Savannah Dexter - Heaven's Got A Backroad (Official Music Video) 

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Savannah Dexter - Heaven's Got A Backroad (Official Music Video)
Mako Music Group
Savannah Dexter Contact
Full Scope Cinema
Directed by Ghost
Produced By: Brinson Swann
Mixed by: Brinson Swann
Mastered by: David Ray
Written By: Savannah Dexter
#SavannahDexter​​​ #HeavensGotABackroad #Savages​​​


Published on


Apr 6, 2021




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This song is very personal for me. It was so nice to be able to incorporate my guitar and share a different side of me. As some of you know, an artist recently shared a video that really rubbed me the wrong way. Then he went on to create a shoe that shines light on satan. I will never stand behind something like that...and I think I get my point across with this video. I will always stand up for what I believe in, this will never change. Thank you to everyone for your support. I hope y’all enjoy! I LOVE Y’ALL. And to anyone who has ever lost someone, my thoughts and prayers go out to you ❤️
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson 9 hours ago
@dale gosnell do u just like attacking women from behind a keyboard u think ur a real man don't u and about ur comment above u can be Christian and still live the life u want please tell us all wat she's doing that's so sinful wearing some clothes? o no anything but comfy clothes
Joshua Livingood
Joshua Livingood 14 hours ago
Damn keep it up. My wife is gonna love your music. So glad I stumbled onto your music.
Brandon Wilson
Thanks savannah!! This song is different, point made in multiple ways other than Lil Nas x!
Miranda Gann
Miranda Gann 2 days ago
@ssaallttyyddaawwgg God bless you too love!
@Lindsay Beard I can't wait for more artists to move over to Bitchute, Rumble, or Odysee! 1 reason I love Odysee is for when trolls like him say dumb things, they get slimed and their comment is hidden! YT is a dying site so if you're haven't checked any of them sites out you should....PL&L!
Tracy Boone
Tracy Boone 5 hours ago
Definitely amazing both the lyrics and your voice hit as usual. Much love Sav. Keep climbing and stick it to em all. Love ya always xoxo god bless ya
Michael Crider
Michael Crider 11 hours ago
This song is so amazing. That voice
Josh Eichholz
Josh Eichholz 15 hours ago
Is it just me or is she like the most beautiful thing in entertainment right now body looks Style Talent and absolutely gorgeous love the song it hit hard my parents were murdered in 2009 but I don't believe there's a heaven
Straight from Kentucky's bible belt glad somebody is standing for us southern believers... Beautiful voice✌️
Cameron Ballinger
Werewolf 0991
Werewolf 0991 2 days ago
Thank you ma"am!
Tyler Richardson ll
Gerald Mitchell
Gerald Mitchell 2 days ago
How is she not a superstar?
Ronald Guest
Ronald Guest 2 days ago
Ooh Ooh, This Is Straight F🔥re
Ronald Guest
Ronald Guest 2 days ago
Your welcome
Thank you!!
J Ram
J Ram 2 days ago
Do people actually like this?
biga87718 2 days ago
My only issue is the Carrie Underwood under walk. It's not sexy to see a women crossing their legs trying to walk. Especially in real country. Song was beautiful.
Justin Boisvert
Justin Boisvert 3 days ago
leeoty 3 days ago
This song is amazing , be cool if y'all did a remix with church rapping
Best is the enemy of good
Strong/ Beautiful /Based Christian Thank you for sharing this song!
Akylah Reynolds II
Hey sav pls say hi
Chrissy Vincent
Chrissy Vincent 3 days ago
You and upchurch should definitely do a remake of his and Katie’s song “ Hey girl hey boy” you will definitely kill it , your way better then her lol
Kylee Addyson Malin
I love your voice it is so pretty
pamela polhamus
pamela polhamus 3 days ago
Sing it sweet sister!!
Karen Merriam
Karen Merriam 3 days ago
I just lost my son 3 months ago, he was only 30 years old. I am going to take his work boots and make a art project out of them with metal angel wings and his construction hat. You see, he wore a size 17 shoe, and it will say... Not every Man could fill these shoes, and not every Angel can wear these wings. I miss him so horribly much, I cry every day with his loss😢💔
David Keyes
David Keyes 2 days ago
I'm so sorry for your loss
Kymberlee Brady
Kymberlee Brady 3 days ago
Absolutely love this song!!!! All country folks love them back roads!!! This song shows a different side its real and raw and I love it!!! U haven't put out 1 thing that I HAVENT liked tho!! Ur my favorite female artist and ur songs hit a spot with me and I can relate to alot of what u say!!! I hope u keep ur songs coming cuz ur one of the few artists today that put out songs from the heart and that are 100 and ain't trying to b all Hollywood just to make it and I love that !!
Chad Linkhart
Chad Linkhart 3 days ago
Wow sweetie when you started spitting those lines my heart melted mama you so damn gorgeous and so talented you were going places trust me don't know what city you're in but if you're in H-Town I'll promote you
LeAnn McFarland
LeAnn McFarland 3 days ago
Sounds cool !
