SCP-2852 Sadistic Madman Party Crasher | Cousin Johnny (SCP Animation) 

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SCP-2852 is a Keter Class anomaly also known as Cousin Johnny.
SCP-2852 are entities that have appearance of a middle-aged white male and are genetically identical to humans. SCP-2852 instances appear at various Catholic and Anglican religious functions where they are treated as being an established member of the family. Each family gathering that SCP 2852 attends result in different behavior from the subject and different effects but all all extremely violent and disturbing. When questioned after an event, all affected individuals report a feeling of fondness toward SCP2852, regardless of its actions during an event.
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SCP-2852 - Cousin Johnny (SCP Animation) is based on "SCP-2852" by kinchtheknifeblade: www.scpwiki.com/scp-2852
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Feb 18, 2021




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Leoparte Gaming
Oil tanker for you cousin Johnny🤣😂😂
Awol Peace
Awol Peace 3 hours ago
Is this what happened to me?
geardog24 3 hours ago
Let's be honest, who doesn't have a cousin that wants to do messed up things at a wedding?
Melissa Gomez
Melissa Gomez 7 hours ago
Question could you be affected by cousin Johnny is you are in a different religion?
Alan_Red 9 hours ago
Random family memeber: You remember cousin Johnny, right? Me: No, we're asians.
Mυԋαɱɱαԃ Hυȥαιϝα Bιɳ Kԋαʅιԃ
I really like the task forces name they are sooo coooooool......😎
Syazwan Shamsuddin
Syazwan Shamsuddin 22 hours ago
johnny sins's cousin?
gerald 0986
gerald 0986 Day ago
Me:17 year old don't have any crush or GF well sht I'm going to die next year
Ethan Moss
Ethan Moss Day ago
Ha score 1 for atheists
Will Turner
Will Turner Day ago
All I could think about is Teen Titans Go, when Raven beats the Tooth Fairy in a teeth eating contest for the teeth of the Titans, minus one or two that were a "tasty" snack...
Otto K
Otto K Day ago
1:14 bri' 'sh people be like
Deborah Sheldon
*Him gives me pliers* *Me trying to pull out his teeth.*
Isabella Anderson
I don't know why, but I really like this one "I went to a really weird wedding as a child, now I'm asexual."
justin nelson
justin nelson 2 days ago
it's epsilon, not upsilon
Walter White
Walter White 2 days ago
Black level events are like the main quest in a video game no matter how hard you try to alter the story the game just skips over your attempts
Anya Groulx
Anya Groulx 2 days ago
Good god 0_o
Giannis Dravis
Giannis Dravis 2 days ago
But wait...what happens to the body though? All of this and the dead doesn't ressurect?
dareallogjake 2 days ago
Are these stories real bechose i want to know
Nolan Peet
Nolan Peet 2 days ago
Odd choice to make a video about Cousin Johnny on this channel, considering that there are probably some very young kids watching
CraztCole 19
CraztCole 19 2 days ago
I feel like cousin Johnny was created because cicadas got tired of people getting mad at crashing weddings, when they only wanted to congratulate them.
Furry Hunter
Furry Hunter 2 days ago
dudarupaffu 3 days ago
Damn whoever is Cousin Johnny's barber needs to be fired. They really messed my mans up.
Tiki Cat Studios
Tiki Cat Studios 3 days ago
welp. i never wanted to get married, its cheaper, and funeral? No no no. and those religions, nope.
maximul snarl
maximul snarl 3 days ago
They got way to confusing on this scp.
wolf beans
wolf beans 3 days ago
At this moment i knew... Ik this animation its from that one somthing grafic show
Carter Gwyn
Carter Gwyn 3 days ago
"Jonny is a keter class anomaly that has thus far proven impossible to contain." well than he is not keter is he?
FalcoTheGreat 3 days ago
.dneirf tseb ruo si ynnhoJ nisuoC
FalcoTheGreat 3 days ago
The SCP foundation is the Men In Black on pure crystal meth.
blake seddon
blake seddon 3 days ago
me who lives in north america oh fuck
ScarabD 3 days ago
Oh hey I had a third AND forth godparent... ...Wait...
Cheek Loins
Cheek Loins 3 days ago
1/3 of all catholic D-Class are estimated to have earned their prison sentence through Cousin Johnny events?! That’s crazy!
Aliece Alessandra
Omg....this has to be the worst one I've watched.... I almost couldn't finish it
Renato Suekichi Kuteken
Evil Mr. Poopybuthole.
John Martinez
John Martinez 3 days ago
i know this is not related to this video but what if cousin johnny looked at scp-096
K C 3 days ago
Cousin Johnny scp is one of those scp’s that the whole community never talks about.
Andy Fate
Andy Fate 3 days ago
Never trust any man named Johnny... He could be anyone cousin.
Zack ZombieYT
Zack ZombieYT 3 days ago
I am lucky because I am in the uk
Terzetto 3 days ago
"All married individuals who attended the wedding will find that they are unable to conceive children, despite no biological indicators of infertility." Free birth control.
