Shailene Woodley Confirms Her Engagement to Aaron Rodgers | The Tonight Show 

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Shailene Woodley talks about her relationship with fiancé Aaron Rodgers, her upcoming movie The Mauritanian and her recent trip to Patagonia.
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Shailene Woodley on The Mauritanian, Trip to Patagonia and New Fiancé Aaron Rodgers


Published on


Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Philip Glassrules
The women at Target here in Henderson, NV are hotter than this chick
Ed Ward
Ed Ward 3 days ago
Watch her episodes on The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson. Cool chick.
R. Power
R. Power 6 days ago
Shailene and Aaron are so cute together. I wish them all the happiness in the world. They both are lucky they found each other.
Emma 4 days ago
I'm sure Danica feels otherwise...and they didn't "find each other"...neither are the models of integrity
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez 8 days ago
She was in an A24 film called The Spectacular Now
jagger 8 days ago
Rodgers gets too giddy over these relationships....bet he never marries her
Ed Ward
Ed Ward 3 days ago
Initially he thinks he's not gay but eventually reality sets in...again.
Jamila F
Jamila F 9 days ago
Talk about the most RANDOM relationship ever lol
Nate 7 days ago
2 celebrities getting together. So random lol
Áron Hidvégi
Áron Hidvégi 9 days ago
Jimmy u are fake
Ralph Wright
Ralph Wright 10 days ago
Aaron Rodger Shailene Woodley doesn’t seem like a good match. Hope I’m wrong
Emma 9 days ago
Have to agree
John Doe
John Doe 12 days ago
Shailene is so gorgeous
Christy A
Christy A 13 days ago
She's probably a liberal going all the way to Chile to help empower people to be entrepreneurs while here in the US liberalism is killing small business. Yea!
Joe L
Joe L 14 days ago
Oh look how great - give me a break get ya own lives - she looks like a nerd so it’s a good fit with cheese head
Barbara Boronda
Barbara Boronda 15 days ago
His jersey is in the award case at the high school I went to in california
Deb Mead
Deb Mead 15 days ago
She's really not very pretty, which makes me think that Aaron isn't just looking for looks, like so many well-known people. Maybe there's some substance to their relationship...
Andrew M
Andrew M 16 days ago
She gonna get a rude awakening when she walks in on Aaron giving his center a blowy.
Emily Magin
Emily Magin 15 days ago
why are we both here on the same day😂
Emma 18 days ago
Sorry to bring this up, but the timeline isn't adding up..
Alyssa 19 days ago
she is so cute ugh
Lily Perano
Lily Perano 19 days ago
Nice to see you...”buddy.”
Jay_J Jacobsen
Jay_J Jacobsen 19 days ago
The downvote is because GITMO is where all the revered of the left (like Aaron and Shailene revere them) will be housed after arresting for TREASON. Can't wait for the tribunals to begin. Hillary, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, the whole left-wing traitor gang....going to be the biggest show on earth.
R G 22 days ago
Never heard of this chick. They probably got engaged on the third date.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Sorry, I like Danica better with Aaron. Perhaps he couldn't handle Danica/maybe competitive and. wanted someone "simpler" ....I don't see the attraction, to be honest....I don't follow football and even I know who Aaron Rodgers is.......🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Emma 18 days ago
Couldn't agree more...the act was because their relationship overlapped him and Danica...not cool
Woody Allen
Woody Allen 22 days ago
Shailene: I asked Aaron to let his head coach be the best man at our wedding but Aaron told me he is not speaking to lafloor. I don’t know anything about football but Aaron tells me lafloor keeps wetting the bed in Green Bay and that he is on thin ice if he fukks up again in the playoffs.