The Truth
The Truth 3 days ago
It will be the New World! It will have the best back roads the Heavens have ever seen.✝️💯 Trust.
Charles Juett
Charles Juett 4 days ago
I like the word play....about the streets of gold and thats not the way I roll! Well played
Ashley Gilliam
Ashley Gilliam 4 days ago
Hashtag fb
JayJay Gordy
JayJay Gordy 4 days ago
John 316
Dannielle d
Dannielle d 4 days ago
Everyone who is asking about church, her and gator said in her live video.
Madeline King
Madeline King 4 days ago
🔥As usual! Please tell me the t shirts are going to be new merch!😍
James Finstrom
James Finstrom 4 days ago
Overproduced trash
Jubilee Jennings
Jubilee Jennings 4 days ago
So good girl. Keep it up. You are killin' it out here! 🤘 And it's very awesome to see everyone standing up for GOD. 💜 🙏
Panthers Guru
Panthers Guru 4 days ago
That “dude” you are talking about isn’t an artist. That’s fake juice
wil hallman
wil hallman 4 days ago
Did you get into a fight with a farm tractor or something? Those pants are wrecked... haha
Motorider717 4 days ago
Who shined a light on Satain and rubbed her the wrong way?????
damian cochran
damian cochran 3 days ago
Lil nas
Tyson Mckinney
Tyson Mckinney 5 days ago
geez nice Video. I am old and i liked it.
Tyson Mckinney
Tyson Mckinney 5 days ago
well then.
Eclectic HD
Eclectic HD 5 days ago
Did they change the music video? I don't remember these scenes.
cat0987 5 days ago
That first line hit me a way too close to home, I lost my grandfather recently and since I live in Florida and he lived in Poland I never got to see him but he called very often and he and my grandma always wanted me and my brothers to draw stuff for them or talk to them but I never did and after I lost my grandfather and almost my grandmother I kept beating myself up over the fact I never made an effort to talk to them, I miss my grandfather and I just wished I had talked to him more than I did.
Kenneth davis
Kenneth davis 5 days ago
that was fireee
Beauty Lover
Beauty Lover 5 days ago
Can't stop listening put it in my playlist
Peekaboo Iseeyough
OMG!!! ILYSM Babygirl! You have the most amazing voice. would love to heard you sing some of the songs You inspired me to write. @jennieleann 💙🙏🏼♥️
dennis dipinto
dennis dipinto 5 days ago
Never thought your songs would make me cry but me turning 23 and me not having my soulmate to spend it with hits deep and hard. We would walk on those backroads until she lost her fight with depression. I know she would love your music . Please don't stop making music savannah your music gives me hope much love and respect
Jonah Geideman
Jonah Geideman 6 days ago
Wood Cutter
Wood Cutter 6 days ago
Wow. She got BIG respect from alot of true ones. Damn.
thomas hayes
thomas hayes 6 days ago
THAT LIFTED K5 BLAZER!!!!! Bad ass machine
thomas hayes
thomas hayes 6 days ago
Rolling through heaves gate in that lifted 4x4!! Wouldn’t have it any other way
Tessa Shearon
Tessa Shearon 6 days ago
I was very hesitant about listening to this song, not because I don't like your music because I LOVE your music, but because I knew it was going to hit deep and it did. My uncle passed away on October 23rd 2018, 3 years later it still hurts like the day I found out, I didn't cry until I heard the line "Hope you go through Heaven's door lifted up in that four-by-four" I've been meaning to go by his grave and now when I do I get to play him a new song 💙 Keep doing what you do Savannah. We appreciate and love you so much!
Adam Thibodeau
Adam Thibodeau 6 days ago
I'm in ft myers fl you music is def your life in music and I think us fla people takin I've the scene and you have what it take so take it to the top girl swamp life 4ever
Faith Schadewald
Faith Schadewald 6 days ago
I do want to point out Little Nas X created Monterro because as a gay man, he has been degraded by people who call themselves christian. It's about the hate he's received throughout his life - and he has made that perfectly. Yall need to look at the deeper meaning of his song, not just his music video. Otherwise, even tho i am an atheist, i do want to say this is an amazing and you have a beautiful voice
Iowa Sunshine
Iowa Sunshine 6 days ago
I love this and your voice is so beautiful! ❤️
SamsGarageSale 6 days ago
I will dedicate this song to all my friends I lost last year due to covid19. Thank you.
BDPM HUNTER 6 days ago
god bless y'all
T H 3
T H 3 6 days ago
Really good song
brandon kearney
brandon kearney 6 days ago
Savannah I must say this song hit home for me because I just lost my dad a couple years ago and every time I start missing him I start listening to this song
Thomas Webb
Thomas Webb 6 days ago
@Savannah Dexter this is amazing girl you keep doing you you have talent stay blessed n away from the Devi 🙏❤️
Wendy Stout
Wendy Stout 7 days ago
Girl you just pulled every one of my heartstrings. Reminds me of me and my dad. I lost him almost 10yrs ago in a VA hospital, he was a Vietnam Vet and I felt like I didn't do enough.... thank you for this one! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Love me some back roads and miss him so much! 😘💕
Ino Halajian
Ino Halajian 7 days ago
Bobby Briscoe Beats
Really dope
Kaitlyn Throne
Kaitlyn Throne 7 days ago
Are those her new shoes
D RAY 7 days ago
Me to and maybe i see u on it !!!
