Shameless 11x12 Promo "Father Frank, Full Of Grace" (HD) Season 11 Episode 12 Promo Series Finale 

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Shameless 11x12 "Father Frank, Full Of Grace" Season 11 Episode 12 Promo (Series Finale) - Ian and Mickey shop for furniture for their new place and Kev and V look for a buyer for the Alibi. While Lip settles for a new job, Carl finally finds his calling in a new role on the police force. Debbie plunges into a treacherous world when she meets someone new. Frank comes to terms with his own mortality. Series finale. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on US-first for more Shameless season 11 promos in HD!
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Shameless 11x12 Promo/Preview "Father Frank, Full Of Grace" (Series Finale)
Shameless Season 11 Episode 12 Promo
Shameless Season 11 Series Finale Promo
Shameless 11x12 Promo "Father Frank, Full Of Grace" (HD) Series Finale
» Watch Shameless Sundays at 9:00pm on Showtime
» Starring: William H. Macy, Cameron Monaghan, Steve Howey, Shanola Hampton


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Apr 4, 2021




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Facts don’t care about your feelings
Frank would still be alive if covid didn’t exist ☹️
Donna Courtoreille
What will we do now on a Sunday night?
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 8 days ago
Он умер в конце серии Земля ему пухом Хоть он был и отрицательным персонажем
Ball-Steve Johnson
I wish they would have reacted to Frank's death in the final episode! I also would have liked an Emmy Rossum cameo on the last episode.
Mike Sims
Mike Sims 9 days ago
I sort of would like to see it end with a cliff hanger in hopes that possibly another network might pick it up and keep it going.
Laura Marie LIVE
Laura Marie LIVE 9 days ago
Very disappointed in the finale.
Yuiki 9 days ago
Jesus christ 10 YEARS, i sort of can't believe it. I remember watching the first episode thinking" Damn this is my type of show" I remember the excitement i had every year, when i found out, that theres a new season coming. I was 16 when the show started, and i live on one of the more broke sides of my city. So i could really realate to everything in the show, and that is why i just loved the show
TerrAnnie Sims
TerrAnnie Sims 9 days ago
The finale was terrible! I'm not even sure what to say about it.
AweBorn 9 days ago
@kingGaming510 it was better than S10 but... better tan S9? i doubt it
TerrAnnie Sims
TerrAnnie Sims 9 days ago
@kingGaming510 Exactly last two seasons were mostly filler and nothing else. Terrible writing.
kingGaming510 9 days ago
Same this season was shit for a last one
It’s Miyah
It’s Miyah 9 days ago
Honestly the ending is a little disappointing 😭 I’m not surprised though I was hoping Fiona would make a surprise visit or something but she wasn’t even mentioned in Frank’s goodbye letter, I genuinely felt so bad for frank because many people don’t understand addiction does take over and he had no control that’s how reality is some can overcome it some can’t so I thought that part of the ending was realistic and his letter was very Frank Gallagher, I did wish the ending was more wrapped up I feel like it was left kinda empty or just in the middle buttttt all in all I love this show 11 seasons have come to an end and I’m not sure how to feel about that 😩
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 days ago
Great finale. Though I wished it had been longer. That's all I'll say for now to give others a chance to see it. Unlike some moron/s on here, lol.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 days ago
@AweBorn Compared to what they have done to some shows like Game of Thrones, trust me, this finale was GREAT. Also, it was line with how this last season episodes were like. Of course, it would have been nice to see Fiona but she fell out with producers. So you might as well get over it, lol.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 days ago
@AweBorn You disagree??? Explain...
AweBorn 9 days ago
'great finale' w h a t
Rana Waqar
Rana Waqar 9 days ago
Frank will still be alive
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 days ago
Can't assume anything, lol. Nicely directed finale, though!
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 9 days ago
The ending is so fucking terrible. They didn't even mention Fiona once! At the final speech Frank didn't even mention his first born daughter Fiona who dragged this family Out from filth and carried on her back. I can't... These writers can suck it
Nerd Center
Nerd Center 9 days ago
God it was such a disappointed 😞 I can't handle this level of sadness😭
JACOB ROCKS 9 days ago
😔 it's sad that season12 is cancelled. Shameless really helped me through a lot in life.
JACOB ROCKS 8 days ago
@AweBorn of course I'm speaking for myself, who else am I speaking for? The entire nation?
AweBorn 9 days ago
speak for you
Solar Heavy
Solar Heavy 10 days ago
This show got me through a lot. Specially when I was just starting music and was dealing with work and trying to just get by.
