SECURITY OFFICERS WERE AFTER US For Exploring An Abandoned Amusement Park 

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Watch to the END to see exactly what happens!
Jeremy & George get a call from Savannah from Gatorland
Savannah & Michael, both Gatorland employees, have an great idea
They want to experience the park after it shuts down, so they invite Jeremy & George to tag along
But they are going to have to keep the Gatorland security guards off their trail
Watch to the end to see exactly what happens

SECURITY OFFICERS WERE AFTER US For Exploring An Abandoned Amusement Park
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Apr 6, 2021




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What The Hales
What The Hales 17 days ago
GatorLand VLOGS: us-first.info/more/UfgVZJTqOGwGC_QV8tvt9w Do YOU think Jeremy & George escaped before security found them? Hale$ YES or Hale$ NO? If you liked this video, you'll LOVE this entire Binge Video List: us-first.info/player/video/l7-fbJ6BYY2AfqM.html
Recon from the shadows
Y'all got some of the dumbest thumbnails but what u expect from a try hard channel πŸ˜‚βœŒ
Tammy Hargis
Tammy Hargis 15 days ago
Hale$ Yes!
Rosies Random Treasures
Good Lawd! Yall are cray cray hahahaha!
Jeremy Bungard
Jeremy Bungard 16 days ago
no Im sure they talked to security
shuggymac1 16 days ago
@sharon morphett they lie20 years in captivity half that in the wild. Captive birds are often used for breeding to help save their population
Gatorland VLOGS
Gatorland VLOGS 11 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhh!!! How did I miss this!!! Watching it now!!! πŸ€¬πŸ˜‡
What The Hales
What The Hales 11 days ago
You missed the video... and we miss YOU 😒
Jayme Hall
Jayme Hall 11 days ago
Very enjoyable!
Jayme Hall
Jayme Hall 11 days ago
Why didn't you bring your o-lights?
What The Hales
What The Hales 11 days ago
That's the light that shining
1Pegasus21445 12 days ago
Did Jeremy & George escape? YES! But not before Security found them, but security force were apparently crooked very acceptable to BRIBERY!
Steve Gaines
Steve Gaines 12 days ago
GET YOUR KETCHUP. There is going to be ketchup shortage.
Teresa Selby
Teresa Selby 12 days ago
I want Marshall!!!
Evil_eyegaming d
Evil_eyegaming d 13 days ago
Carole Baskin anyone lol
Sedge 13 days ago
Watching the gators eat was beyond cool! All the eyes in the dark!
Dotty R
Dotty R 14 days ago
What a great night. Thanks, that was amazing..
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson 14 days ago
Love you all and love gator land , hugs ❀️❀️❀️🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊
Jan Owen
Jan Owen 14 days ago
That's really awesome footage!
la la
la la 14 days ago
What the hales....how could you hold those spiders...i was creeping out....
Patricia Cash
Patricia Cash 14 days ago
I will take a Michael. lol
May Pellot
May Pellot 15 days ago
Beautiful owl
Leah L
Leah L 15 days ago
Love that bird!!
Kristen Williams
Kristen Williams 15 days ago
Love you guys ❀️❀️❀️
David Thimell
David Thimell 15 days ago
Hales should be on Quest
ItsMeAdela 15 days ago
Does Jeremy know there’s a ketchup shortage.
Justice1 Justice1
Justice1 Justice1 15 days ago
Woooooo nice πŸ‘
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 15 days ago
Loved this video!
Lori Camarista
Lori Camarista 15 days ago
Hale$ yes. Jeremy, what would you do without George? George will call the animals in to protect you. lol
Lori Camarista
Lori Camarista 15 days ago
More more videos please!!
Danny jones
Danny jones 15 days ago
Stop resisting stop resisting
Tina Collins
Tina Collins 15 days ago
This was such a great video, I loved every moment of it !! Thank you for sharing
Tina Collins
Tina Collins 15 days ago
This was so great to watch. Jeremy and Marshall laughing at his dad jokes, and turning him in . LOL
Debbie F
Debbie F 15 days ago
Thanks Savannah and Michael for the late night sneak!
Michael Whalan
Michael Whalan 15 days ago
Rock group "What the Hale$ and the Comments" singing "See You Later Alligator"
Ruthann Linden
Ruthann Linden 15 days ago
Omg you guys are awesome. George is brave
George Messersmith
George Messersmith 15 days ago
You have cool friends and do some of the coolest stuff ,wild...
Alice Du preez
Alice Du preez 15 days ago
What a wonderful privilege......thank you Savanah for always being there for the animals
helen Klan
helen Klan 15 days ago
It is just getting dark here in NSW in Australia and the kookaburras are serenading us from the trees around my house. Mornings we wake up to the same sound. Happiness spread around!