El Hermiz
El Hermiz 23 days ago
Tris :(
mano fiske
mano fiske 23 days ago
Had to turn this nonsense off midway through(can't believe I endured the torture for that length of time - it was only due to the fact that the dribble was taken in small doses; 30 seconds at a time) Listening to this insufferably , ignorant , spoiled, elitist, brat prattle on about her privileged existence was intolerably sickening.
mano fiske
mano fiske 23 days ago
"During Covid" ...what a joke. These imbeciles are too stupid to realize that one (i.e. a person in possession of their faculties and not given to hysteria and heaps of irrationality) doesn't behave like this in the face of a mild corona "cold" virus.
shihlin1 25 days ago
If I were Shailene, I'd get Aaron to sort out his issues with his family. This is a guy who hasn't spoken to his parents and brothers for several years. It's an open secret among NFL fans. As a bride to be, wouldn't Shailene find that strange and awkward ? How would you feel marrying a guy who is estranged from his own family ? Does this guy have skeletons in his "closet" that prohibit him from speaking to his family ? Shailene doesn't want this to come back and bite her after marriage. It's EZ getting caught up in the excitement of it all, but she needs to look deeper into the guy she's marrying. Aaron is not what he seems.
Emma 18 days ago
@Mickey Mouse she was super close to her brother and he also followed Aaron on social, now he's blocked them both and changed his name...
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 18 days ago
@Emma huh?
Emma 18 days ago
He definitely has issues and now she doesn't speak to her brother either soooo..
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 25 days ago
It is ridiculously weird that people keep commenting about his family. You have NO idea what the reason behind him not talking to them is.
kitty cat girl
kitty cat girl 28 days ago
I love shailene Woodley she played tris in divergent movie and she is very good actor
Luiza Basso Tonatto
love shailene!
Amal Ali
Amal Ali 29 days ago
"well you should probably eat"
BB King
BB King Month ago
another one bites the dust
I'm upset that she didnt finish the last divergent film
maggie smith
maggie smith Month ago
The Mauritanian is really a wonderful movie ,amazing actinf from amazing cast,making us believe in humanity,love and truth
ES Mockingjay
ES Mockingjay Month ago
I didn’t know she was in a relationship let alone getting engaged. Congrats Shai! 😊
ES Mockingjay
ES Mockingjay 25 days ago
I also hadn’t seen much of her videos in a while and then it turns out there were loads of interviews during lockdown which I missed. 😂
Lynn Beck
Lynn Beck Month ago
I'm sorry but I'm not buying it....Is she American ?? " he throws balls ...??? " Seriously ??? I give that relationship about three years......
AD - 09SR 703610 Central Peel SS
She literally had THEO JAMES in front of her and she decided oh I’m going to pick the worst football player?? What??????😐
AD - 09SR 703610 Central Peel SS
@Federica Berardi ya I do
Federica Berardi
You know the difference between fiction like movie and reality like life?
jieuls Month ago
She's one of those secretly weird girls that when the cameras are off you would look at in the grocery store sideways because she's licking the produce.
Samuel A
Samuel A Month ago
beautiful women
Jussie Smollet
Jussie Smollet Month ago
More proof that being famous is often more important than being intelligent. Because anyone who’s watched a Rogers interview knows he suffers from an extreme deficit in that category.
Josann Boever
Josann Boever Month ago
#TACO Month ago
Would've been hilarious if she said no, and Aaron just walks behind her in boxers
Mack Daddy
Mack Daddy 19 days ago
@ZC The King Moral of the story: She’s 4 months pregnant during the pandemic 😷
ZC The King
ZC The King Month ago
Right lol
V Month ago
Wait.. she split with her ex boyfriend Ben Volavola. She said: "I was in a relationship with someone and we were very much on the road to marriage and children ... But then, I realised I was still at an age where I wasn't able to fully commit. I couldn't be available to him in the way that I wanted to be. I didn't fully love myself." 3 years later, she's engaged to Aaron Rodgers. ??? Thought she wasnt ready for mariage and kid ??? So she lied about her relationship with her ex boyfriend ? Maybe he wasn't enough good in bed or what ? There must be something ...