Nikolay Liubomirov
Nikolay Liubomirov 10 days ago
Can't believe they not gona show Fiona in the last episode.
AweBorn 9 days ago
@Darth Lyta yeah like if we hadn't enough in Hall of shame
Darth Lyta
Darth Lyta 9 days ago
they did, in a flashback memory Frank had
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 days ago
Does suck..
Cal Stanback
Cal Stanback 10 days ago
I can only pray when this show ends that there will be something else out their that was while and good just like this one. 🥺 I really hate this is the end.
Shai Rodriguez
Shai Rodriguez 10 days ago
AweBorn 9 days ago
when the woman said her boss was a woman i thought she will gonna be FIONA but she didn't buy the gallagher's house so.. she can't be Fiona at all.
R SS 10 days ago
There is just a whole lot left to come to a logical closure. One last 12th episode will definitely not cover. Unless it has a predictable shitty ending that leaves us fans for the last 11 years dangling about what we guess can be right!!! Abrupt ending is the shameless thing to do and I suppose this is what is going to happen. ... Unless there is a hidden agenda for acsecret 13th episosde. I can imagine the vieweship will go through the roof if there is a 13th episode announced.
Nats Uzumaki
Nats Uzumaki 10 days ago
ALLL I WANT IS FIONA and if she doesn't show up- FUCK YOU FIONA
B-Luv812 10 days ago
season 11......trash
Dylan Waits
Dylan Waits 10 days ago
Fiona or one of the Gallagher's gets the alibi
Darth Lyta
Darth Lyta 9 days ago
Carl and the other officer is planning on getting it
Josueayala170 11 days ago
I have watched this like 5 times already
Hazal Aydin
Hazal Aydin 11 days ago
I really thought Fiona was the one who buys the houses, at least I've really wanted that. :(
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 11 days ago
I wonder if they are clapping for Fiona at the Alibi instead of Frank 🤔 plot twist alert 🚨
Uno Ng'ang'a
Uno Ng'ang'a 11 days ago
Karl is unconcerned but we'll never forget how much they bonded with Frank in earlier seasons
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 days ago
Frank has also always had a history of bonding more with his younger kids (Carl, Debbie, and now, Liam, Franny) since the show started, before they eventually distanced themselves.
sharngi 10 days ago
yess we need more frank and carl moments but i feel like liam is replacing carl
Shanon W
Shanon W 11 days ago
Omg is Frank gonna die this season 😪
Darth Lyta
Darth Lyta 9 days ago
yep he dead
Rina Petrova
Rina Petrova 11 days ago
I want Fiona Steve and Mandy that's all I care about
Devondog7 11 days ago
I would love to see Fiona even if it's like maybe a video call just anything or mention or phone call also it'd be great if Sheila returned as well.
Tommy W
Tommy W 12 days ago
I can't do this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
if fiona isnt on this next last episode its gonna forever be season 1-7 for me the end of season 7 felt right even lip said nothing to see here go home
Maiden 12 days ago
This season has been shitty that I'm not even looking forward to the finale.
Maiden 12 days ago
This season has been shitty that I'm not even looking forward to the finale.
Shandra Gonzales
Shandra Gonzales 12 days ago
I am not ready for this to be over yet 😫😫😫
Hi Xx
Hi Xx 12 days ago
The ep better be more than an hour long
A Google User
A Google User 12 days ago
There was really no reason to end the show. I know Shameless UK was only 11 season, but Shameless US is so far from it and there's so many unfinished stories that I doubt will all be covered in this final episode. The whole frank situation. Will Fiona come back? Has Lip found a buyer for the house and where is everyone going to move to? Is Tish actually carrying carl's kid?
niloo far
niloo far 12 days ago
Gosh this man is eternal
radddish 12 days ago
I'll miss this show❤️
Kitty Casey
Kitty Casey 12 days ago
I'm so upset that Fiona won't be there. :/
i dont care
i dont care 12 days ago
maybe at 0:17 its Fiona?
Rosa Bella Dos Reis
Lol I hope so even though I hated her character
i dont care
i dont care 12 days ago
i highly doubt fiona will appear
Vyom Bhavsar
Vyom Bhavsar 12 days ago
I just saw the OD scene and red letter he left titled “Gallagher Family”, and I literally started shaking and crying I really didn’t realise that it’s the last second episode and the next one is going to be the finale for the best show I have ever seen, the one that played such a huge part in my life. It’s unreal, It’s just- I believe it’s over.
