Rylan Turns 16 and Gets a Car? | Behind the Braids Ep. 141 

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Rylan turned 16 last week, got an AMAZING birthday gift, AND passed her driver's test with a 100%! Paisley also had back-to-back cheer competitions! Wanna see all that happened? Click to watch the video!
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Rylan had a week FULL of friend #birthday parties, but we as a family were able to squeak in one with her where we gave her a few "special" gifts! We've been telling Rylan that she was going to get Shaun's 2010 Lexus HS250 when she turned #Sweet16. It's the perfect car for teens to learn to drive on, as it is a hybrid and super quiet, and small enough to maneuver easily and be fully aware of surroundings. Rylan was SO excited for the car, and had already named her Sexy Lexy. We gave her a few accessories for the car as her gift, then asked her to go put them in the Lexus. What she did not know was that we had picked out a Honda CR-V Hybrid for her #NEWCAR. She had no idea we were doing this, which made it all the more fun!
Wanna see her reaction? Be sure to watch the whole video!
(Just like Brooklyn and Bailey did last year, and Kamri likely in a few years, Rylan will have the opportunity to buy this car from us when she is age 21 for 50% of what it the car is then worth. Essentially, they get to wholly own the car if they are able to save up half the value. This teaches our kids to take care of the car, and the value of hard work and saving cash rather than spending it today... to get something of greater value in return in the future.)
Rylan then had to take her driver's test, and she passed with 100%... THE BEST SCORE our of all 4 kids so far! Super proud of her! Going to the DMV to get her official license was wild because it was 50F outside and started to rain. Shaun and Rylan were not dressed for the weather, and were frozen!
What was your favorite part of this vlog? COMMENT BELOW! What do you think Rylan should name her car? COMMENT THAT BELOW AS WELL!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Cute Girls Hairstyles
What was your favorite part of this vlog? COMMENT BELOW! What do you think Rylan should name her car? COMMENT THAT BELOW AS WELL! ✅ Also, you can shop ALL of our NEW Hairitage Products, including my purple shampoo and conditioner shown in this video, in stores exclusively at Walmart, or online HERE: 👉🏻 shopstyle.it/l/bcn9T​ 💋's -Mindy
clarance ndlovu
I would also go for the name Rhonda Honda🔥🔥
Rowland Caralyn
Rowland Caralyn 14 days ago
Cary.I just thought of it
Rach Willis
Rach Willis 16 days ago
@Acrysta The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (also known to others as mormons)
Gene Robbins
Gene Robbins 16 days ago
@Queen Janeway because you were gifted a 30k or so SUV for you 16th bday?
Queen Janeway
Queen Janeway 16 days ago
I have a soft spot for Rylan, I somehow see myself in her a little bit. Rylan, you are amazing 🤗 greetings from a random 29 year old haha 😄
Lex !
Lex ! Hour ago
I love there videos there so like organized kind of in way like the way they show bits and pieces of each family member and say what there doing at the bottom corner
Mattie J.
Mattie J. 6 hours ago
Why did I think that Rylan was like 24 or something?!? I seriously thought she was the oldest child haha
coaster mahachi
Nada Zareen
Nada Zareen Day ago
Is Rylan adopted?
Noluvo Jali
Noluvo Jali Day ago
I like Rylans hair
Noluvo Jali
Noluvo Jali Day ago
Congratulations Bailey with the engagement
Noluvo Jali
Noluvo Jali Day ago
Congratulations Rylan About the car
Noluvo Jali
Noluvo Jali Day ago
Bailey got engaged,congratulations Ryan
bhagya kannada vlogs
We are also having the same company car Honda city 5th generation
Mzimasi Sinaze
Mzimasi Sinaze 2 days ago
She got her DL 💯 congratulations
Oratile Taeng
Oratile Taeng 2 days ago
My present to Rylan would've been the "Now That's What I Call Music! 16" CD 1. My Band - D12 - 4:43 2. Hey Ya! - OutKast - 3:52 3. Naughty Girl - Beyoncé - 3:25 4. Move Ya Body (feat. Jabba) - Nina Sky - 3:51 5. Dip It Low - Christina Milian - 3:15 6. Hey Mama - The Black Eyed Peas - 3:45 7. Dude (feat. Ms. Thing & Shawnna) - Beenie Man - 3:51 8. Freek-a-Leek (feat. Lil Jon) - Petey Pablo - 3:53 9. Slow Motion (feat. Soulja Slim) - Juvenile - 4:08 10. Leave (Get Out) - JoJo - 3:46 11. One Call Away (feat. J. Weav) - Chingy - 4:15 12. Everytime - Britney Spears - 3:41 13. Take My Breath Away - Jessica Simpson - 3:09 14. The Reason - Hoobastank - 3:51 15. Where Are We Runnin'? - Lenny Kravitz - 2:34 16. Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard - 3:16 17. Just Like You - Three Days Grace - 3:05 18. Meant To Live - Switchfoot - 3:21 19. Heaven - Los Lonely Boys - 3:40 20. Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson - 3:41
Tanya Iyer
Tanya Iyer 3 days ago
Rylan is so lucky she gets a car at such a young age. Also she can get a drivers license because I know your insurance goes high when getting one. Congrats Rylan
everythingnotes •
IRONJAY Retacco 6 days ago
I still like the aux cord
IRONJAY Retacco 6 days ago
Happy birthday Miss Rylan
Autumn Burwell
Autumn Burwell 7 days ago
I am a week late and I haven't watched you in a while I am sorry I will get better
sPaGeT :D
sPaGeT :D 7 days ago
i’ve been watching you guys since brooklyn and bailey were taking their drivers tests. cant believe how long it’s been. love you all, happy birthday rylan!!
