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May 1, 2021




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mungulungoo funneh fan
mungulungoo funneh fan 28 minutes ago
I dont have money to buy airpods
Diamond ninja
Diamond ninja 41 minute ago
"This is why you should never have air pods" Shut up, I can guarantee that more phones explode then air pods or anything for that matter
ハンサム Hour ago
Jobi Ullah
Jobi Ullah Hour ago
So,can I still wear wired earphones?
Mr_TrollerDoge 3 hours ago
When I’m watching this video with airpods in ._.
Seyaol 4 hours ago
Me wearing airpods rn : 🤡
Skye _skeletons
Skye _skeletons 4 hours ago
I- no June 2 is my birthday so three days after that happened :(
Aaron Myers
Aaron Myers 5 hours ago
But he recovered tho
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia 6 hours ago
No wires and no hearing👍😀
ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅɪᴇ ᴄʟᴀᴜᴅɪᴀ
"This is why you should never go in deep waters" There was a girl named Samantha she dived in the water having fun with her friends but Samantha started to hear whispering under her when she looked down she saw tons of sirens ready to grab her, her friends noticed and started kicking the sirens in the face Samantha was unconscious 1 month later she finally recovered turns out the sirens started biting her legs Plot twist:Samantha was 12👁👅👁💅
some boi
some boi 6 hours ago
Ffs this is so blatantly fake.
VLEK 10 hours ago
Bro I am watching this wearing air pods never exploded once bud
muradplaysyt 10 hours ago
Thing is im broke 😂
Hong Phan00
Hong Phan00 10 hours ago
Can't afford airpods
Jared 10 hours ago
Okay but just because it happens to one person doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen to everyone 🤦
ItsMeXandora 11 hours ago
I want to get airpods now
Pastel_ Kitty12
Pastel_ Kitty12 12 hours ago
That awkward moment when your wearing them when watching this😅
Sarvente 12 hours ago
. . . . .
NoNameHD 13 hours ago
😰 Me
dea oswald
dea oswald 13 hours ago
me wearing airpods rn kinda don’t want to watch it now it’s also 1 am
jasmine lazzara
jasmine lazzara 13 hours ago
Listening with AirPods in
Yorda Mugs
Yorda Mugs 14 hours ago
Meanwhile me watching this video with AirPods
Lee Raquel
Lee Raquel 14 hours ago
I dont wear airpods for other reasons If you looked in my wallet you would understand
Aiden Stanford
Aiden Stanford 14 hours ago
How did the AirPods explode?... Who the hell made those AirPods?
Remify ッ
Remify ッ 14 hours ago
I’m listening to this with airpods on
Superjack and superkaden channel
This is why you should never cry One day on may 27, 2017, a man was crying when he started to sink in the water. It turns out he was taking a bath and was fine the next day.
Radazsa Jones
Radazsa Jones 15 hours ago
Everyone: this is why you should never... Me: oh he boutta win some money.
Me: has AirPods on Also me: *slowly takes off Airpods*
Turbo 15 hours ago
Me : ok boomer
Lagoon The FakeWing
Lagoon The FakeWing 16 hours ago
“This is why you should never wear airpods” Me wearing them rn while watching this: 👁👄👁
Game of gaming
Game of gaming 16 hours ago
He fully recovered after a rare alfunction of a good device so you should never were airpods
IPR LEGEND Table 16 hours ago
Don’t wear AirPods wear air pods pro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Minecart Breaker
Minecart Breaker 16 hours ago
This is fake.
honeyhapless 17 hours ago
that’s like saying “you should never go on a plane because one exploded once”
Gaming Wired
Gaming Wired 17 hours ago
Probably Faulty air pods
Harshika Aries
Harshika Aries 20 hours ago
Not me watching this video with AirPods on 🙌
Elkhan Karypov
Elkhan Karypov 20 hours ago
Me watching with AirPods 😂
Aasan Casanova
Aasan Casanova 20 hours ago
Guys.... is this true I’m getting AirPods today SCARED NINE YEAR OLD NOISES*
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 21 hour ago
So your saying all the airpods in this world explode? Or was it just an Accident with the man in the story?
Oli oli
Oli oli 22 hours ago
I don't care
John Erc
John Erc 23 hours ago
Not just AirPods and Bluetooth device
Please No
Please No Day ago
As I’m wearing air pod at the time of watching this
Erick pikachu gaming
Jose Marin
Jose Marin Day ago
Its all fun and games until kawwai chan sees this video
Henchman 56
Henchman 56 Day ago
“This is why you should never click your fingers” One day a big purple grape clicked his fingers and half of Humanity died
ByTommorow Day ago
If it was one accident, doesn't mean we shouldn't wear airpods. I would understand if it was a lot of cases, but 1? 🗿
Sukirat Singh
Guess like you don't have money to buy them so u say this kind of things.
