seeing how much i can change my appearance 

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turning myself into sheri nicole challenge
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i don’t own any of the music used credit goes to the original creator(s)


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Apr 29, 2021




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V33 L4R
V33 L4R 6 hours ago
alexii2xx .c
alexii2xx .c 13 hours ago
Faith Seanne
Faith Seanne 15 hours ago
the bangs looks good bestie
sarayyy gonzalez
sarayyy gonzalez 17 hours ago
me attempting to do finals 1:30
hyuckie uwu
hyuckie uwu 17 hours ago
idk how many times i watched this bc i miss her
Catheryne Bierod
Hey ik u don’t really do them but can u plz give me a shout out it will make me much happier and make me have a real smile on my face for once 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
ghost sodoku
ghost sodoku Day ago
was the diffrence between a deaf person an a ladybug uhu i made it haha
Keagan Wheeler
not only is she amazing but she can actually cause fires nailea: fire fire trucks sirens sound
Claire Beatty
Ily ur gorgeous
Niina. 2000
Niina. 2000 Day ago
I thought it was clickbated
Sia Jutha
Sia Jutha Day ago
god shes so pretty
Laura Lithgow
Nailea: “therapy is expensive” Also Nailea: *buys unnecessary and tiny luxury stuff* No hate, I do the same (: lol
Monisha k
Monisha k Day ago
Electra Heart
is she indian?
Kate Nelson
Kate Nelson 2 days ago
I just wanted you to know that I’ve been debating breaking up with my boyfriend for months and I asked for a sign and then this video came on my recommended…. Long story short I’m single now lol.
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera 2 days ago
Me getting ready to vibe with her- *add* -SCREAMING-
Alexa Moon
Alexa Moon 2 days ago
that person who called her be watching this like: 🤨
Francesca Giordano
I wanna know your Spotify playlist babeeee
Karimah Kinanti
Karimah Kinanti 2 days ago
i search for sheri nicole and ur video pop out.....im not complaining
Eman Ghannam
Eman Ghannam 2 days ago
the fact that the first ad that came up for this vid was mr beast
Robelyn Dumbrique
ahh ceo of self loveee
Ivy Camago
Ivy Camago 3 days ago
Does anyone knows her outro music title? Love her and love it
the baby is dancing
She looks like Sarah Hyland with those blue contacts
Elisa Septiani
Elisa Septiani 3 days ago
when she sounds like a 12 year old boy... HAHAHAH
ghost sodoku
ghost sodoku 3 days ago
i know what you did last summer holloween yaya!
Esme Bellenger
Esme Bellenger 3 days ago
when it cut out i was like 'yup. it's true'
ghost sodoku
ghost sodoku 3 days ago
bozzie cc
Esme Bellenger
Esme Bellenger 3 days ago
She's so pretty!
ghost sodoku
ghost sodoku 3 days ago
hey punk
Bree Warren
Bree Warren 3 days ago
Youuuuuyrrrrrr soooo funny I love you I hope you see this😁❤️
Abigail Vittitoe
Abigail Vittitoe 3 days ago
ur literally my dream bestfriend like seriously girl u rock and anyone would be more than lucky to have you as a friend.
abbybaby72 3 days ago
same but
abbybaby72 3 days ago
u need therapy so bad ong
Jimena Molina
Jimena Molina 3 days ago
was your voice always like this
Freya Købke
Freya Købke 3 days ago
Lmfao you’re like my two last brain cells
Sylvia 3 days ago
I thought I was the only one who is no longer using foundation cuz I am done being desperated to find the non-oxidizing one :')
Keisii Keisii
Keisii Keisii 3 days ago
Megan fox vibes w blue eyes
Makayla Marais
Makayla Marais 3 days ago
Yaaaaaaasss queen u soo gorgeous
laasya 3 days ago
seeing a fellow depressed is making me feel 10 times better lmao
Sofia G
Sofia G 3 days ago
She looks so pretty
Jk's banana milk
Jk's banana milk 3 days ago
She and Emma Chamberlain should Collab someday!
kriz ツ
kriz ツ 4 days ago
8:24 cutieee
Sheila May Abedijos
I just love nailea posted videos one per month. vibin
Merna Hanna
Merna Hanna 4 days ago
why do I feel like she and ben of the week would like the PERFECT match after she says "why do people have boyfriends break up with your boyfriend" lol
Hannah Wynne
Hannah Wynne 4 days ago
ok seriously, i just saw the thumbnail and had to comment. does anyone else think she looks like Noah Centineo?
Addison Rosado
