Schlatt Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier 

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I played the Origins Mod with some friends and it was hilarious!
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Edited by Kristin! :)

Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!
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Feb 20, 2021




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Ph1LzA 6 days ago
Kristin edited this one guys so let her know how she did! (literally her 2nd thing she's ever edited lol)
Bonnie 6 days ago
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Bonnie 6 days ago
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Bonnie 6 days ago
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Bonnie 6 days ago
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Bonnie 6 days ago
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Olivia Andrews
Olivia Andrews 29 minutes ago
Niki is gonna have a great place
Donutsboi! 33 minutes ago
Wilbur and Ph1lZa could SO team up and make Ranboo's life a living nightmare! Give Pn1lZa a pumpkin hat and Wilbur can go transparent!
Olivia Andrews
Olivia Andrews 36 minutes ago
Kaiser Haux -
Kaiser Haux - Hour ago
20:00 someone animate this
YouGaySon Hour ago
lice boy
Bestmates - BM
When is hardcore?
Matheus Soares
Brasileiro na área
marsh34 Hour ago
tommy 100% made this title
ashuri 2 hours ago
imagine if they formed factions of their own species, it would create really cool plot holy shit (diplomacies, military, war, alliances, rivalries, monarchs, government, coalitions, specie discrimination, empires, vigilantes, coexistent nation, and etc) with the elytrians living in a sky settlement or a kingdom, niki's aquatic kingdom quite similar to atlantis, and other stuff it would also be interesting for the factions to be far from each other to avoid uninteresting global peace at all times and force all of them to form diplomatic relations with each other can't wait for wilbur to implement this
Polar 2 hours ago
ModdedSMP. Where is it.
Delta _
Delta _ 2 hours ago
DreamSMP but everyones headcannons are cannon
Eerorri 2 hours ago
Image if after beating the ender dragon you could choose another ability, then imagine Elytrian + Shulk. Wouldn't that be kinda op?
EshanHatesPeople 2 hours ago
Murilo Wiltgen
Murilo Wiltgen 3 hours ago
Stop with the straws, Save nicky
AcErebel9728 3 hours ago
why did u say minecwaft?
Syd.Bumblebee 3 hours ago
‘Fibre helps you with poo’ Me: okay Tommy that was very helpful
Kriss _
Kriss _ 3 hours ago
Philza, Iron helmets have the same armor as chain helmets.
God 2 hours ago
Thats just not true lmao, Iron is stronger
Pushpa Zunjurde
Pushpa Zunjurde 3 hours ago
Plz give us your world download link sir plz
F.13 3 hours ago
I would only do blazeborn. It's super OP
Apple Dust
Apple Dust 4 hours ago
18:15 for the animators
Phantom Mint
Phantom Mint 4 hours ago
Ok but think of how much of an advantage phil has here, he can legit fly and basically has infinite fireworks, its so easy for him to find things that are usually hard to find such as jungle biomes and nether fortresses
Aishah Ayub
Aishah Ayub 4 hours ago
phil and ghostbur is the powerfull power
Apache Pog-Copter
Apache Pog-Copter 5 hours ago
Ranboo: I am finally a True Enderman Willbur: Ghostbur Philza: haha elytra go brrr Tubbo: A literal juggernaut Nihachu: mermaid Tommy: 90 block high beds and take no fall damage Schlatt: Funny man
Angie Strickland
Angie Strickland 6 hours ago
A tak potom na dno ujdem…
Daniel Click
Daniel Click 7 hours ago
father fragrance
ITZJK 7 hours ago
Hey Phil. I have known you're the main hardcore guy and I dropped into you're streams every now and then. I remember screaming 'use the fkin totem' when the baby zombie killed you and I was so shocked when you died. But I have found your US-first channel and have started watching season 4. Much love
SECRET USER 7 hours ago
Hey Phil search you spin me around
Ritual 8 hours ago
Remember kids, if you don't eat sand Jesus died for nothing!
paula lefebvre
paula lefebvre 8 hours ago
Phill i have a quick question ok sooooooo is your minecraft skin from an anime called Bleach?!?!?!🙊🙊
God 2 hours ago
Gian Benedict Maderazo
What is the Mod
God 2 hours ago
Vicky Robinson
Vicky Robinson 8 hours ago
*pillagers invading* "Phil, there's a man at the door"
RR 8 hours ago
i can't find the funny
Kid Jeeper
Kid Jeeper 8 hours ago
I love when Tommy innit uploads it's always PHIL I don't like this 🤣
Simon Barton
Simon Barton 9 hours ago
Smell my shiny metal brass!
