Shaq 1-on-1 that NEARLY Happened | Clutch #Shorts 

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The greatest Shaq 1-on-1 didn't even happen.
Back in the ‘90s, the Big Aristotle set up a huge event to go toe-to-toe with a Hall of Famer, but it all fell apart.
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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 73   
Andrew Elizalde
Andrew Elizalde 13 minutes ago
They need to bring these 1 v 1s back
Cedric F
Cedric F 11 hours ago
Daniella Dede
Daniella Dede 17 hours ago
I got on sqah
BIG TEE 22 hours ago
Matthew Volb
Matthew Volb Day ago
Hey it's the biggoated guy.
K G 2 days ago
Mugsy and Spudd vs Shaq would be insane😂
Greg Schneider II
Definitely 2 of my favorite centers all time.
DonFNM 3 days ago
I’m just glad that neither of them is bigoated.
New horizons
New horizons 3 days ago
The Dream would have given him the business, everyday if the week and twice on a Sunday. Mr Olujuwon is the reason why Shaq wore #34
Shaq would have killed him in the rematch 🤷🏾‍♂️
That Main619
That Main619 4 days ago
Wouldn't have mattered anyway.
water melon
water melon 5 days ago
Hakeem would have schooled him
Robert Kitchen
Robert Kitchen 5 days ago
Shaq would have lost .
Angel Mendez
Angel Mendez 5 days ago
Hakeem would clamp the shit out of Shaq,even a mvp dpoy Hakeem against mvp 2001 shaq Hakeem would clamp Shaq ass
Vincent E Stone
Vincent E Stone 5 days ago
SHAQ was'nt ready for HAKEEM The DREAM until DREAM'S last year in the NBA(age). SHAQ would POWER a ole HAKEEM, but NOT a Young One.
Benji Parsons
Benji Parsons 6 days ago
This would’ve killed Shaq’s career. And if Shaq somehow won than vice versa. Hakeem had nothing to gain from beating a young Shaq but had everything to lose. Best case scenario is he ends Shaq’s career before Shaq could make a name for himself giving no added legacy for Hakeem as we wouldn’t know Shaq as we do if he had been destroyed by Hakeem
James Jackson
James Jackson 6 days ago
It was Shaqs ego. He looked up to Hakeem and eventually went to him to work on his post game.
Kylan Ferguson
Kylan Ferguson 6 days ago
Chris Paul looks different here
gnicevids 6 days ago
Hakeem Olajuwon would have won regardless please stop that this
Agame 6 days ago
Hakeem woulda lit that a$$ up…again!!
BoBBy DiGiTaL 6 days ago
Ummmm you better go check those those stats my guy...shaq was never a 1v1 defender and he got his points and rebounds...and while he was on offense out played the dream it was the supporting cast that disappeared on shaq
Bishopman 2
Bishopman 2 6 days ago
I would of put money on Olajuwan.
Optimistic Rizz
Optimistic Rizz 8 days ago
he can’t even say hakeem name
MIKELAWRY 357 9 days ago
Dream would have tore Shaq a new one. However if you have Shaq when he was with the Lakers. Because Shaq was so huge, he would just dunk and would win 2 out of 5
Hooper Cullison
Hooper Cullison 9 days ago
I think that there should be one v ones added to all star weekend
MrJamesjones936 9 days ago
He said aljawon 😂
Fidel Solis
Fidel Solis 10 days ago
I've been knew that dude. Olajuwon would've won. Fake Alagy. My apologies he can fake you move per move but Hakeem got injured
Muggsy throwing lobs to Spud. Incredible.😂
Hard work Pays off
Hard work Pays off 10 days ago
The big Aristotle 😂😂😂😂
Bobby Serpa
Bobby Serpa 10 days ago
Man said Hakeem “Al-jew-wan”. SMH the man is a top 10 player of all time and he can’t pronounce his name. just shows how much he knows about basketball
rick baladeras
rick baladeras 11 days ago
I remember all that hype. Taco bell probably spent millions promoting that 1vs1 ... However if I remember right they probably made millions also. I think it was some hard shell/ soft taco 🌮 they were selling
Wesley Perez
Wesley Perez 11 days ago
I found the shirt he is wearing more interesting then this video, nice work man keep it up 👍
Alex Winni
Alex Winni 11 days ago
I've got that t shirt lol
derrell jones
derrell jones 11 days ago
Bigoated guy!!!
Joe Oreo
Joe Oreo 11 days ago
What do you mean by what could have been? Shaq got his ass handed to him by an older Hakeem and got swept in the finals. What other proof was needed?
