SCP-054 Water Nymph (SCP Animation) 

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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Safe Class object, SCP-054 Water Nymph Animation.
SCP-054 is an entity that appears to be made completely out of water and will often take the form of a human female, though SCP 054 has also been seen taking on other forms like basic geometric shapes. SCP054 was brought to Site 08 for further study after being discovered, where it was submitted to a number of tests, some of which may shock and surprise you.
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This video, being derived from scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-054 written by xthevilecorruptor, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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Apr 6, 2021




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red-eye datlas
I beleive that this scp did not need to be put into containment, but considering how powerful they might seem I probably couldn't do a thing about it.
Samsakiah Jamil
look at the thumbnail you already know s*mps are here s*mping on the scp
Corrosion Scythe
Corrosion Scythe 3 hours ago
Slime gurl: **Exist** R34 Artist: *Is free real estate* Also me: *Is free real estate*
NocturnalBrolyFury 3 hours ago
Yeah I believe that the SCP foundation believe themselves to be superior to all other forms of life, & while I do comprehend the precautions made for the safety of humanity.. I also believe in mutuality, in balance. A chance given to those SCPs who've never caused harm before being contained would be more civil & sensible. There's always that saying that "People fear what they don't understand", but it goes far beyond that. There's always the craving for dominance, knowledge, power, & within all that lies the very core of arrogance. The matter of the fact is whether we're talking SCP or real life phenomenon, humans will never have the answer to everything.. because then what's the point of life. The journey weighs more in purpose than the destination & everyone seeks something different, so in a way there will always be something that cannot be explained. Take the SAFE SCP class for example, they will always be watched if they've been contained but why are they truly being watched? Because the foundation has an immeasurable desire to learn, or because they want to be known as the face of conquerors of every SCP. This leads to my final perspective. Since humans will never crack every code to life & what's larger than that, why pursue the mission to contain as many SCPs possible? There always has to be a balance & now I'm furthering into that ideology by saying that some SCPs NEED to be out of containment for the betterment of the Earth for there to be a stable environment. Some SCPs have advantages over others that want to harm humans, & that's where humans refuse to learn.. especially the foundation. There are phenomen that should not be tampered with as having something positive in their life will not last forever, & won't even last long if humans choose to act negatively. The point is if humans who look different to other humans can somewhat co-exist.. why not the SAFE SCPs? The force of nature & other phenomenon that live among humans should not be targeted as threats if they can instead assist the military, rebuild homes, heal people, supply energy, communicate with animals, or support a grieving child. I see it as a chance to rebuild the population of all SAFE life as equal to humans. All in all, the beauty of SAFE SCPs is that we may never know what gives them life & purpose, why they interact with people.. but that's the point isn't it. That no man, woman, or other being may have the knowledge to overpower those beings that watch over us. It's just like real life miracles & phenomenon that occur to people all the time. If we have the knowledge to gain it all the time, then many will become corrupt with that power & manipulate for their own gain. We win some, we lose some. The balance of life for humans is a concept we're all contained to.. & for good reason. We all have our purpose in life, just like the SCPs. Thank you if you made it this far & may you have a blessed day.
K cat
K cat 4 hours ago
Fucc... like scp is basically....some guys abusing god or some human with super power
Omg this is so cute
Dragon1 5 hours ago
The answer is yes there Is no question
Julie Lovell
Julie Lovell 5 hours ago
I think they have gone to far they still keep the safe caps in even when they could help people while some I agree should locked up others should be free to go
ZuhalaTalks 6 hours ago
Guys I don’t think the boy and the water nymph at the beginning were talking..
Bentley Burgess
Bentley Burgess 7 hours ago
Demonic Gacha
Demonic Gacha 8 hours ago
Nikoapp SMUGGRED 8 hours ago
scp foundation is abusive.
Nikoapp SMUGGRED 8 hours ago
something ain right here.. you say its made up of 9L of water.. that water sure as hell wont form a human fully let alone keep water inside the fountan.
Wesley Brock
Wesley Brock 8 hours ago
"Do you think the organization that torture a sentient being is on the up and up?" Soft ball question there.
Ketaminepizzaghost 11 hours ago
The best way to kill someone with a water balloon
Skit Protagonist Oz
Skit Protagonist Oz 12 hours ago
That kid is going to forever hate his Dad. "Is the Water Nymph an example of the SCP foundation going too far?" Me: Mantra is "Be cold not cruel." but all of this was cruel. Give me 1 min in a room with Dr. Seskel
Katie Ward
Katie Ward 12 hours ago
I think she was attacking because she was scared. I wouldn't want to be tested ither.