ZoeIsDeadInside 9 hours ago
Thank you Kristin!!
Frostbyte 9 hours ago
Niki is just the lady of the lake
renz russel Boi
renz russel Boi 9 hours ago
Bedrock mobile players be like: 6:56 (Im a bedrock player :D)
Sarah Dukeshire
Sarah Dukeshire 10 hours ago
There is a chemistry between Phil and Schlatt that is not often seen but is very much appreciated
KennyLivesIn SouthPark
More Hardcore pls that series is epic and teach me a lot about hardcore and Minecraft lmao
God 2 hours ago
watch the streams
John Newton
John Newton 10 hours ago
Alternative title idea Philza losing brain cells to fragrance man
Yzabella Kho
Yzabella Kho 10 hours ago
"I can't smell anything!" -Fragrance Man, 2021
Anteater Daven
Anteater Daven 10 hours ago
7:37 I love Wilbur’s increasing panic and Phil’s nonchalance lmao. And the bit with the pumpkin had me dying with laughter when I watched this live. Such a great video, I can’t wait to see more of this, I was laughing the whole time. The editing was great!
Anteater Daven
Anteater Daven 10 hours ago
Also the “hop in!” From Ranboo killed me!
Anteater Daven
Anteater Daven 10 hours ago
Also, “beef skellington” was hysterical!
Sir cat
Sir cat 11 hours ago
Dads at sleepovers: -6:23
Azuki 11 hours ago
You should start a Minecraft Hardcore series with Tommy,Willbur and Slime
God 2 hours ago
They would all be dead in minutes and it would just become a Philza hardcore xD
JJ 12 hours ago
I wuv philmza
Prashan Leigh
Prashan Leigh 12 hours ago
Who is here from sidemen among us 😅
Alice Page
Alice Page 12 hours ago
I agree with Wilbur, Phil is like-a de very preety berd
Marcus Contreras
Marcus Contreras 12 hours ago
Ok which power would y’all have? Comment down below Me personally is tubbos power cause I like to tank ppl
God 2 hours ago
My skin is a Pufferfish so I gotta go with the Merling
Star Baby
Star Baby 12 hours ago
niki needs to have an underground tunnel leading to aquariums that are in everyone’s house so she can move around!!
SpaceBro 12 hours ago
Ideas for Phil’s base in this server: •A blimp (airship) •UFO •The house from the Up movie (a house with a billion balloons attached to the top) •A floating island That’s basically it
Rebrand 12 hours ago
schlatt makes pretty much anything 1000% funnier haha
Brooklyn Linde
Brooklyn Linde 12 hours ago
true true
Eldritch 12 hours ago
somebody has to make a origin mod for fragrance man
Hunger Studios
Hunger Studios 12 hours ago
Wilbur is the sand Jesus
Osirianzz 12 hours ago
Nobody: Wilbur, Tommy, and Philza putting Funnier in their US-first titles
WhyIsLandonHere 12 hours ago
His clipping mic makes it so much funnier xD
Em689ily 14 hours ago
Was this a stream?
God 2 hours ago
Elite Crash
Elite Crash 14 hours ago
"Smell, my fuc*ing, glass... that is an order, from the decan...aka, father fragrance. GET BACK IN THERE... AND SMELL MY FUC*KING GLASS!"
Chunky Milk
Chunky Milk 14 hours ago
My friend said AND I QUOTE "fragrance man is daddy"
Tiaguh v2
Tiaguh v2 14 hours ago
Olivia Downen
Olivia Downen 14 hours ago
If they bring Techno into this, there needs to be a piglin he can be. He could be able to spawn piglin trades in his inventory if you give him gold ingots, and maybe have an unbreaking crossbow with infinity arrows, but a downside could be he can only wear gold armor
Payon 'n' Pomuf Studios
Bruh I just booked up the video, skipped to a random point and just hear jschlatt scream "SMELL MY FUCKING GLASS".
