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Accidents involving semi trucks are some of the most serious auto accidents that can occur. When a semi truck makes a sharp turn and loses its center or gravity, it can turn on its side and either fall on or slide into other cars, causing large pile ups and serious injuries. Direct collisions can be even worse, resulting in extensive injuries and death.
When a semi trailer truck collides with a car, the results are hardly ever positive. The size of these trailers is usually enough to cause serious damages to passengers in the smaller vehicles, and they can destroy these cars easily. While drivers and passengers in the other vehicle may be seriously hurt or even killed, many truck drivers walk away from the accidents without a single injury.
Why Are There so Many Crashes Involving Semi-Tractor Trailers?
Driving while fatigued is the number one safety issue facing the trucking industry and is a factor in almost 40% of all crashes in the U.S. The drivers for these trucking companies are under considerable pressure to move the cargo as quickly as possible, making 16 hour days not uncommon. Studies have revealed that 20% of semi tractor trailer drivers on the road had reported that they had fallen asleep at the wheel within the last 30 day period. There are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations which address the hours of service that drivers are allowed to log. Unfortunately, many trucking companies find ways around these restrictions or flat out choose to violate the regulations, putting us all in danger. Many times, in order to keep their jobs, truckers have no choice but to keep the wheels moving.
Truck-car collisions often involve some type of neglect on the part of the truck driver, the trucking company, or both. The most common causes of these crashes is poor training, drivers falling asleep at the wheel, improper or no maintenance of the truck or trailer, improper loading or aggressive driving, including speeding.
Sometimes trucking companies hire incompetent or unskilled drivers and fail to provide appropriate training. These trucks are 10,000 pound monsters, are very hard to maneuver and are very unlike a passenger vehicle in their behavior. It takes great skill and experience to drive one safely and responsibly...
Common causes of truck accidents include the following:
Defective truck equipment/mechanical failure: State and federal regulations require trucking companies to keep their trucks in proper working order and follow regular maintenance checks. Defective equipment can lead to tire blowouts, brake failures and other problems.
Overloaded trucks/unsecured loads: Overloaded trucks and unsecured loads can cause the truck to react poorly, erratically and dangerously. Loads can topple over or fall off trailers and cause accidents.
Truck driver fatigue/driving hour log violations: Truckers are required to follow driving hours regulations and record their hours in a log. Driver fatigue is a frequent cause of serious trucking accidents.
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Apr 4, 2021




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J Stanley
J Stanley 4 minutes ago
Lol all lease operators
Micky Stone
Micky Stone 51 minute ago
5:19 where did that truck come from?😭
Brian Hour ago
TAPE IT TAPE IT TAPE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louis Mitchell
Louis Mitchell 2 hours ago
What this is a truck
Erik Hammer
Erik Hammer 3 hours ago
8:05, the driver is trying to make a legal right turn, back the fuck up.
love4lust7301 4 hours ago
Can someone tell me where the hell did that red pickup truck come from. 5:11 that wasn't the same car that pulled out infront of the 18 wheeler. I mean looked under the 18 wheeler, I looked on the opposite side of the road to see if it was coming up.. nothing
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
Truck drivers today aren’t truck drivers they are idiots just hired right away.
Reuben Peltier
Reuben Peltier 4 hours ago
5:15 where did the truck come from
Reuben Peltier
Reuben Peltier 4 hours ago
4:05 did she even try to stop
Reuben Peltier
Reuben Peltier 5 hours ago
1.24 I like how the beat dropped when he hit him 😂
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton 5 hours ago
3:40...Sure Wished I Finished Training! Wow...sometimes I really wonder how some of these dudes got their licenses. They're literally just steering wheel holders. I've been a truck driver for quite a few years and I've made mistakes, still do, but some of this is just reckless and crazy.
Kyzzle112718 5 hours ago
The comments from the people driving these big rigs is just pure comedy
AdamWell 9 hours ago
1:11 that's a hell'a good speakers, where can i found it ? Good Bass
Rodney Brent Gray
Rodney Brent Gray 11 hours ago
That last broad is dumber than a bag of hammers
Eli Manley
Eli Manley 11 hours ago
At 10:03 what was the point in that scream
Chicken Cutlet
Chicken Cutlet 13 hours ago
5:13 I literally can not figure out where the red pickup comes from
Frappete 13 hours ago
6:47 *loading the glock*
JG 16 hours ago
0:35 tire blowout? 1:15 trucker not in the wrong, but couldn't we all see the accident coming here? Some defensive driving would have helped.
Flauschi Flausch
Flauschi Flausch 17 hours ago
The last Clip triggers me
Richard East
Richard East 18 hours ago
Around 9:15 the train beheaded that semi.
