She Was Left Alone in the Woods With Bigfoot. Marathon 132 

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She Was Left Alone in the Woods With Bigfoot
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Feb 21, 2021




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Sonia Guzman
Sonia Guzman 4 hours ago
When I listen to your US-first channel, I really want to see a Big Foot but when I think about it, I'm glad I haven't. I like listening to the stories on your channel. I have told you that many times but I thought I'd tell you again.
Mary Mitchell
Mary Mitchell 10 hours ago
I'm so happy she found Dixie Cryptid
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson 14 hours ago
But she said she didn't shine the light on it, so how can she say she saw it!?? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Sharon Rojas
Sharon Rojas Day ago
A friend of mine, for a time period, routinely had his house slapped. He lives in Southeastern Oklahoma.
Randall Hamon
Randall Hamon 2 days ago
I have heard that their finger nails are as sharp as razor blades.
Wilbur Collins
Wilbur Collins 2 days ago
Robin Lynn Griffith
Dave Casey Jr.
Dave Casey Jr. 2 days ago
Dude I get your rep in the soap but you spending more time talking about the soap Danielle your damn stories come on now
Mario Trevino
Mario Trevino 2 days ago
Loved it good job👍
Randall Hamon
Randall Hamon 3 days ago
I would have come back for you if you were someone I cared about....prolly even if you were not....no one deserves to be left to a wild beast.
Randall Hamon
Randall Hamon 3 days ago
My first encounter the BF slapped the trunk of my friends car....made a loud sound and scared the hell out of us.
Melissa honey
Melissa honey 3 days ago
Let's do slab houses we had one in Texas and a small town called azle I was six years old at that time the house was what you called a box house it's it's already put together all you got to do is screw the walls together and you get the build the inside the way you want but anyway my daddy was at work and it was just my mom and my two brothers and I my dad had a dog name spot he was a very aggressive dog told strangels or other animals that wasn't around him one night was sitting at the table eating and my mom home noises in the back and we didn't pay no attention and you can hear it walking around the house remind you in Texas and the summertime it can get up to 190°. Or even more and we had the windows open I told my mama that I had seen some eyes glowing in the window of my daddy's bedroom and my mom says I couldn't have must have been a cat but the cats would never come in the house and then all of something we can hear cats screaming and then all dog spot growling we hold something to hit the house three or four times running around the house for quite a few times and then it got quiet and then next morning we found a baby kittens something had ate half of them and then my dad when he came home he found spot dead in the woods is Nick was twisted all the way around he had chase that Bigfoot into the woods it must have been a younger Bigfoot but that was back in 1983 I believe it was an 83 but I was young then
Adrian Canestra
Adrian Canestra 3 days ago
Piss poor advertising for Yeti.. Dr. Squatch makes the best bars of soap 🧼 Their Bay Rum and Citrus Wet Dream, Pine Breeze, and After Sex Sauve are the best 🧼 on the market..Yeti is a cheap rip off. Shame, Shame, Shame...
Edward Pidgeon
Edward Pidgeon 3 days ago
Just by the title this guy is a fu^*in^ piece of crap .If any spouse doesn't believe you when you look them in the eye while your about crapping your pants , Then you may need to find a new one .Then again people who fear this subject will always deny them .. Damn Cam for a second i thought the video was going to turn XXX when you started your soap commercial/plug ..lol
Amberlilly 4 days ago
I haven't been here in a while, been distracted with something that has taken my attention. Anyway, glad to be back and really enjoyed this story and hearing your pleasant voice ! Thank you Cam, there are no other narrators that can compare to you. I know that you have to feel impressed with your self and all of your followers, including myself. You just have this special knack for this area of speak (I couldn't think of the exact wording, anyway you've got it down) Thanks again, Amber Lilly.
Vicki Carnes
Vicki Carnes 4 days ago
I have a sleep disorder (sleep walker) and extreme insomnia. You stories really help me and I love your vóice, it's comforting. I. Just want to thank you!!
Joe Parker
Joe Parker 4 days ago
Was big foot ok 😳🤕
Random Ska - Rumble Flingier
BIG FOOT !!!! Here hunny take the bong. And chill rite here , I'm going back to the car for a sec.. Love ya. I'll remember you !!!!!✌️
ShadowDancer 5 days ago
Great stories. Thanx Cam.
