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ALL THE SMOKE is back with another 🔥 episode. 4x-NBA Champion, Shaq, joins Matt and Stak to discuss his Hall Of Fame career. Shaq opens up about his relationship with Kobe & reflects on his 4 NBA championships. Plus, he talks about the new-age NBA, how Steph Curry changed the game, & about his beef with Donovan Mitchell.
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(00:00:00​) - Intro
(00:02:15​) - 2020 Struggles, Kobe
(00:06:45​) - Current NBA, Donovan Mitchell Rift, Steph Curry
(00:29:04) - College Ball, 1992 Draft, Orlando Magic Run
(00:37:45) - Hardest Big Man Matchups, Breaking Back Boards
(00:41:00) - Acting, 95' NBA finals vs. Hakeem
(00:45:25) - Lakers run, 3-peat, Kobe Relationship
(00:52:15) - Heat Trade, Dwyane Wade, 2006 title
(00:59:30) - Transitioning To Media/TNT
(01:03:35) - Top 5 Rappers, Current NBA Players, Nicknames
(01:07:55​) - End
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Apr 29, 2021




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SHOWTIME Basketball
(00:00:00​​) - Intro (00:02:15​​) - 2020 Struggles, Kobe (00:06:45​​) - Current NBA, Donovan Mitchell Rift, Steph Curry (00:29:04​) - College Ball, 1992 Draft, Orlando Magic Run (00:37:45​) - Hardest Big Man Matchups, Breaking Back Boards (00:41:00​) - Acting, 95' NBA finals vs. Hakeem (00:45:25​) - Lakers run, 3-peat, Kobe Relationship (00:52:15​) - Heat Trade, Dwyane Wade, 2006 title (00:59:30​) - Transitioning To Media/TNT (01:03:35​) - Top 5 Rappers, Current NBA Players, Nicknames (01:07:55​​) - End
Story Time With Mr. PARKER
John Brown
John Brown 15 hours ago
@BJ Robinson i forgot about that dude. Good ballplayer.
Kal-el Jordan
@38:35 “jack smoke too much weed to remember “ Lmaoooo
Phillip Nugent
Phillip Nugent 2 days ago
Is MJ even a remote possibility?
Kulbir Dhinsa
Kulbir Dhinsa 2 days ago
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond 5 minutes ago
I am literally in tears.
Charles Alston
Charles Alston 7 minutes ago
Great interview
Dimitri Haynes
Dimitri Haynes 11 minutes ago
Damn Shaq had so much PTSD he turned into a legend
Christopher Mayfield
Christopher Mayfield 27 minutes ago
Why is Shaq saying he's from the projects, when your stepfather was active duty military. How & why weren't you living in military base housing?
newthrash1221 29 minutes ago
Kinda sucks to say that shaq was used by his step dad. He was.
Unconquerable Detroit
Greatest Podcast....
Charles Rose
Charles Rose Hour ago
Eelco Blaauw
Eelco Blaauw Hour ago
Imagine choking someone out at the workplace just because they won't stop talking. 'Guys, Jeremy from HR is passed out by the water cooler! What happened?' 'Oh yeah, he wouldn't shut up about his vegan barbecue this weekend. Had to put him to sleep.' 'Understandable. Back to work.'
Dae Dae
Dae Dae 4 hours ago
Yeeeeooooooo that man scape add had me rolling. "Its 2021 bruh and yall still got bush?"
Moses Hanon
Moses Hanon 6 hours ago
🤔Question☝🏾. Y’all ever find it funny how Shaq’s “dominance” throughout his NBA career, is only consisted of him dunkin’ on a glorified Insurance 👨🏻‍💼 Salesman, in Chris 🤷🏻‍♂️Dudley?
Dank Green gang
Dank Green gang 6 hours ago
His legs look like the table you put the flower on when you bout to make a pizza dough
Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers 6 hours ago
Anyone else got weirded when they're manscaped ad came up?
Mr Haggard36
Mr Haggard36 7 hours ago
What an excellent interview
Albert Lopez
Albert Lopez 7 hours ago
Favorite player of all time.
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah 8 hours ago
Newark NJ in the House!