Kasey Kedra
Kasey Kedra 8 days ago
Hi how are u today, happy birthday, have good day
cassidy wilson
cassidy wilson 8 days ago
Paisley is so adorable ❤️ such a sweet little girl
Molly D
Molly D 9 days ago
Yolanda the Honda 😁
Leanna Ryder
Leanna Ryder 10 days ago
is anyone else waiting for the new vid.... on the 12th. it's Monday but they haven't posted.
Lindsay Coffer
Lindsay Coffer 10 days ago
So glad I didn’t have to parallel park for my drivers test
Aubrey Kelley
Aubrey Kelley 11 days ago
My Honda is named Ronda too 😂😂😂
Tayler L
Tayler L 11 days ago
Isn’t this the same car Bailey just bought?
Gabi May
Gabi May 11 days ago
I am still waiting for the engagement video please post
sammi starkey
sammi starkey 11 days ago
White beauty is what I’ll call Rylan’s car.
sammi starkey
sammi starkey 11 days ago
Happy birthday Rylan!
Isa Mash
Isa Mash 11 days ago
Susan's dad joke about worshipping idols was so funny. I can't believe no one caught that. Something my dad would say.
mads bro
mads bro 12 days ago
my cars name is wanda the honda 😂
Riya Patel
Riya Patel 12 days ago
happy 16 birthday Rylan.🎉🎂
Everything in 3
Everything in 3 12 days ago
shaun out here harmonizing the bday song😂happy sweet 16 Rylan!
billy bob
billy bob 12 days ago
throw away that false religion, book of mormon, & pick up the HOLY BIBLE!
nat lol
nat lol 12 days ago
you guys literally built my childhood
Audria M.
Audria M. 13 days ago
Happy Birthday!
09 13 days ago
Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
Ayishi lence
Ayishi lence 13 days ago
When paisley started scratching her head, girl I felt that 😭😭 oh paisley Happy Birthday Rylan 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Tracey Robinson
Tracey Robinson 13 days ago
Happy birthday
Sadiqur Rahman
Sadiqur Rahman 13 days ago
Happy Birthday Rylan !!!!!
Elise D
Elise D 13 days ago
I’m just getting weirded out. Legit rylan and I share birthdays, I just got 100 on my drivers test, and I just got a car. Bruh
Hinyikiwile Mithi
Hinyikiwile Mithi 13 days ago
Congratulations Rylan. 🎊🎉Happy birthday
Sophie 13 days ago
Happy birthday
Morgan Ostten
Morgan Ostten 13 days ago
Also who else is excited about Asa and Bailey's engagement??!! Because i sure am!!!
Morgan Ostten
Morgan Ostten 13 days ago
Happy Birthday!!!! You are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Danii_axl 13 days ago
I’m 20 and still don’t have a car 💔💔
MSF 14 days ago
i am tired of being BROKEEEEEEEEE
Big Fan
Big Fan 14 days ago
She didn’t even seem that excited tho...
Gini Burt
Gini Burt 14 days ago
How old is Paisley
Gini Burt
Gini Burt 14 days ago
Happy Birthday Rylan!!!💕💕💕
Helen S
Helen S 14 days ago
Congrats Rylan!
KianteWench 14 days ago
Congrats Rylan! So happy for this next stage of independence. You are doing so good lady! Keep it up!
Alyssa B
Alyssa B 14 days ago
Ryland is so pretty! I thought she was a legal adult🤦‍♀️never would have known she was just 16😆
Zynasia Hamilton
Zynasia Hamilton 14 days ago
congrats! I wish i had my license....
Panda Lover
Panda Lover 14 days ago
Ours Honda’s name is “Ronda”
Kelsey Anderson
Kelsey Anderson 14 days ago
What kind of car is Rylan's?
ViviannMiro 14 days ago
Why did Rylan get a Honda but Kamri and the twins got Jeep’s? Just curious! Love you guys!
Husnaa's Stationery
Happy birthday Rylan I hope you have many more 🎉🎉😊
sonta borgdorff
sonta borgdorff 14 days ago
Rylan is literally so beautiful, from the way she walks to the way she talks! 😍
Anya Lawrence
Anya Lawrence 14 days ago
We love the beautiful harmonization on the happy birthday song
Tillysnow1 14 days ago
How come so many American teens drive such massive cars? Here in Australia half of us girls are driving Swift's and Yaris' as our first car 😂
Roblox Cuties
Roblox Cuties 14 days ago
Omg it feels like yesterday was her 13 birthday !! Time flies
Florence A
Florence A 14 days ago
Am I the only person who was just listening to how perfectly they all were harmonising with each other when sing happy birthday?