Arman Mahmoodi
Arman Mahmoodi 13 days ago
They really murdered Cassidy like nothing happened
John Wallace
John Wallace 13 days ago
Does anyone else think that Fiona is the investor buying up these homes?
lydia 13 days ago
Sun Kara
Sun Kara 13 days ago
Im not ready for this ending,I watched shameless over and over again and have learned so much, this is so emotional for me, I was a true fan and will continue to watch the re runs from the beginning , feeling so sad right now//
Lora Elizabeth Jones
Can’t believe it’s all coming to an end 🥺 I’m gonna miss this show so much
Alp Ipekciler
Alp Ipekciler 13 days ago
Efe Uyan
Efe Uyan 13 days ago
I got 23 and got too many responsibilities
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 13 days ago
I hope they do some kind of reunion show in the future!
Jullia Paulson
Jullia Paulson 13 days ago
buthaina alyousef
buthaina alyousef 13 days ago
he didn’t die we can stop being sad until it’s all over
Matt harvet
Matt harvet 13 days ago
I better fucking see Fiona and frank better not fucking die please
Shameful 13 days ago
Anyone else spot that s11 e12 as the same name as s1 e12? Also I thought they were gonna tie Heidi to Fiona..
Richard Rice
Richard Rice 13 days ago
I can't believe it's over guys 😭😫
eren özer
eren özer 13 days ago
The theory was that Frank 11x11 would remember the cult of gold that we buried in the garden, and now he'll remember everything he buried or hid, and he'll give it all to the Gallaghers.
Charles De Rosas
Charles De Rosas 13 days ago
I felt like the show dragged when fiona left.
Alex High
Alex High 13 days ago
the most anticlimactic build up... where’s the suspense? where’s the real drama? this doesn’t even feel like an ending. **sigh** hoping for the best tho
Activebeast 13 days ago
Where fiona at?????!!!!!!
James Paul
James Paul 13 days ago
Emmy Rossum left the show, I would be very surprised if she returned for the series final.
espnz _
espnz _ 13 days ago
Honestly this whole season was a mess, wish they started filming after the pandemic bc it doesn’t even feel like an actual final season.
Michelle Hoffman
Michelle Hoffman 11 days ago
It bothers me because you don’t realize what a huge time jump there was until you seen the girl that Carl might have got pregnant
maria 13 days ago
right, it feels so rushed & it’s nothing like the other seasons. most of the scenes are useless tbh & some episodes are even boring. sad how this is how it’s ending :/
Tocoolforschool 13 days ago
I love how Liam cares for Frank 🥺🥺
Nerd Center
Nerd Center 14 days ago
I wish fiona would be in the last episode so bad😭
Delir 14 days ago
Calling it now. Frank dies. He left money behind and made them grew up poor to not be spoiled. Now that theyre grown up and have lived a tough life they will be left a fortune by Frank. A ending id be proud of if it does happen.
Foster Luis
Foster Luis 14 days ago
I really don´t think that Fiona is come back because shameless acts like some characters didn't exist like Mandy or sheila or svetlana ; What about Fiona who is everyone's legal guardian, no one mentioned it in 11x09 and I'm sure everyone knew it
Jay Moore
Jay Moore 14 days ago
Frank's gone and Fiona coming back for the funeral
Court Mc
Court Mc 14 days ago
im so sad to see this end. wish it could continue bit longer. I really wish they could bring back fiona for the series final. she was part of the show for so long
Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 14 days ago
at the end of the promo when Liam asks them to make sure Frank gets home safe (“if he shows up” to the bar) - i feel like he might not know Frank is already dead and they’re waiting to tell him. it would make sense given the relationship we’ve watched them build this season 🤷🏻‍♀️
Mahdi Ali
Mahdi Ali 12 days ago
​@Katie Mitchell I wasn't like, drowning in sweat and having panic level anxiety while I was typing my reply lol. I'm 🌶ed. Just wanted to point that out cuz I thought you didn't see it. Peace 🌹
Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell 12 days ago
Mahdi Ali relax, i’m just speculating. promos are supposed to mislead you, my comment was just for fun.
Mahdi Ali
Mahdi Ali 12 days ago
Frank literally showed in a hospital bed
Tomas Milerius
Tomas Milerius 14 days ago
Love the song at the end, anyone knows the name?