Kon Tha artist
Kon Tha artist 8 hours ago
Use this as a like button for a Derrick rose interview
Torys Tropoloc
Torys Tropoloc 9 hours ago
The ball sack beauty contest
Mali Kali
Mali Kali 9 hours ago
What did Bryant gumbel do wrong? This is the second time I hear his name being used as a synonym for whitewashed.
SCOREGANG SAINT 10 hours ago
man said he slept dragic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
FunkNatives 10 hours ago
I really wanted to see Shaq and Kobe take on Boston in the finals. Shaq’s the only laker legend to not play the Celtics in the finals
big ezalino
big ezalino 10 hours ago
Best interview ever!
Diana Rossenna
Diana Rossenna 10 hours ago
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Neet Holmes
Neet Holmes 11 hours ago
It's the Manscape commercial, their expressions, and how it popped up for me.
Eli Dakid
Eli Dakid 11 hours ago
See i wish I am Athlete was this chill and laid back
Nick Winchester
Nick Winchester 11 hours ago
Seph 6’2 shaq he’s giving little ppl a chance lol
Nick Winchester
Nick Winchester 11 hours ago
Get rid of the bush if u want the tush
Jump 12 hours ago
Bro you need to stop doing the “mhmmmm” it’s so annoying lmao
Mtreece 23
Mtreece 23 12 hours ago
Marcus Schmaling
Marcus Schmaling 13 hours ago
Good to hear Shaq's heart. He's more than a basketball player. Great interview!
jonathan watkins
jonathan watkins 13 hours ago
“Ballsack beauty contest” yea they gotta relax😂😂
Sean Keady
Sean Keady 13 hours ago
They got Shaq BACQ 😂
jason billy
jason billy 14 hours ago
Rosto Nesterovic 😭😭😭Jak grimey for not remembering
Erroll Brown
Erroll Brown 14 hours ago
“When u trim your edges, the tree stands taller” -Matt Barnes
Zacck Hawkins
Zacck Hawkins 15 hours ago
Jus when u thought the Jeanie interview was 🔥 they follow up with Shaq.
Vince Mcgrady
Vince Mcgrady 15 hours ago
Shaq the GOAT 🐐🐐🐐🐐 especially in 2k 😂🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥
Al J
Al J 15 hours ago
I’m tryna be like shaq dude is cold
jumbopaperz TV
jumbopaperz TV 15 hours ago
Shaq is my big brother .....to me he seems like someone in my family
T W I N 16 hours ago
I’ve always respected Shaq because he is if not the best center I have ever seen play! This interview, I have even more respect for Shaq!
EricMrRareAir 16 hours ago
Rashad Ritchie
Rashad Ritchie 16 hours ago
Say bruh that promo tho 🤣🤣✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Mumba45 16 hours ago
That Len Bias(rip) story is hilarious 😂
Prof3ssor ***
Prof3ssor *** 17 hours ago
Shaq story is a Motion picture
Christian De La Cruz
How can you name a top 5 without Em? Shameeee
Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson 17 hours ago
Man why would I need manscaped if nobody would ever want me😂
Wigs 251
Wigs 251 17 hours ago
Shout out to Shaq for the Alabama State Jersey
Antonio Soto
Antonio Soto 17 hours ago
this made me call my grandma
Justin Wideman
Justin Wideman 18 hours ago
Hate jokers reading ads like dimestore sales reps, but love Shaq!
WORD!exclaimed 18 hours ago
damn... Bryant Gumbel caught a stray... damn Shaq you ain't have to do Gumbel like that.