Jenny Davies
Jenny Davies 15 days ago
That was an awesome video and George was so brave in the dark and Jeremy feeding the gators that was so Halesclose to you nice one Jeremy 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊
JoJo's Mum
JoJo's Mum 15 days ago
That was soooooo cool
Mary Daley
Mary Daley 15 days ago
On the news tonight they said there is a shortage of ketchup and the first thing I thought OH No what's Jeremy going to do!!
joanfroggy00 15 days ago
I was watching a coin pusher vid and I'm sure someone in your comments told you already, but WWF had to change their name to WWE because World Wildlife Foundation had already had copyright to the abbreviation and sued Vince McMahon 🌈 du🎼🎢🎡 du🎼🎡🎢 du🎼🎡🎢 now you know ❀
Jacqueline Noble
Jacqueline Noble 15 days ago
Fabulous thanks for sharing
Courtz Martin
Courtz Martin 15 days ago
I almost lost my phone when I jumped at the end. Nice video
Sherry Andersen
Sherry Andersen 15 days ago
Wow, look at all the glowing eyes! But Marshall is my favorite. He has the best laugh.
Julie Scian
Julie Scian 15 days ago
Such a Fun Blog!! Crickey there was some BIG gators, but the kuckaburra was my favorite!! 😊
Judy Marais
Judy Marais 15 days ago
Love love this video πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
D Poole
D Poole 15 days ago
I've said it before, I'll say it again. The animals are cute, but yall get to hang out with Savannah! ❀
Gatorland VLOGS
Gatorland VLOGS 11 days ago
Crystal Studer
Crystal Studer 15 days ago
Love how you are showing animals on your channel❀ Next you should do monkeys,elephants,tigers etc.
Mitchell LaValley
Mitchell LaValley 15 days ago
Just think you may not have done this if you never moved to Florida EPIC for sure! :)
KaReN019 15 days ago
That looked like loads of fun. One day I might just have to do that. I like spiders πŸ•· I always set them free, just pick them up & take them outside.
Michelle Dale
Michelle Dale 15 days ago
Marshals such a cute Aussie..... all us Aussies are special 😜😜😜😜😜
Linda Lavoie
Linda Lavoie 15 days ago
George, I'm scared like U especially of snakes, rats and crocodiles!!!
Victor Robinson
Victor Robinson 15 days ago
You all need pets like this at your place !
Deborah Peterson
Deborah Peterson 15 days ago
I once worked with a woman who had a pet gator ... She said her biggest problem was making sure she and her son close the bathroom door when taking a bath πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..he liked bath timeπŸ™„
Diane Kossow
Diane Kossow 15 days ago
How old is buster
Kim_Kardashcam 15 days ago
Sorry J & G but I'm Australian and Kookaburras definitely DO eat FISH. They might not like dead fish handed to them in a cage but try establishing a shallow yard pond with goldfish. Right, the score - Kookaburra family 27...Fish 0. They are lazy fishermen though, I have never seen them take a fish out of the river but the shallow estuaries, when the small fry bait fish are there for easy pickings, definitely.
debbie dunn
debbie dunn 15 days ago
I am so happy you and George got to know Savannah she is such an animal lover as you all are too. Thank you Savannah, Michael and Gatorland for allowing What the Hale$ to explore after hours and thanks to all for taking us along with you. May you all be blessed always.
Gatorland VLOGS
Gatorland VLOGS 11 days ago
just bystander
just bystander 15 days ago
what i love about you guys is you not only show us the coin pusher or the unboxing but also learn us to love and appreciate the nature more because of the different animals. keep it going
Azorean Island Girl Connie Raposo
Black Cat
Black Cat 15 days ago
What eerie fun! Loved the night tour. Shout out to Savannah and Mike @gatorland vlogs for making it happen.
Rosetta Gibson
Rosetta Gibson 15 days ago
All I can say is WOW what a awesome vedio love the birds ty for sharing Love ya both.
Joanne Miller
Joanne Miller 15 days ago
Up close & personal. Better than National Geographic! The Crocs need a good orthodontist. Super filming. Great job!
Kristi Phillips
Kristi Phillips 15 days ago
I have a good idea for a video. Maybe a Sunday night live....how about the story of how you two met??? If you have already done this...point me to the video please. I have been following you two for a while now but don't recall that video. Love you two and have so much fun watching!!!
ThePonyman46 K
ThePonyman46 K 15 days ago
Kyle Terran
Kyle Terran 15 days ago
Marshall is such a cool bird! Kyle's a good name for a gator. 😊
Janie Brossmann
Janie Brossmann 15 days ago
George...u got some competition with Marshall πŸ˜‚birdcalls
Kuzzon1960 15 days ago
i have been to gatorland a couple of times and i love it there.
