SCP-2761 Bananazilla (SCP Animation) 

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TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-2761 Animation.
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SCP 2761, also known as Bananazilla, is a genetic hybrid species that has undergone multiple physical mutations since its containment in 2005.
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Music by Gravity Sound.

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Feb 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
Geneo Jaehne
Geneo Jaehne Minute ago
I love this🦖
My Banana UwUz
My Banana UwUz 2 hours ago
I think this might be my new favorite scp. 😳
A C 5 hours ago
Its a banana dude " _
Tan Bengsiew
Tan Bengsiew 5 hours ago
People that found the banana died and God how did you die? I died from a giant banana
Tan Bengsiew
Tan Bengsiew 5 hours ago
Why is there no scp999
MJ C 5 hours ago
bananazilla: What are you people addicted to bananas: D E A T H
tristan jael salibio
0:56 Yo Rubber SCP-2761 Is Hanging You With His Sharp Teeth
Big Al Waldron
Big Al Waldron 6 hours ago
Could you please do a video on SCP-082?
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer 7 hours ago
No one: My little brother: LOOK A DINOSAUR
Sascha Priyambodo
Sascha Priyambodo 8 hours ago
i think the rubber is invincible
Insane Monkey 9000
Insane Monkey 9000 13 hours ago
Get your ‘ass’ lol
Chris John Grima
Chris John Grima 14 hours ago
Friend: who is you're favourite kaiju Me: bananazilla
I Circumcised Monkeys After Following Children
2:57 - 3:00 an accurate description of me tripping balls and calling my brother at 3am
Jaderick TV
Jaderick TV 20 hours ago
I thought its a digimon lol
Raniella Estrada
Raniella Estrada 20 hours ago
Omg gacha! I do gacha too!
ArcaneTheFox Day ago
*Silence* A wild Rubber Appeared
what happens to them ??
spec ops cat
spec ops cat Day ago
I know his weakness da giant monke
Thomas Chrispen
Scp 2086 because I need to more about it
Lao G
Lao G Day ago
It might be able to turn into a banana reskin of scp-682
Unknown Same
Unknown Same Day ago
I notice your draws are getting better
Sobergrey Day ago
It's like a battle mount right out of Deadpool's imagination.
2 Aspies, 1 World
marilyn jadlocon
Shoot That pvz plant came really alive now
Hero Hamza
Hero Hamza Day ago
Bananazilla: *Exists* King Kong: Delicious, Finally! Some good freaking food. Next you'll say: Underrated
Rossell L. Abuyo
Rossell L. Abuyo 2 days ago
tien Dang
tien Dang 2 days ago
Bananazilla vs Kong The movie
Your Common Rat
Your Common Rat 2 days ago
Scp 682 vs bananazilla
scp-610 girl
scp-610 girl 2 days ago
Does any one know scp 2761's taste ? (Sorry for my english)
I sell high Quality rice
I thought pearl was a trap
Ritchel Ang
Ritchel Ang 2 days ago
dr nakamura dr pearl and all reaserchers die
Ritchel Ang
Ritchel Ang 2 days ago
Ritchel Ang
Ritchel Ang 2 days ago
who is dr higgins a villan or a superhero
Ritchel Ang
Ritchel Ang 2 days ago
use answer below to rubber
Slime Mask
Slime Mask 2 days ago
I like how rubber just chill when he got bite
พนมพล ดลปัดฃา
I thike scp 2761 is look like a banana and lt is maby
Ethanrej10 hmmm
Ethanrej10 hmmm 2 days ago
is he a banana? 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
Ethanrej10 hmmm
Ethanrej10 hmmm 2 days ago
can i eat him
The Golden One
The Golden One 2 days ago
Dude your name is just wow
Jonathan Crawford
thomas and alex
thomas and alex 2 days ago
Banana alligator
Gabriel Furtado Ferreira
Imagine if that thing eated a bit of scp 682.
Zachary Ellison
Zachary Ellison 2 days ago
A reverse bugsnak!
epic top 10s
epic top 10s 2 days ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bananana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111
UwU 2 days ago
Mister king Kong has fight against this creature for his own good
Tristan Balolong
Tristan Balolong 2 days ago
Morgan matthew pearl and nakamura died at the end tho
Chris Delgado
Chris Delgado 2 days ago
Can u do part 2
Wings of Undertale
Smells like bananas huh? I wouldn’t know. My nose doesn’t work. :( (FWI I’m going to the DOCTER to get it checked out. Wish meh luck!)