Addison Rosado 4 days ago
I hate men take notes the next video she will have a boyfriend and she will show us mark my words hahahaahahaha
Angelina Tavor
Angelina Tavor 4 days ago
8:19 the “yes!☺️” is so comforting to me lol, and same LOL
a Blink who found an Army for Once
Well Friday seemed.....fun
Katie Rose Cullen
Mix of Claudia, Liza, and another US-firstr idk
Jayden Gomez
Jayden Gomez 4 days ago
“I looked deep into myself” uhm aight get it ig
Mia and Eliana
Mia and Eliana 4 days ago
is it just me or does nailea screamsummer vibes she seems like the girl u meet on holiday/vacation
Más videos en español please
Okay so yall's is saying BLM and anti-racism but you are then being racist by making fun of Trump's skin color. Like bitch wtf to you
Lili Gödő
Lili Gödő 4 days ago
is just me or everyone watch her videos like 3 times in a row, am i f crazy?
sades 4 days ago
Chloe 4 days ago
nailea got bangs so so did i
potah 4 days ago
What is nai's concealer though?
Aariana Stylinson
this took so many topic plot twists
tommy portillo
tommy portillo 4 days ago
Can someone let me know what lipstick she used for her blush ?
tommy portillo
@Y thank u ❤️
Y 2 days ago
I think it's Huda Beauty Power Bullet Cream Glow! I'm not sure about the shade, maybe money maker or boss chick.
heart asha
heart asha 4 days ago
wats her nationality
stwrt 5 days ago
we love nailea, exist if you agree
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect 5 days ago
Girl STOP doing the ice thingy
hannia herrera
hannia herrera 5 days ago
i love this girl lol
Jam Lam
Jam Lam 5 days ago
Aidan Obrien
Aidan Obrien 5 days ago
are we gonna talk about how good her singing was,,, orr??
Dismay. play
Dismay. play 5 days ago
We can all relate to her.
yo Its me
yo Its me 5 days ago
okayyyy mila kunis
nah 5 days ago
i want to be her bsf like pls
• LilyPadNezuko •
Other people in pain makes me laugh thank you for that :)
Isabela Albuquerque
she is looking like sarah hyland
rose 5 days ago
aces of kpop 올킬
if liza koshy and emma chamberlain had a child, their personality would be nai's
Dhvani Pandey
Skip ASMR 5 days ago
Hi nea! where do you buy your contact lenses? xoxoox
Alba Peña Valverde
she looks EXACTLY like Sarah Hyland
"I got no places to be I got no fucking people to see You know what? I’m getting ready for me” - NAILEA DEVORA
Fatima Lamïn
Fatima Lamïn 6 days ago
first video i watched of her on her channel and we literally have the same mindset omg
See this is what I mean when I say it's ALL ABOUT HOW YOU PRESENT YOURSELF 💅💅
male 6 days ago
nai you so beatiful omg😩😩
Ava Sophia
Ava Sophia 6 days ago
😂I love you for bleeping Donald trump
Theidiots 6 days ago
3 am cricket dying when I spray Cockroach spray be like : 1:06
joanne lopez
joanne lopez 6 days ago
Oh how I would kill for a colab with Emma chamberlain
Tas M
Tas M 6 days ago
8:24 hahahaha the "yes" after "I like to ignore everyone's phone calls" 11:33 Yes. Correct.
Angela Sutton
Angela Sutton 6 days ago
8:32 if you set your volume really high you can hear a sneeze
fr0g. fa1ryy
fr0g. fa1ryy 6 days ago
Yaassss she listens to SZA
jesuisgugu 6 days ago
Nai saying we're sleeping on la la LA is funny cos it has more than 1 billion views on YT
no name
no name 6 days ago
Su Myat Thazin
Su Myat Thazin 6 days ago
She looks like Haley from Modern Family
PAOLA CORREA 6 days ago
Nose pero te amo
Choden Bhutia.
Choden Bhutia. 6 days ago
Pls do a my playlist video🙂
slavka mizigarova
0:50 she kind of hit it there. 😍
Kelsie Rummage
Kelsie Rummage 6 days ago
Bro she is a aquarius like me twins ❤️🥰💞
Lixluvxr 6 days ago
Nais one brain cell brings me through the day
A S 6 days ago
gimmie that playlisttt 😫😫😫
ally munday
ally munday 7 days ago
u look like hayley of modern family lol xxx
Roberta Harper
Roberta Harper 7 days ago
Nailea is such a mood😂😫💖
Roberto De La Torre
Kamryn 7 days ago
Hol up she kinda looked like Aishwarya Rai with the contacts and stuff
Kailee K
Kailee K 7 days ago
I wanna know what your music playlists are like what different songs/ types of music you listen too!!
I like turtles 1234
Eman Eman
Eman Eman 2 days ago
Plz let me know if you find out!
Astrea Ashryver
Astrea Ashryver 7 days ago
4:52 Got me rolling on the flooooor! She sounds like cute little puppy whining