Dio- chu
Dio- chu 15 hours ago
23:47 Philza: "We built a grave for you Fragrance, man." Ranboo: "Hop in." But if you think about it... He died and came back to life soon after. He's Jesus-
star wood
star wood 15 hours ago
Ok what about technoblade?
Koy Foster
Koy Foster 15 hours ago
This mod is cool. It's like MC got turned into an MMO.
marco likes bees
marco likes bees 16 hours ago
tommy infected phil oh noooo
JidiGilang 16 hours ago
The fact Wilbur is a ghost here and Nikki is stuck in water just makes me think one single thing... NIKKI IS SALLY OMG 100% CONFIRMED
Kailani David
Kailani David 16 hours ago
i made your minecraft skin in a game and it looks JUST LIKE YOU :)
_hometown.png_ 16 hours ago
No one: chat: HIT THE CHILD
Magenta Man
Magenta Man 17 hours ago
20:59 If you look at the chat, it is revealed that this happened on my birthday. cool
BeastX 17 hours ago
I can’t believe people call the skin you use “yours”, it’s damn kisuke from bleach
ImMrRev 17 hours ago
PHIIIIIIIIIIL what is a muggle?
olivesoil 17 hours ago
This is awesome!! Thanks for making these videos they make me v happy :) also great job Kristen!
Kiliwa 17 hours ago
Old man
Kiliwa 17 hours ago
Old man
The Yeet
The Yeet 17 hours ago
Philza just clapped tommy's cheeks in the start of the vid when tommy is like: lets race
Nonexistent 17 hours ago
Red1sG0ne 18 hours ago
Big Avian Man becomes terrified of a fragrance spider 2020
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 18 hours ago
Wilbur: "Fundy's mother is a fish and im the father" .......
Emilee Battle
Emilee Battle 18 hours ago
Poor Jack is just stuck in the neather
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 18 hours ago
yo play Rlcraft
Catelyn Martinez
Catelyn Martinez 18 hours ago
The funny thing is I watched this while my head was hurting.........Was this .......... A fever dream?
Bunny_ Buns
Bunny_ Buns 18 hours ago
The chat at the begin was just screaming “MOVE FACECAM” XD
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith 18 hours ago
Philza are you gordie
Jax_Potato 18 hours ago
When I copy you I don’t get shit
Brick 18 hours ago
Jacque 18 hours ago
im really confused? title said jschlatt would be here but i only saw fragrance man...?
Kaylie Pendlebury
Kaylie Pendlebury 19 hours ago
13:05 *Phil having flashbacks to the stream where Will talks about eating sand* *FLASHBACKS TO SAND JESUS* !
Olivia ._.
Olivia ._. 19 hours ago
When they mentioned sand: Philza: *sand jesus flashbacks*
Kaylie Pendlebury
Kaylie Pendlebury 19 hours ago
I think Kristen did great! :D
Robin Lace
Robin Lace 19 hours ago
I hope this becomes a series. I love this concept, really.
Blu0rb Gamer
Blu0rb Gamer 19 hours ago
Just realised Phil is gonna be having a nightmare with baby zombies, since he will probably find them in caves and he has weakness in caves!
Blu0rb Gamer
Blu0rb Gamer 19 hours ago
When Phil gave Ranboo that water protection book my heart warmed
weraz _cz
weraz _cz 20 hours ago
Momza did pogchamp work with the editing.
Wiktoria Kacaba
Wiktoria Kacaba 20 hours ago
A random Human
A random Human 20 hours ago
Philza is like ✨bird✨
Fish _slapper
Fish _slapper 21 hour ago
yo play Rlcraft
Mystical 21 hour ago
I have to say that is one amazing advancement "Voluntary Exile"
NeonEclipse2 21 hour ago
YOO I love this mod, I would KILL to get in this SMP My pick is arachnid so dibs when I get in
NeonEclipse2 21 hour ago
Also anyone know how to download this mod?
Adam Walshaw
Adam Walshaw 21 hour ago
I am here from the sidemen video. I now understand
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