Saweetie - Back to the Streets (feat. Jhené Aiko) [Official Music Video] 

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Director: Daniel Russell
Producer: Nathan Shcerrer
Production Company: FREENJOY, INC
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Pull up in my hood best dressed
Next thing, upgrade, who's next?
Rich boy got him on deck
Good boy, tell that nigga fetch
I put my new man on a leash
Traded in my old nigga, he was just a lease
I ride around town 'til I leave
I gave the boy a round spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Yeah, I spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Back to the streets

These dudes don’t owe you a thing
These hoes do it all for a ring
What you thinking?
What’s good?
Fuck how you feeling I wish a nigga would
Had to hit the heisman on ya homies
Stepping in here bad bitches only
My ex used to act like he owned me
Ain’t enough just to treat me like a trophy
I had that passed that knew I had trash that
Bounced on his ass turn that boy into flashback
I’m a fivestar bitch with a price tag
Got to find me somebody that can match that
Last one got on my last nerves
Made me go change my passwords
I hit the curve with that swerve
You know I get the last word
Pull up in my hood best dressed
Next thing, upgrade, who's next?
Rich boy got him on deck
Good boy, tell that nigga fetch
I put my new man on a leash
Traded in my old nigga, he was just a lease
I ride around town 'til I leave
I gave the boy a round spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Yeah, I spit him back to the streets
Like la-da-dee-da-dee-da
Back to the streets
Back to the streets
send you back to your old hood
on hood baby this is for your own good
I'm a player ass bitch and you knew it
had a good time
now I'm ready for some new dick
Pass it to Saweetie now u hit it
through with it
There ain’t really
Nothin else to do with it
You know i leveled up
I can't be stuck
I wish you luck thoooo
consider yourself blessed
you got to fuck with the baddest
you know that I can't be kept
no I gotta dip out
#Saweetie #JheneAiko #BackToTheStreets #IcyGrl #BTTS #IcyGang


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Nov 20, 2020




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Official Saweetie
BACK TO THE STREETS OUT NOW !! ✨❄️🧚🏽‍♀️ Saweetie.lnk.to/BackToTheStreets
tj meade
tj meade 6 hours ago
You look nice queen
sha jones
sha jones 14 hours ago
@Eliza Zaib You vlm ppl he's l ll
sha jones
sha jones 14 hours ago
@Eliza Zaib pppp
Tổ 12 Y2018A Channel
Link MV us-first.info/player/video/n9SDoZ5kY3mdfX0.html
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Day ago
Ok this got more views then YB congratulations 👏🏿
Ayato Mui
Ayato Mui 3 hours ago
Another DOPE song!!
DISGUSTANG 3 hours ago
This was recorded where Euphoria was shot!
Tsholofelo Dlamini
Tsholofelo Dlamini 3 hours ago
"Big goals and I put that on me."😤💕
Boss Lady 76
Boss Lady 76 3 hours ago
I love that Jhene has stayed true to who she is. She hasn't ruined her body with extensive plastic surgery. I love when a woman knows she can be beautiful and confident without altering her body.
G Rated
G Rated 4 hours ago
Yea Saweetie that beat is banging and right on time. Loving this song riding with it.. La da dee da dee da... get yo Gingle On! That Black Lace outfit kinda fish netty , I know its got to be one of your designs.. Its hot and you look just right in it. you more than 5 stars, we got to change the game up.. you 10 Stars no doubt double up you to the max. I with that.
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez 4 hours ago
Nice 👍
Bubbles 4 hours ago
Claim your like right here before 10.m -->
Franz Daniel
Franz Daniel 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who got curious for always seeing this video in a Facebook ad?