Jikku john
Jikku john 18 hours ago
Anyone crying after Shaw crying?
bangagurl 19 hours ago
Shaq got that soothing put you to sleep voice lol
UNC FAN 1202
UNC FAN 1202 19 hours ago
That chair is the hardest working man in show biz.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 19 hours ago
Who would cut a almost 7’ 13 year old
Uncle Shaq
Indulis Bērziņš
Cinseh Marro
Cinseh Marro 20 hours ago
Abuse=greatness it would seem throughout history
Cinseh Marro
Cinseh Marro 20 hours ago
Matt don't EVER say that "ballsack beauty contest", "sounds like heaven"AGAIN!!
glen Hart
glen Hart 20 hours ago
We Jamaica’s love shaq I love shaq
glen Hart
glen Hart 20 hours ago
Matt is funny I like is style shaq nipple pairs 😀
The Galactic Nugget
Yessir Steph did it the right way. Lebum couldn’t win so he joined with others
WestDeerPark13 21 hour ago
He said at some point the student must kill the master to become the master 😭😭😆😆😆
DaStarfishPat 22 hours ago
sarge always telling big ass shaq to get your ass up🤣
Ade Ona
Ade Ona 23 hours ago
Felt sooooo good to hear Shaq mention Redman! True Hip Hop head right here!
Ade Ona
Ade Ona Day ago
So in other words, Shaq was low key making super teams long before LeBron..
Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming Day ago
These boys are at restaurant 10 in right by the Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Kevin Littleton
Whoever disliked this is a straight hater
SalGersGirl Day ago
Shaq: Jon Koncak Jack: TRASH LMAO
SalGersGirl Day ago
Their Manscape Commercial is HILARIOUS!! I don't know HOW they kept a straight face!
DjTheDon614 Day ago
Shaq taln about I did one of those UFC things to em!! Lmao he to big for all that shit
King Cane
King Cane Day ago
On the video games i refered to Shaq as THE BIG RINGER
Deweyslick Day ago
Yo shaq has always been that guy! He’s great all around! The dude needs a documentary and I hope he has that in the works! His name goes under the radar way too much until he reminds you!
JTLIII Day ago
Shaq got the 1M views 🔥🔥
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg Day ago
Shiiiiiitttt I’m boutta join that ballsack contest
Chici Get The Yayo
Weird that Shaq says Steph is the best little guy, when Allen Iverson was before him and arguably the best small player in NBA history imo
jorge estrada
When he talking about his rap does he flip him off at the end of that convo for saying it was number 1??
Naim Sultani
Naim Sultani Day ago
Shaq seems like his stories are lies lol
Nicholas Jackson
Bru that manscape must be giving yall a BAAAAAAG to advertise this shit lol😂
TOOkourt Day ago
Thats crazy
Beanz Day ago
Matt is a real One
Joshua Rich
Joshua Rich Day ago
Wilt Chamberlain Easy... LMAO!!! 😂🤣
cuenta 2
cuenta 2 Day ago
"You know me I was a alfa". bro you are still a alfa
Lorenzo Jackson
Ballsack Beauty contest..
harrio6 Day ago
Shaq is still a kewn
CQ OGPC Day ago
When you trim your hedges your tree stands taller 😂
Superdanvann Day ago
We gotta get Magic on here
Great interview
XGnoFearZ The 10th Gen Legend
That manscape intermission was epic
Boobie Day ago
Stax sweatsuit is fire 🔥
Ronnie Alston
I'm glad Kobe getting his flowers for the people saying Shaq carried him knowing It was a 1 -2 Combo Shaq Dominated & Kobe Closed the Games Late
T Chu
T Chu Day ago
Stephen Jackson, is it that cold in the room?
Gsofwar Day ago
Damn fellas. Why did you stop doing podcasts? I need those when I’m working . Love the shows
Evan Rais
Evan Rais Day ago
Please get Tim Duncan
D L Day ago
already did. Duncan got the worst wifi
Berry Best Lifestyle
My attention span is shorter than Mugsy so does Shaq curse in this at all and if so what is the time stamp?
x DJ
x DJ Day ago
Sc7obz Day ago
Mat talkin bout some “Mmm sounds like Heaven.” 🤣🤣🤣
Sc7obz Day ago
Peter Forest
Peter Forest Day ago
That Manscape commercial promotion was HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lawrence Oni
Lawrence Oni Day ago
I've been waiting for this episode forever!
mtvernon Day ago
I would absolutely LOVE to see all the smoke & NBA on TNT together! You know that would be dope analytically and entertainment
Drip P
Drip P Day ago
Ronnie Alston
Shaq and Penny was Monsters together but I think Him and C Webb could have Won a Ring with the right PG since Web could also shoot and wouldn't be in Shaqs way