V 3 days ago
@Emma Ouch, even worst... It's probably the dick size then..
Emma 17 days ago
@Mickey Mouse I'm aware of that.....she broke up with Ben in Nov 2019...in April 2020 she verbalized in a live on IG that she still was in love with him and she broke it off because of not being ready to settle down...then in May 2020 she was WITH Aaron...so , technically she did jump from one to the other..
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 18 days ago
@Emma When I said 3 years later, I was referring to Shailene and Ben. Shailene hasn’t been with ben for a while. She didn’t jump from Ben to Aaron, she had already been single for some time... I think you misread what I wrote.
Emma 18 days ago
@Mickey Mouse its well documented and yes, I do know something..he and Danica broke up late May and by beginning of June Shailene was seen coming in and out of the Malibu house...I wouldn't be commenting if it was speculation...there are witnesses. These celebrities and athletes have flaws and are not the perfect idols people make them out to be. Everyone needs to be held accountable
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 18 days ago
@Emma Do you know something we don’t? How can you assume she moved in with Aaron after one month? Even so, why does this matter? It doesn’t prove any kind of cheating or anything bad was happening.
Stephanie L
Stephanie L Month ago
Omg I have watched her from day one of secret life of an American teenager. I love her and to know she's less then an hour from where I live.
Lauren Aleman
Lauren Aleman Month ago
I think it's more that we are SHOCKED you guys were even together!!!! I hate green bay but it's pretty cool she's marrying a qb and never been to a football game. That is amazing and super cute.
Shira Takele
Shira Takele Month ago
She's so pretty
davsny5 Month ago
She is gorgeous and very genuine
Juan Ortuno
Juan Ortuno Month ago
Beautiful lips and, please, don't take off your glasses, leave them on, please
mehak malik
mehak malik Month ago
I just want her to be happy she’s so pure and deserves happiness
Gloria Shimanek
Gloria Shimanek Month ago
All BS ...
Gloria Shimanek
Gloria Shimanek Month ago
Shailene is clearly an airhead and liar. She knows football (CA); she knows Aaron Rodgers; she left Volavola to pursue Rodgers; she betrayed her friend, Danica. Throwing balls for a living is a step above acting for a living ... he at least has a degree. Rodgers will want a prenup. He wanted a tall baby factory ... already talking children in interviews. Odd.
Emma 18 days ago
Finally! Someone sees it for what it is
Heather C.
Heather C. Month ago
I just love her as a person n actress one of the best of these times. She is AMAZING! Aaron is great too! She is hot too naturally, on screen especially, but as a couple very hot!
NadNav 23
NadNav 23 15 days ago
@Emma Now they have ...twice !
Emma 18 days ago
You do realize they haven't actually been photographed nor papped together???
Michael J
Michael J Month ago
Talk about "rebound" for Aaron Didn't he just end it with Danika less than 8 months ago?
Emma 18 days ago
Ended it in May and by June Shailene was living with him in the Malibu mansion...disgusting
K Vo
K Vo Month ago
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mjribes Month ago
Met and engaged in less than a year? Good luck with that marriage!
Amber Wellhoefer
Wow, living in Green Bay, which is such a small town where the stadium is the biggest building and is surrounded by regular ranch houses, it’s so weird having celebrities here!
bax323 Month ago
She obviously doesn't know Rodgers history with women. If they do get married I give it 2 years at most.
NadNav 23
NadNav 23 15 days ago
@Emma You should show that contract to the world! lollll
Emma 18 days ago
its a contract
yuckyool Month ago
See "The Spectacular Now" . . . You will fall in love with this down-to-earth cutey. I bet Aaron Rodgers did.
Michelle Massie
Michelle Massie Month ago
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Juan Felipe
Juan Felipe Month ago
This is like one of those actors who shows up in shows and movies when your a kid, and then you find them in an interview a few years later
Ken Powers
Ken Powers Month ago
Shaliene is the real life Something About Mary, and she's marrying her Brett Favrererreer
Stefen Hainbuch
Stefen Hainbuch Month ago
I give them a few years.