Lavanya Sherien
Lavanya Sherien 14 days ago
Ella Valentine
Ella Valentine 14 days ago
So he’s still alive 😅
lex lex
lex lex 14 days ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t like this season?
karthik 789
karthik 789 14 days ago
When I first came to the comments section without watching the 11th epsiode everyone was commenting RIP Frank..I thought I saw the spoiler but after watching the 11th episode I came to know everyone is just predicting about frank will die next episode..let's see what happens
Stormi Dawn
Stormi Dawn 14 days ago
omg I legit cried cuz I thought frank died
James Paul
James Paul 14 days ago
I love these characters so much! I would really like to see a spin-off series.... With 'Kevin and Veronica' or 'Ian and Mickey'.... Sometime like that!
Erika Reyes
Erika Reyes 14 days ago
Plot twist, Frank and Lip really did bury gold in the yard somewhere
Erika Reyes
Erika Reyes 14 days ago
Liam is such a sweetheart
Tanya Curry
Tanya Curry 14 days ago
I hope Fiona comes back and Debbie can move in with her but for some reason I don't think that will happen. Debbie will get involved with the woman from the last episode and her daughter will be put into foster care, Carl has a baby on the way, lip is going to realize that he shouldn't be trying to sell the house and let his baby mom do what she wants, Liam is going to go through a really hard time if frank dies and Ian and mickey will continue to live in the house.
Kerem Kelebek
Kerem Kelebek 14 days ago
ulan bir nevi ailem olmuştunuz tam franki çok severken ve anlamaya başlarken bitmeseydi keşke
aleksey artamonov
aleksey artamonov 14 days ago
Shit. This really is the end
Bender Is Back
Bender Is Back 14 days ago
I hope Lip ends up going back to college.
Phantom Wablo
Phantom Wablo 14 days ago
I request for Carl to continue his cop, detective badass comedy show with even Liam or some other characters in it
Man with No Name
Man with No Name 14 days ago
Can’t believe Frank didn’t die. They really should have allowed him to go on his own terms like he obviously wanted. But I’m not the writer so fuck me i guess.
Colin Casey
Colin Casey 14 days ago
This episode has the same title as season 1 episode 12 👀
Diego Jiménez Aguado
Plz make a spinoff or something.
Dan Porto
Dan Porto 14 days ago
Looks like the scene where he was in the hospital and carl cut his hair?
Esekon Florent
Esekon Florent 14 days ago
Not me thinking Frank is gonna comeback with all the characters??
Mert Korkmaz
Mert Korkmaz 14 days ago
I think Frank killing himself in his own way would be the only end for him I would respect...
Saleh Siddiqi
Saleh Siddiqi 14 days ago
Damn man if he dies in the last episode imma lose it 😭
Rebecca Klee
Rebecca Klee 14 days ago
this is the last chance to BRING.SHELIA.BACK
Kayla Bryant-Khanutin
I'm in tears already 😭
Eric Hart
Eric Hart 14 days ago
Franks not dead... Wtf... I know they tease his death every other season but what's the deal? Are they going to make him suffer? Not like that wouldn't be bitter sweet
pacio poncio
pacio poncio 14 days ago
Frank 💔💔💔💔
Piuma x
Piuma x 14 days ago
Debbie is annoying with her constant fear of being alone and abandoned but I just realised that in a way she represents all us viewers in this season, all sad and nostalgic because Shameless is ending and all the characters we love are leaving us while we want them to stay
Артем Скраф
i don`t want to believe that is is the end......it`s fkn unreal
Sena 14 days ago
okay its 12 and where is fiona :((
Ellen Brake
Ellen Brake 14 days ago
Everyone in these comments talking bout their childhood coming to an end cause this shows ending. ...be honest are your parents frank and Monica? Cause...the fuck? Who let you watch this in your childhood
Rosa Bella Dos Reis
Ian Gallagher
Ian Gallagher 14 days ago
I miss the first seasons. Everyone is cold to each other now
africanbella28 10 days ago
I don’t think they’re cold to each other but just somewhat growing apart. They still care about each other but in a different way.
lauren ruiz
lauren ruiz 10 days ago
agree they barley have any interactions anymore first and second season they had so many moments that felt so real !!
Nats Uzumaki
Nats Uzumaki 10 days ago
I agree 😭
Ian Gallagher
Ian Gallagher 14 days ago
olum bitti lan
Faron McDougall
Faron McDougall 14 days ago
We're all dead. he's finally gonna be alive!
NASI HASHEMI 14 days ago
Breaks my heart to see the last episode 😥
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