WOLVERINE WRG 7 days ago
I just got the notification 5days later 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Coral Santee
Coral Santee 7 days ago
Girl this song makes me love you even more!! Thank you for standing up against this disgusting agenda to push God out and the Devil down everyone's throat.
Savannah Sexton
Savannah Sexton 7 days ago
Girl I love this and needed this so bad. I just lost my lil brother on the 1st and this song has helped me so much. Keep slaying it girl!!
Sarah Nuss
Sarah Nuss 7 days ago
That chevy tho... wit her up in it
Vanessa Rountree
Vanessa Rountree 7 days ago
I feel like her and Kip moore have the same song out because their similar to me
Mason Jarrell
Mason Jarrell 7 days ago
Can’t quit listening to this song!!! Great work!
Zachariah Brown 23
I feel like everyones forgotten about who god is! So truthful!
Melodik Mizfyts
Melodik Mizfyts 7 days ago
THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Candace Gillenwater
This hits deep girl. After losing my Daddy (pancreatitis), Father-in-law (Cancer) Cousin (35 years old, Sarcoma) and family dog in 2020. 2021- Lost a childhood friend and another cousin. Both 29 years old, both lost battles to addiction. I do pray Heaven has a backroad!
Tanner Yee
Tanner Yee 7 days ago
Big Dave
Big Dave 7 days ago
Thank you for this song. I was also very pissed off by what Nas x did and I am so glad that you came out with this. Keep up the good work much Love and Respect your way.
Enrique Parra
Enrique Parra 7 days ago
Powerful song
Dawood Chuck
Dawood Chuck 7 days ago
came in flaming hot and every song afterwards the flame slowly burns out.
Randy Hon
Randy Hon 8 days ago
Nick Dominick
Nick Dominick 8 days ago
Oh no you didn't girl you bad.....
Nick Dominick
Nick Dominick 8 days ago
But for real though I love you and I'm glad that there's a female independent female artist that isn't afraid to speak their mind and the truth. Because of that I will forever be your fan...
Keep up the great work. CC 🤠
Benjamin Nikiel
Benjamin Nikiel 8 days ago
I love it it slaps cause I hope it does have a back road
Justin Foreman
Justin Foreman 8 days ago
I been watching for awhile shes really good
Green Trees
Green Trees 8 days ago
That ain't it.👎
Shawnee F
Shawnee F 8 days ago
Love this side of you!
ashlen lewis
ashlen lewis 8 days ago
You and Church need to do a collaboration
Jessica Jeffrey
Jessica Jeffrey 8 days ago
#john 3:16
Blount Farms
Blount Farms 8 days ago
Awesome perty lady
Richard Watts
Richard Watts 8 days ago
Howdy darlin , I just found your music and I'd like to see you in person at like a concert or hell my father started the second biggest horse back trail ride in the Nation so I can get you booked to do a concert there in Knott county ky. I've hung out with shooter Jennings and many others there.
J B 8 days ago
Dopest female artist out there. She can sing and spit that 🔥🔥🔥 .
k.o. bassing
k.o. bassing 8 days ago
Bro those shoes got me dying
Daniel Streete
Daniel Streete 8 days ago
Absolutely anazing!!!. #god #john316 #savages
Angela Marie
Angela Marie 8 days ago
I have LOVED every one of your songs. You're a badass chic. HOWEVER, this song has me a bit confused or something is just not clicking right. I love the song, great beat, lyrics are on point. IDK maybe its the catch phrases of other songs/sayings meshed w/ this. IDK... Love it still, love you, and can't wait to see more.
Delana Lawson
Delana Lawson 8 days ago
Thank you my words exactly been there baby girl never will forget about the love of my life that I still love till this day its hard to let someone go
Justin Lienhoop
Justin Lienhoop 8 days ago
Melflow11 9 days ago
I was listening to this yesterday for a straight 4 hours getting a tattoo. We were intrigued and now I'm here and know most of your music!
Nolan Randolph
Nolan Randolph 9 days ago
Hell yeah girl keep on keeping it real! Us country boys need a lot more girls like you and a lot less city bitches.
Ralph Jones
Ralph Jones 9 days ago
Ima brabo gator block. Carley Pearce.
Allen Wussow
Allen Wussow 9 days ago
Rap or country, she is awsome!
Allen Wussow
Allen Wussow 9 days ago
Rap or country, she is awsome!
D Williams
D Williams 9 days ago
#God#John316 Love this
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works 9 days ago
Love it. 💋💋❤️
Chris Chacos
Chris Chacos 9 days ago
She is gorgeous
Virginia Rose Mccarroll-Conklin
You have a Beautiful Heart Savannah.
boogie jay
boogie jay 9 days ago