Barbie 15 days ago
That was awesome. That owl an kookaburra was beautiful. Thanks guys for the night time entertainment 😁 I ❀ Gatorland but got burnt out on it. We would buy seasonal passes every year.
Kenneth Nash
Kenneth Nash 15 days ago
White hoodie and bird not good combination.
Cheryl Bontrager
Cheryl Bontrager 15 days ago
I would love to have a bird like that.
Sean O'Farrell
Sean O'Farrell 15 days ago
Poor George with the tararantula
karen kingen
karen kingen 15 days ago
Watch it with the KAREN jokes!!! Not funny!!!!
Carmen Doyle
Carmen Doyle 15 days ago
Always the coolest videos and Robbie as well !
Kelvin Watt
Kelvin Watt 15 days ago
I see Kookaburras every day on my mail run
Mary Buschbacher
Mary Buschbacher 15 days ago
My family went there a few times when we are little. Did you hear about the fires
Joannw Atherton
Joannw Atherton 15 days ago
So cool I would love to feed them ❀️❀️
janet wise
janet wise 15 days ago
🎡 kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, counting all the monkeys it can see, stop kookaburra, stop kookaburra, that’s not a monkey that’s Jeremy! 🎢
Dorry Frost
Dorry Frost 15 days ago
I actually sung that lol
Teresa Harris
Teresa Harris 16 days ago
Are you aware of the ketchup shortage? Hope you are all stocked up, Jeremy!!
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor 16 days ago
Jeremy there's a ketchup shortage watch out,love your midnight rondeveiw, George is so brave I couldn't do those insects.ahhh
Silver Wheels
Silver Wheels 16 days ago
OMG! How fun for your birthday. They know their names. Thanks for showcasing they're park. People like me can't get there. β™Ώ
Sandra lee Hill
Sandra lee Hill 16 days ago
Awesome video....had me on the edge of my seat lolπŸ˜¬πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Jeremy Bungard
Jeremy Bungard 16 days ago
Wait! Is George Pregnant?
Sara Stewart
Sara Stewart 16 days ago
Jeremy would eat road kill if it had ketchup on it.
Carlette Lynch
Carlette Lynch 16 days ago
I loved "pretend" going to gator land and getting a private tour!!! Thanks George n Jermey and Savanah and Meat Man!!!
June Austin
June Austin 16 days ago
I think they were safe from security.
LaDonna Scheel
LaDonna Scheel 16 days ago
What beautiful creatures!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
Ruth Warnock
Ruth Warnock 16 days ago
You all are crazy We love your videos
C DeBoer
C DeBoer 16 days ago
I gagged when he wiped them gator bugers on George
David Payne
David Payne 16 days ago
Debb Sandalwood
Debb Sandalwood 16 days ago
Another great video filled with gators
Lee Crandall
Lee Crandall 16 days ago
You just never know where life is going to take you… Look at Jerremy and George.
Teresa Selby
Teresa Selby 12 days ago
They put "life's a journey" to another level! πŸ˜‚
Granny Lanna
Granny Lanna 16 days ago
Wow way cool.... they must have caught u cause it just ended
Michelle Veilleux
Michelle Veilleux 16 days ago
They are all beautiful animals, but you guys are craaaaaaaaaaaazy. Love your aventures.
tom wareham
tom wareham 16 days ago
Down here in gods country Australia I have a family of kookaburras live in my backyard trees I love watching them but they drive me nuts when they all start laughing at the same time ,I also have a flock of sulphur crested cockatoos that visit every day and I have a footlong blue tongue lizard that lives under my back porch .
Jodi Hespen
Jodi Hespen 16 days ago
I can love these babies..but snakes..umm..ill run..😁
Carl Mcconnell
Carl Mcconnell 16 days ago
Put the scorpion in your pocket
BETH ELIN Dekoeyer
BETH ELIN Dekoeyer 16 days ago
Wow that was Awesome β€œ
Pam Carter
Pam Carter 16 days ago
Now to go home and change your drawers.. β€πŸ’œβ€
HnS GallagVan
HnS GallagVan 16 days ago
That was awesome!!!! They are all so cute and adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. Love it.
John Glowka
John Glowka 16 days ago
Hi I woch your videos everyday tell the team I said hi and I woch thor videos everyday I love you guys I love the video
Kimberly Contreras
Kimberly Contreras 16 days ago
That was a great adventureπŸ˜ƒ Thank you you guys are awesomeπŸ‘
bob prediger
bob prediger 16 days ago
gator s getting big
jodie livingstone
jodie livingstone 16 days ago
Tarantulas HALE$ NO
Miss11 Lady11
Miss11 Lady11 16 days ago
Hales yes!πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ™‚πŸ¦‰πŸ¦…πŸ¦†πŸ₯πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ
Marjorie Boynton
Marjorie Boynton 16 days ago
Hales YES. The great escape!!