Ghostlie Kittie
Ghostlie Kittie 13 hours ago
Glad nobody has peed on her yet.
Sky Warrior
Sky Warrior 15 hours ago
They need to stop treating the different like monsters that need to be tested!
Plant man Dr. Destroyer
Is this a JoJo reference
Mat 18 hours ago
"Did the foundation go too far to gather knowledge this time?" Idk what did they learn? "Well....it freezes and gets hot..." That it? "Yep" Yeah they went too far lmao
vahan gukasyan
vahan gukasyan 18 hours ago
Panos Lezi
Panos Lezi 18 hours ago
Man, I hope she murdered them all
Odendal Streicher
Odendal Streicher 20 hours ago
That singing of the nynph. Where did you get it. It is so lovelly. Please tell me where the you get this vocal sound effect.
Aria Azha
Aria Azha 22 hours ago
Basicly torture
Naruto Bg
Naruto Bg 23 hours ago
You are going to far like bruuuuuuuuuu scp 999 is like good and like this no way
hatosan lameto
hatosan lameto 23 hours ago
I think scientice didn't play or watch fantasy! FOR ITS A WATER ELEMENTAL ITS VERY SIMPLE LEAVE IT BEHIND ON WATER! I complain !
Rolando Montana
I see Dr Bob trying to get some water pu*** 🤣💦🍑...but yeah its cruel what they do to anomalies who are of no threat just for their personal needs.
Eric Morris daysshone
I feel like she was just feeling threatened so that’s the reason why she fought back. Also she thinks getting this extract is dangerous for testing on d class or scp units.
Da Chill Knight
Darlene Ballard
Because I miss living in the USA
Darlene Ballard
But I’m soooo sad
Darlene Ballard
Darlene Ballard
I’m telekinesis telekinesis
Darlene Ballard
Oma fly necessities
Darlene Ballard
58:’ Xbox encroachments
Darlene Ballard
Darlene Ballard
Darlene Ballard
Darlene Ballard
This is bad
Darlene Ballard
Omg a scp video I love scp video
William Boivin
Water lady: *exists* Scp foundation: lets torture it to check how smart it is and put acid on it to see what happens.
Artemis17 Day ago
and here i was thinking it was gonna be a Siren rip-off. Nice one.
Anime Potato Dude
Right after the girl.
evans gerrard
Imagine If Someone Drank Scp 054 😳
MamboJambo Day ago
The water nymph should've been left in the garden with the boy. This is a breach of nature.
MamboJambo Day ago
The answer is blatantly obvious. The SCP foundation was perverse, cruel and unnecessarily inhumane. They went way too far. They didn't just kidnap a peaceful entity, that could've been just another life form. They tortured it, caused immense pain and put it through tests that could've easily killed the subject. All of that for no reason. The entity was peaceful, did no harm, and the foundation was not collecting data. When it was obvious that the test was not just causing pain, but could end the entities life, they kept pushing the test out of perverse interests. When the entity lost trust, was hurt and abused, they made more unnecessary test and used more pain and torture as motivation. Than they wanted to do an experiment, that would most likely not just contaminate it's vessel, but would end its life. Why? What was the data being collected there? Would the being that is provenly mortal and could die, fears death, would die if it would be killed? This is the foundation abusing it's existence.
MamboJambo Day ago
So they kidnapped and tortured her. What fuckin assholes. This made me hate the SCP foundation on a new level.
MamboJambo Day ago
@Logan Hamilton Oy. Don't tell me what to do. We aint in the pub, mate.
Logan Hamilton
ayo calm down
are you traumatized?
054: **nothing** scp foundation: painful tests 054: **attacks** scp foundation: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Ethan Chen
Ethan Chen Day ago
water nymph: nice scp foundation : does painful test water nymp : fights back scp foundation : *wait you werent supose to do that.*
Yeetus Deletus
This is a reason to stay hydrated
Levi Chicwown
I couldn't imagine what would happen if the foundation didn't contain and test it, like people would become like a cult worshipping it like cthulu
gilclarke Day ago
I play scp on roblox now i feel bad for the scp:(
Anthony Montenegro
see dad! i wasn’t lying!
Carrito Comprador
Scp 054 not Bad is good
Beautiful Crazey
This is one of the first SCP that made me angry 😡. You're not sampling my water either 🤷🏼‍♀️
Anxious Mac
Anxious Mac Day ago
So torture? Yeah, Torture.
Nacs Sketcher
I kinda feel bad for her..
Boemtie Day ago
When engaging with new entities the scp should realize that they are new to the entity as well. When contained and the creature is not hostile they should cease the tests. Only if another such entity is discovered who did do harm they should start tests and only to find countermeasures and no further.If however the creature seems benevolant and harmless they should treat it as such and find a better place for them. In this case i see a creature that was trying to comfort a child who just lost his mother and the scp went to far out of fear and incompetence.