Jeff Webber
Jeff Webber 5 days ago
Cam, I bought the Yeti hippi #1 soap 6 bars. Yes it feels good but I was disappointed in the fact that it had hardly any scent to it at all, and you definitely can’t smell it on me later. I hate to send things back so I’m just going to use it. Maybe one of the other bars will smell stronger. Jeff
Sheila Palmer
Sheila Palmer 5 days ago
To the lady who read her own story. If the big foot took your baby's, no one would have believed you. Everyone would have thought you did something bad to them.
Patty Urban
Patty Urban 5 days ago
I bet that last one was a dogman.
Trina Dailey
Trina Dailey 5 days ago
I live in West Virginia.
Wally A
Wally A 6 days ago
The soap is great folks. I've tried several and it's hard to pick a favorite. You won't regret trying them out! BTW...these creatures are eaier to find than you think. They can "smell" fear and bad intent. Just prepare your mind and act "normal". Don't go out with an agenda, it doesn't work that way. I went out birding, and they followed me around. I didn't get any pictures, but saw one with my own eyes. I was frozen with fear at the time, but on later reflection they could have easily harmed me if they wanted. Get off the couch and head for the woods.
Evangeline George
Who does that!!
Sarge 6 days ago
What would be fun to do is go camping then make a bigfoot footprint then about 5 ft away make a human sized footprint, repeat for distance and..Then steer your camping friends near the area and watch the reactions...
candicevee1 6 days ago
No wonder you divorced him. Good for you.
mac Mcferson
mac Mcferson 6 days ago
Cam you're my favorite podcast. I may have told you that before. And I'm a bigfoot fanatic.
Cliff Stacy
Cliff Stacy 5 days ago
He's the best.
cold spring
cold spring 7 days ago
cool ..a Rufous sided towhee
Judy Pierce
Judy Pierce 7 days ago
Loved the visual Cam. Loved the stories.
Barbara Ludden
Barbara Ludden 7 days ago
The focus is fine, your marathon is good but the constant refocus is distracting.
lizzy nicholas
lizzy nicholas 7 days ago
Dogman has sharp claws maybe that is what sliced the dog.
lizzy nicholas
lizzy nicholas 7 days ago
I would have taken the sapling and planted it in my yard so i could remember my interaction with Bigfoot as the tree grew.
Sonia Gonzalez
Sonia Gonzalez 7 days ago
Went ready I will email you soon...
Sonia Gonzalez
Sonia Gonzalez 7 days ago
I have a something that happened to me with my daughter in a park . This is why we listen to all ur stories...for me what really relaxing is ur voice I don't why but yes it does. Now I know things happen for a reason.
Sonia Gonzalez
Sonia Gonzalez 7 days ago
Once again thank for your time with this stories they are so sad,scary and yes they are smart enough to let you know went they are there!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
Anthony Cantu
Anthony Cantu 7 days ago
Trued your discount code dc10, didn’t work. Just FYI stuff
joseph thomas
joseph thomas 7 days ago
The dog one sounds more of a dogman if it cut into the dog like that . Haven’t heard of a Bigfoot with claws , anyone else have that feeling ?
travis eastlick
travis eastlick 7 days ago
I had an incident where I was reaching out to touch one and at that very instant the barrier between us was broken and right away he was directly in my face
Aj C
Aj C 8 days ago
Another good one cam thanks for all u do for our community
Melanie Swager
Melanie Swager 8 days ago
The last story where the dog was severely slashed sounds like other stories I have herd related to dogman. There are many stories very simular to this story were they use their sharp clawes to kill dogs.
molly 8 days ago
Why in the name of gods do people want photos?? Why?? If we do that then sasquatch should kill. Ya know they TRY LIKE HELL to avoid us. As we go on we get deeper and deeper into THEIR WORLDS. Why not let this species alone??? You idiots won't stop until they are just a new event at your local zoo.
A Vapor
A Vapor 8 days ago
According to most that have seen bigfoot they smell really bad so why would I want Yeti soap?