Pedro Brenes
Pedro Brenes Month ago
Imagine marrying Aaron Rodgers and not knowing what is Aaron Rodgers....
Laura Tobin
Laura Tobin Month ago
She seems phony to me, and that's disappointing. Can't imagine Aaron ever imagined marrying somebody who plays make believe for a living either, but I've not heard him insult her career. She should realize that he is a hero to many people and respect them enough to show him more respect.
Emma 18 days ago
@The Real One Who Knows It All she's not phony, but she wasn't acting like someone who was engaged recent or not...it was a truly uncomfortable interview to watch..the only explanantion is not her nerves, but the fact that they both cheated on Danica..he as her boyfriend and Shailene as her friend.
The Real One Who Knows It All
Shailene Woodley is literally one of the least phony celebrities. I’m not just saying this. I got the impression she was nervous in this interview, which could make sense as to why she seems phony, but she’s actually not. Anyone who has had an experience with her loves her.
Happy Panda
Happy Panda Month ago
I can't help but notice how sleepy Jimmy Fallon looks in this interview :D
Adam Marjanovic
Adam Marjanovic Month ago
Shailene, welcome to the Packer family 🟢🟡🟢🟡
isai valdivia
isai valdivia Month ago
She reminds me of how Alex Dumphy would be in real life.
Scott O
Scott O Month ago
If Aaron is a Thrower of Balls, is Shailene a Speaker of Words? He. Just. Won. His. 3rd! MVP! In. America's. Most. Popular. Sport. He basically won the equivalent of the Academy Award for Best Actor...3 TIMES. LOL :)
Michele Kuechler
Sorry, but her body language and the fact she isn't making eye contact when she talks about AR#12 isn't good. She makes eye contact talking about everything else discussed, except AR#12 Very suspect....I don't see these two making it.
Princess Francois
To me, she seems like a great gal.
E Month ago
She’ll be to Rodgers what Meghan Markle is to Prince Harry.
Simcha Sher
Simcha Sher Month ago
Jimmy does not know where to look 😂😂😂
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Month ago
I don’t see why she’s acting all nonchalant about this. There are no pictures of them two together and there aren’t any social media indications lol so yeah, people are shocked. Swear he was just talking about Danica lol
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Month ago
Aaron Rodgers is wildin’ out lol
Smee Month ago
LOv Shailene .. so happy for her ✨💛💛✨congratulations beautiful standing rock souL! Can’t wait to see this film
DiamondXforever Month ago
What about Theo James 😔
Luke DeTerra
Luke DeTerra Month ago
i’ve always had a fat crush on this girl 😂
ALY Month ago
Didn’t think I’d marry a guy who puts out fires for a living and yet, here I am, about to marry a firefighter. It’s okay to be down to earth and still hype up your man while also understanding his profession and respecting it...cause saying “I don’t get it, he’s good” makes you sound like a moron who’s trying too hard to act like you don’t care about his fame and you’re above it all. Like a rich hipster not caring about money. Cmon now...let’s cut the act and not play stupid.
Jonathan Farley
Jonathan Farley Month ago
"American sports"? She's American. What other sports would she be watching? Cricket?
mayumi labastard
he looks like the guy in the amerisafe commercial
Mathurin Aron
Mathurin Aron Month ago
How can you say 'Mauritanian' without saying 'Mandalorian'
annie gaillard
annie gaillard Month ago
Tris, where is Divergent 4 ?
L C Month ago
One of the most talented actresses right now
Olivia Nolan
Olivia Nolan Month ago
Omg I am so fan girling over this now!!
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Month ago
C L Month ago
Unreal! She has the privilege to visit Patagonia during a pandemic and makes it seem like it is the hardest place to get to. Not an accurate description. Very dissapointed!