Seiba alter
Seiba alter 19 hours ago
5:14 is it just me or is there 2 cars. A red pick up and a sub. Both get hit but the pick up flips while the red suv stays behind
Elon Sus
Elon Sus 20 hours ago
You came for 8:08
justagirlsd3000 20 hours ago
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma 20 hours ago
all are safe
Janice Bass
Janice Bass 21 hour ago
quit cussing
Janice Bass
Janice Bass 21 hour ago
slow down
Haqq Spit
Haqq Spit 22 hours ago
Is it the same guy at 9:08 @nd? 9:18?2 separate trainslol
ChickenWings 22 hours ago
the 2nd video u are wrong.. He had Axle work and the shop failed to do it right.. Caused the bolts to come off
James Premo
James Premo 23 hours ago
10:10. “You said it too Baby” lol
Sean Rodgers
Sean Rodgers Day ago
5:13 Anyone know where that red truck came from? The one that flipped over many times.
Red Pill Diogenes
5:20 that truck hit that SUV so hard it turned it into a pick up.
Jose Gerardo Fadon
Almost all the accidents on this vídeo are for speeding. Truckers should get hourly pay not mileage bullshit.
Sky Ranger
Sky Ranger Day ago
9:40 Sag NIEMALS deiner Frau/Freundin, sie soll was aufnehmen. Sie verkackt es zu 100%! Da ist der Beweis. Man filmt QUER, man Wackelt ned in der Gegend rum, man filmt die ganze Szene und schwenkt nicht in der Gegend rum..... Abgesehen davon, es ist schon lange klar, was genau passieren wird, wieso kreischt die da rum?
AnDru Tharpe
AnDru Tharpe Day ago
Why she scream in the last clip? what else was supposed to happen? lmao
Don S
Don S Day ago
5:23 Mixer trucks are famous for rolling over most of all when a Newbie is behind the wheel they tend to for get they have a something turning back there and it is trying to roll them all the time The mixer is turning right you take your left turns slower if it is turning left take the rights slower.. This man didn't take anything slower.
Don S
Don S Day ago
1st one looked like a steer tire blow out
Zach Poffenbarger
LowLevelJet Photography
People keep calling these accidents, all I see are crashes.
BeefyBanana Day ago
1:20 “oooooookay BSHSBDHSUJSKLWPALjxux lsndhsjJSJSNS HSNNZSN”
Asmodeus Day ago
Semi drivers act like they own the highway.
Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez Day ago
1:50 - You can clearly see the Semi's turn signal... so it wasn't for no reason.. they just don't check blind spots!
Maxim Sh
Maxim Sh Day ago
mateo giordani
1:13 re pegó con la canción
01Z06guy Day ago
Fury Road is easily the best dashcam channel on youtube. You only produce a video when you have enough worthwhile content. The other channels constantly crank out videos where most of it is boring shit. I've gotten tired of it and don't watch any of those other channels anymore. Kudos the Fury Road for thinking long term by only producing quality content.
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go Day ago
Used to be a day not that long ago that Semi Truck drivers were truly the best drivers on the roads. The standards and also the pay structure has deteriorated so badly it is now an entry level job for so many of them. Its scary these individuals are in control of basically a deadly weapon on our roads. SCARY for sure .... for someone who envisions a retirement spent travelling throughout North America on our roads and highways really starting to think twice about it.
Rob J
Rob J Day ago
At 3:10 so that's why my order didn't get here.
Андрей Пушкарь
Doxx Day ago
1:21 the perfect example of bass boost earrape
Brandon Dawg02
7:42 Song name?
Ridger Wolf
Ridger Wolf Day ago
us-first.info/player/video/Y5h3dYaLn2mpfYU.html at 5:16 has anyone asked where the read pickup truck came from? It was from the left of the SEMI. SO the CUV was hit by 2 vehicles side by side.
Cakeadventure 2 days ago
1:35 Aggressive honk
sittingduck 2 days ago
Ohhhhhh okay, @5:15 the pickup was coming from the same direction as the trailer, you can see the wheel thru the bottom of the trailer.
Frisky Bulldog - EDM producer, singer
5:19 where does the other red truck come from??
Taufiq Rizal
Taufiq Rizal 2 days ago
If i am a truck driver, i would never hit my brake for a stupid brake checkers like them.
Adrian Barth
Adrian Barth 2 days ago
1:37 new meme sound
Carl Dombek
Carl Dombek 2 days ago
1:45-ish, "NO Reason"? Maybe, but when you see the front of the semi, you see his blinker was on. Maybe the BMW thought he'd be fast enough to pass before the lane change and just lost his bet. Don't automatically blame the trucker.
Overtake1 2 days ago
WHAT IS WITH THE IDIOCY OF TRUCKERS & TRAIN CROSSINGS? It's like their Kryptonite for clear judgement & critical thinking... 🥴🥸🤡🤪 🤦🏽‍♂️
Sonido Experiencia
4:47 skillful driver and lucky as hell
Grima 411
Grima 411 2 days ago
Oh look its a switch truck block traffic at 8mins 23 seconds speak lf the devil
Grima 411
Grima 411 2 days ago
Im not surpised with the swift truck drivers they are all idiot drivers as it is. Ive been cut off by atleast a dozen of them as it is
Jay LSomething
Jay LSomething 2 days ago
Dude was like "move n...." tape it tape it
Ganz Snyder
Ganz Snyder 2 days ago
0:56 oh look there is fluids dripping out!