Alx Ee
Alx Ee 8 days ago
I hope Mike continues to go back to that spot
Greg Pidino
Greg Pidino 8 days ago
Lol just spit out my coffee while on the deck looking at the ocean this morning in regards to the forest Gump comment!! Big rain storm is coming here in Massachusetts
Adam Clemons
Adam Clemons 8 days ago
Awesome as always cam,thank you
Tim Pittman
Tim Pittman 9 days ago
This is the guy I always listen too
Darla Proppe
Darla Proppe 9 days ago
The Yeti Bars we ordered have arrived & we already love em! The Coal one was a Great recommendation; go on and try one! We have Dessert, Southwest Patchouli, (& Violet to surprise my sis)! Love these soaps! Darla & Damon
Advocate 2
Advocate 2 9 days ago
Amazing you didn’t divorce that husband.!
OilValleyEnergy 9 days ago
Blah...Blah.... where is the story about the title?
Nancy Pena
Nancy Pena 9 days ago
Thanks 😊!!!!!
Samara Osborne
Samara Osborne 9 days ago
-> A thought hit me:. What if that giant hairy man that could lift up that huge log is perhaps a Sasquatch-Human Hybrid trying to fit in??!? Or, perhaps a Cave Giant or Mtn. Giant also trying to fit in with Humans?!?? They're different than Sasquatch.. Maybe the types mentioned that are more human-looking are Sasquatch-Human Hybrids?!?? Just throwing my thoughts out there... Blessings, All!! 🖖🏼🙇🏻‍♀️🙏🏼🕊️👼🏻✨🌌🌔🌟👩🏻‍🔬💭👩🏻‍🎤
Joy Waylett
Joy Waylett 9 days ago
As always, I enjoy listening to the stories that are sent in. Take care and God bless DC..
Heidi 12
Heidi 12 9 days ago
Always terrific! Thanks Cam!
Matthew Franco
Matthew Franco 9 days ago
I live in North Central West Virginia, more specifically Harrison County. I'd love to hear some stories from my region.
M O N K E Y - T R I A L . . .
Coal is good for oil control!
Magic Dunn
Magic Dunn 10 days ago
No thank you about touching a sasquatch...lol...I don't want to know what they feel like ...lol..I would of died of a heart attack if one touched me..great story cam
OCnightflyer13 10 days ago
Welcome Home!!!
Patricia DeWeese
Patricia DeWeese 10 days ago
That was one sorry excuse for a man, a husband, and a father. No excuse for that but pure selfishness. There is absolutely nothing on this earth that would make me trust him again.
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS
The story from Mike seems to be from someone not experiencing what he is looking for. He is looking for a zoo animal. Bigfoot is not a zoo animal even slightly. It has capabilities beyond humans in many ways and without massive firepower you will be subject to his will. If you do have massive firepower you will be advised at the level of your death not to use this force for killing this creature because you will not be good in the forest ever again even many years later.
River King
River King 10 days ago
Poor doggie!!
Lesley Anderson
Lesley Anderson 10 days ago
Thank you for a very entertaining Dixie Cryptid.
Roqjoru 10 days ago
Important to be YHVH fearing and pray who you should marry so you don't get jerk. Before you give advice on friendlies, study Native Leyends
Tbowie13 10 days ago
Lol...I just got out if the shower less than a minute before hearing you say this about the soap. I use that Cedar and Coal and got a mess of it. I really like it. The shipping is a bit pricey but I like it enough to buy it regardless. And they are great people. An order I got awhile back was a couple bars short, after emailing them they made it right and sent me more than I was shorted and shipped it the same day!
Larry Proctor
Larry Proctor 10 days ago
Not liking the new narrator.
Frank Pilch
Frank Pilch 11 days ago
You talked me into it Cam I'm getting some soap!!
Gisele Schreyer
Gisele Schreyer 11 days ago
Was this first story read by the actual person? She didn't sound believable... not that I don't believe Bigfoot exists.
Shaun Poor
Shaun Poor 11 days ago
If anyone wants to see a really screwed up version of someone's interpretation of bigfoot they should watch the 2018 horror movie Primal Rage
Vi Eastman
Vi Eastman 11 days ago
What a despicable thing for your husband to take off with the car keys!! 😲. The guy who knew the huge man who had no trouble lifting a log that was delivered to him probably met a Sasquatch hybrid who could speak English. Also ,loved the story about the guy from Swiss, MO... Amazing!!