Yeet69 Day ago
This guy must've had some beef with Apple.
kevario malcolm
I can't wear it if I don't have it
Pzychotx Day ago
this is why tou should never drink water, a girl once drank water it went the wrong hole instead she died. but she came back alive again the next day.
Jacob -_- Idk
Me who has an android and doesn't have air pods: oh no 😐 anyway
SpongyGuy Day ago
lucky for the one who can't afford it
Evangeline Francia
Me: watching this with air pods in
Samantha_ Gamez
Bruh we just bought new airpods 👁👄👁
Adventures of tart
Thom B.
Thom B. Day ago
"this is why you should never get a payraise" one time a man got a payraise and started going into more expensive shops, but then a robber came and shot them in the head, the doctors said they would die but they made a full recovery the next day.
Hendrik Fechner
Good that I don’t have new AirPods. 😃
Muan Moon
Muan Moon Day ago
This is like saying don’t ever go on a vehicle you might crash
Uh oh Stinky
Uh oh Stinky Day ago
I have offbrands
Depressed Steven Universe
Maybe his earpods are fake or defective or something else
brexd Day ago
what now? why you shouldnt eat baked bread because it has worms?
Ling Cute Skirt
Him: You should never wear airpod. Also him: us-first.info/player/video/mrasZ65rh5yKl4E.html
Snowy Plays
Snowy Plays Day ago
Why does he shake his hands so much
Isaiah Garcia
Who’s watching this while wearing airpods
Spoutspet Back
This is why you should never walk, one time a man died while walking.
Gaming Watermelon
Nobody: Me watching this video with AirPods:
Bryce Sneeb
Bryce Sneeb Day ago
Just because they exploded doesn’t mean that you should never wear AirPods again just don’t wear them as much and don’t use them every single day
The American Gamer
Guys don’t breath once a man was breathing and then he died believe me this isn’t cap I was the refrigerator
Sam Lab
Sam Lab Day ago
Can we wear fake AirPods?
AlexGamer RBLX
Justin Crackedatfortnitemyguy
Is not like everything is safe 😔
Masoud Shakeel
Francis Luigi Darang
Lmao am i the only one watching this with AirPods rn
Silent Day ago
They also don’t charge properly don’t connect to your device half of the time hard to hear out of etc
grace p
grace p Day ago
When the date is the date of your parents anniversary (June 5th):. 👁️👄👁️
Xo._Neya P_.
Xo._Neya P_. Day ago
But...But I got...air rods...?🥺
Newbil Pun
Newbil Pun Day ago
Recovery and million dollar lawsuit. I am wearing airpods
Notification Day ago
This is why you should never tell lies on the internet, this man in this video tried to prove something but told everyone the opposite thing he was trying to point out and next day he found out how many commentz are telling that he was just lying...
Wookiechoo Day ago
*realizes I’m wearing AirPods*
swagger-MVP Day ago
Why are you making videos on this stuff if your so rich??
iPoopZAlot Day ago
selever* Day ago
This is why you should not use your airpods wen your calling like airpods a ok
orvinal Day ago
This is why you should never do you taxes. On September 21st, a man did his taxes when 1000 pounds of water poured on him, and he was rushed to the hospital. It is turns out water is harmless and he made a full recovery.
MKII Day ago
This is why, you need to use more than 3 brain cells before you create a video.
Mady’s Creative Outlet
Me: wearing airpods while watching this. continues to wear them
HxvieHorror Day ago
Me watching this wearing AirPods:
Eli Moulton
Eli Moulton Day ago
How do you fracture skin lol
てあAnime Day ago
Me who wears ears phones right now: 👁👄👁 oh god-
Adon Von Panzern
I mean yeah, it was a one off mistake. How about you fine something worth saying we shouldn’t do
Clarence Lastname
"ThIs Is A tRuE sToRy" How come I wear tham and I did not DIE welp it is a lie story LOL have fun!
Succer Day ago
This is why you shouldn't go swimming, one time a man was at a pool when suddenly he was drowning. But soon he recovered
Gixz Day ago
So we should never wear AirPods again even though a man suffered a injury for defective AirPods, yes it makes sense for me
Salvatore Moon
Me watching this with AirPods, okay still counties to wear them. Respect the drip dude.
Kevin Adamms
Kevin Adamms Day ago
Wtf June 5th is my bday and I got airpods
ZGRED Day ago
I'm listening to this bullshit and then i hear some more and i think to myself even if they exploded and burned half of his face why the fuck would you give him antybiotics thats anti vax level of dumb
Dominick Ruiz
This is why you should never breath. A man in Texas was breathing and he just died. Just he just died. He recovered the next day.
Gaea Valzado
Gaea Valzado Day ago
How did the air pods explode? Oh right the story is fake
Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg Day ago
Me wearing AirPods rn... 🙂😐😑😒 🤷‍♀️
Grant Wittschen
This is why you should never watch US-first videos. 1: FALSE INFO 2:Bad For EYES Btw this is just a joke
HNL Control Room