Dylan GamerTech
Dylan GamerTech 2 days ago
Some people are done when it’s snowing It doesn’t matter if you have snow tire it not gonna stop 100% idk why the girl was tryna pass the semi truck on a icy road dumb
Charles O'Banion
Charles O'Banion 2 days ago
Where did the pickup truck come from? It is nowhere in view before the accident and the SUV that made the turn is stopped to the left of the semi as it rolls past. Phantom pickup from nowhere???
willem langeveld
willem langeveld 2 days ago
allemaal welkom op de snelweg.
Likhith Lexus
Likhith Lexus 2 days ago
Bruh that last woman is so dumb. She's getting me on my nerves
mathew marzette
mathew marzette 2 days ago
40 sec something clearly broke.
James Michaud
James Michaud 2 days ago
Yeah those fucking plows are idiots, glorified steering wheel holders.
Bisetsa Eric
Bisetsa Eric 2 days ago
some truck driver are stupid frrr all of em damn cigarettes they smoke
mike stone
mike stone 2 days ago
Why did he crash..m
Pound Town
Pound Town 2 days ago
I feel like swift just gets their drivers from the street and without a Class A license smh
Skateboarding Progression
LAMBorgini mercy
InsaneBimmer 2 days ago
Second clip driver lost a steer tire. That's almost always a crash.
It’s Recoil
It’s Recoil 3 days ago
Fun fact that PA one is 7 minutes away from my house! I noticed Ridley park and the surroundings
Richard Alvis
Richard Alvis 3 days ago
yep. two adds in middle of vid. stop watching and dislike.
JVC DISPATCH 3 days ago
1:18 why is trucker going so damn fast...idiot.
Troy keiffer
Troy keiffer 3 days ago
I am not a truck driver! But, people should stop riding their tail ends. And show them some courtesy. You wouldn't have anything And I mean anything without them doing their job!
Josef Slivka
Josef Slivka 3 days ago
novak jel si moc rychle zsela zretelne
Mr. Penguin
Mr. Penguin 3 days ago
I was in a 18 wheeler accident but it was just us the big rig no others
Frankie Chileman
Frankie Chileman 3 days ago
The truck driver was making illegal Lane change the car was in his blind-spot.... idiots
Mahku Malapotas
Mahku Malapotas 3 days ago
Uliulihuhuuliulihuhu erämaassa tuulen kuulen uluuliuhuhuuliuliuhuhuUliulihuhuuliulihuhu erämaassa tuulen kuulen uluuliuhuhuuliuliuhuhu
autumn embers
autumn embers 3 days ago
Swift and Amazon are the worst drivers on the road
Sociopathic Narcissist
I cannot understand what happened with the truck at 28 Seconds, seems to fall over on it's own
Sed VL
Sed VL 3 days ago
1:45 last remember you don't use a blinker to run someone off the road which means the red car speed up so the truck couldn't get over
Jo Bu
Jo Bu 3 days ago
Truck narrowly misses police car... ...by hundreds of feet... .
Donnie DeLorenzo
Donnie DeLorenzo 3 days ago
“I just got in an accident, I just got in a wreck... but I’m fine”
Donnie DeLorenzo
Donnie DeLorenzo 3 days ago
1:25 I saw this happen in person
Pommes Mayo
Pommes Mayo 3 days ago
5:45 truckersMP
Jezza 3 days ago
2:33 shows how a cop can be ignorant of an accident occurring right in front of his eye
Itz Pancho
Itz Pancho 3 days ago
mans is slapping 7:40
Ącjaz Remulat
Ącjaz Remulat 3 days ago
0:21 Coldplay
Jourdan Rolland
Jourdan Rolland 3 days ago
3:06 police officer activates heightened senses
Daniel WW
Daniel WW 3 days ago
Truckers rock. Just saying.
jeff S
jeff S 3 days ago
How come nobody knows how to stop a train? If you put a bar across the tracks connecting the 2, It tells the oncoming train there is a problem there.
Magnus Samuelson
Magnus Samuelson 3 days ago
Holy shit I drove by the wreck in belton like right after it happened. Just crazy to see one I saw IRL on here.
- Drakeypants -
- Drakeypants - 4 days ago
4:14 god bless this girl is so chill
Jesse Skladany
Jesse Skladany 4 days ago
The semi truck and train wars
LIFE STARTS NOW 4 days ago
Trucker here. Maintain your lane if they're at fault. They're the ones causing it. You're not liable if you hit them, but if you change lanes, you're liable for whatever else you hit.
Dylan Mehalcik
Dylan Mehalcik 4 days ago
At 5:24 with the cement truck is the route i used to travel to zelienople for work. Pittsburgh PA. Civic arena used to be right there, and PPG paints arena is very close too. kinda crazy to see for me.