TJ Kaczynski
TJ Kaczynski 11 days ago
She was the bait so he could cash in on life insurance.
lubabe 99
lubabe 99 11 days ago
I'm glad you got to put out a long video. Would you care to mark the beginning of each story with a time stamp in case we've heard the story before. Thanks Cam. Peace bud.
peach sncream
peach sncream 11 days ago
On the very rare occasion my son has asked me about UFOS and aliens ,I explained to him that as far as I knew there were as many different types of aliens as there are different races of humans and probably many many more besides . I have from childhood-always assumed Bigfoot’s/yeti,ect existed . It Just seemed obvious despite never having seen or herd one . Naturally they have each their own personalities. Living in the hills even our huntsman spiders have different personalities .some will walk onto my hands so I can put it outside and others are grumpy and I’ll scoop them up in a sandwich container with a pice of cardboard.
Idahowild1 A
Idahowild1 A 11 days ago
I've heard along the way that BF poop in the water. Perhaps she interrupted the deed?
Frikn Wulfy
Frikn Wulfy 11 days ago
Good to have ya back Sir Cam.
S S 12 days ago
pete potaczek
pete potaczek 12 days ago
Can: I love your voice, channel, stories and know your a man of integrity. Having said that I just wanted to say that I listen to your stories to “ listen to your stories” not to hear commercials! I will continue listening however, I sure wish you would stop promoting the “ yeti soap” it’s just annoying to have to be subjected to you becoming a “ pitch man” for this soap! I know others will say “ relax” or “ he’s got a right to help his channel by promoting this soap” but I come to your channel for good story telling, peace and quiet and for a break from telemarketers, advertisers and the hustle and bustle of the world not to hear a promotion for a soap. Relax people I’m not an uptight jerk I’m just speaking my mind, I have that right. Rock on Cam with your good stories, I appreciate you doing them.
Tracey Linnenbrogger
Hey Cam well I'm not disrespecting your readers at all but nobody nobody can read a story like you you bring that the bumps upon my arms my hair standing up your bring a thrill to the stories just something about your voice can't replace it so I look forward to hearing you read again not disrespecting them they're good but you just bring it all just got back from surgery Cam was out for a couple weeks and I pray that you get everything done you need to get done to you can come back to us and read more so here we go
Ryan Mrowka
Ryan Mrowka 12 days ago
Thanks cam My comment section has moved again its @ the bottom again what the heck
boss grandma
boss grandma 12 days ago
wow I often wondered it there were bigfoot sightings in our area, now I know.
Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan 12 days ago
See David pladies son deid so sad rip Ben
Don C
Don C 12 days ago
Cam, besides loving the encounters on your channel, I just loved seeing the birds eating in the snow, especially the Cardinals , or Red Birds as we called them while living in Central Texas during the 1970's and Missouri in the late 60's, because they don't live in our home state here in Oregon. Great videos all!!!
Lea Castori
Lea Castori 12 days ago
Regarding next to the last story so that was story number three I think… Some possibilities came to mind check out the Nephilim. That is very possible. And then when you realize people have been kidnapped or taken how do we know that they have not mated with a Sasquatch=that’s why they look the way they do, etc. It’s all a mystery but it could be a mixture of Sasquatch/human....Unless it’s Nephilim.
Pam Ward
Pam Ward 12 days ago
Update on the missing girl ..dont sound like a cryptid was involved..
Narcisses Freeman
Narcisses Freeman 12 days ago
Nope. I used the soap for the first time yesterday and Cam was right It's great. This was my first order and I purchased 7 bars. I put away my other soap and will be using Yeti bars for the foreseeable future as I purchased several different scents. I plan to try them all. Go for it 'people' . You won't be disappointed!
Dixie Cryptid
Dixie Cryptid 12 days ago
Let us know which one you like best.
Here Now
Here Now 12 days ago
That last story sounds like it could have been a Dogman. The gashing of the dog and it appearing to have trouble getting into the hen house. Dogmen have claws and a Bigfoot would have easily been able to get into the hen house. Plus a Bigfoot would likely have freaked the dog out before it even got out of the door.
Nelson The Gentleman
That breaks my damn heart that the guy in the last story had to put his dog down after being attacked. God bless him.