The Ultimate Maverick
this direction definitely suits her 🎶🕺🏾🙏🏿 love it
Dream Goals
Dream Goals 4 hours ago
Okay I see she can talk her shit and really back it up another banga fasho
BABY E GANG 4 hours ago
She looks good with short hair
Trill Art
Trill Art 5 hours ago
this Video was A Vibe 💯💯
Cheyenne Perry
Cheyenne Perry 5 hours ago
Mellow life
Mellow life 5 hours ago
I thought this song was going to be u know...
lkr 5 hours ago
best song everrr bro
lkr 5 hours ago
love this song 💙
Ajanae Black
Ajanae Black 5 hours ago
This definitely delivered. Not a single disappointment
David Willis
David Willis 5 hours ago
I like that
SonnyBCreative 5 hours ago
its funny cause the first scene had a good message.. but then the song had a bit different message lol
Nat Dj
Nat Dj 5 hours ago
This one ☝️ of the blessing collaboration!!
Janice Jones
Janice Jones 6 hours ago
i know im 6 days late but 'back to the streets" is the same way i sent my man when he cheated
risa ?
risa ? 6 hours ago
I'm not bothered by this, and I'm surprisingly vibing...
Iprahim Abdalhady
Iprahim Abdalhady 6 hours ago
مش فاهم حاجه
Rei Yame
Rei Yame 6 hours ago
Best collab for me 😘😘
re: domin
re: domin 6 hours ago
y'all im ladidadida
Lauren Tracey
Lauren Tracey 6 hours ago
This is Everything!!! I love the looks! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yolanda Judy Brown
Yolanda Judy Brown 6 hours ago
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar 6 hours ago
She leveled up !!!
Villena Kline
Villena Kline 6 hours ago
I loooove this song babyy this shit is a hit !! A mood !!
Meek Mink Collection LLC
Definitely inspired my new mermaid look; IG Meek Mink Collection, check it out.
Meek Mink Collection LLC
This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥
hit hit hit
MIINDLOS VeVo 6 hours ago
WHERE IS MY WEAVE 6 hours ago
this song makes me wanna feel done being ugly
A1is Dope
A1is Dope 7 hours ago
TcAndDab YT
TcAndDab YT 7 hours ago
Love 💕 this song!☝️🔥🔥🔥
Brayan Nunez
Brayan Nunez 7 hours ago
Okay periods she did that !!!❤️💕
Anonymous !
Anonymous ! 7 hours ago
This song is just....EVERYTHING❤💕💞💓💙💚💛💜🧡!
S Miller
S Miller 7 hours ago
On replay 🙌
Carlos Eduardo Roque Lázaro
this song is an anthem, I love it
Wiktoria Wozniak
Wiktoria Wozniak 8 hours ago
Meo She
Meo She 8 hours ago
emigirl123 8 hours ago
who else knew this song before the music video came out??
Kaleidoscope Genius
Gurrrl powerr!
Kaleidoscope Genius
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob 8 hours ago
0:42 E.T. has a New Challenger
Tameka Thomas
Tameka Thomas 8 hours ago
I love you Sweetie and I love yall
andrea 8 hours ago
Psychic Chrissy
Psychic Chrissy 8 hours ago
this actually sounds good.
nnoveleee 9 hours ago
here before TikTok >>
Whatever SRSLY
Whatever SRSLY 9 hours ago
This is everythiiing, it deserved a billion views
Dana Balanza
Dana Balanza 9 hours ago
this is fiyahhhhhhhh
Marizella P
Marizella P 9 hours ago
Yes song is fire 🔥 ♥️
Celia Harris
Celia Harris 9 hours ago
Alocalbaby •
Alocalbaby • 9 hours ago
She should make more songs like this it fits her vibe
KING LYRICS 9 hours ago
maritza mendoza
maritza mendoza 10 hours ago
If Rianna and Cardy had a baby it would be her
maritza mendoza
maritza mendoza 9 hours ago
@Jacob with makeup on cardy
Jacob 9 hours ago
I get the Rhianna part but cardi wouldn't look like her at all without makeup
Diana Jackson
Diana Jackson 10 hours ago
Jhene killed her verse!!