Ara Darling
Ara Darling Day ago
Haha that's crazy, now where can I find this fountain 😐😐
Ahbern lim
Ahbern lim Day ago
Safe: some tests Eucild: deal with the test Kether: say hello to P A I N
jhoy garcia
jhoy garcia Day ago
If you dont abuse a SCP or other cretures they wont harm back am i right other creatures lifes also matter
Saeyoung Day ago
When she is free maybe she can safe with trust worthy people that can make sure she is not being attacked or stolen or the son can keep her so he can talk to her just so he can be happy with his mother or the creature :3
Noelle Day ago
So they literally torture the nymph just like any other humans, they dont give a fuck about anyone
roblox character but distorted
The thumbnail makes me dehydrated.
Yep there are going too far in there experiments by hurting her
Stevonnie Jenkins
poor thing
imfamous chring
I love her
Ji Miguel Advincula
scp Bath water
Hawkins 4
Hawkins 4 2 days ago
What is the scp and the stores I don't understand are they real?
Matthew 2 days ago
Lux J.
Lux J. 2 days ago
I feel bad for this SCP. Would definitely visit this one often if i were there, probably chat it up and try to show it i mean it no harm. :)
magical 2 days ago
So you torture and do experiments on an innocent creature, and then you act surprised when it fights back?
Warren 511 plays Minecraft
Now before we go talking about why my screen looks like a death screen well let's not go there but I can say one thing I know how to figure that out you let them run wild the ones that are safe till they do something harmful then you catch them but until then let them go free as long as they don't do any harm to anything 😺
Raymtech Studios
Raymtech Studios 2 days ago
This is indeed the foundation going way to far....they almost mentally ruined a happy, peaceful, and friendly creature with horrible inhumane experiments
Ellesse Taylor
Ellesse Taylor 2 days ago
i think this scp should not be messed with a lot and should be not contained so she will have a happy life and be with the dads son more
juan 2 days ago
I would like to see them reunite her and the boy
•That one_person•
Why tho- why is it in containment
TheWinged Hussar
TheWinged Hussar 2 days ago
I am shocked no one has actually talked to the Nymph. Ask her who she is, memories, and what not
WolfHowler678 2 days ago
054 just wants to have a nice life with the boy mk?
Rebekah Welker
Rebekah Welker 2 days ago
do a face revel
Monké Kit
Monké Kit 2 days ago
Scp foundation had gone too far with this one. She is so sweet why must u harm someone who is nice to you .
HYOSUNG LEE 2 days ago
The foundation is going to far..
HornMage 2 days ago
cool so now when u go swimming well idk its just water woman that can be almost anything
Flareon Gamer 8
Flareon Gamer 8 2 days ago
TGT Terrorizor340
I understand what the SCP Foundation was trying to go for here. But I think the knowledge they were seeking could have been learned without the use of such... barbaric methods.
Typical Jax
Typical Jax 2 days ago
We're talking about SCP foundation here. Why tf are they so dumb
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker 2 days ago
Starting to realize a lot if SCPs are from greek mythology
SlugWars 2 days ago
Weebs: hmm cool cover Me: die in a hole
Gagliardi Vex
Gagliardi Vex 2 days ago
Why you thirsty son
cody davis
cody davis 2 days ago
Some things are often overlooked no matter who you are the only physical matter is water they say 90% of our bodies are water there's a good chance that it gets the other 10% structural value for water and it's so left for the fountain in a Chase to regain its form and just for the information that acid will actually cause damage to a soul to ride the memory or nightmare causing souls to eject it knowledge of it having heat can kill people so it could probably kill her and just for the record just call it her cuz it's most common scene mimicking her it's better to call it a her than an it I could go on and on about all the facts that would allow it to live but I won't SCP foundation is already stupid enough
Abiola Akorede
Abiola Akorede 2 days ago
Nymph a being with in Greek mythology sometimes called dryads in body small pods and such
Narcolepsy Medication
sir? SIR!!! Bring me that fountain
The Last Star
The Last Star 2 days ago
The thumbnail,yes the thumbnail
And the big thing,why it at there
Eliza Wilson
Eliza Wilson 2 days ago
I just realize this SCP is like a human Vaporeon, is that weird?
Vanda Rousseau
Vanda Rousseau 2 days ago
Taxfoo 3 days ago
Robi Navarro
Robi Navarro 3 days ago
Anybody else get a weird attraction to water nymphs now?
Jonathon King
Jonathon King 3 days ago
Did The Boy ever saw WN AGAIN