Ronnie Heyman
Ronnie Heyman 12 days ago
Wilt beats Shaq too. The Dream and The Stilt are both too athletic Vs Shaq.
William Santana
William Santana 12 days ago
I had all the cups 🥤 that came with the promos for this event remeber it like yesterday. The nba was a big thing back then doesnt seem like it now
hjqcob 12 days ago
I have Hakeem higher on my all time list
Eemeli Rantala
Eemeli Rantala 13 days ago
What beat is this? Someone please tell me, I need this for my pullups
Jay Daniel
Jay Daniel 13 days ago
NBA needs a one on one segment or king of the court for allstar weekend. That should would go crazy
8Teen Music
8Teen Music 13 days ago
Hakeem would've just beat Shaq tho
Nicholas Depina
Nicholas Depina 13 days ago
The dream would've killed shag,he was way to skilled 4 shaq,i love shaq but he high af thinkin he can beat the dream....
Mohammed A
Mohammed A 13 days ago
Came here from begoated. I'm your biggest fan now
Jesse Stout
Jesse Stout 13 days ago
Robert Moon
Robert Moon 13 days ago
Lost me at Hakeem AL Jewan?
Donavan Clark
Donavan Clark 13 days ago
Hahahhahahahaha shack what his name means hahahhahaha shack hahahhahahaha
Carlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez 13 days ago
dante shorter
dante shorter 13 days ago
Hakeem Al juwan?
xfam2010 13 days ago
ask shaq what player he feared the most and could not beat or break? Hakeem thats who!
kingeriq 13 days ago
They say hakeem dominated shaq but he only averaged like 3 more points than shaq that series and shaq averaged more blocks assists and rebounds that series so where did he get dominated at? Jus cuz he got swept doesn’t mean he got dominated individually.
BenJI 14 days ago
I have hakeem higher than shaq on my all time list so
Jay Insc
Jay Insc 14 days ago
Two big men that are true greats!
83wasagoodyear 14 days ago
As a Magic fan back then Shaq got disrespected by the Dream.
flyinghighagain 14 days ago
My money would’ve been on Hakeem, He had Jordan like moves and didn’t need to dunk everything to make buckets. Shaq would’ve been one dimensional and try to dunk everything.
LouieTae 3 days ago
@Moven how’s that disrespectful to curry lol? Most of the time he’s gonna shoot it, that’s a fact. If anything, it’s nothing but respect because we know what’s he’s gonna do half the time and we know it’s nothing that can be done to stop it.
Moven 3 days ago
Fuck u meant Hakeem
Moven 3 days ago
@LouieTae u can’t say that anymore cause giannis is shooting more than usual and saying that about curry is disrespectful cause he’s unpredictable and unguardable but shaq on the other hand he’s literally all post stuff but against Kareem which by the way one of the best blocking centers ever and with the best post moves Kareem wins with ez and plus Kareem got a fade and a 3
Aidan Childs
Aidan Childs 5 days ago
@Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache talk to me when Shaq can find his free throws and shoot
Baked Pancakes63
Baked Pancakes63 6 days ago
@Kamon you clearly didn’t watch shaq if you put predictable in his description, the name of his game was unpredictability
j mcd
j mcd 14 days ago
Walt was the GOAT 🐐 center. Why compare two two has beens
Korbin Ensley
Korbin Ensley 14 days ago
This dude said back in the 90’s deep as hell . You a goof😂😂
Kymani Pazamor
Kymani Pazamor 12 days ago
@123 cracked you the good for not realizing he's talking about how deep his voice was when he said it.
123 cracked
123 cracked 12 days ago
You the goof this happened in 1995
Kevin Echevarria
Kevin Echevarria 14 days ago
Hakeem would have won. He just didn’t want to fight Shaq, shaq just uses his body. He’s no where near as skilled as the dream
Drafecito 14 days ago
shaq would have thrown up by the 4th shake the dream performed
Lenard Andrei Capio
I admire The Dream. MAN HE'S A GREAT PLAYER
Von Aldrich Asis
Von Aldrich Asis 14 days ago
The boxing ring would be destroyed just having them two to stand and hop around it
Kenneth Gabuat
Kenneth Gabuat 11 days ago
E Reddick
E Reddick 14 days ago
Shaq would have got smoked bad by The Dream. Shaq is lucky he was sore!
slothguy10 13 days ago
@E Reddick to be fair, this was in hakeems prime and shaq was still a sophomore I believe, but Hakeem is better. Shaq was more dominant, but Hakeem was better. That 1v1 would have been really fun
i saw i came i conquered and came again
@D jango Are you alright
E Reddick
E Reddick 14 days ago
@D jango that’s funny cause The Dream swept him and got MVP so it was Shaq who was needed to redeem himself not the other way around. Shaq even said it himself, The Dream is the best he ever played. PERIOD. So your opinion don’t matter 😂. Go do your homework kiddo 👶🏽.