Lvis Vargas
Lvis Vargas 10 hours ago
Asquitoooo 😓🔫
Tawanas Relationship Advice Reviews General videos
jhene can sing but the other girl sings like she talking
Ariel Harp
Ariel Harp 10 hours ago
More like this!!
Danilo Roger
Danilo Roger 10 hours ago
Blissful Butterfly Reads
My jam to lose this thanksgiving weight ahahhahah
Elijah Thompson
Elijah Thompson 10 hours ago
Plus The Intro Of The Song Sounds Like It Was About To Hit A Lofi Tune..
Elijah Thompson
Elijah Thompson 10 hours ago
Finally A christian Song I Can Listen To With Some Perverts
TASHA TALKS TRUTH 10 hours ago
Im gettinh Doja cat vibes from saweetie
Anusha Amman
Anusha Amman 10 hours ago
She is good singer but not good rapper
Cardayza Watts
Cardayza Watts 10 hours ago
jadon lord
jadon lord 10 hours ago
yes saweetie support andriods
Corn 11 hours ago
Jhene always sneaks in them hood street lyrics with smooth sweet vocals. Love it!
MISTY DREAMER 11 hours ago
Lovely Wilson
Lovely Wilson 11 hours ago
Come on Jhene
YourFutureRN Keyaira
Rich boy 💸 💸 💸 got em on deck 💯
Mauro Pitanga
Mauro Pitanga 11 hours ago
JESUS LOVES 11 hours ago
my chanel
my chanel 11 hours ago
Watch the series Love Death and Robots on my channel
Rocaj 11 hours ago
Well this ain’t a cover so y’all can’t say nothing bout this one she snapped
Jaquat Fluellen
Jaquat Fluellen 11 hours ago
Is it just me or am I going crazy because I can’t find the talent
pedro sanchez
pedro sanchez 11 hours ago
I felt every bit of this song in my SOUL...
Toni Nefer
Toni Nefer 11 hours ago
Proof dreams do come true 🤍🌥🧚🏽
Biko Moore
Biko Moore 11 hours ago
Hip hop needs more women like this
Tabatha Jones
Tabatha Jones 11 hours ago
this song is a vibe 🥰
Daniel Osakiewicz
Daniel Osakiewicz 11 hours ago
Hi gooood day
Cleo 22
Cleo 22 12 hours ago
I knew that I was going to love this 🤭💓💓🧎‍♀️✨
Davyon Springs
Davyon Springs 12 hours ago
i luv this song. with my two favorite girls.
cccitu 12 hours ago
Yeah, i like dirty songs! babe
Tony Camacho
Tony Camacho 12 hours ago
❤️❤️💜🖤🤎🧡💛🤍💚💙 SO GOOD!
Tootie Jamison
Tootie Jamison 12 hours ago
I'm 45 and this the one!!!!
ryan c
ryan c 12 hours ago
represent!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Bambii_thinks 13 hours ago
this song is addictive actually.
marie ryland
marie ryland 13 hours ago
So I'm just hearing about this new queen I saw her interview on Wendy. Um does anyone remember Serayah on Empire? No shade at all but this new young lady is definitely giving me Tiana vibes! When I close my eyes and listen to Back to the streets, I see Serayah aka Tiana. Just my opinion! Not a bad thing either. Nice music sis.
CreatveMnds 13 hours ago
PrettyPooh17 13 hours ago
I love this song 🎵 🥰🥰🤞🏽🤞🏽
MoE MoE 13 hours ago
I actually like this Saweetie song. She should do more songs like this and only rap a lil bit. Bay Area vibes.
BrooklynKidStew 13 hours ago
Song fake af, both girls are in committed relationships they're not passing anything around but this song Is catchy and fire lol
Hxrdeep Editz
Hxrdeep Editz 13 hours ago
Legit obsessed with this song
Richard Gutierrez
Richard Gutierrez 13 hours ago
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