Lilly 110
Lilly 110 14 days ago
I feel like I've grown up with rylan because I'm the same age and watched you since I was little.
Jennifer Escalante
Jennifer Escalante 14 days ago
my mom can't even handle being in the car with me she overreacts and says I should try and understand her even tho im the new driver under pressure ....
Arina Varrato
Arina Varrato 14 days ago
Mindy: "There's dashboard Jesus right here."
Phillip Weaver
Phillip Weaver 15 days ago
Congrats Rylan on getting your drivers license and getting a 100. Many years ago I barely passed with an 80. You have a beautiful new car. Awesome vlog as always Mindy!!
Olivia Imperial
Olivia Imperial 15 days ago
OMG I Live Right By The Star!
Elizabeth Vélez
Elizabeth Vélez 15 days ago
Happy 16th Bday Ry!🥳🥳🥳
Gianna Marie
Gianna Marie 15 days ago
Happy Birthday!!!
Angela R
Angela R 15 days ago
She just got the car of my dreams !! LITERALLY 😍 I love this !!
Nancy Martinez
Nancy Martinez 15 days ago
Happy Birthday Rylan!😊 Paisley looks so cute in her cheer uniform.
Lily Yue
Lily Yue 15 days ago
Congrats Rylan and Bailey and Asa
Eat Lo
Eat Lo 15 days ago
Aw 😍 happy birthday beautiful Rylan hope you had a great day❤️❤️😭🥳🥳🥳 OMG PAISLEY IS SOOO SWEET😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Alexandra Jacob
Alexandra Jacob 15 days ago
Chandra Thamilmani
Chandra Thamilmani 15 days ago
Happy birthday rylan and congratulations bailey and asa
Karen Silva
Karen Silva 15 days ago
I still need to parallel park. I live in LA with many cars so im always cautious but not confident yet
Jessiya H
Jessiya H 15 days ago
I’m soooo happy for Bailey!! I’ve been watching you guys for 6 years, the first video I saw was the mermaids in our pool video and I’ve been supporting since!! And happy birthday Rylan!!🥳🥳
Margo Surrell
Margo Surrell 15 days ago
Congrats 👏🎉
Cassidy Vor
Cassidy Vor 15 days ago
Congrats rylan! Happy belated birthday ❤️
Gabby Martinez
Gabby Martinez 15 days ago
Rylan should have her own youtube channel 🔥🔥i love the video 🔥
Humaira Begum
Humaira Begum 15 days ago
Is there anyone who is adopted in your family am not being rude sos if u dont mind asking
yam na
yam na 15 days ago
Dat gurl iz hea
Dat gurl iz hea 15 days ago
I love this family! ❤
Supernatural International Ministries
Hi cute girl hairstyles I can't you guys do you guys do you guys have like a giveaway cuz you're so interested in that or a shout out my favourite part of this video was when Ryland start crying cuz he got her a car
Emily Metcalfe
Emily Metcalfe 15 days ago
I love a Rylan video!
heyhopebarker 15 days ago
Congratulations, Rylan and happy birthday! So excited for you. Stay safe on the roads ❤️
applehead jackson
applehead jackson 15 days ago
Congratulations to Bailey!!!! Happy birthday Rylan!!!
Vaishnavi Venkatesh
Mindy please upload the engagement vlog !!! Been dying from the day you announced !!!
kandace pereira
kandace pereira 15 days ago
Congratulations Bailey and Asa!!!! I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Much love.
Adonis & Bianca
Adonis & Bianca 15 days ago
You know people are dying, right? That photo Chrys Howard posted on Instagram of you all attending their huge Easter celebration is shocking to say the least.
Lpeach 15 days ago
All I can say is thank you. It's really late at night and my tummy is really upset, and I get really scared at night, but this video made me feel so much better! sneding lots of love!!!
Yesenia 15 days ago
Now Sean and Mindy get to take a short break between buying cars for the kids. Hard to believe how fast they're all growing
marthacecilia2 15 days ago
No hate at all just a question lol Why did she get a Honda and the other girls got Jeep’s 😳😂😂
angel castaneda
angel castaneda 15 days ago
Rylan should have a sleepover in her car!
rebecca teeter
rebecca teeter 15 days ago
good job for being so loud wile you called out. cheers a great thing.
rebecca teeter
rebecca teeter 15 days ago
i LOVED cheering it was my life so hard to let go.
rebecca teeter
rebecca teeter 15 days ago
i remember when you guys got your first cars, you were the ones who made me want a jeep and i still do
Shannan 15 days ago
Oh how time flies, I feel as if I’m apart of the family
Kendra Schwing
Kendra Schwing 15 days ago
Happy birthday