D jango
D jango 14 days ago
Lmao hakeem was scared to get cooked. "Sore" my ass🤣
JP Infinity
JP Infinity 14 days ago
Fr though
Jay Fareway
Jay Fareway 14 days ago
Damn I know couple of hall of famers played each other on tv, like when Kareem and dr. J played one on one. I think it was horse that Pete Maravich and George gervin also played against each other.
Jonathan Nunez
Jonathan Nunez 6 days ago
They did it when they were old and it was pretty bad. Horse is pretty bad to watch, even with those two.
itanimulli 14 days ago
@Marquese White Kareem smoked that nigga DR J
Jay Fareway
Jay Fareway 14 days ago
@Marquese White 45 vs 42 years old they both could get buckets.
Marquese White
Marquese White 14 days ago
Kareem vs dr. J sound like it was some heat
IC 14 days ago
@Jay Fareway I'ma have to investigate later
pepsiman 14 days ago
Owl juh won
Hassan Waleed
Hassan Waleed 14 days ago
Why didnt they throw 1 on 1 ppv events. That would been juicy
Eric Acio
Eric Acio 13 days ago
In an employer's standpoint I would want a chip that goes with that salary of yours buddy. I won't dampen that chance by allowing you do promos and potentially getting injured, I could probably allow you to play if its for your flag but no more than that. Its that or find another team that allows you and gambles. This was also why Akeem backed out at the last moment they just made up the injury to avoid the brouhaha.
Adam Elwahwah
Adam Elwahwah 14 days ago
That’s a great idea
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 14 days ago
Say his last name right a-la-ju-wohn
Ris AM
Ris AM 14 days ago
Everyone who watched basketball at that time knows that Dream would’ve beat Shaq. Dream always dominated Shaq in games. Dream was the best center and dominated every center during that era.
Thumb Day ago
@T. Wyndero Griffin Kareem was retired at that point
T. Wyndero Griffin
Except for kareem
SABU Hellwert
SABU Hellwert 14 days ago
The Dream would take that game for sure....
Adam Noufal
Adam Noufal 14 days ago
Low key wanted to watch the spud aand mugsey vs Shaq thing
Riley Rivers
Riley Rivers 14 days ago
Bruh Shaq would just hold the ball in the air and they wouldn’t be able to reach it
Rahul Bendapudi
Rahul Bendapudi 14 days ago
Dennis Eudela
Dennis Eudela 14 days ago
For this let's consult a VERY credible source: MJ himself! He mentioned The Dream as a nightmare on all the bigs he played with and included him in the The Starting 5 of all time which MJ thinks will NOT lose. I 100% agree with The GOAT!
eadekolu 14 days ago
Bro Hakeem Olajuwon would have destroyed him badly and only real NBA fans that watch the game at that time know what I'm talking about
@Seo_OG Zeus Then why present yourself as one OG Zeus?😭🤣😭🤣😭
Seo_OG Zeus
Seo_OG Zeus Day ago
@CASTRO45ACP calm down jamal I’m not an OG but yea mans still was having problems.
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 2 days ago
@Moven thats a fact just look at KG
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 2 days ago
@ispittruth channel yao please he use to dunk all over yao
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 3 days ago
@Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache Facts
Dylan Ross
Dylan Ross 14 days ago
DaonlyJonTV 14 days ago
Wrstz 14 days ago
Who do y’all think would’ve won?
renegradermax 12 days ago
@marcosxfern exactly hence 2 rings mj had nothing to do with him not winning more rings
Ronnie Heyman
Ronnie Heyman 12 days ago
No Contest... Hakeem. Simple question... Put Hakeem on those Laker teams and they are scarier. Shaq on those Rocket teams and you don't make the finals.
marcosxfern 13 days ago
@renegradermax yes he did soon as Michael went for a break he won back 2 back
renegradermax 14 days ago
@marcosxfern no he would've had 2 rings because jordan had nothing to do with him not making the finals each year
Kayden Law
Kayden Law 14 days ago
Even if it was the Lakers Shaq... The dream still smoke him lol.... best Centre ever in my opinion. Way way to Skilled
Shaq vs. Rodman
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