Barna Ponya
Barna Ponya 2 days ago
Scp 2125
Matthew Kyler Dollete
Never Feed SCP-2761 SCP-682 or else just going to be a bad thing
Ace_Ya JakeGascon
Nakamura. Nice Name
Chicken Wing Chicken Wing Hotdog and Baloni
D- class dies: *go to heaven* God:how did you die? D-Class U - uh - I got eaten by calcium"... God: ... WHAT THE FRICK
DRIP Jigen
DRIP Jigen 2 days ago
Kong : *sees Scp 2762 which is a really bio-hazardous creature* Also Kong : "Jokes on you, I'm into that shit"
Akira Osorio
Akira Osorio 2 days ago
Bring back the circle heads
Frozenking 24
Frozenking 24 3 days ago
Video : *about plant related SCP's* Me : *PVZ VIBES INTENSIFIES*
the BOG MONSTER 3 days ago
Ejjiraifu 3 days ago
Ralph Piolo Evaristo
Pearl is still crying tho
Ralph Piolo Evaristo
JustJoeKing be like: finally a Worthy opponent!
Shion Ohara
Shion Ohara 3 days ago
2761 vs 682
Texan Cowboy Cheese
I like that iv heard this scp and i like bannanas
fransuke12 3 days ago
Cleaver fruit girl.
Tammy Falkner
Tammy Falkner 3 days ago
I just love how I got a banana commercial before watching this... I like your vids so much and hope you make more.. be right back my nervous system is about to break
Syroツ 3 days ago
Therapist: imposter rubber doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you Imposter rubber: 4:07
Re- Blitz
Re- Blitz 3 days ago
Imagine it eats a really smart person and just feels all the weight of anxiety
꧁ sleepywhxte ꧂
Do these SCP'S actually exist?
Dylan Travers
Dylan Travers 3 days ago
Nobody: Dk after seeing this scp: OOOOOOH BANANA
Kyah ?
Kyah ? 3 days ago
Arkaye Darren
Arkaye Darren 3 days ago
Crazy dave and the neighbor has gone mad with the plants because hes CRAAAZZZYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
Claryssa Bianca
Claryssa Bianca 3 days ago
em.. so.. did the 4 of them all die..? i mean.. who knows maybe someone survives lol
Romel Daguiso
Romel Daguiso 4 days ago
How do you now these storys
Maria Fidela Dioneo
Banana demogorgon used crunch it was super effective The opposing nakamura and pearl fainted Lol pokèmon reference
shadow 4 days ago
Is a banana right? wait a second a banana dragon? BANANA DRAGON :D
David Marquez
David Marquez 4 days ago
That aint bananazilla if youre an MH player, its ROYAL LUDROTH
*"Inciliate even further mutations over time"* Me: *Shin Godzilla*
ralphy batayola
ralphy batayola 4 days ago
Among Us! 8:00
Jackson Gibbs
Jackson Gibbs 4 days ago
Introduce 2761 to 053. That’ll stop it.
SleepyNixe 4 days ago
Adam Gates
Adam Gates 4 days ago
Bananazilla really rolls of the tongue
geardog24 4 days ago
All of this because a scientist wanted to play a joke. Makes sense.
Saur studios
Saur studios 4 days ago
Every else: calm but scared Dr Pearl: A A A A AAAAAA
Space Tortoise
Space Tortoise 4 days ago
If it was a small salamander how did it eat a whole person ?
Ayesha Begum
Ayesha Begum 4 days ago
Bananazilla vs Banonke
Daniel Júnior
Daniel Júnior 4 days ago
Hi guys so um... i'll Tell you you guys a thing that happened with me here in Brazil Where i live when i was child i was coming back to School It was almost night i was in the School van (here we have vans instead of bus) i was tired and was thinking something then suddenly all the children start screaming i looked out of the windows and Saw a red car with a skull inside there was nobody inside Just a skull after a few seconds he speeded and i never Saw him again
not me
not me 4 days ago
Not going to lie, getting bit by a small banana in a grocery store would be terrifying and funny
John Angry Spirit
John Angry Spirit
Madbox EZ
Madbox EZ 4 days ago
When the banana smoke clears, You see the one named SCP-2761 A.K.A your demise.
Henk v Valkenhoef
Adrian Ortiz
Adrian Ortiz 4 days ago
From pipe fish to dino aligator demogorgan
Adrian Ortiz
Adrian Ortiz 4 days ago
Its bananazilla!!!!😂😂😂😂
Mmiillkkbbaagg 4 days ago
Your animation just went from 50 to 1000 is real fucking quick It went from moving like a snapping movement to fucking JOJO 'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE
Pharell Dela Cruz
Oooh is this a new art style?
Jhun Valeza
Jhun Valeza 4 days ago
Its godzilla but a banana
Dynamix 5 days ago
I would eat that bananazilla.
Rae Rondola
Rae Rondola 5 days ago
HMMM That Scp Vs King Kong
Kaanthat Chayaphan
Everyone gansta until the dinosuar evlove
Saiko 5 days ago
literally shin godzilla but yellow
molcakigang 5 days ago
if that was real i would be scared if eggs of this thing are in bananas or not man
Sabergran Olimpo
Sabergran Olimpo 5 days ago
Sooo they all dai
Nice 5 days ago
Donkey kong: *Why do I hear boss music?*
johnlexther bedis
me when i first saw the looks:hold up is that banana dinosour?!