Emma 6 days ago
@ALY Thank you for your kind words...and yes, my coworkers and I are shocked at the stuff these celebs get away with...they need to spend a day with me in the ICU and I bet they'd change their minds about dismissing rules. Stay safe
ALY 6 days ago
@Emma apparently Findlay is shailene’s bestie 😂. Out of all the celebrities, I’m glad she tries to make an effort to do good and she’s definitely doing her best to save the ocean; however, it is very strange that even Hollywood’s good ones can be so narrow minded and arrogant. It’s bizarre. Thank you for being a healthcare worker. Every politician and celebrity should shadow a healthcare worker and kindergarten teacher before ever stepping foot in a position that makes decisions or preaches about what’s best for the working class.
findlay thompson
findlay thompson 18 days ago
@Emma As I said last week
findlay thompson
findlay thompson 18 days ago
@Emma No she was living with him and was seen out getting tested
Emma 18 days ago
@ALY Thank you! as a healthcare worker its disgusting the blatant disregard that these privileged celebrities have for rules. BTW...he was allowed on her set in Canada despite them pontificating of their strict covid rules...money talks or their all star struck or both
That Girl
That Girl Month ago
Aaron Rodgers as in Jordan Rogers brother who was on the bachelorette and is engaged to Joelle Fletcher???? He’s with Shailene now?😳😯
Irish Month ago
Ok that's it. I'm in love with her. She seems soooo down to Earth and well spoken! 🥰
Randy Eels
Randy Eels Month ago
She is just like a football and rugby ball ...just keep passing throwing up and down at any angle as you wish for...
Lisa C.
Lisa C. Month ago
Jimmy is officially a sellout. He used to be so down to earth and funny as all hell but the Hollyweird lib loons have indoctrinated yet another. Oh just a small price.... your soul to satan and your in for life. Seriously he was a pisser on SNL and also when he started Late Night. Before Trump took office he had him on the show. But after Trump won it was decision time Jimmy. Turn into a leftist loon and play the I hate Trump game or you are off the air. It took no time for his true colors to show. He is so fake and weird now that he is beyond watchable. It is really a shame.
Gary Simons
Gary Simons Month ago
Anyone care?
Ashley Capoli
Ashley Capoli Month ago
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Karina MG
Karina MG Month ago
Ksp 193
Ksp 193 Month ago
Wow is Rodgers a moron. Could have any woman on the planet and chooses this liberal puppet.
Kenzi Meyer
Kenzi Meyer Month ago
She comes into my job in green bay all the time and she is genuinely one of the kindest people I've ever met. She even bags her own groceries!
jieuls Month ago
@Mackenzi Meyer oop, see. I was right
jieuls Month ago
yeah, ok
Mackenzi Meyer
Mackenzi Meyer Month ago
@The Real One Who Knows It All I work at a store called Fresh Thyme, but I don't really work there anymore. College things, lol
The Real One Who Knows It All
Wow really? Would you mind sharing the name of the place? I think my friend went to the same grocery store I will have to ask her. She said she shops at the same store and Shailene.
Black Swiftie
Black Swiftie Month ago
*I ♡ how she WAITED until 2020 was Over* hah. So damn smart💞
T1K2T Charley
T1K2T Charley Month ago
Now I know now why Aaron Rogers wanna Poke this young stunning actress she’s beautiful girl ( I would’ve do the same ) hope she scream like Aaron playing in his Lambeau Field Arena
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen Month ago
Secure the bag. Hollywood women know how to marry into even more money
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Month ago
Rodgers gets B & C-List lookers Brady gets World renown Super Models just like in big playoff games
tannertwm Roblox
u wrong for this one🤣
Natasha Hilliard
I just loved her since she was a teen mom on tv i recently re watched it too congrats u 2 !!
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey Month ago
Boy she got ugly
꧁charlie꧂ Month ago
Divergent. Four and Tris. Not Shailene and Aaron.
Vivianna Insaurralde
Love, Shailene
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Month ago
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