahma 13 days ago
Dude I got all of em
Drew Fortenberry
Drew Fortenberry 13 days ago
Also Shelby ain’t the first one to run off. (The last person I saw was Cassy from the Hollister)
mts2457 13 days ago
i thought chair would be #1 or at least a lot more than 17 points
S Rebergen
S Rebergen 13 days ago
What is a sou.. Name an anima.... What's the ani... How... Sou.... An......I ONLY HAVE 20 SECONDS STEVE!
monique 14 days ago
These questions were awful! I love the show but yall owe these people another round!
Jedi Mojo Jojo
Jedi Mojo Jojo 12 days ago
Family Feud does not owe the Segure family another round of fast money honey
Laila Long
Laila Long 14 days ago
I like her dress that’s cute, Police officer. Soo kool
John Doe
John Doe 14 days ago
Steve was vibing at the end lol
Casie Silverman
Casie Silverman 14 days ago
What was with that one question Steve couldn’t even read lol
Neil 14 days ago
He screwed it up twice! Also, sometimes he's hard to understand.
Rad Vids
Rad Vids 14 days ago
Stripper Teeth Dog 9 Broom
James Taylor
James Taylor 14 days ago
Difficult questions this time
Shaw Mou
Shaw Mou 14 days ago
iguana 91
iguana 91 14 days ago
My answers Police officer Drill Cat Ten Broom.
ELLA 14 days ago
Steve Harvey is funny, he always never run out of jokes.
Jedi Mojo Jojo
Jedi Mojo Jojo 12 days ago
@Sarawati you're stupid for believing Steve is the only comedian that tells jokes on the spot.
Sarawati 12 days ago
Jedi Mojo Jojo, You're stupid not every comedian can tell you jokes on the spot like Steve Harvey..
Jedi Mojo Jojo
Jedi Mojo Jojo 12 days ago
@Sarawati and I'll stick with Neil. Neil makes a good point
Neil 13 days ago
@Sarawati OK.
Sarawati 13 days ago
@Neil true but not all comedians can entertain you like Steve Harvey, I still sticks with Ella's comment.
ELLA 14 days ago
Shelby thought she already won the fast money on her own..lol
Janelle Robinson
Janelle Robinson 14 days ago
I'm here
gilly823 14 days ago
Modeling, Drill, Dog, 10, Mop
Tracy Mercado
Tracy Mercado 14 days ago
Striper Drill Cow 6 Mop
Isabella Turk
Isabella Turk 14 days ago
earlier than snoop dogg saying "pie in a horse" 😳
Kessii 14 days ago
This is some videos before covid right?
Neil 14 days ago
@Anis Haidar Ali True.
Anis Haidar Ali
Anis Haidar Ali 14 days ago
No. It's actually one of the episodes taken when the COVID-19 prevention protocol took place.
Susan Asabez
Susan Asabez 14 days ago
No sound
Neil 14 days ago
@Blazing Legend So does mine. Sometimes you have to check your audio settings, they can move unintentionally by accidently hitting them and not knowing, I check mine all the time.
Blazing Legend
Blazing Legend 14 days ago
Check your audio level. The video works just fine.
Drew Fortenberry
Drew Fortenberry 14 days ago
My answer were: 1.Military 2.Mouth Mirror 3.Dog 4. 5 5. Paper Towels
_.XxLogan PlaysxX._
The way she said twenty thousand dollars
Angelina Harris
Angelina Harris 14 days ago
I have never been this early
Angelina Harris
Angelina Harris 14 days ago
I have never been this early
Bethany Ashe
Bethany Ashe 14 days ago
Evan_- 14 days ago
Sup yall.
Camryn Penn
Camryn Penn 14 days ago
Miccah McCoy
Miccah McCoy 14 days ago
Jada 14 days ago
12 seconds lets gooo