Paige Webber
Paige Webber 12 days ago
Mississippi is such a beautiful state. 😁
brenda odle
brenda odle 12 days ago
Love the birds! ❤️
JaNine DeLaughder
JaNine DeLaughder 12 days ago
Linda Paolino
Linda Paolino 12 days ago
TY Naomi, loved ur personal encounter..thanks for sharing. 😍 about the other encounter u read: what if they can assimilate into our world..that's thinking outside the box..👏👏 thanks for sharing ur thoughts....☮💞😷
Jolynne Rutherford
Jolynne Rutherford 12 days ago
Cam, so glad you're back n your job has gone well. It's totally amazing how the music you pick fits the stories so well. If Steve Lily ever becomes a movie (and it should) you need to do the musical score. Keep up the good work n you & yours stay safe. God bless
Linda Paolino
Linda Paolino 12 days ago
TY all for great encounters..I believed in BF from the 1st time I saw the Gimblim film of Paddy when I was a teen. Always wanted to see one, still do but also scard😨 to see one. But being touched by one I would have a ❤ attack 😄.. TY Cam ,so glad ur back ..working stinks but retirement is boring☮💞😷
Ell p
Ell p 12 days ago
I have to say I found this channel a couple months back, and now I fall asleep listening to these every single night!!!! Thank you!!!! 👍❤️
Alex Pellman
Alex Pellman 12 days ago
That’s second story was crazy I’m a truck driver and go over the bridge on I-280 every night!!!
Barbie D.
Barbie D. 12 days ago
All great stories Cam! The last one I’ve heard before...and I think it wa a Dogman. Keep em coming! 🥰
Stats Redner
Stats Redner 12 days ago
This is why when I go out and happen to be by myself these are what I know to look out for #1 don't be scared # 2 keep on doing what your doing and if you have protection keep it out of sight at all times Sasquatch might know what them little like sticks do or even know what they are Maybe who knows ? Always know your directions at all times pay attention to your surroundings learn to memorize anything that will stick in your memory and learn to memorize more than one the further you go out . and always know how to blend in with your surroundings sticking out isn't always a good idea unless your really lost or in trouble . and last but least always keep good clothing on clothes that won't get ripped or get wet . know that the more you can can learn out in the Deep woods just might save your life one day stay healthy strong and don't smoke to much that's a dead give away . And knowing how to fight is a good skill to know .
Yort Semloh
Yort Semloh 12 days ago
Some stories let me know that mine must be REALLY bad.
Drac22 13 days ago
We missed you
Richard Long
Richard Long 13 days ago
Welcome back !
Mark Reaves
Mark Reaves 13 days ago
Is nobody going to talk about the potential bigfoot pretending to be a human? Very large AND strong humans are so rare that you might as well say they are almost fictional. There are very few exceptions and those exceptions tend to literally always be working out to maintain their strength. If that story is true, it sparks my imagination. The questions pops in my mind: Can a bigfoot integrate into human society? Can they learn human vocabulary and speak it? Can they breed with humans? Have they bred with humans in the past leading to bigfoot/human hybrids that have then gone on to form a "human family" in human society? I mean, if they are closely enough related, they could breed with humans and the offspring would be a mix of human and bigfoot. After some generations breeding the hybrids with other humans, you probably wouldn't even recognize them as a bigfoot. If you look into the history of humans and how humans will breed with anything remotely human-looking (neanderthals come to mind), it's not a stretch to think some human would be willing to breed with a bigfoot. Most likely, it would have to be a male human and a female bigfoot as the other way around might kill the human female during pregnancy or birth. There are also other factors at play that may make such hybrids very difficult to actually do. It may also be possible that bigfoot isn't just one specific animal but maybe have many variations with some being more human-like and some being more ape-like. Maybe the human-like bigfoots came from distant past hybrids (Native Americans) that remained outside of society due to how different they looked, effectively remaining wild. These hybrids would likely prefer other hybrids due to similar appearances, so the human-like traits would have a chance at remaining over time. And, of course, such hybrids would likely be a bit smarter than the regular bigfoot and able to better survive. If a bigfoot from a hybrid line were to meet a human willing to breed with it, the resulting hybrid could potentially look human enough to pass as a "rather large hairy human".
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