Ethan Playz
Ethan Playz 3 days ago
BULL FADE GAMER 3 days ago
The Gamer
The Gamer 3 days ago
Why is this the infographics show animation characters
Citrus Weirdo
Citrus Weirdo 3 days ago
That moment when you actually have a cousin named johnny: o.o
Bobi Milev
Bobi Milev 3 days ago
Never needed to see cousin johnny be animated, but imagine making a movie out of this
Baby A
Baby A 3 days ago
Don't read the comments if you don't like spoilers, that's why if it's something I'm interested in I don't read the comments I just post and move on 👍🏿
Lovemanga!! 1
Lovemanga!! 1 3 days ago
DanThePerson 3 days ago
Is That not how weddings normally go?
Cringe Lord
Cringe Lord 3 days ago
Infographics: SCP Edition
ABU_ABSI 3 days ago
when cousin johnny exist but ur not in america B)
Riaan 3 days ago
if Johnnys coming to my funeral, I'm not coming
Zahler Bazaar
Zahler Bazaar 4 days ago
i watch all your vids, but i didnt like the thumbnail for this. i only watched it to get it off my main page.
Sam 4 days ago
peter burczyk
peter burczyk 4 days ago
man this scp really B U G S me
yeetis deletus
yeetis deletus 4 days ago
This is next level weird shit
CappGaming 4 days ago
Scp: we have to keep this secret Scp explained-story and animation: *I’m about to end this man’s whole career*
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 4 days ago
Atheist: poggers
Viking Teddy
Viking Teddy 4 days ago
You *really* need new sound effects. It's getting ridiculous.
Lamda 4 days ago
I knew I never let my cousins play with my legos for good reason.
Zelirious 4 days ago
Me going to a blue level as birth controll
hobby gamer
hobby gamer 4 days ago
celebrity weddings huh ? DAMN YOU COUSIN JOHNNY !!!
Hold My beer!
Hold My beer! 4 days ago
Now this is fuckin creepy.
Oreagle 4 days ago
So what you're saying is... I could meet someone I like, even if it is a trick?
Hernesto oscar cv
I am a new scp and my name is hmmmmm is the only thing I say hmmmmmmm
Hernesto oscar cv
The bus
fireblast133 4 days ago
and this is why converting to the church of the flying spaghetti monster is a good thing, as Cousin Johnny is repelled by his Noodliness from such events.
Eric Ghale
Eric Ghale 4 days ago
This Scp made its cameo in Rick and Morty 😄😄
Willeke van der Vlist
*sighs* this sounds to fake just shut up with this channel u r making a lot of pll scared whats wrong with you? go to jail
Nerdlin Geeksly
Nerdlin Geeksly 4 days ago
They couldn't even get a cicada soundtrack to replace the man screams
Vinxx 4 days ago
new rick and morty episode hella wierd
Kakashi Hatake fan
I'm going to Mars after this vid.
Happily Ignorant
Happily Ignorant 4 days ago
Sucks to be a Christian, eh?
Beetless 4 days ago
didnt they prenounce epsilon wrong?
redfox4561 4 days ago
What a douchbag scp
Nathan -
Nathan - 4 days ago
Is scp like this generations version of creepy pasta?
Curtis Evans
Curtis Evans 4 days ago
Loc Le
Loc Le 4 days ago
Johnny johnny yes pa pa
Meyson 4 days ago
It'a simple folks... just give up on your social lifes, grab WoW or any kind of MMO with a long time investment and isolate yourselfs... start to protect your virginity! This equals no marriage a.k.a. no Cousin Johnny~
snottyspoon 4 days ago
I remember my cousin Johnny. Great guy.
Francis Bell
Francis Bell 4 days ago
Here’s Johnny
Codykun27 4 days ago
*When your cousin is named Johnny*
DragonZombie200 5 days ago
Wait why don’t they just get the butler to capture cousin Johnny?
taheelur1 5 days ago
this one is just silly and has wayyyyy too much going on.
E 5 days ago
Is that you corpse?
MR SCP ADMIN 5 days ago
Oh my Hod
Da_chosen o_n_e
Da_chosen o_n_e 5 days ago
guess i aint gonna marry anyone
Zewo 5 days ago
why isnt cousin johnyy appolyon
Jovia Nguyen
Jovia Nguyen 5 days ago
Huh,I guess cousin Johnny hates children.
Tenzin Lekstok
Tenzin Lekstok 5 days ago
If I ever had a guy named Johnny anywhere I am gonna be like nope
Lee Eneas
Lee Eneas 5 days ago
You did it, never thought
SARA ! 5 days ago
I actually have a cousin johny and now I'm scared to invite him to my wedding....
R.j. Frantz
R.j. Frantz 5 days ago
The alter boys? What a terrible call sign
Ooflovania2 5 days ago
Yeah I’m not going to anymore funerals
Luffy Monkey
Luffy Monkey 5 days ago
In other words, Bad Luck Johnny
mk 5 days ago
These comments lmao
canada ball memes and trains
Chuckles I'm in danger
UndertaleAU Geno
UndertaleAU Geno 5 days ago
Well I guess I’m never going to get a baptize a funeral or a wedding that’s fine though single forever and ever Christian never have a religion and if I have a funeral only my closest families will attend if they really care about me
Ponymon Movement
Ponymon Movement 5 days ago
Way too weird
Timo Pino
Timo Pino 5 days ago
I found this concepts and imagery disturbing or upsetting
Yolk 5 days ago
"his name is jhonny" me: JhOnny Jh0nny